Introducing FOCUSED
THE coaching program for adults with ADHD

When you join FOCUSED during this limited time offer...

You'll Receive 25% Off Your First Month (That’s a $50 Value!)


As soon as you enroll, you’ll get:

Bingeable Courses

You’ll have access to 4 courses immediately. Each course comes with a PDF workbook and several classes taught by Kristen.

  • How to Coach Yourself
  • Self Concept & Identity
  • Time Management
  • Emotional Regulation

After you’re enrolled for 3 months, you’ll get the next batch of courses:

  • Relationships
  • How to be Productive
  • Organization

Live Coaching Calls

You can join any of our interactive calls right away.

We have 3 or more LIVE calls every week!

Each call is hosted by Kristen Carder or other qualified life coaches who are overcoming their struggles with ADHD.

Don’t worry if you can’t make a coaching call live. Many of our members get the most value from listening to the replay when it’s convenient for them.


Ways to Apply the Work

Living life with ADHD can feel overwhelming. FOCUSED is set up to support you the way you need it:

  • Private podcast feed with audio replays
  • Membership portal with video replays
  • Printable (and purchasable) workbooks
  • Email and text reminders
  • Shame-free customer support


FOCUSED is a judgment-free zone that is inclusive of all learning styles.

Like-Minded Community

Our community is one of the best things about FOCUSED. We are your people. You are our people. Join us on Slack for support, additional coaching, and encouragement.

Join a FOCUSED Body Double Session anytime you want accountability! This is an amazing opportunity to join fellow FOCUSED members around the world over Zoom for motivation to get your sh*t done. You’ll never have to work alone again!

Be prepared to feel seen and known…maybe for the first time in your life.


Yeah, but is it for me?


You have ADHD (self-diagnosed welcome)

You’re a kind and open human

You like a balance between expert support and being self-led

You can function in your day-to-day but still struggle with perfectionism, procrastination, time-management, emotional regulation, and you have trouble setting and reaching goals

You seem to always be taking two steps forward and three steps back (just like Paula Abdul, but not quite as fun)

FOCUSED is a go-at-your-own-pace program which allows you to show up as the messy, imperfect person that you are, AND still make amazing changes in your life.

Created by an ADHDer (me) for ADHDers (you), FOCUSED isn’t boring, it isn’t overwhelming, and it isn’t something you have to be consistent with in order to be successful.

Some programs will teach you that ADHD is your superpower.
This is not that kind of program.

Some coaches will promise to hold you accountable.
Newsflash: accountability is an inside job.

Some programs will shame you if you’re not consistent.
Please excuse me while I roll my eyes.

FOCUSED is the place where you will discover your actual superpowers without buying into the myth of toxic positivity.

Through regular coaching calls and bingeable courses, you will learn to hold yourself accountable in a loving but firm way.

And, my friend, you will do this inconsistently.

That’s right. You’ve got ADHD.

You’re not going to be consistent, and that’s perfectly ok.

FOCUSED is a no-judgment zone that allows you to persistently grow and make huge improvements in your life alongside other ADHD adults who struggle just like you.

What will I learn?

In FOCUSED, you’ll learn to:

Understand the ins and outs of ADHD and how to manage it.
Accept yourself as you are. Yes, it’s possible.
Identify and overcome your own blind spots.
Manage your explosive emotions.
Interrupt the cycles of procrastination and perfectionism.
Become a better (and faster) decision maker.
Say no to what you don’t want, and yes to what you do want.

Members are lovingly walked through a journey of self-acceptance, understanding their ADHD, and managing their time and energy.

You’ll be taught how to be productive, how to stop procrastinating, and how to recognize and stop the insidious cycle of self-sabotage.

