NetherlandsNetherlands2021-04-085DenaamisdaanGreat!I basically diagnosed myself (waiting for a professional diagnosis) and this is sooo helpful to understand myself better. I recognise my thought process, behaviour and brain altogether in the topics Kristen talks about. It really gives me a sense of what things I need to be more mindful of. Thanks, Kristen!
NetherlandsNetherlands2019-09-185Anke 4444Great support and fact based podcast about adults with ADHDThis podcast is a great support for adults with adhd. First of all because Kristen has adhd herself and is really vulnerable about it. But also because the explanations that she gives about this disorder are fact based. She is super clear about the ways it effects our lives. But has also great tips that gives clear goals to work towards. Thank you for the effort en the energy that you put in to help!
PakistanPakistan2019-07-095dudhhgwqqtyuLove itI absolutely love this podcast. Thank you and please never stop.
AustraliaAustralia2021-01-305jo-fAussie ADHD’erThis podcast has been an absolute life changer for me, and I’m very grateful. I started listening pre my diagnosis, with just a suspicion that I may have ADHD. Now with my a diagnosis, Kristen’s podcast continues to make me feel like I have a tribe... although we can’t see other ADHD’ers, Kristen’s made me realise I’m not alone!! Thanks Jo!
AustraliaAustralia2020-10-283KiteOI’m an adult with ADHD...and I can’t really relate to this podcast very well. I don’t need to be reassured that I’m “normal” (?) since I have had to do all the hard & important work of surviving without that crutch. I just need to work out better how to manage my brain in a way that makes me less functionally disabled. The host seems pretty keen to sell you her coaching program which she says is for “educated professionals” and honestly I think that’s the real target audience here. If you are someone who is fairly resourced already & needing some help to manage high expectations & be reassured it’s okay to not always meet them, this would probably resonate with you more. There are some interesting topics & the host is sincere, but I think different podcasts really do speak to different experiences & needs better. YMMV.
AustraliaAustralia2020-09-195Gavo74EpicThis Pod is so good, Kristen really connects with you through the microphone and relates her experience back to real life. I loved episode 2 where she breaks down ADHD in such a easy to understand way. I have only just started my journey with her and am looking for to hearing move. Keep up the great work Kristen and I will be back on here again when I have caught up on all the Pods.
AustraliaAustralia2020-09-175hayleyleeeChanged my life!Kristen is honestly an expert in all things ADHD!! I have been a part of her group coaching program FOCUSED for 7 months and it has changed my life in so many ways. It all started with this amazing podcast, it always feels like she is talking directly to me and knows exactly what to say. She has helped me understand who I am, how my ADHD effects my day to day life and how to overcome the challenges it throws my way. I have spent 29 years of my life wondering why I struggle so much, but Kristen has put it all into perspective!! I’m so thankful for everything Kristen does for the ADHD community, she is incredible!!! Thank you for bringing light and happiness back into my life!! x
AustraliaAustralia2020-08-065Big M 20Legit game changer 😉Thank you for putting this podcast into the world! I’m a 38 year old female, hyper except when depressed/anxious, diagnosed 36, still kind of stuck and given up on ADHD podcasts because none really connected. Now I finally feel like I’ve found my ADHD tribe! You’ve helped me understand ADHD so much better and that accepting it (as opposed to pushing it aside as no big deal) is the only way to manage the bad parts that get in the way of enjoying the good parts. Sending hugs from Australia 🙂
AustraliaAustralia2020-06-195Ms JordsWowI have started listening to your pod cast and was crying because I thought only I thought this way!! I’m amazed. Thank you so much. I’ll be enjoying your podcast for ever!!
AustraliaAustralia2020-03-025Happy user 892Incredibly helpfulThis podcast speaks to my soul. I’ve been going through an especially difficult time with my ADHD lately as I haven’t had access to my medication. There seems to be an episode dedicated to each of the most challenging struggles I am facing and it is really keeping my head above water through this difficult time. Thank you Kristen for your kind and encouraging approach on ADHD.
AustraliaAustralia2020-02-145Lou3427777YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!Kristen, THANK YOU - 1 million times thank you! This morning I was late for my job - again, convinced it was at a different time yada yada. Instead of just calling in late I called in sick, it’s a new job! I think I’ve left every job due to been late all the time and been fired or about to be fired. This time it’s MY business. Anyway I wallowed in SHAME (EP 5) and I was so frustrated with myself that once again my brains letting me down. I’m recently diagnosed (Age 32) and taking Meds but having no further steps. I searched ADHD podcasts and thank GOD I found YOU! I’ve cried about 5 times already and nodding my head in agreement and I’m only on to EP 6 a VISION but already I am feeling so much more support and understanding of MYSELF! I’m feeling hope I haven’t had in a long time. Thank you so so much, going off to join your FB Group and website. Please know how much you’ve helped me and will continue to, don’t ever stop this work it’s so important! Much love all the way from a New Zealander who lives in Australia. Lou x
AustraliaAustralia2020-01-135JacquiKnight76I found my tribe! 😆Wow....... I am a 43year old woman, a mother of 3 beautiful girls and on just figured out that I have ADHD. A friend suggested I look it up, listen to some podcasts and burst into tears, I’m text book adult ADHD and also had it as a child. Thanks Kristen for making so much sense to me, especially when you talk about parenting, I struggle so much with it as a single mum. Knowing we are alone is so important to knowing everything is going to be ok! Keep up good work 🤗😉
AustraliaAustralia2019-12-214shareandconnectYes!!Thank you for sharing. Diagnosed recently as mature aged person, has personally development me immensely. I feel I could be great to get out there and connect people while giving support on how I survived. After listening to you today, the questioning of a confirmation of having an adhd is going to be let go of. I had a rule book all my life and I’ve thrown it out the window. There is no rule book!!! I need people to connect with. It’s like I am ba k on path after 5 years of hardship in many areas of life. Thank you again. I hope I can be as brave as you. X Naomi 🙏🏻💜
AustraliaAustralia2019-09-245naomi.beeAha MomentsThank you! Whilst I don’t have an ‘official’ diagnosis as yet, I have suspected ADHD for almost a year. Your podcast has given me so many Aha moments, and is helping me make sense of who am I am, what I do, and why. I can’t wait to learn more!
AustraliaAustralia2019-07-185ANZ.007Loving your podcast!I am not usually the type to write reviews, in fact this is my first. I am currently listening to your podcast about emotions (Episode #9) I almost cried because for the first time in my LIFE I felt understood. I have three young children myself and I am always struggling with my emotions, I’ve always felt like a bad mother and that I am failing them. But listening to this podcast gives me hope! Thank you Kristen. Your friend from Australia ❤️
AustraliaAustralia2019-07-175Han.hayIf you or someone you love has ADHD, PLEASE(!!!) listen to this podcastAfter going in circles for so long and just getting frustrated with always feeling unstable, listening to Kristen’s insights and advice has seriously made me feel like I can (and will) learn to manage and live a normal, stable life. I realised that despite my diagnosis and being medicated for years, I had no idea what ADHD really was or how I could do anything to help myself. I was constantly thinking “why am I like this” and then discovered I knew the answer all along, but didn’t recognise that it was my ADHD. I have sent episodes of this podcast to the people I love to explain things I never could. It has helped them to understand and support me. AND I have even been able to share this podcast with people I love that also have ADHD and their loved ones, who have also benefited so much from this podcast! Thank you so much Kristen. So grateful for your wisdom and encouragement and that all you say is grounded in knowing Jesus. X
AustraliaAustralia2019-06-265Benda1983Inspirational, informative, comfortingI really love this podcast, and I summed up why in the title of my review. Kristen herself is inspirational, her story proving just what those of us with ADHD can achieve despite the extra challenges we face every day. The podcast is informative, with each episode offering information and advice on a different aspect of the condition, and how it affects different areas of our lives. It’s easy to feel alone when you grow up thinking that you’re different to everyone else, so hearing Kristen relate her personal experiences with ADHD is a real comfort- I’m a member of a tribe, a community, a family. If you have ADHD or know someone who does, then it’s worth having a listen.
AustraliaAustralia2019-06-235PaulPaulPaul2019Life changerAmazing real work tips and life hacks. Instead of platitudes like just ‘try harder’ this podcast has really helped me. Amazing friendly likeable host. Please keep releasing these- they really help.
