Tired of feeling stuck
but don’t know where to start?
Achieve your goals and feel better than ever alongside a community that understands you.


Most people with ADHD already know WHAT to do to improve their lives.

We all know that if we just eat healthier, exercise, make a list, and follow through on our goals, we’ll feel better.


But ADHD isn't a disorder of not knowing what to do, it's a disorder of not being able to DO what you know you should do.

You can’t get yourself to consistently keep a schedule.

There are too many steps when it comes to following through on your goals.

You lose every to-do list that you make and never know where to start (so nothing gets done).

Everything seems fun at first, but you can’t make yourself keep going when it gets hard.

So if you feel you’ve failed every single attempt at self-improvement thus far, I get it.

Self-improvement programs rely on you to do the things and follow the steps…

…and that’s pretty much what we ADHDers suck at the most: doing the things and following the steps.

These programs haven’t worked for you because they were not created for the unique way your brain works.

AND, let’s be honest, your success in these programs was reliant on your ability to follow through, which is pretty much the #1 struggle for someone with ADHD.

It’s time to do something different that’s built for the ADHD brain.

Reaching for alcohol to soothe the spin cycle that was my ADHD brain…at 2pm…on a Tuesday…was my reality as a young mom.

Didn’t see that snapshot in the parenting magazines.

I felt like such a failure. I was frustrated and full of shame.

Besides getting back on medication, I didn’t know where else to start. Meds seemed like the only option available to me—or at least the only one anyone was discussing.

So, I started researching ADHD extensively. And the more ADHD-related info I studied, the more relief I felt.

It turned out that the things I hated about myself (the things that seemed so obnoxious) were actually due to symptoms of my ADHD:

>> Being late
>> Interrupting people
>> Being disorganized
>> Explosive emotions

And while meds helped, they weren’t enough to solve all the issues that I was still struggling with.

That’s when I found and joined a group coaching program.

For 2 years I devoured coaching materials, took classes, and listened to replays of group coaching calls.

I saw myself in every single human being coached.

Even with medication and everything I had learned about ADHD, nothing made such an immediate impact on my self-awareness as group coaching did.

Coaching allowed me to process overwhelm and frustration so I wasn’t screaming at my kids.

It helped me to develop self-acceptance and improve my relationship with my husband.

It helped me grow my business to multiple 6-figures (because I was finally getting sh*t done)

I was far less emotionally reactive, far more productive, and much MUCH more fulfilled.


I finally had the tools and understanding to handle any roadblocks my brain tossed in my way!

And it’s no wonder, psychologists say that for most ADHDers, group coaching is more transformative than 1:1 coaching—that the best programs must have some element of connectedness and group support.*

This stuff works. The data supports it. My life transformation supports it.

*Hallowell, E. M., M.D., & Ratey, J. J., M.D. (2005). Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most out of Life with Attention Deficit Disorder (p. 448). Ballantine Books.

"I have become so much more gentle with myself, I feel that I have a community that understands me and walks with me through the individual struggles of ADHD.

I don’t ‘should’ myself as much and tend to accept my moods and am more resilient because I have learned that persistence is more important than consistency."

Amber Mirko
FOCUSED member for over 3 years and counting

Amber Mirko
I can’t wait for you to take control of your life with

Achieve your goals and feel better than ever alongside a community that understands you.

Whether you’re clinically or self-diagnosed, just found out, or have been at this ADHD thing for years, FOCUSED is perfect for you if:


Benefits & Features

Consider this program the secret to holding yourself accountable in a way that works best for YOU.

Transform your understanding of the ins and outs of ADHD. (You’ll be amazed at the things you thought were “just you,” which are actually common in the community.)

Identify and overcome your ADHD blind spots so you can manage them in more effective ways (and stop pretending they’re superpowers!)

Manage your explosive emotions so you can feel calmer and have healthier relationships.

Create boundaries so you can say no to what you don’t want, and yes to what you do want.

Interrupt the cycles of perfectionism which are holding you back (even if you’re a pro at self-sabotage)

Become a better (and faster) decision-maker so you aren’t stuck for days (or weeks or forever) agonizing over the same thing.

Boost your productivity by solving the cause of procrastination so you never have to Google “productivity hacks for ADHD” again.

"My dream situation has just worked out and I got a job at [an awesome company]!

BIG, BIG thank you to everyone here who has been there for support."

FOCUSED member for over a year


At its core FOCUSED is a group coaching program, but you get so much more than weekly group coaching sessions. I designed FOCUSED to be a build-your-own self-improvement program perfect for the ADHD brain.

You can take what you need and leave what you don’t.

FOCUSED is made up of three pillars.

