Podcast Episode #203: Understanding Executive Functions – Self-Motivation


The last episode in the executive function focuses on self-motivation. The timing of this episode is perfect because taxes are due in a few weeks! You may be especially struggling with the motivation to beat that deadline, and I’m here to explain why.
It all comes down to our lack of dopamine, but that doesn’t mean we are lazy or a lost cause for productivity. A customized cocktail of support can help us improve in this impaired executive function.

Podcast Episode #202: Understanding Executive Functions – Self-Awareness (This Will Change Everything)

Part 5 of the executive function series is on self-awareness – the ability to reflect, evaluate and ponder your thinking patterns. Self-awareness can be a very uncomfortable thing to do and it might bring up a lot of shame and guilt. That’s why I offer six super helpful tips to implement that will create a safer space for you to examine your way of thinking and make a game plan for positive change

Podcast Episode #197: Living Without a Pause Button

Those of us with ADHD can attest to how debilitating it is to not have strong, internal self-restraint. From interrupting conversations to cutting in line to leaping before we look, life with impaired inhibition can be daunting. I share the four types of inhibition (including cognitive, behavioral, and emotional motor) and offer tips on how we can keep this impairment in check.

Podcast Episode #196: Understanding Executive Functions – Working Memory

Working memory is a temporary storage system that allows you to hold information in your mind long enough to do something with it. I like to think of working memory as an internal bulletin board where sticky notes get posted temporarily. We’ll dive into understanding the mind’s voice and the mind’s eye that are both necessary to picture the steps involved in a task and get it done.

Podcast Episode #195: The Aspie World Meets I Have ADHD

Today I welcome Daniel Jones from The Aspie World as a special guest! He has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 2), ADHD, OCD, and Dyslexia. Daniel shares tips for tricking the ADHD side of his brain into staying focused for longer periods of time and expresses why it’s so important to love each other and not feed dissension amongst our neurodivergent community. *strong language*

Podcast Episode #194: What to Do When Your Goal is No Longer Exciting

I made a goal to talk about one thing, told myself it would be easy, then procrastinated and realized it was more work than I was ready to handle. So here we go! I’ll talk through the things I did wrong this week, the steps I skipped, and the danger of excitement that I floated on instead of facing reality. Let’s learn together, and I hope I can help you avoid the pain I went through with this good but difficult goal.