GermanyGermany2020-09-285Zulu5186The podcast ist a gift and your attitude rocks 👌🏽✨Thank you sooo much for sharing your wisdom and positive energy for creating this podcast, that is helping me a lot. I love how supportive you are and the alongside therapy your podcast ist hrlüing me to rewire my brain🤙🏽✨greetings from Germany
GreeceGreece2019-02-275Τρου φάνBetter Late than Never!I was only diagnosed a couple of years ago (I'm 24) and no one seemed to have recognised any of the signs as a child. As an adult, I find this podcast speaking to my soul! Thanks ever so much! Can't wait for the next ones!
New ZealandNew Zealand2021-03-015jmtmcdaadeAmazingADHD daily life and advice delivered in such a optimistic and insightful way! You pick and choose what tis applicable to you but no the less. She touches on a lot of relevant ADHD habits I have
New ZealandNew Zealand2020-12-135addzydeeCaring but firmLove listening to this podcast. Reminds me to give myself a break!
New ZealandNew Zealand2020-10-175KeraorExcellent self management tips and toolsHave just recently started the process of getting an ADHD diagnosis while in the middle of a lot of unmanageable overwhelm in my life. This podcast has been an absolute saving grace, helping me learn some tools and strategies I can use to look after my brain while I wait for the treatment process. Thank you Kristen!
New ZealandNew Zealand2019-08-045nzgrobaniteBest ADHD podcast everThis has been the best, most helpful podcast on adult ADHD I have come across. If there is only one podcast you can listen to, this is the one. Kristen is easy to listen to, she is genuine, and the things she discusses are helpful for us with ADHD, especially like myself who was diagnosed at 30 years old. Thank you Kristen for a super informative podcast. It’s even been helpful for my husband too!
United StatesUnited States2021-04-235JessStrachanThanks, Coach! 💛I started being coached by Kristen back when there were just 17 podcast episodes haha, and she was absolutely fabulous! It was refreshing to talk with someone who wasn’t just giving the same old advice. I always had fun during our coaching calls and learned more from her than I even realized at the time. I felt like she understood and could relate to my struggles and that is sooooo important because I eventually began to think, “if she can do it, maybe I can too…”. Almost two years later and her insight and compassion are still having a huge impact on my life. For real. Thanks, girl.🙏🏾 Much love to you Kristen and I want you to know that the work you do truly matters. PS- I finally have a dog 😉 💛 Jessica
United StatesUnited States2021-04-135Ellie1730Seriously changing my lifeI recently discovered this podcast and WOW it's opened my eyes to so much and made me more gracious and understanding of myself. I wish I had had this information years ago but I'm grateful to have it now. I was telling my husband things I've learned and he said "It must be nice to feel understood." Then I cried. He's right. Thank you for this podcast and all you have given me.
United StatesUnited States2021-04-131also left blank.Not another “coach"…Tone is pleasant, but, my god, the privilege. I don’t want to hear about your “totally achievable goal” of 250000K a year. Just another out of touch white lady pushing her coaching program.
United StatesUnited States2021-04-015AMEquineThank you!Kristen, thank you, I’ve been on the path of working and living with my ADHD for 10 years now. After college had definitely felt alone in it again. Thank you for putting this out there I feel understood and feel hope when I listen.
United StatesUnited States2021-03-315Joe.a.mGreat podcast!Can’t stop listening.
United StatesUnited States2021-03-295BeshapIt’s like hearing myself talkingFor the first time in my life I started to understand what was happening in my life. Her stories are relatable and eye opening. I feel like I have adhd was just my throw away line. I didn’t realize it was actually a problem that I should be treating. I am so sad she isn’t doing 1:1 coaching. But hopefully she will have another solution besides a group. I feel like it’s so hard to start to seek help
United StatesUnited States2021-03-294llama9342I needed thisJust started listening today and jumped in with ep44 because I’m very much feeling “time-blind” lately. I would happily rate this pod 5 stars if transcripts were available for accessibility reasons. I would love a direct (texted) way to access Kristen’s helpful tips and neuroplasticity book recs.
United StatesUnited States2021-03-285Jules9457Oh Kristen ❤️Your podcast has been such a support in my life. I was just recently diagnosed with ADHD, inattentive. I was searching for something that I could listen to, that kept my attention. Ironically enough, some of the Adhd podcasts are very boring. Much love to those podcasts- I’m sure they are informative but I can’t get into it! Anyways, I feel like your podcast hugs my soul. I am hugging you back, podcast. I have learned so much and I feel inspired. Like this isn’t just a diagnosis but a GIFT. I now have the key to unlock my potential and understand it. You have had a pivotal impact on my life. The friendship episode made me incredibly emotional. I never could understand why I struggled to maintain friendships. I felt like I was in the room with you two lovely ladies. Thank you so much Kristen for doing what you do! I look forward to hearing more from you 💛 Much love from Buffalo, NY.
United StatesUnited States2021-03-215EADrenth👍👍
United StatesUnited States2021-03-205loddie22222333223Life changingThis podcast has helped me in so many ways, ways that I didn’t even know I needed help with. As an adult female who was diagnosed later in life, I struggled to understand myself and why I am the way I am. I felt shame. I felt alone. Kristen has provided a resource that I will be forever grateful for. She has pushed me to learn more about myself and what it means to be neurodivergent and that it’s not a shameful diagnosis or something to be embarrassed about. Thank you Kristen for all you do! You truly make a difference.
United StatesUnited States2021-03-195NolaJenRNLife Changing!Kristen, Your podcast has been LIFE CHANGING for me! Finally, I have found a place that looks like me, sounds like me and is actually HELPING ME live my life more productively than I have ever before! Keep up this amazing work-you are making such a tremendous difference! Hugs from Jen, RN in New Orleans
United StatesUnited States2021-03-105Jen S from Asheville NCThis podcast is a giftI Have ADHD has become a staple in my week! Kristen speaks from such a genuine, honest place. I can’t even begin to describe how validating and helpful this podcast has been for me as I navigate life as a high-functioning 35-year-old woman with recently-diagnosed ADHD. Side note—I see a couple negative reviews about the way she talks about money & thought work in general. Don’t let that scare you. 😉 All I can say is....after bingeing ALL the episodes at this point (and listening to some more than once), I’ve come to a deeper and deeper understanding of how SO MANY of our “problems” have nothing to do with circumstances and everything to do with what’s going on in our heads. I’ve seen this in action in my own life. Everything Kristen teaches is super relatable and actionable, and the episodes stick with me long after they’re over. If you have ADHD or suspect you have ADHD, be good to yourself and give it a listen. Kristen is truly giving us a gift!
United StatesUnited States2021-03-07561 Yr Old PRFind The Gold Where You AreI’m a 61 year old women of color who grew up speaking another language in the home as the quest speaker of this episode did. I have suffered from ADHD forever and yes I meant to say suffered. I have heard and read countless hours about the subject of ADHD. I have never heard anything that has ever resonated so much with me than every word this speaker spoke. I’m feeling better about myself and this condition as a result of having heard her. I was starting to give up hope that things would not get better for me. Hearing the words of wisdom spoken by the speaker featured in this podcast, I feel as though I stumbled onto a pot gold . I’m feeling hopeful again and it all started when I heard the speaker say it’s “just” ADHD. What a wonderful way to put wings on something that could too often be viewed as crippling. Thank you both for putting this wonderful episode into the universe. I look forward to hearing more.
United StatesUnited States2021-03-065kimmindThe reason I’m gonna get through adult collegeThank you so much for your podcast. That’s all that needs to be said. It is a godsend.
United StatesUnited States2021-03-045U$erN@mEFirst time listenerJust popped on the overwhelm episode on a day where I was feeling pretty burnt out and (surprise) overwhelmed!!! The first few min of promo was honestly pretty overwhelming.. lol.. BUT I stuck it out at 2x speed and within the next 5 min., I’m sold. Such a relatable and useful podcast!! Relates 100% to anyone who’s ever been fired up and burnt out too soon and had to keep going. Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2021-03-043Flutiful1058Mixed bagI liked it at first and really related to the info about ADHD. Then I listened to the episode about money and found it so ridiculously privileged and blind sighted and now I won’t listen anymore.
