Podcast Episode #16: MAJOR BRAIN HACK!

This is the number one brain hack I have encountered – I use it in my own life and try to get EVERY ADHDER I know to do it, too. ***WARNING I AM OFF MY MEDS FOR THIS EPISODE!!!*** To download your free guide to a BRAIN DUMP - click…
April 23, 2019
Adult ADHD Education

Adult ADHD is Real. And it’s a Monster.

One of the problems with adult ADHD is that its symptoms include obnoxious behaviors that all people struggle with once in a while. Things like running late, being disorganized, speaking out impulsively, leaving projects unfinished, and not following through on promises are behaviors that all humans have to battle from…
March 29, 2019

Podcast Episode #10: MONEY MONEY MONEY!

   Do you suck at managing your money? Can't seem to save for the future? Don't understand why you buy so many things without thinking? These are all characteristics of adults with ADHD! Join me on this episode as we chat about the challenges of taking care of our…
March 7, 2019