You choose how you want to tackle the program. FOCUSED includes audio, video, and printable resources designed for whatever learning style works best for you.

take what you need
and leave what you don't.

When You Join FOCUSED, You Get Immediate Access To:

The Courses

You’ll have access to 4 courses immediately. Each course comes with a PDF workbook and several classes taught by Kristen.

• How to Coach Yourself  • Self Concept & Identity  • Time Management  • Emotional Regulation • Self Trust

Live Coaching Calls

Join a live coaching call (or catch the replay) throughout the week with conveniently scheduled calls.

We have 3 or more LIVE calls every week!

You’ll see the concepts and tools from the courses come to life in real-world situations on every call.

You can bring your questions and struggles to the call to get live coaching or watch other people get coached (which will no doubt be applicable in your life).

Each call is hosted by Kristen Carder or other qualified life coaches with ADHD.

Like-Minded Community

We are your people. You are our people.

Join us on Slack for support, additional coaching, and encouragement.

You can also participate in a FOCUSED Body Double Session anytime you want accountability! Join fellow FOCUSED members around the world over Zoom for motivation to get your sh*t done. You’ll never have to work alone again!

Be prepared to feel seen and known…maybe for the first time in your life.

"I have gained and grown so much from you in such a short time."

Presley P.
FOCUSED member for one month


How much?

The monthly investment is $199

  • Four courses immediately
  • 3-5 live calls per week
  • Supportive community on Slack
  • Body Doubles & Accountability Groups
  • Shame-free, FAST customer support

We know how your brain works, which is why FOCUSED is set up differently than most programs.

FOCUSED is set up to support you the way you need it even if you’re messy, imperfect, and inconsistent.

  • Listen on the go with our private podcast feed that contains all the videos in audio format.
  • Membership portal with video replays and all of your materials in one spot.
  • Printable (and purchasable) workbooks to dig deeper into the course content.
  • Email and text reminders so you don’t have to worry about forgetting things when life gets busy.
  • Shame-free FAST customer support because no one likes getting talked down to or waiting forever to hear back.

FOCUSED is a judgment-free zone that is inclusive of all learning styles.

“I used to be paralyzed by overwhelm, but now I’m able to coach myself through overwhelm and do things I want to do…even when I don’t feel like it.”

Bella Lalo
FOCUSED member for over 1.5 years and counting

Hi, Im Kristen
It’s been 10 years since I began studying ADHD, 6 years since I was introduced to group coaching as a critical part of my ADHD treatment, and 4 years since I became a coach myself.

Since then, I have obtained multiple life coaching certifications and have extensive experience making complex material digestible for the neurodivergent brain.

I’ve coached ADHD adults for thousands of hours and had the privilege of learning directly from some of the most prominent names in the field of ADHD.

I have studied the work of Bessel van der Kolk (The Body Keeps the Score), Gabor Mate (The Wisdom of Trauma), and Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing) and have a certification in trauma-informed coaching that has been approved by the International Coaching Federation.

Being a trauma-informed coach is crucial to my work because most ADHDers have experienced repeated trauma (even simply the trauma of living as a neurodivergent person in a neurotypical world). I know my clients need a space to feel seen, heard, and validated in order to make a lasting transformation. This is exactly what we do within the FOCUSED program.

It has been the most incredible honor of my life to walk thousands of ADHDers through the process of self-acceptance and help them discover the ability to accomplish their goals within themselves.

Coaching has transformed my life so it is nearly unrecognizable, in the best possible way, and now I want you to experience the same.

"Kristen Carder is a masterful coach and she knows her audience. As a coach myself and as an ADHDer, I benefit twice from being part of FOCUSED.

I benefit from Kristen’s wisdom, humor and powerful insight into how to navigate a neurotypical world. And, watching her coach is upping my own coaching game as well."

Mark Rovner
FOCUSED member for 1.5 years

Mark Rovner
FOCUSED Membership by I Have ADHD
Let’s Recap Everything You Will Receive When Joining FOCUSED Today:
  • FOCUSED Roadmap & Self-Assessment
  • Understanding ADHD Course & Workbook
  • Foundation Courses:
    • How To Coach Yourself
    • Self-Concept & Identity
    • Time Management
    • Emotional Regulation
    • Self Trust
  • 3-5 Live Coaching Calls per Week
  • Like-Minded Slack Community
  • Body Double Co-Working Sessions
  • Accountability Groups
  • Private Podcast Feed
  • Coaching Call Archive
  • Printable Workbooks
  • Email & Text Reminders
  • Shame-Free Customer Support

Backed by our FOCUSED Guarantee

After helping over 1,000 adults with ADHD, FOCUSED has a proven track record of success.

It works.

But I also know that it can feel risky to invest in something when you’re not sure you will follow through.