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Members inside FOCUSED have:

Josh Lalo

Learned to manage overwhelm:

"I used to be paralyzed by overwhelm, but now I’m able to coach myself through overwhelm and do things I want to do…even when I don’t feel like it." Josh Lalo


Accepted their dream job:

"My dream situation has just worked out and I got a job at [an awesome company]! BIG, BIG thank you to everyone here who has been there for support." Likith

Kyla Roma

Excelled in their business:

"Because of FOCUSED I have broken through crippling writers block, rewritten my website, launched new offers, AND started tracking business goals and my offers without spiraling or stopping!" Kyla Roma

Robby DeBry

Recovered after divorce:

"FOCUSED was 100% the catalyst for helping me get my sh*t together enough to be a human being after my divorce." Robert DeBry

Natalie Chien

Stopped burning out:

"I was someone who would have sacrificed my physical and mental health for my family/friends and didn’t know or feel comfortable setting boundaries. I now know my worth and I have a clear self concept and setting boundaries is becoming easier." Natalie Chien

Mark Rovner

Learned to navigate a neurotypical world:

"Kristen Carder is a masterful coach and she knows her audience. As a coach myself and as an ADHDer, I benefit twice from being part of Focused. I benefit from Kristen’s wisdom, humor and powerful insight into how to navigate a neurotypical world. And, watching her coach is upping my own coaching game as well." Mark Rovner

Amber Mirko

Ditched perfectionism:

"I’ve seen a major transformation in my life since joining FOCUSED. I have become so much more gentle with myself, I feel that I have a community that understands me and walks with me through the individual struggles of ADHD. I don’t “should” myself as much and tend to accept my moods and am more resilient because I have learned that persistence is more important than consistency." Amber Mirko

How much?

First month: $149

Renews at $199/month​

  • Four courses immediately
  • 3-5 live calls per week
  • Supportive community on Slack
  • Shame-free, FAST customer support
Focused VEN diagram

Why Group Coaching?

Many people believe they want my 1:1 support. Maybe that’s you.

Psychologists say that for most ADHDers, group coaching is more transformative than 1:1 coaching.

In his book, Delivered from Distraction, renowned ADHD psychologist Dr. Ned Hallowell says, “The best program must include some means of developing connectedness and group support so that the person never feels alone.


Most people who have ADHD share secret feelings of unworthiness, shame, and a fatalistic, nihilistic, foreboding that leads them to withdraw from others when they’re in distress. Some kind of group program offers the best antidote to these toxic feelings.”
**Hallowell, Edward and John Ratey. Delivered from Distraction. Ballantine Books, 2017. Page 162.

 FOCUSED is the one place where ADHDers can be on a self-development journey while still finding commonality, camaraderie, and community within a group.


Many members feel true acceptance for the first time, and this comes as a great relief after decades of navigating rejection.

It’s clear that you’re ready to take control of your life and learn how to thrive as an adult with ADHD... and I want to help you do that by giving you the first month of FOCUSED for just $149.

I’ve seen over a thousand lives changed through my group coaching program, FOCUSED. It’s the perfect space for adults with ADHD to grow and make sustainable improvements in their lives.

I designed this program with you in mind. It was created to be a safe space for those struggling with different areas of their lives. 

I want you to know it’s okay to struggle.

It’s how you respond to the struggle that allows you to succeed. You CAN achieve big things if you have a strong support system in place. Inside FOCUSED, you’ll get immediate access to bingeable courses, live coaching calls, ongoing support, and a community that will lift you up when times are challenging.

You can join FOCUSED at any time. There is no rush. 

BUT…I so badly want to see you make a crazy shift in your life that I’m offering 25% off your first month in FOCUSED. That’s a $50 value!

Here’s the catch: To cash in on this savings, you have to enroll before the timer runs out. ⏰

I know it can feel risky to invest in something you’re not sure if you’re going to follow through on…that’s why I want to make it as easy for you as possible. 

Try it for $50 off your first month, and cancel any time.

After helping over 1,000 adults with ADHD, FOCUSED has a proven track record of success.

It works. And our members love being part of an open, encouraging, and motivating community.

Are you sure? Take a deep breath and ground yourself in your body.
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