United StatesUnited States2021-03-021BostonBizProblematicThe teachings in this podcast are harmful to neurodivergent people. An overemphasis on controlling your thoughts, a lot of bragging about money success, and an undertone that sounds a lot like NLP used by cults. I’ve had many clients express confusion and pain after listening to I Have ADHD.
United StatesUnited States2021-02-155BethieLouWhoI’m not alone!Love this podcast, it’s become a staple to my week! Diagnosed as an adult, this has been an eye-opener to all those little “quirks” I’ve had my entire life...and so much more! It feels great to know I’m not alone, and we can learn to use our powers for good instead of evil.
United StatesUnited States2021-02-135Lynn10836A must-listen for adults with ADHDPodcasts are short, informative, funny, relatable. Highly recommend for all adults with ADHD!
United StatesUnited States2021-02-115Facefilm loverMy little podcast friend!I swear it seems like Kristen is describing my life, emotions and challenges on so many of her episodes. She’s so encouraging and speaks of ADHD from a practical standpoint. So down to earth.... seems like she’s my little friend!
United StatesUnited States2021-02-115Ada SewellTons of wisdomBring a basket because Kristen drops so many gems of wisdom in this podcast! Her show is a magic combo of coaching, education, and loving support. Can’t recommend it enough!
United StatesUnited States2021-02-115Ladybug943LOVE this podcast!I’ve taken advice from this podcast and put it into practice in my life with great results. As someone with ADHD, she made me feel normal about random things I didn’t know were ADHD, which has brought me clarity and more self esteem. Thank you!!
United StatesUnited States2021-02-1051994metsKristin says what’s in my head37 years old and for the first time I have a framework and vocabulary to name and deal with the things in my life that hold me back. It’s such a relief to hear someone speak so candidly about Adult ADHD and then scratch my research itch with facts and solutions. Kristin helped me identify hen get the courage to get diagnosed and treated- I don’t think I would have without this podcast.
United StatesUnited States2021-02-095OPGirlA lifesaverI was so happy to find this podcast when I did. It's been a lifesaver. Kristen has helped teach me the skills to be kinder to myself and to "forgive" myself for my many failings due to my ADHD. I benefitted so much from listening to the podcast that I signed up for coaching and am already really glad I did. I'm really grateful for the honesty and vulnerability of this show, and for an opportunity to find a place (both here and through coaching) where I feel like there's a whole community of people who understand the struggles. Thank you so much for this show!!
United StatesUnited States2021-02-095maleeswagner10/10!!Listening to this podcast has changed my outlook on my crazy ADHD life. I feel that with therapy and medication I have been able to conquer various ADHD prone issues but Kristen's podcast has really allowed me to understand my diagnosis more, be forgiving of my self, and helps me see the potential growth I'm capable of. I feel like I'm listening to a friend when Kristen talks. I can't recommend this podcast enough.
United StatesUnited States2021-02-095jungle_hair“You cannot hate yourself into improvement.”Thank you Kristen! I really appreciate episode 92 as a black woman! And 93 was just what I needed. I listening to it on my morning walk and forgave myself for two things that I was still bringing up in conversation. This is a great resource for ADHD🙏🏾
United StatesUnited States2021-02-054Barry GirlBlack ADHDBlack ADHD woman here. I love your show and appreciate your enthusiasm to understand and include us in the conversation. However, in response to your statement about not being able to find Black ADHD coaches...you aren’t looking that hard: Inger Colzie, Rene Brooks (Black Girl, Lost Keys) just to name the two with whom I collaborate. And my own platform (ADHD is the new BLACK) There’s a whole community over here, Hi!!! ADDA, CHADD has a list of us as well.
United StatesUnited States2021-02-032Amerk007Good info but...Kristen must be another Brooke Castillo Life Coach student because she speaks with the same annoying cadence that Brooke does. It makes it impossible for me to actually listen to what is being said. If someone from Brook’s organization sees this review, can you please review this with your clients? All of these people are starting to sound exactly the same - like Brooke clones or robots 😬
United StatesUnited States2021-02-025cburt987A life raft for newly diagnosed mamaKristen- Your podcast was the first on I found when I realized I may have undiagnosed ADHD and it has been such a life giver to me! Thankfully I now have a diagnosis and well medicated but of course that doesn’t solve all the issues. You’ve given me such an insight on myself and I so appreciate your mission!
United StatesUnited States2021-01-315PlshaqPhenomenal Adhd podcastThis podcast is phenomenal! I have been wondering “why I am the way I am” for quite some time without finding clear answers. This podcast has changed that for me. Kristen has addressed each of my issues, one by one, in these episodes. I finally feel like I’m “getting it” and learning helpful solutions. I am so beyond thankful to you, Kristen, for this podcast. Thank you and God bless you! - Paul
United StatesUnited States2021-01-305lilaaimeeRevolutionary podcast for Adult ADHDI was diagnosed by 3 separate drs over the past 10 years with ADHD...but with the diagnosis and meds (that I would try and stop each time because I didn’t like how it altered my personalized) I realized I didn’t have the tools to navigate my ADHD, accept my diagnosis and build the skills to work with it instead of against it. I listen to Kristen’s opening, “I am medicated, caffeinated...” it’s one of the few openers I don’t skip past. I have laughed and cried and laugh-cried often because I can finally and openly accept that it’s not a shortcoming of mine. I am a high-functioning successful adult with ADHD and this podcast has given me the tools to start getting out of this fog and frustration that I’ve learned to live with for almost 40 years. I went through most of 2020’s episodes and now I’ve gone all the way back to 2018 to start from the beginning because the progression how Kristen has evolved in explaining things and then giving real life applicable stories has helped me so much. I love when she’s just talking in some show or when she shares the interviews from her InFocus groups (which I still want to join). I have to say, I find it so honorable that she puts herself out there to help others with ADHD because for me it wasn’t outwardly noticeable to others but inside it was something I have struggled with for as long as I remember. I feel like she’s like a friend I can pickup and talk to on the phone with. I am so grateful for finding this podcast and highly recommend anyone wanted to behaviorally learn more about Adult ADHD to listen to it! Thanks Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2021-01-305MGBaileySo thankful!!I found this podcast at a time in my life when I was really struggling with my new diagnosis and burnout as an adult. I was constantly looking for solutions for healing my burnout and felt like nothing was working, no matter how hard I tried. Finding this podcast was a breath of fresh air. Kristen is so honest and real with her own experience and is so clear about why and how these strategies help ADHD brains. It really felt and continues to feel like I could apply these strategies to my life and actually stick to them! This podcast has made such a difference in my life and I’m so thankful for such a quality cost-effective resource!
United StatesUnited States2021-01-285Rachael-LynnOhhh...Kristen...I’m going to admit the first couple of times I listened to the podcast your cheerleader personality was a little tough for my black cloud personality (at the time). But you...ohhhh my word! This podcast and Focused have LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE! I can’t even begin to tell you how much your amazingness has helped change my life! It is truly a blessing! You are adorable and I love you!! 😘😘
United StatesUnited States2021-01-275kann0729This podcast is so helpful!As a high functioning woman with ADHD this podcast has been so helpful as I work to change my thoughts around ADHD and improve my ability to focus. Thank you, Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2021-01-275ZvallSpot onI’ve only recently been turned onto this podcast and am only on episode 12 I believe, but it has changed my life for the better already. I am getting ready to move and the episode about getting rid of stuff has made this process much more easy and attainable than I ever thought it would be. Thank you so much for getting your thoughts and suggestions out there.
United StatesUnited States2021-01-255Empath 😉Love growing with my ADHDKristen brings a down to earth view to adhd that I love. We need more ADHDers to normalize ADHD so we can all love ourselves and grow. Great Job Kristen!!
United StatesUnited States2021-01-245Special Needs Working MomMost relatable ADD podcast!I haven’t listened to an episode yet that I haven’t learned something new. Just found this podcast a few weeks ago & am loving it. It’s so eye opening & relatable!
United StatesUnited States2021-01-225hvarwigI have never felt more seenI’m 25 and am just now starting the process of getting diagnosed with ADHD. I’ve never felt more seen in my life. I’ve listened to 3 episodes and feel like I have all of these new tips to help me succeed better in my life while also feeling SEEN. I’ve always thought I was just lazy, not smart, too disorganized and would never be able to get my life together. I didn’t understand why and better yet, HOW to help myself.
