Hi, I'm Kristen Carder

and I have ADHD...

I am a wife, mother of 3 boys, successful podcaster, speaker, writer, and a mindset coach for adults with ADHD.

You heard it correctly: mindset coach.

The most important thing you need to know about me is that I am not an accountability coach. I’m not going to check in on you. I won’t nag you about your to-do list. I won’t follow up to see if you’ve done the thing you said you were going to do.

That sh*t doesn’t work long term anyway.

As a certified life coach, I practice causal coaching. Causal coaching gets to the root of the problem and empowers the client to find their own solutions to solve the issue from the inside out.

This makes “being held accountable” obsolete and gives the client the power to overcome their difficulties with strategies and tools that work in real time.


I bring 10 years of ADHD expertise

I teach my clients evidence-based techniques for self-acceptance, overcoming procrastination, prioritizing and planning, emotional regulation, and the most crucial skill EVER when it comes to thriving with ADHD: mindset management.

As an internationally recognized coach for adults with ADHD, I have spent the last three years growing and nurturing a coaching program, FOCUSED, in which I have taught, loved, and served thousands of ADHDers with an approach that you won’t find anywhere else.

I have a unique ability to empathize with ADHDers and the challenges that they face while cutting through BS thought-errors, problematic positive thinking, self-sabotage, and detrimental behaviors that keep them from succeeding.

If you want to coach with me, be ready to hear the truth.

My clients often tell me that they feel like I am reading their mind and that I’m the first person to truly “get” them. Clients express shock at the transformations they make through coaching with me because no other approach has ever prompted lasting change for them…until now. The shifts made within the Focused coaching program are no less than miraculous.
adult adhd

I get you

here's what is true

If I can change my whole life, so can you.

I used to be a chronic under-performer, under-achiever, and under-earner.

This looked like me working part-time in a job I didn’t love, yelling at my kids a whole lot, and feeling like my life was out of control.

I was mad that I couldn’t pay my basic bills but had no idea what I wanted out of life or how to create anything different for myself.

I would lay in bed at night and assault myself with the things that I could have done that I didn’t do, telling myself tomorrow would be different. But it never was.

I felt completely powerless.

Things began to change when I took my adult ADHD seriously. I got on a proper treatment plan. I started reading about my brain. I was shocked to learn that most of what I hated myself for were actually SYMPTOMS OF ADHD. Why hadn’t anyone told me this?

Then I found a life coach. She taught me about the importance of thoughts and feelings and showed me how to take charge of my life. The combination of real medical treatment for adult ADHD + life coaching woke me the F up.

5 years later, I’m a whole different human.

I enjoy my family and rarely yell at my kids. I am a successful life coach who consistently puts out content that helps thousands of adults with ADHD all over the world every day. I’m a high earner who no longer has to fret about paying bills. And I never lay in bed at night and worry that I didn’t get enough done.

I know I’m reaching my potential. And I’m passionate about helping YOU reach YOUR potential.

Kristen Carder