You guys, I always thought I was a serial plant killer. I could barely keep myself alive, let alone a plant or two. But recently I’ve become obsessed with houseplants because they bring so much PEACE to my brain!

I live in Pennsylvania, which means that winters last forever. I’m typing this in March and there is snow on the ground. Bringing plants into my home has been an amazing way to feel like I’m not going to die a slow and painful frozen death by darkness and frostbite.

I was a reluctant plant owner at first. When we moved into our home 3 years ago, a friend forced one on me. Literally she brought a potted plant into my home and told me I had no choice. “You can’t kill this one” she promised.  And dude, she was right!

This guy’s name is Oxalis


Oxalis like sun and water. They fill in like crazy – I’ve split this one and given it to friends multiple times and he just keeps growing back.

Once I built up my Plant Mama confidence a little bit, I went out and bought this one (from IKEA, of all places) and I now have 3 of them in my home.

This guy is called pothos


Pothos is amazing because he is cool with a lot of light or very little light. He grows as a vine and honestly, you may have to give him a haircut now and again because the dude grows like crazy!  Highly recommend for first-timers.

And the last plant that you definitely cannot kill (trust me on this) is the snake plant. This is the only plant that will survive the frigid temps of our family room (we don’t heat it at night) which gets down to about 55 degrees in the winter. He also doesn’t need much light at all, so if your home is not blessed with a lot of windows, the snake plant is the right fit for you!

Hey snake plant, what’s up?


There you go, friends. 3 plants you definitely cannot kill. I highly recommend adding plants to your home in an effort to bring the peace of the outdoors into your place of rest. Especially if you live in an area with awful winters like Pennsylvania, you will find relief through the green in your home. I have branched out and now have about 15 plants in my home AND I’m going the the nursery today for a few more…which is what made me think of writing this post. It has become a total addiction and I’m not sorry about it!


Tips for keeping these 3 dudes alive:

  1. Oxalis (first plant pictured) will need water and sunlight. Make sure the pot has a hole at the bottom for good drainage. I like to water this one in the sink and really soak it about once a week or every-other-week as needed. You’ll see it begin to wilt if it’s thirsty which is nice…it tells you when it’s unhappy!
  2. Pathos and the snake plant can do with little sunshine – which is nice. They’re not mad about light though, so if you have them somewhere with a lot of light they will be happy.
  3. You can get away with NOT having a hole in the bottom of your pots for Pathos and the snake plant, but don’t over-water (you don’t want it pooling at the bottom of the pot). Make sure to water about every two weeks. They will not wilt if they’re unhappy, so set an alarm on your phone to water them!
  4. If you do end up killing these plants you are not a failure! But since these are literally the hardest plants to kill, I’d just say you’re not really into plant parenthood, which is FINE! You do you!


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