This can be you!

This training is exclusively for adults with ADHD who want to learn how to coach adults with ADHD. I will train you to be a skilled, ethical, expert ADHD coach who can effectively coach your clients and make a huge impact on the ADHD community.

This is a high-touch, high-accountability, ADHD-friendly training where you will learn from the leading expert in the industry (that’s me) directly.

I have extensive experience creating digestible material for neurodivergent learners. This training will be very compatible with your ADHD learning style. 

  • You will learn how to hold space for people who are struggling with issues that trigger you (“How can I coach on time management when I suck at time management?!”).
  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of ADHD and how to coach adults with ADHD. 
  • You will learn the difference between coaching and therapy, how to identify a trauma response, and what to do when someone is struggling beyond the boundaries of your expertise. 

I will download everything that is in my brain into your brain.

You can have it all.

Kristen Carder

You will come out of this program a highly-trained and experienced coach. HOW?

Kristen Carder

Starting at week 1, you will be required to coach your peers and take the skills you’re learning for a test drive. We will implement accountability with peer coaching this round, which I believe will improve your likelihood of actually doing it!

Many people come out of coach training programs qualified but under-experienced. This is because learning about coaching isn’t enough…talking about coaching isn’t enough…reading about coaching isn’t enough…

You have to coach if you're going to be a good coach.

You will come out of my program qualified AND experienced.

Please note:

This is exclusively offered to FOCUSED members. You must commit to being in FOCUSED through the duration of the coach training.


Because I will not use our coach training time together to teach you about productivity, procrastination, time management, organization, money, relationships, etc. The coach training is specifically to learn HOW TO COACH.

You must stay in FOCUSED to learn all of the other tools/methods that I teach, to observe and learn from my coaching, and to get all of the amazing resources that will make you an effective coach.

**You will be given access to all 12 FOCUSED courses so that you can deepen your learning and build your coaching toolkit.

Applications will be sent to FOCUSED members Thursday, September 15

Acceptance letters will be sent Monday, October 3

First payment will be due Thursday, October 6

Weekly classes begin the first week of January and go through June

Time Commitment

Weekly class with me will be held Tuesdays at 2pm ET or Thursdays at 10am ET

You will be assigned a specific day/time based on your availability.

You must be able to dedicate 2-4 hours per week to this training.

  • 1 hour for the class with me
  • 1 hour to peer-coach a classmate
  • 1 hour to practice-coach FOCUSED members (after month 3)
  • Optional additional optional time to study FOCUSED materials

Financial Commitment

Total investment is $10,000 USD. No hidden/added fees.

Payment options are as follows:

  • 1-time payment of $10,000
  • 5 payments of $2,000 beginning on October 6.

Check it out

"Through this program I was able to gain what I expected I would, a lot of the behind the scenes “how to's”. It did not disappoint in that regard and through Kristen herself observing each of us and providing feedback on our process, she was actually demonstrating in real time and showing us how to coach using her approach." -Anna D.

"This is a unique opportunity to learn from an influential and inspiring ADHD coach. The philosophy of ADHDers supporting other ADHDers to succeed is at the core of why Focused works and why this coaching program appealed to me. The approach is fundamentally grounded in respect and a deep understanding of what the coachee experiences and struggles with, because the coaches-in-training have the same struggles. I don’t think most life coach training programs can offer that perspective or opportunity to consider both sides at once." - Briony K.