United StatesUnited States2021-01-225EWheel14InspiringVery inspiring for you to be successful with ADHD even when you can hear your children in the background, you were not distracted at all. What you are doing is working!!
United StatesUnited States2021-01-215Lori (TheSameBirdBoutique)Thank you!Feeling emotional over here because I haven’t listened to a podcast that literally got me like this, EVER. As someone who has struggled in school my entire life, this has really helped me to be kinder to myself and appreciate that I’m not alone and this is Normal! I’ve had a new job every year for the past 10 years since I’ve been out of college. Some of the major struggles that your podcast had me relating to was difficulty tracking money/spending, organizing, task avoidance, emotional disregulation , and so much more. This podcast also helped me to realize how much I’m already do well to set myself up for a higher chance of success. So anyway thank you for making this podcast and helping out all of us left out there with ADHD feeling lonely, scared and inadequate as adults. What you do makes a HUGEEEEEEE difference. -Lori (artist, SPED teacher, creator extraordinaire with undiagnosed untreated ADHD)
United StatesUnited States2021-01-185MacbonesHelps neurotypicals too!I don’t have ADHD, but my son does — and WOW is this podcast helpful. Each of the topics that Kristen discusses (emotional regulation, shame, procrastination, self-sabotage) are so personally relevant to our situation, that every listen feels like a therapy session. There is so much wisdom here: not only do I understand my son better, but I have gained insight into my own behaviors, and human nature in general. Don’t be fooled by her lighthearted, fun-girl demeanor — this is serious, dense content. I am so grateful to you, Kristen for putting this out there!!
United StatesUnited States2021-01-085Penguin playAll of the stars!!!The I Have ADHD podcast is a MUST listen not only for those of us living with ADHD, but for those who love someone with ADHD. I have learned so much about my behavior and emotions, and have finally felt like I am not alone. Sharing this with my mom has completely transformed our relationship. THANK YOU, Kristen! If I could rate this podcast with a million stars, I would.
United StatesUnited States2021-01-065MoiraboyraStage Manager with ADHD? Yep.Hey there, I’m 51 years old and I’ve been managing (or not) my ADHD symptoms for a long time. It may seem like an odd job for me to choose, but I have been an Equity Stage Manager for over 20 years. Spent my entire 20’s in and out of college, figuring out how to have a job, follow through, realize that physical exercise is one of my best friends etc. My little brother was diagnosed his senior year in high school and I figured I had it too - but why look into too much? I’m successful now. Well. Step in COVID-19, caring for my mother who has Alzheimer’s and menopause to make all of those pot-holes in the road seem like sinkholes. I’m facing the reality that I’m a cardinal ADHD suffer. And I’m super hard on myself. While listening to this podcast, I’m finishing the narrator’s sentences and finding the courage to dig deeper and find a couple more fixes (lateness!) and a lot more self kindness and healing. Thank you! Moira
United StatesUnited States2020-12-305EmilyhijklmnopSearching for answersThank you thank you thank you! Diagnosed with ADD at 12, I stopped medication after high school and gave up on believing in my diagnosis because no one took me seriously. Fast FWD to 23 with a plate of serious anxiety, depression and a binge eating disorder. Through desperation i saw a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with ADHD and put on a medication that feels like a perfect fit for me. This podcast along with therapy is changing my life and I just ran into it after running across a youtube discussion by Dr. Russel, for the first time in my life i felt heard, even though he was talking about children! Thank you for understanding my brain!
United StatesUnited States2020-12-295WifeymomdaugjterWife, momma & Teacher with undiagnosed ADHDI have always “known” I was like the other kids, always wondered why I couldn’t be and do like my sisters. Learned actual real information about ADHD when I first started teaching and had students with ADHD and ASD. Every workshop gave me new insight, working with more experienced teachers, spending time working with paraprofessionals that were excellent at working with their students, at every turn seeing more of myself in each situation and in each student. Years later my own daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and the guilt exploded because I knew but was waiting for an expert, i.e. the teacher to tell me something was off. In any case she has seen improvements with medication, but it’s not everything to a solution, this doesn’t just go anyway. I’ve only listened to the first couple of episodes and the frontal lobe information was so me, every point mentioned an area that I struggle with in my real, everyday life! So eye opening. My own daughter’s experience has been similar in the sense that our doctor never explained the frontal lobe information. If you are struggling with ADHD, keep listening. I’ve already learned so much. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience.
United StatesUnited States2020-12-215smoothenglishthank you for this podcastMan. I am 35 years old and until this year had no idea I had adhd. I’m so thankful for this podcast. I have been hiding myself away at home for several years since I left my job (college English teacher) because I felt like I kept letting down everyone in my life by being so unreliable. This podcast has shown me that it’s not all my fault, and there are things I can do to be better. Thank you so much, I feel like you’ve helped give me hope again.
United StatesUnited States2020-12-085Love_u_times_3From TiktokBackground: I am 19 year old college student with ADHD, diagnosed at 13 years old, and I’m just now getting a handle w my ADHD instead of completely depending on my Medicine (which doesn’t take all my symptoms away. I found her podcast through my ‘for you’ page on tiktok and I wish I found it sooner. This pandemic through me completely off my horse & ive felt so bad about it. But after listening to this podcast. I don’t feel alone. I understand my adhd better. And I’m learning to work with my adhd better. I’m not as shameful about my adhd . I love her voice, it’s calming and makes me feel at home. She explains really well. Also she is honest and truthful about her own strugggles with ADHD. I plan on joining her program.
United StatesUnited States2020-11-295Evan Nash #1AmazingI am not an adult I am a 10 year old boy with ADHD and struggle a lot this podcast is amazing and totally kid friendly and I think that everybody in the world should listen, subscribe and give a five star review to this podcast. I love this please keep making more.
United StatesUnited States2020-11-194ssdsttttopExcellent contentEp 77 you repeatedly say “ your brain doesn’t remember things” “ don’t use your brain to remember things” However. there are differences in every aspect of different forms of ADHD and some have other conditions as well. This presumed that we are all like you. Even two people without adhd are completely different. You also mention that you improved your memory so then you don’t mean to say we can’t improve ours but you go back to saying , “your brain can’t remember...” In my opinion, You are normally very encouraging. this episode was about your issues and your limitations and projecting them on everyone with adhd. We are not all like you, but your encouragement and ideas are positive and extremely helpful to myself and many others . I say this only because I want you to be aware, not to say as a whole this is you, just a thought in your word choices and categorizing all adhd as like yours. As you know. our self talk can be very negative for some and we have enough “ you’re defective “ attitudes, you’re not about what’s wrong, that’s inspiring. Keep up the great work.
United StatesUnited States2020-11-175Danoonz_petersonI FINALLY feel normal!I just started listening to your podcast! I love it! I was diagnosed with ADHD later in life, around age 30 and I’m now 37. This podcast is helping me feel so much more normal! At times I feel crazy and insane, and I don’t know much about my ADHD condition. After listening to the podcast, I have learned about the condition and also learned a lot about myself. And most importantly, I have realized that I am normal! I am not crazy… Thank you so much I love your podcast! And I will continue to listen!
United StatesUnited States2020-11-105sophie golabchiKristen is a rockstar!Her podcast and monthly membership is amazing! She is living proof that you can do great things and be successful even if you have ADHD. I am beyond grateful to have found her, only if it was years sooner! Highly highly recommend.
United StatesUnited States2020-11-085Eileen BQTime BlindnessI love the episode about spouses married to someone with ADHD. It is so true about getting out the door on time. I always go back in the house for “just one more thing” numerous times! It drives my husband crazy!
United StatesUnited States2020-11-055SanghoimnnlThis is my must listen everyday podcast.From a guy of “ I’LL DO IT LATER” to “ DO IT NOW OR NEVER” . I have been struggling so much in the past 26 years and just figured out why I did what I did thanks to Kristen.
United StatesUnited States2020-11-035mfaybThankfulI am so thankful for this Podcast. It gives me hope, encouragement, and helps me learn to defeat my shame! Thank you Kristen for opening up about your struggles and giving us all some light!
