Do you suck at managing your money? Can’t seem to save for the future? Don’t understand why you buy so many things without thinking? These are all characteristics of adults with ADHD! Join me on this episode as we chat about the challenges of taking care of our finances as adults with ADHD.

Here are the 10 bank accounts that I talk about in this episode


  1. Family Expenses – This is where all of your bills come out of: home, auto, insurance, utilities, groceries – I mean how much money does it take for your family to survive?
  2. Emergency Buffer – $1000 stays in this account at all times just in case a car breaks down or the roof leaks
  3. 3 Months of Expenses – This is an account to save about 3 months of expenses just in case something horrible happens and you lose your job – we are about halfway there on our 3 months savings…it is taking us forever but we’re trying
  4. Medical Bills – If you have a high medical insurance deductible, you need to have an account for this. I will tell you – my husband and I did not do this….our deductible is thousands of dollars and we didn’t have a special account for it. Well our son needed major knee surgery a few months ago and guess who’s trying to pay off medical bills now? WE ARE. You better believe I opened up a medical account for us so that we can save and never be in this position again. Because I am no longer the person who is comfortable being in debt. I have totally changed my identity and you can too! Take small steps.
  5. Taxes – If you pay tax bills, create an account to save for them.


  1. Fun Spending – If you’re married, you should have one for you and one for your partner. This is where money goes every month and it’s fun money – it’s money that you don’t have to feel guilty about spending. And you decide in advance how much is going to go in month, and then you set it as an automatic payment – it’s super easy. If you want to save it for a few months and buy something expensive, great, you can do that guilt free. This about knowing how much fun money you have to play with – because you can’t look at your main account and say oh we have $20000 in there, I can definitely afford this new purse or car or trip – you can’t do that! Because that $2000 needs to cover bills and school tuition and life that’s what you create a fun money account.
  2. Christmas – Especially if you have kids – create an account for Christmas savings
  3. Travel – If you like to travel, create an account for travel savings
  4. Home Stuff – If you’re renovating your home like I am, create an account for home renovations. Right now my husband and I are saving to renovate our bathrooms and my gosh it’s going to be thousands of dollars. How in the world are we going to afford it? We have an account just for the renovations – and I’m hoping we can do it this summer!
  5. Anything Else! Dude – you’re a grownup 🙂 you get to decide what to save for.

Here are the resources I used for this episode:

If you WANT to track every penny, I have heard amazing things about this budgeting tool. You Need A Budget (YNAB). Do not be turned off by the monthly fee – think of all the money you’re wasting by not tracking! (I’m not an affiliate). Enjoy!

Love this video – why you need at least 7 bank accounts 

Dave Ramsey – this guy has got it going on 

Study Show ADHD Can Cause Financial Distress

Ohio State University: Adults with ADHD May Struggle Financially

Profit First (business book – highly recommend for company owner’s!)

Here is our super super super simple family “budget” I use that word SO LOOSELY! It’s just a snapshot of what’s going out, what’s coming in, and what our goals are. You do not have to make this complicated. Figure out what’s going to work for you!

Budget for Website Sheet1

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