Tamara – New chapter starts now

“I’m so glad I found Kristen and joined Focused. Every call is just better and better for my brain than the last. I’m so excited and grateful for these tools. NEW CHAPTER STARTS NOW.”

Beth – Weight Watchers

“After being coached last Wednesday, I’ve been doing great with my workouts and started back at Weight Watchers. If it weren’t for this group I don’t think I would have gone back to the meetings.”

Carly – tiny to do list

“Y’all, this may look like a tiny to-do list, but I got it done and for me it’s a huge win!”

Part – Focused will change your life

“Focused will change your life… Kristen will change the world! At least for ADHDers. To think I’ve only been a part of this group for fewer than 3 months is mind-boggling because I’m not the same person I was when we started.”

Part 2 – cut your drama

“Kristen has a skill for helping you to cut your drama and make the changes you need to make to see the results you want to see. She makes ADHD seem like a superpower and will help you harness it – learning to work with it rather than against it.”

Part 3 – ADHD is a superpower

“The greatest thing about Focused is finding your people. You no longer have to explain yourself or desperately seek to be understood. Finally, I’ve found a community that not only gets me, but makes me feel seen, heard, valued, and most importantly, that there is nothing wrong with me or the way my brain works.”

Part 4 – only thing you need to change is your thoughts

“The only thing you need to change is your thoughts – Kristen will help you do that and the rest of us will be there for unconditional support along the way. Do yourself a favor and come join us. It will be the greatest investment in yourself you’ve ever made.”

Katie R – progress in 3 months

“I am so grateful for Focused!  It has helped me to understand my brain and how to better manage my ADHD.  The community is SO supportive. The progress I’ve made on both my personal and professional goals in the three months I’ve been in Focused would NOT have been possible without Kristen and this program.  View Full →

Taucha P – found people that think like me

“In Focused, I have finally found a community of people that think like me. It doesn’t seem to matter how un-relatable, unique, or shameful I think my coaching questions are; there are always people who can relate to what I’m talking about or who have had the exact same thoughts. I always feel supported and View Full →

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