United StatesUnited States2020-10-285BusterTheKillerLight BulbsI’m 41 years old and have recently come to the realization that I have ADHD. I have always known that I am different from most other people. But the journey has a been even more difficult for me I think because I have the Inattentive subtype and my age. The symptoms and social interactions are different for an introvert like me. I really appreciate hearing things in this podcast that have helped me understand the dopamine payoff and setting up reward systems. I’m only seven or eight episodes in but I have learned a lot! Listening to the author talk about her life experiences and how close they align with many of mine is crazy! Inattentive subtypes live in their own head. Throw being an introvert on top of that and one can easily think that they are alone in the world, even with a wife and kids. I’m not good with words, but listening to an everyday person who is not a doctor trying to tell me what is and what isn’t, just sharing her life experiences and the things she has learned is amazing. I really appreciate the effort she puts into these podcasts.
United StatesUnited States2020-10-255agpdreamsEngaging and authentic podcast!I appreciate Kristen’s passion to share what she has learned, her authenticity, and humor. She shares her successes & challenges, as well as tips to overcome those challenges. I knew this was the podcast for me when she mentioned some of us will research the $&@! out of something (my words) and not know when to stop and just take action. Again my words, but i didn’t realize this was something I shared with many others! Honestly, I didn’t consider it could be a form of procrastination (as is editing this review, haha!), I just thought I was thorough. In fact, I have had several of those O.M.G. moments now listening to this podcast. Kristen- love you & your podcast! I haven’t listened to all episodes yet (I’ve skipped around, sigh), but hoping to find one on going to sleep, and one for those over 50 whose challenges have been inversely proportional to their hormone levels 😜. I realize that you are too young to have personal experience, but I’m confident you would do the topic justice 😊
United StatesUnited States2020-10-245WannabeahotmommaSo thankful for this podcast!I have to admit, I am a newbie. I’m new to my ADHD diagnosis (at 35, just diagnosed last month) and I’m new to podcasts. I found your podcast thanks to a fellow ADHDer that I found on tiktok. Her posts helped me learn so much about myself and she recommended your podcast, so here I am! I started at number 1 and am up to 7 now and I love it! You’re helping me learn so much about myself and how to navigate my struggles for the first time in my life! So thank you! Please keep it up! You’re really helping people (at least me). Thanks
United StatesUnited States2020-10-22511maddieThank You!Like anyone else with ADHD, I am the pro at procrastinating...I just wish I hadn’t procrastinated listening to this podcast! Her advice is backed up with personal stories that are so relatable.
United StatesUnited States2020-10-215ssejica1212She feels like a friend!In the process of getting diagnosed and this si mind blowing, I am inky on episode 17 and I have made so many small changes that have drastically changed my life.
United StatesUnited States2020-10-205cecstaKristen Carder I rockSince The moment I found ur podcast I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the procrastination focus this month and I will be her for November as well. Keep doing what you do! There are so many more of us out there that need to find us, you can do that!
United StatesUnited States2020-10-205Nicola353AmazingI have just been diagnosed with ADHD at 40. Kristen is amazing and explains everything so well. I feel so encouraged to finally get my life on track. Thank you for all your help Kristen ❤️
United StatesUnited States2020-10-165Ktmsl77Mind BlowingI was diagnosed three years ago and was put on medication. While it has helped, I was still feeling like a failure in life because I can’t finish tasks or projects, remember things, start things I don’t want to do...I thought I was just lazy. This makes it so clear that I need help, not just medication. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
United StatesUnited States2020-10-135gerbs12Kristen and her work is a breath of fresh air!!Wow! Kristen and her candidness on her own journey is a breath of fresh air. For me, my adhd medication is not a panacea (duh!) Kristen and this Podcast has helped me tremendously to learn best practices for daily executive functioning skills that I still need to refine while taking my meds. Kristen makes me feel like “I’ve got this! I am in control of my adhd and my adhd is not in control of me.” THANK YOU KRISTEN!!!
United StatesUnited States2020-10-135suzamIf think you have ADHD listen to this podcast!Kristen, thank you. I discovered I have not so mild ADHD. In college I would turn down the heat, sit in the bath tub(no water), make the lights as bright as possible and study. It was so uncomfortable, but every time I thought about that it reminded me to study. I love your podcast, great advice, suggestions and strategies. But I think the most important thing is how nice it is to hear that other people have the same struggles. Thank you again! Ps I’d love to hear a podcast about or maybe clients or your experience with being pregnant and having ADHD. Did you still take meds? If not how did you handle it. It’s a fear of mine to have to go off meds, and I’m sure I’m not alone.
United StatesUnited States2020-10-125InstaUser87A Great Find!Thank you Kristen for this! I was diagnosed a year ago at 42. Being able to understand my ADHD has made such a huge difference in my life already. Since I’m on the older side, I want to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. I don’t want to lose any more time. This podcast has provided me with so much. Highly recommend!
United StatesUnited States2020-10-015Bri SwingWow, to know we aren’t alone!I downloaded tik tok for work and the magic that is social media showed me a lot of adhd accounts and led me to this podcast! It’s been 48 hours of me listening to it and feeling so overwhelmed to know these traits are all because of my ADHD. I’m medicated but haven’t had this type of coaching or experience shared with me and this podcast fills that huge gap and is incredibly empowering.
United StatesUnited States2020-09-295bringthethunder!👍🏻I am not even through the 2nd episode and I’m already finding it helpful. It’s so comforting to learn and hear someone else’s story while living with adhd. Thanks for opening up and having a passion to help others! You’re the bomb! 💗🙏
United StatesUnited States2020-09-275frozie25Outstanding podcastI think this podcast is excellent! Her voice is soothing and she really knows how to break down life! Im gonna binge listen!
United StatesUnited States2020-09-235Allisonn90So glad I found this!This is a total game changer. If you have ADHD as an adult, you would be doing yourself a disservice to not listen to this.
United StatesUnited States2020-09-225amanderrrrrrrrrrrLife changingThis podcast has literally been life changing for me. I was diagnosed last year at 32 with little guidance on what that meant. This podcast made me feel validated for all my struggles through the years and I’ve found so many tips and tricks to how to manage my day to day. I get excited every Tuesday to see what’s next on the podcast agenda! Keep it up Kristen Carder!
United StatesUnited States2020-09-195EileenDickinsonTop notch, keeps getting betterI reviewed this podcast last year but I wanted to give an update that it keeps getting better! 1. The amount of value I have received from this podcast is amazing. I feel genuinely lucky to have access to so many helpful mindset shifts for FREE- 2. It keeps getting better- I feel like we are on a journey with her and get to learn from her insight- I believe we are watching her elevate into someone who’s managing their mind at a higher level as time goes on and we get to watch that transformation and learn from it! 3. Thank goodness I found this podcast because before ever speaking to Kristen my life was changed by this podcast. I started taking treating my ADHD brain seriously and that alone was transformational AND without this podcast I wouldn’t have become a 1 on 1 client and Focused client of Kristens and the amount of transformation I see in myself and others in the group every week is really outstanding. Kristen is dedicated to serving her clients at the highest level. She is a caring and honest person and She understands what it’s like to deal with ADHD and she refuses to believe we are stuck where we are. She believes in the ADHD community. The experience of someone believing in what you’re capable of and not believing the story that “I can’t” is truly life changing and I could never thank her enough for the work she’s doing in this world.
United StatesUnited States2020-09-175KristiinaleeFinally, a resource for ADHD’ersKristen is the real deal. I’ve had so many aha moments listening to the show. Her warm and engaging personality comes through while she shares actionable tips and strategies to help you manage your ADHD. So grateful for this resource!!!
United StatesUnited States2020-09-161HBJ611MehFirst few episodes are actually helpful and give good tips. Lately the episodes have turned more into advertising for her subscription and talking around the subject until her 30 mins is up. While I understand the host also has ADHD, I was looking more for tips/advice/learning experiences rather than the “join my focused group for more info” and explaining ADHD in a broad manner that doesn’t apply to everyone.
United StatesUnited States2020-09-111kathasneverleftareviewSteeped in PrivlegeThis podcast hits the absolute wrong tone. Don't watch the news and/or block out any politics or natural disasters that don't directly concern you or your children? Yikes.
