Adult ADHD Resources

PHONE JAIL! I love this baby – major ADHD hack. Keeps me from using my phone when I want to be productive.

Love my Swannies! Blocking blue light from screens allows the body to create its natural melatonin at night. These have helped me fall asleep and stay asleep.

Favorite new book on adult ADHD. Very thorough and practical. Highly recommend.

Not everyone loves Dr. Amen, but I think he has some very interesting perspective to offer on ADHD. Enjoyed this book.

This book is the entire reason why I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 21. Love Dr. Hallowell and his insights. You can’t go wrong reading this book.

I’m currently obsessed with Dr. Barkley. I have learned so much from him. This book is like a reference manual on adult ADHD. Please read it!

This is a workbook-style guide to executive functioning. Would be awesome to go through this with a counselor or Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, but good for at-home study, too.

Another workbook-style executive functioning book. I found it to be helpful! There’s also a version for teens and for kids…so if you have children that struggle with executive functioning, check it out!

A gem by Dr. Hallowell. If you haven’t read any of his books, it’s time to start. He is one of the foremost psychologists in the ADHD world.

This is on my wish-list! I struggle with anxiety and restlessness and I know this would help a lot. If you struggle to relax and/or fall asleep give this blanket a try.

ADHDers suffer from time blindness. We have no concept of the passage of time. These timers are all over my house. LIFE SAVERS. Don’t forget to buy batteries!

Time doesn’t exist unless you can see it. Write everything down and keep it in front of you. Check in with your calendar on a daily basis!

Great planner for goal setting, keeping a calendar, and organization!

Literally cannot sleep without this baby. My poor husband has had to sleep with white noise for the last 15 years!

If your goals, tasks, and appointments are not written down in a place that is visible on a daily basis, they will NOT get done. Write everything down. Look at your list daily!

If you’re too distracted to get all of your work done in the office or while working from home, you may want to invest in these noise-canceling headphones. Block out the rest of the world and focus on what’s most important!

I’m slightly embarrassed to tell you how many of these I have around my house. My husband hates piles, so we hide all of the clutter, bills, mail, paperwork in these sleek organizers!

What to get done (so that I can have a drink) post-its! TO DO, TO BUY, TO CONTACT, TO REMEMBER, TO DELEGATE, TO POSTPONE. You need these!

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