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The training exclusively for adults with ADHD who want to coach adults with ADHD.
I HAVE ADHD Focused Coach Certification

FOCUSED ADHD Coaches are skilled, ethical, expert ADHD coaches who effectively coach clients to transformation and make a huge impact on the ADHD community.

This is a high-touch, high-accountability, ADHD-friendly training where you will learn from the leading expert in the industry directly.

Kristen Carder has extensive experience creating digestible material for neurodivergent learners. This training will be very compatible with your ADHD learning style.

Best of all, you will be taught in an ADHD-accepting environment. This program will be tailored to YOUR ADHD BRAIN.

Kristen Carder

6 months of training

You will come out of this program a highly-trained and experienced coach. HOW?

Kristen Carder

Starting at week 1, you will be required to coach your peers and take the skills you’re learning for a test drive. We keep track of your peer coaching hours and hold you accountable to ensure you follow through!

Many people come out of coach training programs qualified but under-experienced. This is because learning about coaching isn’t enough…talking about coaching isn’t enough…reading about coaching isn’t enough…You have to coach if you’re going to be a good coach.

You will come out of this program qualified AND experienced.

Please note:

This is exclusively offered to FOCUSED members. You must commit to being in FOCUSED through the duration of the coach training.


Because I will not use our coach training time together to teach you about productivity, procrastination, time management, organization, money, relationships, etc. The FOCUSED ADHD Coach Certification is specifically to learn HOW TO COACH.

There will be absolutely NO overlap of learning between FOCUSED and Coach Certification – it will be all new information.

You must stay in FOCUSED to learn all of the other tools/methods that I teach, to observe and learn from my coaching, and to get all of the amazing resources that will make you an effective coach.

**You will be given access to all 12 FOCUSED courses so that you can deepen your learning and build your coaching toolkit.

Applications will be sent on Monday September 11, 2023.

Acceptance letters will be sent Monday October 2, 2023.

First payment will be due Thursday, October 5, 2023.

Time Commitment

Weekly class with Kristen will be held Tuesdays at 2pm ET or Thursdays at 10am ET

You will be assigned a specific day/time based on your availability.

You must be able to dedicate 2-4 hours per week to this training.

  • 1 hour for the class with Kristen
  • 1 hour to peer-coach a classmate
  • 1 hour to practice-coach FOCUSED members (after month 3)
  • Optional additional optional time to study FOCUSED materials

Financial Commitment

Total investment is $10,000 USD. No hidden/added fees.

Payment options are as follows:

  • 1-time payment of $10,000
  • 5 payments of $2,000 beginning on October 5.

Check it out

Anna Davis

"Through this program I was able to gain what I expected I would, a lot of the behind the scenes “how to's”. It did not disappoint in that regard and through Kristen herself observing each of us and providing feedback on our process, she was actually demonstrating in real time and showing us how to coach using her approach." -Anna D. Class of 2022


"This is a comprehensive hands on training, and you will learn from one of the best minds in the industry and have the backing of a great organization in FOCUSED." -Stephen H. Class of 2023


"If you are naturally inclined towards coaching or even have just an inkling of interest, this program will not only change your life but will empower you to change the lives of countless others. And along the way, you'll have so many beautiful experiences and make so many great friends. This program was one of the best things I've ever done for myself, no matter how hard it was at times." - Bella L. Class of 2023


"I have zero regrets with my choice to take the FOCUSED ADHD Coach Training program. I honestly feel I am well prepared to coach people with and without ADHD. Kristen shared her knowledge AND experience with us in a way that supported my ADHD brain and let me learn in a way and at a pace that felt comfortable. I learned so much more than how to coach, all of which will make me an amazing and powerful coach. I also really learned to coach myself! From my class, I now have many friends who have ADHD who really "get me" and who are also coaches, and I have loved going on this journey with them!" - Dylan M. Class of 2022

Laura G

"I so appreciate that you created something so empowering, and that you stand in your ethics and values so strongly. I knew I could trust you, so while it was a big investment, I knew it would be worth it." - Laura G. Class of 2023


"The FOCUSED ADHD coach training program is excellent. I feel completely confident in being able to coach anyone with ADHD on what's holding them back, or how to live the full life they're dreaming of. I feel like I can support any clients - and especially neurodivergent clients - in an affirming, supportive, motivating way that puts them in touch with their own resourcefulness. My own self-coaching and self understanding has dramatically improved, and the community with the other coaches has been incredible. The program is designed to be bite sized, manageable, engaging, and supportive for ADHDers." - Erin K. Class of 2022

Karen B

"I would 100% recommend this program for someone who is interested in learning about ADHD and ways to support others in a community that is safe which allows vulnerability and support. The ongoing feedback and constant encouragement have been helpful throughout this entire program. This experience has forever changed my life." - Karen B. Class of 2023

Anna Grollmus

"I had zero coaching experience before. At first, I really struggled and kept comparing myself to others and fumbled my way through it. But through peer coaching with the other trainees and Kristen teaching us, equipping us, and giving us feedback I’ve seriously grown. I’ve learned the tools but more importantly I’ve learned how to listen and trust my gut instinct as a coach." - Anna G. Class of 2022

Kristen Carder

Because we know how important a company's terms, conditions, and values are, we want to make sure ours are easy to find and easy to understand. They are designed with you in mind. Kristen upholds her terms and values in the FOCUSED ADHD Coach Certification and will be an example to the new class of coaches of how to prioritize ethics in your business.

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