United StatesUnited States2020-09-092realadhdhumanGet your Genuine Snake Oil here!If you’ve got $1800 a year to spend on mental health see the absolute best psychiatric professional and therapist you can find because this podcast is just an ad for her subscription service. Oddly tone deaf about being extremely wealthy is genuinely hilarious and sad during a pandemic. There are ways to speak to people in a way that isn’t condescending but she has not found a way how to do that yet. Money probably makes a lot of symptoms of our shared condition easier. Lots of anecdotes from ‘real members’ about going out and doing all these activities - in 2020. April, May and June 2020. Sure. It’s fine I guess and really surface level material you could get for free from your library. Maybe your tolerance for a white lady telling you how to fix your life and get rich is still high in 2020 but my adhd friends and I can’t relate. I can’t speak to someone else’s mental conditions but I know for me the way she talks about adhd makes it seem like a minor inconvenience. See a professional and avoid this mess.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-315merface123Thank you for the bottom of my disorganized and depressed about it heartEven in the first episode I felt seen in the warmest and most helpful way. So excited to take the journey to success
United StatesUnited States2020-08-195Sarah Anne MaasAn absolute MUST if you have ADHD!!!I’m beyond grateful Kristen does what she does with such authenticity. The things you’re capable of when you start to understand your brain and how your adhd affects you allows you to unlock your unique super power. Kristen helps me feel motivated and empowered to believe in myself, help others, and DREAM BIG!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-185Paxz5768Dumped like a baby from a storkI am 40 now was diagnosed at 32 with ADHD. Good luck!!! That’s all I knew. Dumped like a Baby from a stork. All I knew I was failing at everything except my career. I happened to fall on this pod cast. And it has made a huge difference in my life. Most of all saved my life. Thank you very much.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-125SunNSnoRNLIFE-CHANGING!!I’m SO HAPPY that I came across this podcast last year! Kristen, along with her wisdom, encouragement, enthusiasm & her transparency have been life-changing for me in every positive way! I’ve learned that I’m not alone in how I feel about my ADD-related challenges & that it IS possible to live a happier, healthier more productive life WITH ADD/ADHD. On days when I’m feeling frustrated, exasperated & dysfunctional with a capital “D,” listening to her podcasts ALWAYS helps me to feel better, improves my attitude & changes my perspective... & gives me a good kick in the behind when needed, too! She provides concrete, relatable examples and recommendations to promote positive growth & change. My husband has benefited from her podcasts, too, both as a person with ADHD and as the spouse of someone with ADD/ADHD. BONUS: we’ve had amazing conversations after every single podcast! Kristen is a very real, very inspiring & truly valuable breath of fresh air—anyone impacted by ADD/ADHD will gain beneficial insight & useful ideas by listening to any of her podcasts!
United StatesUnited States2020-08-105Jules42593LOVE THIS LADY!!Kristen, I listen to your podcasts on Spotify but I had to come here on Apple where I could review it because you and this podcast are simply amazing. After being diagnosed with ADHD almost 2 years ago, I brushed it off and couldn’t see how it affected my life because I didn’t know the symptoms and nobody in my family had ever been diagnosed. I was skeptical because I received no information on the diagnosis and was just given a stimulant, getting it upped every month because I wasn’t working on my thought processes along with taking the medication, and I was also experiencing an enormous amount of grief that I couldn’t process correctly (still working on that). I quickly took myself off because I noticed my mental health declining. I’m still struggling but it’s getting easier because I finally decided to look into how adhd affects the brain and mental health. I found this podcast on Spotify and instantly connected with it because you’re in the same state as me!! I’m outside of Scranton in Waverly, PA. I can’t afford therapy right now so I have the routine of listening to your podcasts every day in the morning to get me grounded. It’s become a vital resource for me to learn how to deal with ADHD while I’m getting back on my feet financially and I couldn’t be more grateful. You’re a best friend to me and so many other people every day when we feel alone in our heads. Thank you so much, you are sooo appreciated ♥️
United StatesUnited States2020-08-095kennel11GrowingBinged this whole thing in a week since discovering it! This podcast is so INCREDIBLE and has taught me so much. Thank you for sharing your story and tips! I’ve never felt so understood and accepted and am understanding myself so much more.
United StatesUnited States2020-08-075PNWArkansanWowLet me preface this by saying at 30 one week ago someone (in my memory) said I should be tested. I asked my mom and I went diagnosed BUT untreated since elementary school. So I started researching and trying to find testing. I found the podcast and in the 20 short episodes I’ve been able to listen to I’ve cried, I’ve found understanding, I went from shame to this isn’t something I can control, I find community in how I’ve felt for years, and I’ve found acceptance in medication. I got my results from my test yesterday and I “clearly meets the criteria for ADHD, combine type.......it’s probable her self esteem has been extremely affected....I suggest medical care” and in that sentence because of this podcast I found relief vs shame. I’ve signed up for focus and I’m ready to turn my life around and thrive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also I need a T-shirt that says “Clearly.”
United StatesUnited States2020-08-045easystreeteachLove that I discovered this podcast!This podcast has given me the courage to finally see a doctor about my ADD ( I’m 42!!). I listen to you and your guests and recognize so much of myself in you all. I have fought this for so long and my hot mess of a life really shows it. You have encouraged me to finally seek help. Thank you.
United StatesUnited States2020-07-295Mads34587I thought I was loosing my mindI got diagnosed as a kid, and honestly had a really hard childhood. I was heavily shamed and punished for what I now know are symptoms of ADHD. Because I never knew what my diagnosis actually meant I figured it wasn’t a big deal, and I got off medication as an adult. I’ve spent the last 6 years wondering what was wrong with me, and making poor choices. I finally started to look into ADHD and I found Kristen. Not only am I a better mother, and wife, I’m more confident. Kristen teaches you about ADHD with so much understanding and kindness while also being incredibly real and honest. She’s funny and engaging, and her voice is very calming which helps keep me interested and engaged. I honestly can’t give her enough praise because she’s truly opening my eyes to who I am, and I really didn’t understand how badly my misinformation and self shaming was hurting my life. Kristen helped me see that I am exactly who I need to be, and if people don’t like me, that’s okay, because I like me. I know that’s a really basic concept, but I truly didn’t understand it. Last thing! When she said “Adults can do whatever they want” that blew my mind. 😂 I never considered that this is my life, and I should live it for myself, and not just do things to make people happy. I’ve always been a good little soldier, and wouldn’t even jaywalk or tell a white lie because I was so scared of getting in trouble. So basically, if you think you might have ADHD, but you don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Welcome home. 💕
United StatesUnited States2020-07-295kaysevansIt’s like having your own personal ADHD coach on demand!I’m a student with ADHD — an engineering student. On its own, this discipline is difficult and grueling, but with ADHD the struggles are amplified. Combine that with studying/working/living in the same 800-square-foot apartment (thanks, COVID), my studies have been struggling. I discovered this podcast on Spotify and I am HOOKED. I listen to Kristen when I study, and I feel like she’s almost sitting next to me, encouraging me and showing me that succeeding with ADHD is completely possible. Thank you so much, Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2020-07-285DylanMierzUndiagnosed, finally seenI won’t waste people’s time with the crazy backwards way I found this podcast and Kristen’s work, but I’ll just say that in the span of a few days I went from believing the worst about all of my shortcomings and how they were my own personal failures as a human, to realizing I may have been high functioning with a smaller frontal lobe and impaired executive functions this WHOLE TIME. Anyway, I’m blessed to have found resources and a teacher made of gold for something I only was just able to name. I’ve already made shifts in my life that have helped me reduce the shame I wallow in, be more realistic about expectations, and finally get to work at times I would’ve happily continued to be distracted. I joined FOCUSED and my membership opens in a few days, positively itching to get in there. Thanks so much, Kristen! You’re a gift.
United StatesUnited States2020-07-275Christopher-MychealI don’t even have ADHD!!Can I just say that I don’t even have ADHD. My wife on the other does, and she has been looking for different sources to help her and I understand how to operate with this third member in our marriage. Can I say that I’m sure I’ve listened to more of these podcast then she has because it doesn’t just help me understand my wife, but it gives me guidance on things that I’m curious about for myself. Very informative!! I love it!
United StatesUnited States2020-07-245CJRaw3Wonderfully helpful!!!!Just found this podcast- if you have ADHD and are struggling this podcast is SO very helpful!!! It reminds me of being a new mom and really appreciating talking to other moms about the struggles of motherhood! It also opened my eyes about how to approach and offer help to my child who struggles with ADHD too! Love this!!!
