The ability to fail (and not let it break us) is one of the most necessary skills that we need to develop. What I am noticing as I am coaching my ADHD clients, and also hearing from many of you, is that the ADHD community has an extreme intolerance to failure.



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  • Anne Kenney says:

    I came across your podcast on Stitcher in the middle of Week 7 of shelter-in-place for Coronavirus when I have been looking at the same projects over and over again, feeling unmotivated and being so frustrated with myself.

    Last week, I talked to my therapist about the extreme fear of failure which at my age has become failure after failure after failure. ADHD can make you feel so ashamed and stuck.

    Today, I took a drive to the ocean near my house to change the scenery. I made a point to listen to this podcast by the ocean. And,I started to cry in relief about being lovable no matter what your failures are. Thank you for letting me walk back through my front door feeling transformed.

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