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Episode #242: How to Build Self-Trust Even with ADHD

This week we’re going to be talking about specific ways that you can build self-trust and I want to be very upfront and honest with you that these are not easy or quick fixes. This takes time. BUT this is a WORTHWHILE process…it’s worth working toward.

Episode #241: Why do ADHDers Struggle with Self-Trust

For the average ADHD adult, life feels very wobbly.Instead of feeling grounded within ourselves like confident adults, we often look to others to gauge how we’re doing. In today’s episode you’ll learn why adults with ADHD don’t trust themselves, and next week we’ll discuss what we can do about it.

Episode #238: A Beginner’s Guide to ADHD, Part 2: ADHD is (NOT) a Gift

Labeling ADHD as a superpower invalidates people who are struggling with this neurodevelopmental disorder. It can even lead to victim-blaming: “If ADHD is awesome, then I’m the problem.” In my opinion, this is not the right way to address ADHD. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Episode #235: The ADHDers Guide to Being Proactive (Even With a Reactive Brain)

As adults with ADHD, when there’s a stimulus our brains are naturally triggered to react. We lack impulse control, so our instinct is to respond immediately. Someone who’s proactive doesn’t act out of impulse, and they aren’t constantly putting out fires or managing other people’s issues at their own expense. How do you morph into someone proactive as an ADHDer?

Podcast Episode #234: The Unexpected Link Between Trauma & Your Messy Home

If my home was perfect, I felt like I was failing my family. A huge part of getting past this was unpacking my own trauma story and healing. I hear from my clients all the time. “I don’t understand why they can keep a clean house and I can’t.” It feels like failure, but I promise you, it’s not.

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