United StatesUnited States2020-07-215Katie Kate 111Are you kidding me?!I actually found a podcast that I can LISTEN TO. Which is ironic, for all of us really, because of my ADHD! Kristen, thank you. I’m only on episode 12 but I couldn’t wait to write a review. You’ve given me so much insight to a part of myself that I’ve ignored and neglected for pretty much all of my life (I’m 27). I’ve discovered that I am capable of so many things, regardless of the struggles that come along with having ADHD. Thanks for helping a girl out, and for being totally real with all of us! Can’t wait to keep listening.
United StatesUnited States2020-07-105Jb recrd brekerSooo amazing!!I saw someone post a clip of this on tik tok and I immediately related to the audio, so I had to check it out. Not only are there few resources for adults with adhd, but there are even less for Women with Adhd!! Even though the host includes men in her discussions, hearing another womens perspective on the inner-workings of the adhd mind is not only great coaching for me, but also makes me feel as though I am part of a community! Thank you so much for this -I also love the “medicated & caffeine-ed up” intro hahaha!
United StatesUnited States2020-07-065raqyrocFeeling seen ❤️I found this podcast by scrolling social media. I was diagnosed as an adult and just thought that it was an issue with focus and staying on task. So many “issues” I’ve had since a little kid I just thought were personality flaws. Always being late, underestimating how much time a task would take, emotional outbursts, disorganization and clutter everywhere. Listening to this podcast and realizing that it is all part of my diagnosis makes me feel relieved. I cry almost every episode because I finally feel like I’m not alone and I’m not a crappy inconsiderate human. Accepting this has already prepared me to start taking action and asking for help to develop tools to be the person I want to be. Thank you for this podcast and thank you for helping so many people feel like they are not alone.
United StatesUnited States2020-07-015new_dayOutstanding!I have been through only one month of her Focused coaching. I have already noticed a substantial change in my attitude and basic outlook on life and A.D.D. The program is great because there is no pressure to do any part of it. It doesnt even matter if your busy one day. You could see the recording of it later or not. This is a perfect tool for adult A.D.D. Try it out! This podcast is just fantasticl. Its what led me to invest in my mental health.
United StatesUnited States2020-07-015LeidySQI’m si glad I found this podcastEvery topic has hit home for me. I am just on episode 5 and I am so grateful this podcast exist I am able to feel ok for having adhd and just continue learning more about my symptoms and finding the best coping mechanism besides my medication Thank you for all the content and I admire how well you communicate every point and approach every topic with kindness but laying down all the facts and research
United StatesUnited States2020-06-305LiszewI feel so validated!When listening to Kristen I feel like she is speaking to me, as if she knows everything about me personally and what I’m doing wrong and need to work on. The podcast is the best, my favorite and most helpful resource and I’m really wanting to join Focused, maybe for August I’ll get to. I need her in my life everyday giving me adult supervision and direction.
United StatesUnited States2020-06-175IzzyKPetersonSo glad I found this Podcast!So thrilled to have found this podcast! It’s been super helpful to me (48) and my daughter (21) - even for my husband/her father in understanding our ADHD brains! (And, sorry it’s taken me so long to get in here and leave this review but I’d come in dozens of times with every intention of leaving a review and then - guess what? Got distracted! But it’s done now
United StatesUnited States2020-06-165aurisaccesYou are not wrong!I just wanted to tell you that you verbalized at the end of today’s podcast the exact thought I had running through my mind the whole time I was listening - probably your best and most important recording to date (and I’ve loved them all!). 52 and have nearly been physically and mentally destroyed by the pressures of a high performance job without understanding my struggles with a neuro-developmental disorder (the language that allowed me to accept the diagnosis as valid for myself). Your show has helped me shift into a new era of self-compassion, relief, and hope for a better future. Thank you and keep up the good work. Thank you 🙏🏼.
United StatesUnited States2020-06-155Raf0908Game Changer! A must listen!I was recently diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 30. I’ve lived with Anxiety my entire life, which masked the symptoms of ADHD. When a friend recommend this podcast to me, I had a lot of “AHA” moments! Hearing all Kristen’s experiences and the information she provides, helped explain a lot of what I’ve struggled with and could never figure out why. It all started to make so much sense! Her content resonated with me so much that I signed up for her online coaching program, Focused, and it’s been great so far. It’s super helpful to have that accountability system and to hear from others who have similar struggles. I know it’s going to take a lot of work to learn how to better function with ADHD, but am so glad and comforted to have Kristen leading the way. 🙏🙏❤️❤️
United StatesUnited States2020-06-145rjax12daI’m so glad I found this podcast!!!I am in the military and currently deployed to the desert. After many years of searching (I’m 43), I found out a couple of months before I left that I had ADHD. I was fine in basic training when I was told what to do every moment of the day, but as soon I became a leader and no longer a follower, for years, I’ve felt like I’ve been surviving, but most of the time trying to swim through mud. After I found out that I had ADHD, every struggle, every difficulty in relationships, every emotional crash-and-burn...made total sense. Full disclosure, when I came to terms with the diagnosis, I cried because I had remorse for the “better me that could’ve been (had I known earlier)”. When I got out of shame mode and started looking for strategies and resources, I came across your podcast. Now, it is officially part of my morning routine. It’s been so helpful to know that there is a community of ppl out there who also struggle, slip up, and SUCCEED! Your podcast is like a sonic daily reminder to have hope, continue to seek help, and to give love my brain and myself. ❤️ Thank you so much for your spirit, your struggles, and your grace. And thank you for this podcast! Take care, -Rich
United StatesUnited States2020-06-115ESinDC'93Wow, This Podcast is Bang OnI’m new to ADHD diagnosis, but the host, Kristen, is so good about outlining the exact struggles I’ve faced my whole life without a diagnosis up until now. She offers actionable items as solutions to the struggles of people with ADHD and ADD, and she never takes a judging tone or blames people for their shortcomings as a result of ADHD. Very highly recommend this podcast.
United StatesUnited States2020-05-165amawordbrainI’m Not Alone!When I started listening to this podcast, you read my mail. I identified with so much that you said. I am an enneagram 7 and I do not love to cry but I was nearly in tears listening to the Shame episode. I have always said the thing I felt most self-conscious about is my personality because I was made to feel obnoxious and annoying because I was loud and too much. Hearing you describe it as shame resonated so deeply with me. Hearing that someone else felt that way made me realize I am not alone! Thank you so much for taking on this adventure. This podcast has changed my life and I have sent it to several people that I know struggle with ADHD as well. If you are looking for a podcast to help you understand yourself deeper as an ADHDer, I highly recommend this one!
United StatesUnited States2020-05-145NorCalFashionGalNailed How I Feel PerfectlyI came across your podcast on Stitcher in the middle of Week 7 of shelter-in-place for Coronavirus when I have been looking at the same projects over and over again, feeling unmotivated and being so frustrated with myself. Last week, I talked to my therapist about the extreme fear of failure which at my age has become failure after failure after failure. ADHD can make you feel so ashamed and stuck. Today, I took a drive to the ocean near my house to change the scenery. I made a point to listen to this podcast by the ocean. And, I started to cry in relief about being lovable no matter what your failures are. Thank you for letting me walk back through my front door feeling transformed.
United StatesUnited States2020-05-115Rachel3002Why am I cryingI’m on episode #3 and I’m still crying, not because I’m sad, but because I’ve never felt so heard without saying anything. I hear something I can relate to, and I start to cry, then she says something funny and I’m laughing again. I’m so happy this podcast exists. Thank you for this❤️
United StatesUnited States2020-05-065tswan815Amazing content with conversational toneThis podcast is full of useful tips, advice and resources whether you have adhd, think you might, or you love someone who does! Kristen does an amazing job of making it feel like she’s sitting right there with you wherever you’re listening and just being a real person, not a perfectly polished presenter. Keep up the great work, this is a very valuable resource.
United StatesUnited States2020-04-305lunniegAs a parent.....Of an adult with ADD, I need this! I wish we knew this all 8 years ago when my son started to struggle. I am asking him to listen also. Keep it up!!
