Episode #258: Overcoming Adversity with Dr. Layne Norton @biolayne

Dr. Layne Norton has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences, 4 USA Power Lifting National Titles, and 1700 clients in his coaching program. He’s sharing the ways he copes with his diagnosis and how he’s used what he’s learned over the years to create a crazy successful business and beautiful home life.

Episode #256: 10 Ways to Be a Good Partner (Even When You Have ADHD)

I’ve been married to Greg Carder for almost 20 years years. When I tell you we couldn’t be more different…Through a lot of trial and error combined with years of ADHD research on my end, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to be a good partner. More specifically — how to be a good partner to someone who’s neurotypical when you have ADHD.

Episode #255: Your ADHD Questions, Answered

We’re covering topics like…What to do if you feel like medication isn’t working for you • How to avoid binge eating when you struggle with ADHD • How to transition into intimacy with your partner when it’s unexpected • All the challenges of parenting with ADHD

Episode #252: How to Apologize (When You Have ADHD)

In this episode on How to Apologize, I’m sharing 3 steps you need to take the next time you apologize – plus what you need to do to repair the relationship and make sure you don’t make the same mistake again.

Episode #251: The Importance of Autonomy as an ADHD Adult

Many of us grew up in situations where we didn’t feel we had autonomy or the right to self-govern. We didn’t feel like we were in charge of our lives. So, in adulthood, we struggle to recognize that we have control over what we say yes and no to.

Episode #250: Everything On My Mind Lately

This episode is me dumping the contents of my brain for all to see (or…hear?!) including the actual meltdown I had after a crazy successful FOCUSED launch last month, why success is scarier for us ADHDers than failure, my struggle to stop overcommitting, and all the surprising things I learned from dry January.

Episode #249: Real-Life Examples of Building Self-Trust With ADHD

Self-trust is hard for those of us with ADHD. If you feel alone, I encourage you to listen to this coaching call. It will help you understand yourself better. On this call, you’ll learn how to become your own (overly protective) bestie who doesn’t listen to that voice in your head.

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