Podcast Episode #72: Keeping Your Sanity in 2020

In the midst of Covid-19, an election year, and all of the difficult cultural issues in our world, here’s my pep talk for you to STAY FOCUSED on what’s most important and consume less of other people’s thoughts. Hang out with me while I process my own anxiety while we…
September 14, 2020

Podcast Episode #70: How To Be Productive

All adults with ADHD want to learn how to be more productive. Today on the podcast I’m sharing my 5-step FAIL PROOF system for upping your productivity. Get ready for one of my most value-packed episodes ever. Subscribe Today The I Have ADHD Podcast is available on all podcast platforms.…
September 4, 2020

Podcast Episode #68: My New Beliefs About Money

ADHDers are notoriously bad with money – I want to lead CHANGE for our community in this area. Everything about my finances has transformed in the last year, and I want to give insight into my new thoughts and beliefs about money so that everything can change for you, too.…
August 12, 2020

Podcast Episode #64: Adult ADHD + Outsourcing

Today’s episode is all about intentionally spending on your time on what you’re good at and outsourcing the stuff that you suck at. I’ve got lots of ideas of how to do this for FREE as well as how to spend your money strategically so that you don’t have to…
July 24, 2020

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