You’ve been diagnosed with ADHD?

I have ADHD

Some people are so concerned about the potential “risks” of ADHD medication that they fail to consider the risks of not treating ADHD.

You’re at greater risk for alcohol, drug, and nicotine addiction.

You’re at greater risk for divorce and other relationship problems.

You’re at a higher risk for car accidents, traffic tickets, and trouble with the law.

You’re at a higher risk for debt and major financial issues.

You’re at greater risk for underachievement at work and/or unemployment.

You’re at greater risk for depression, anxiety, and personality disorders.

These are the treatments most often recommended by the professional (medical) community:

Medication: Medication works. For the majority of adults with ADHD, medication is the most effective treatment option. There are both stimulant and non-stimulant options available. Talk to your doctor or psychiatrist about which one is right for you.


Most ADHD medications have been around for decades and have been studied extensively by scientists. It is very likely that your doctor will be able prescribe a safe medication that will work WELL to manage your ADHD symptoms.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: There are a few CBT programs out there that therapists use to help adults put systems in place to manage ADHD. These have been proven to be very effective for some people!


Do a Google search of ‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for ADHD’ to find someone in your area.

It is usually recommended that this therapy is done in conjunction with a medication regimen because for most people with ADHD, medication is the most effective treatment.

These are the treatments most often recommended by the non-medical (natural) community:

Diet: Some people swear that a change in diet helps them to focus. A simple Google search will open up Pandora’s box for you – hundreds of opinions on different diets and how they help with ADHD.


If you find that changing your diet eliminates your ADHD symptoms to the point of being able to function successfully not just for a day but for months and years, that’s awesome!

Supplements: Just as with diet, there are tons of opinions and options ‘out there’ regarding supplements for treating adult ADHD. Some people have found success in managing their ADHD symptoms with supplements. Remember that you may have different needs for ADHD resources in different times or seasons of your life, and that’s okay.


If you prefer to try a natural route to treat your ADHD, I suggest you visit a Naturopath for Nutrition Response Testing.

*Some supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Many are not scientifically studied. Be careful!

You Will Likely Need A Combination of Support

For most of us with ADHD, it will take a combination of the treatments listed above to be consistently successful.