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I suggest Episode #66:How to Be Consistent

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Podcast Episode #134: ADHD in a Plus-Sized Body

Gather ’round the table, my friends, we’re going to have a chat about being plus sized and ADHD, and the specific challenges that plus sized people face when seeking to obtain ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

Podcast Episode #126: Time Management

How is it possible that it’s taken me 126 episodes to record one on time management? This episode is deep – we talk about the REAL reasons we can’t manage our time, and what we can do about it.

Podcast Episode #125: How to Rest

If you have trouble slowing down and shutting your brain off, this episode is for you! I’ll dive into why we resist rest and how we can begin to overcome this tendency.

Podcast Episode #123: 10 Shifts in 3 Years

Today’s episode is a behind the scenes look at Kristen Carder’s journey. I’ve changed A LOT in the last 3 years and I’m sharing the specifics of who I used to be and who I am now.

Podcast Episode #122: ADHD and The Weight of the World

In the last 2 weeks, some very heavy and concerning world events have taken place. With so much suffering happening right now, I wanted to record an episode for you that acknowledges our collective pain and gives you some strategies on how to cope so that you can be an informed and caring human without being totally distracted and non-functional.

Podcast Episode #117: Slow and Steady (gross, I know)

Today I talk to my client Sacha about his journey going SLOWLY on his self-development work. Of course we ADHDers prefer to go fast, but what if that impatience actually doesn’t serve us? Today we’re going to inspire you to slow down and look for little wins along the way!

Podcast Episode #113: Wasting Time

Most adults with ADHD often identify as time-wasters. I’m going to walk you through why this is super counter-intuitive and why we should NEVER believe


Podcast Bonus Episode: An Apology

“…it is out of this space (failure) that the real genuine communication with other people starts to happen, because it’s a very unguarded, wide-open space

Podcast Episode #92: ADHD is Not Just for White People

Tune in today for an eye-opening and vulnerable conversation that I have with my client, Shannon Taylor. Shannon is a perfect example of what’s possible for a black woman with ADHD. This episode is the first in a series of episodes that I look forward to recording with my BIPOC clients.

Podcast Episode #91: The Power Move

I’ve got a major ADHD life hack for you today! It’s probably not exactly what you’re expecting, but it’s changed my life and I think it will change yours, too. The power move is when we intentionally get out of our HEADS and drop down into our BODIES. We feel. On purpose. Sounds excruciating, right!? I know…but I swear it’ll be worth it.

Podcast Episode #90: Surviving Saturdays

I don’t know about you, but I turn into a complete monster when I have a day off. And since we just got through the Christmas break, I have a LOT of thoughts about how we can treat ourselves (and others) better when we’re not in our normal routine. Today you’ll learn the 5 strategies to surviving Saturdays

Podcast Episode #88: ADHD Coaching

Need a boost? Perfect, this call is for you. I coach on anxiety, overwhelm, obligations, procrastination, and business. I want you to see how helpful it is to get coaching and how you can apply this coaching to your own life.Aside from medication, coaching has been the most helpful thing to me, and to many others. Many of my own huge transformations have come when watching or listening to someone else being coached.

Podcast Episode #85: Stop Striving for Perfection

When adults with ADHD set goals, we usually strive for the IDEAL rather than something attainable. This creates MORE failure for us. In this episode we’ll dive into the concept of a minimum baseline and how it will help you to achieve your goals with a much higher success rate!

Podcast Episode #83: Stop Shoulding on Yourself

ADHDers don’t like to be told what to do. So why do we spend so much of our own mental energy telling ourselves that we “should” and “have to” do things? It’s not fun and it’s not working! Today’s episode is a bit of a smackdown. Are you ready?

Podcast Episode #81: Capitalize on Your Strengths

I don’t have it all together. There, I said it. In this episode I dive into why it’s important to focus on our strengths and allow ourselves to have areas of weakness. Want to know the 10 things I’ve messed up on recently? Here ya go!

Podcast Episode #80: Change Your Mind About Yourself

You can’t hate yourself into improvement. You have to change your mind about yourself first. On today’s episode, I chat with my client and friend Verity Garvey, who went from self-loathing to self-acceptance and is now coaching others to do the same. Be inspired, my friend. If it’s possible for Verity, it’s possible for you.

Podcast BONUS: Adult ADHD Coaching

This episode is the audio of one of my recent coaching calls. We tackle phone addiction, insecurity at work, and self judgement. Some of my most transformative breakthroughs have been when I’ve listened to OTHER people get coached, and I know this is possible for you, too. 

Podcast Episode #79: Bad Days

I had a REALLY bad day recently and it just so happened to be podcast recording day. I almost didn’t record an episode for you, but thought maybe it would be helpful to share my own bad day with you so that you can learn to process and accept your bad days. You are 100% not alone, ADHDer. I got you.

Podcast Episode #78: How to Follow Through

Every adult with ADHD wants to learn how to follow through. This episode includes a 4-step process that you can use to become someone who does what they say they’re going to do. Do you identify as reliable? I do. It’s possible for you, too!

Podcast Episode #76: You 2.0

In last week’s episode, I taught you the concept of your future self. This week you’re going to hear from Jen 2.0, one of my

Podcast Episode #74: Taking Massive Action

Massive action is the type of action that produces an actual RESULT. It’s the opposite of passive action (researching, learning, asking for help) which doesn’t actually PRODUCE anything. Tune in to learn more!

Podcast Episode #33: Saying No

It’s so hard to say no – especially for us ADHDers. Let’s chat about why saying no is ESSENTIAL if we’re going to stay focused and reach our potential!

Podcast Episode #19: Your Brain is Your Most Valuable Asset

We spend a lot of time hating on our ADHD brains – but what if your brain is your most valuable asset? The truth of the matter is, your entire life is created by your brain, so investing in your brain is an investment in your entire life. In this episode, I share how I’m choosing to think about my brain differently, and how it’s changing everything for me.

Podcast Episode #10: MONEY MONEY MONEY!

Do you suck at managing your money? Can’t seem to save for the future? Don’t understand why you buy so many things without thinking? These are all characteristics of adults with ADHD! Join me on this episode as we chat about the challenges of taking care of our finances as adults with ADHD.

Podcast Episode #5: Shame

So many of us adults with ADHD are walking around feeling ashamed of our symptoms and behaviors. Shame can be limiting and debilitating. I invite

Podcast Episode #4: Tidying Up

I thought I hated Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, Tidying Up, but I’ve changed my mind. Find out which of Marie’s tricks we ADHDers can use

My (ADHD) Treatment Journey

There are two takeaways from this blog post that I’m going to share with you up front. Right now. Why? Because you have ADHD and

ADHD is Not A “Gift”

Here’s what I don’t understand about ADHD: so few people are willing to acknowledge that it’s a mental illness. The DSM (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) which