Maybe I’m Not the Problem: Maggie Patterson @bsfreebusiness

In this episode we are SPILLING ALL THE TEA. Maggie and I talk about: Self help, cults, and MLMS, Scammy online business practices, Mystery offers, “If I can do it you can do it”, Steven Hassan’s BITE model of culty practices, How to avoid getting scammed, How to be ethical (what does it even mean)

Maybe I’m Not the Problem: Minaa B. @minaa_b

Minaa B. is a licensed social worker, writer, and author of Owning Our Struggles. We discuss psychological safety in the workplace, bullying, systematic traumas that we face daily, the nuance of boundaries in relationships, recognizing when you ARE the problem, and healing through community

Maybe I’m Not the Problem: Kai Qiu @hicoachkai

Kai, a first-generation Chinese-Canadian and visionary Healing Transformation Coach, is the innovative mind behind Boundaries to Freedom, dedicated to empowering codependent adults on their journey towards emotional maturity.

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