I’ve been where you are.

I’ve figured it out.

Now I’m here to help you.

I’ve been where you are.

I’ve figured it out.

Now I’m here to help you.

Monthly Subscription
  • Coaching
  • Courses
  • Workbooks
  • Community
  • Accountability

I will help you tame your scattered thoughts and create the life that you want.


I will help you reach your potential. You deserve to reach your potential.


You’ll learn through a combination of live coaching, video courses, workbooks, reading, and live discussion calls.


You’ll be invited to join a community of Focused ADHDers (completely off of social media).

How much you participate is up to you. If you prefer, you can simply watch the monthly videos and complete the workbooks to experience your personal transformation.


Focused is the solution for any adult with ADHD who is ready to start doing the work of real change.


Join us now so we can get the materials sent to you immediately. You will receive your login to the online materials and getting started videos upon enrollment.


The monthly payment is $119.

It’s the best ADHD coaching value EVER.

You can cancel any time, but you won’t want to once you start using the materials.

See you inside.

Focused is an all-inclusive monthly program with trainings on the following topics:


  • Coaching Yourself
  • Self Acceptance & Confidence
  • Living with Vision
  • Emotional Balance
  • Money
  • Thinking on Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Organizing Your Life
  • Productivity