Thousands of people with ADHD have benefitted from FOCUSED, and yet we know that you might need to try it out to determine if it’s a good fit.

No problem.

You can join today and cancel anytime.

No hoops to jump through and zero shame.

We provide a clear and easy cancellation process as soon as you join so there’s no confusion.

ADHD is not one of those things that gets better the longer we ignore it.

If you’re anything like I was, trying to self-manage my own ADHD through day-drinking and endless scrolling, I can promise you that it won’t get better on its own.

Something needs to change.

What you’ll discover in FOCUSED are the foundational concepts to managing and thriving with ADHD and the coaching and community support you need to make it happen.

And as the saying goes, the best time to start was yesterday, but the next best time is now.

“I have tried nearly every solution you can Google. It was Kristen and the work she does on her podcast and her FOCUSED group that allowed me to break through many barriers that were holding me back.”

Erik J. Dominguez
FOCUSED member for 7 months

Youve Got Questions

We’ve got answers!

For many people who are treated for ADHD, coaching is the missing piece that helps them take control of their lives.

You’ll learn why you do what you do and how to change your behaviors instead of just trying to hack together productivity tips that never work in the long run.

Heck yessssss. FOCUSED was designed with the expectation that you will be inconsistent!

We’ve made the program available in a variety of learning styles – videos, audios, workbooks with built in reminders (and shame free support if you ever need anything) so that you can use the program how and when you like.

While it’s fun to attend calls live if you can, you can get 100% of the benefits of the calls through replays.
While it’s common and understandable to want one on one coaching, we’ve developed FOCUSED based on the most up to date clinical research on effective coaching interventions for adults with ADHD.* Group coaching has been shown to be more effective than one on one coaching* and that’s why we provide support in FOCUSED rather than one to one. ADHD healing happens in community. If you’re nervous about being coached in a group setting, you can watch a video of Kristen coaching here, to see how safe and supportive this type of coaching can be. *Doyle, N. E., McDowall, A., Randall, R., & Knight, K. (2022). Does it work? Using a Meta-Impact score to examine global effects in quasi-experimental intervention studies. PLOS ONE, 17(3), e0265312.

The best part about group coaching is that you don’t have to be the one getting coached in order to get a huge “aha!” or a breakthrough. Simply listen and learn from your fellow members and experience transformation for yourself!

People getting coached may not be in the exact situation you’re in but they’re likely struggling with the same things in their life: procrastination, organization, explosive emotions, running late (all the time), issues at work, shame, feelings of failure—we’ve all been there and you’ll see yourself (and learn strategies) even if you’re not the one being coached.

No one here is going to nag you about your to-do list…that’s not the type of coaching we offer because it’s not the most effective modality for ADHDers.

But if you do want some accountability and help getting work done, you can join a Body Double session and work alongside other FOCUSED members from around the world.

We also offer small accountability groups on Marco Polo (a free video app), and have a channel in our Slack community dedicated to holding each other accountable.

After coaching thousands of ADHDers, this is something we come back to over and over again because so many of us suffer from shame, disappointment and overwhelm about falling behind.

I’ve got news for you: In FOCUSED, “falling behind” isn’t a thing. I know that sounds wild, but it’s true. Just show up here and there, inconsistently and imperfectly, and watch your life transform before your very eyes.

(Want more on this? There’s a coaching call about “falling behind” on the welcome page to get you started.)

Absolutely. Clinical and self-diagnosis are welcome.

The tools, techniques and coaching in FOCUSED will transform your life regardless of who gave you your diagnosis.

“In FOCUSED, I’ve been able to learn the tools I need to achieve my goals and embody the vision I have for my life. I was able to implement tactics immediately as well as lay the groundwork for long term strategies.

Definitely have felt and seen a huge difference since I signed up. I’m no longer just a passenger in my life, I’m able to take charge.

Sarah A.
FOCUSED member for over 2 years and counting


How much?

The monthly investment is $199

  • Four courses immediately
  • 3-5 live calls per week
  • Supportive community on Slack
  • Body Doubles & Accountability Groups
  • Shame-free, FAST customer support
Kristen Carder

This is the exciting part!

As soon as you join, you can log in to our exclusive members’ area and start taking your first step to thriving with ADHD. By the end of the day, you’ll feel more seen than maybe ever before in your life.

In fact, if you’re anything like the rest of our community, you’ll learn something new about ADHD that you didn’t know you needed to know while watching your first course.

Most importantly, you’ll be done sitting back and letting life happen to you, you’ll be done with a life that’s only slightly better than awful.

You’ll have taken the biggest step towards self-improvement available.

And that starts now.

Are you sure? Take a deep breath and ground yourself in your body.
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