My name is Kristen Carder and I have adult ADHD.

I used to be filled with frustration.

I was angry at myself and others that my goals weren’t happening.

I was a chronic under-earner, under-achiever, and under-performer.

I felt like I was missing something. I was right.

  • I was missing a proper ADHD treatment plan.
  • I was missing an understanding of how my ADHD brain works.
  • I was missing the ability to understand and feel my emotions.
  • I was missing the support I needed to help me to accomplish goals.

Everything is different now. I've mastered my ADHD brain, implemented support, and built the life that I've always wanted.

I’m a Certified Life Coach who helps adults with ADHD figure out how to get sh*t done and enjoy their lives.


Ethics take a principled stance that helps you to distinguish between right and wrong. Their purpose is to confine activity under moral obligation, and they don’t change over time.


A value is a perspective by which someone evaluates the importance of anything. Values help with evaluating what is important for each individual, and they can change with time.

We value Open-Minded Thinking

We recognize that our perspectives are shaped by our culture, upbringing, age, location in the world, and many other factors. We VALUE diverse opinions in this group. We don’t have to like the same things, hold the same political beliefs, or agree on everything in order to respect, value, and learn from each other.

*Please note, this does not mean that any form of discrimination will be tolerated in the name of “opinion”; it will not.

We value Gray Area

While ADHDers tend toward black and white thinking, in Focused, we prioritize the gray. We are willing to be open to new ideas and we welcome the discomfort that comes with being surrounded by people who view the world differently.

We value Fun & Humor

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are optimists and we love to have fun. We laugh often and we laugh LOUDLY.

We value Community

In Focused, community means that we have a shared ADHD experience. We have commonality around the diagnosis and experience of ADHD. Regardless of our differences, the ADHD experience is enough to connect us in a deep way.

We value Self-Responsibility

We believe that each human has been gifted the ability to take care of their own needs and get what they came for in the Focused program. We are committed to creating an environment that empowers members to tap into their own internal authority.

People First

We demonstrate genuine kindness, understanding, and care for the livelihood of others. There is a firm commitment to doing the most good while causing the least amount of damage.


We will not censor ourselves. We will tell the truth and receive the truth – even when it’s ugly or uncomfortable. We will hold space for multiple truths to be present at one time.


We are committed to doing things honestly.
We will do the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do.


We keep promises and fullfil commitments to our clients and employees.


We have respect for employees, contractors, and clients. All opinions are valid, and each individual is treated as an equal.


We recognize the responsibilities we have to our clients and employees. We have a responsibility to lead with our ethics and values, and make decisions that benefit all involved with the company, not just certain individuals. As the company leader I also have the responsibility to model the standards we hold.


Each Focused member will be treated with the same amount of care and be given the same resources and opportunities.


In Focused, there are no “ins” and “outs” – we will not create cliques or popularity groups. No one will be discriminated against based on their age, race, gender, sexual identity, or any other identifying factor. All are valued. All are welcomed. All are loved. All are invited to participate in whatever ways feel most comfortable to them.

In addition to the ethics and values mentioned above, these are the values specific to the employees and contractors of the I Have ADHD/Focused Team:


We value quick work. We get things done fast.

Massive Action

We are productive people who prioritize getting sh*t DONE.  


We are loyal to Kristen, to this company, to our clients, and to each other. On this team, we have each other’s backs.

Being Direct

We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We don’t hold back from each other. If there is a problem or something that needs to be addressed, we say so.


We treat this company like it’s our own baby. We anticipate problems and solve them in advance because we care deeply about the work.

B- Work

The Focused team is committed to modeling imperfection for each of our clients. We will not withhold value from clients in the name of making it perfect first. This comes at the cost of letting go of our egos and not waiting until our work is completely polished to allow it to impact the world.