United StatesUnited States2020-04-275LindsyyyyyAmazing24 year old who has struggled for a while. I stumbled upon this podcast last week and was so blown away that I joined her group coaching for next month
United StatesUnited States2020-04-215Melissa.BarbehennAdult Diagnosis Was Eye OpeningI suffered from severe postpartum depression and OCD with my first child in 2010. After years of seeing a psychiatrist every several weeks and therapy on and off, I finally said something that triggered my doctor to send me for testing. My husband calls me “90% Melissa.” At 36 years old, I got tested and learned the extent of my ADHD diagnosis. Since then, I’ve been working on trying meds, but I know something is missing. “Pills don’t make skills”. Enter the I have ADHD podcast. To have a woman, around my age, describe me to a “T” has helped me tremendously. I’m only on episode 9, but I have found myself nodding, agreeing, and crying in disbelief that I have suffered so long not knowing that things could be better. I look forward to learning from Kristen and getting my life back ❤️
United StatesUnited States2020-04-035AdrienneWADHD valueI really needed this podcast. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2010 (I think) and I’m 51. The meds changed my life! I am an artist, always knew that’s what I wanted to be, but I found your podcast and realized my meds needed adjusting and more than what my pcp can do. Also, because of being diagnosed years ago, I think more has come out about ADHD for adults than back then as you gave supplies information about symptoms of which I wasn’t aware. Thank you for sharing your experiences with this disorder. I do believe that ADHD works for artists in a crazy way but it’s not going to help an artist if it’s uncontrolled. Totally agree that one needs to treat their ADHD. It feels so much better!! Thank you!!
United StatesUnited States2020-03-265Kate52843Whoa, it’s me!As a working mother with ADHD I had no idea how much I DIDN’T know about myself! I often listen to this podcast in the evening when unwinding In bed next to my husband. We often laugh because Kristen will say something about her behavior and my hubby will say “yep, that’s you!” But not only is it entertaining, it’s helping me to understand not only my diagnosis but myself. Kristen also is allowing me to be kinder to myself and realize I’m not neurotypical and that’s ok! Not an excuse but an explanation. I highly recommend this podcast, and all of her resources, if you or someone you love has ADHD but doesn’t quite know what it really means. Thank you Kristen!!
United StatesUnited States2020-03-225randajkThis Podcast Saved My LifeIf it wasn’t for this podcast, I wouldn’t realize how normal I really am (at least as normal as one can be having ADHD). I’ve built more self-esteem within myself, I’ve given myself more grace, I’ve been able to educate myself more, and realize that I’m not alone. I’m even looking into the future as becoming an ADHD coach specializing with single moms like myself. Kristen, thank you for speaking out. Thank you for being raw. Thank you for not holding back. There’s other ADHD podcasts that have been out longer that don’t even compare to yours. Your audio, your content, your encouragement far surpasses theirs & you’re just beginning. I look forward to seeing/hearing how much more you will change and shape our ADHD world. You will and already have gone so far!! Best, Miranda (Tulsa, OK)
United StatesUnited States2020-03-105Love KristenAntidote to adhd blogs/booksPart of adhd means having anxiety about how to learn about it, deal with it, and stick with a plan for change. Kristen’s podcasts are succinct and constructive. Her calm, friendly but no bs advice is like having a friend who understands the condition and holding your hand through the ups and downs. Given the expense of books and counselling, her podcasts are a real gift.
United StatesUnited States2020-03-085Mom driver of 4You give me HOPE!!! 💗I am only on episode 3, but I just have to tell you that you have given me so much hope and encouragement already! I have grown up my whole life, I am almost 42, knowing that I had ADHD. I have been on medicine the majority of my life and have/had wonderful therapists and drs along the way. However, I have NEVER heard anyone talk about all of the everyday little obstacles that I face. I feel as if you are directly describing all of the thoughts, anxieties and irrational fears that I deal with and yet, I had no idea that it was associated with ADHD. I keep thinking about all of the phone calls, texts, emails that go unreturned because of the overwhelming anxiety, that I don’t understand myself AND the completely irrational fear of not knowing what question someone *might* ask me or if I will be prepared with the *correct* response, paralyzes me. I have great intentions, always. I make lists, I organize, I research “systems”. Then when they don’t work, I start over. It becomes a “wash, rinse, repeat” senario. It is exhausting and defeating. My wheels turn and turn, but nobody can see all of the effort and energy that went into it. Instead, there is nothing to show for it and then I get the critiques of “why did you waste your time doing (whatever)?!” The feeling of incompetence takes a huge toll. I am so excited to have found you and look forward to listening to every word you have to say. Just knowing there are other ADULTS, that have internal struggles like ME, but have become SUCCESSFUL! gives me so much encouragement! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 💗
United StatesUnited States2020-03-065DAS8893Where have you been?! (Ok, more like why didn’t I find you sooner!)Kristen, I don’t know how to express to you how so very thankful I am to you and your podcasts. Honestly, I have self-helped and doggedly analyzed, researched and tried my way through so very many approaches, methods, podcasts, books, apps, blogs etc., etc. since having been diagnosed with ADHD only eight years ago. My therapist is great and he’s provided me with tons of direction but you and your podcasts are exactly what’s missing in my ADHD life! Every episode I’ve listened to since finding you ( only two weeks ago) results in a mind blowing and complete mind shift on my entire present-day and future ADHD-self. Every topic you cover and your a thought process is exactly what’s provided me hope and confidence that I can still do life successfully (as I have done with a successful career, home and family but with oh so many stumbles of which I’m now again stumbling hard in again). With your podcasts Im now believing in me again and that my ADHD brain may take differing approaches and pathways to most things in life but it doesn’t mean I’m less worthy less smart less motivated less anything than non ADHDers and definitely nothing to be ashamed nor apologitic about any longer. I’m capable and will do this life, ADHD and all! (And finding out that you too live in the philly area and have the same goals priorities and approach to life has been even more inspirational and comforting as well) Hope to meet you some day soon. Thank you so much! (Phew that took me an hour to write !)
United StatesUnited States2020-02-285halebird14An Eye Opening ExperienceI was diagnosed with ADHD when I was about 10 years old. My parents chose not to medicate me because my dad had ADD and was medicated as a child and hated it. Once I got to college I decided I couldn’t focus on my studies and I wanted to be medicated... which was a whole other journey in and of itself. Now that I am a young adult in the workforce, trying to maintain an apartment with my boyfriend and doing all sorts of fun adult things, I realize how much my ADHD is truly affecting my life. This podcast has been so helpful and at times overwhelming in regards to how much clarity (and accuracy) Kristen provides. It’s helped me realize I’m not lazy or stupid, I HAVE ADHD!!! Not to mention the helpful tidbits on how to get your life in order when you do struggle with ADHD in many different ways!! Love it!!
United StatesUnited States2020-02-275Eleni AgizIncredibly valuableI am an adult with ADHD who just recently discovered this and so I started searching g podcasts and found this. This is an honest sharing of experience and strategies. I love the honest direct coaching. I have found it so valuable to my life. Thanks for sharing!
United StatesUnited States2020-02-265asmaazemOn PointKristen couldn’t be more on point. She’s changed my life with only one to a few podcast. Can’t wait to listen to all of them. She is able to voice her thoughts and feelings in words I’ve never been able to express. Excited to learn more for her! Keep up the great work!
United StatesUnited States2020-02-265MT mama 406Time well spent!!Goal setting/decision making episode 45, totally validated the work I have been doing and gave me real tips to use to move forward!! ❤️🥰 one of my new favorite podcasts!
United StatesUnited States2020-02-265JBHoeneThank you!!!I love love love listening to your podcasts- I’m a business owner/ life enthusiast- following my heart or should I say my head- most of the time. You have changed me... No more feeling so alone in my skill set. I’m learning to love these ADHD behaviors and make them work for me. Your are a blessing to my day.
United StatesUnited States2020-02-205emilyhansen1014Clicking with this podcastEPISODE 42! My first listen to this podcast and it’s like the nail on the head of my own ADHD has been hit! 🙌🏻 Excited to listen to more! *and totally got the reality bites reference (90’s kid here❤️) 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
United StatesUnited States2020-02-155CNewmgirlFinally a Podcast that speaks to my life.I’ve been diagnosed ADHD since 24. I’m now 37. It showed up once I left my routine and scheduled life after college and into the workforce. Outside sale position with absolutely ZERO structure. I went on medication, but didn’t embrace how different my brain is than my husbands. The Newlywed stage was very challenging, switching to a new job offered more structure, but hitting motherhood and balancing “all the things” continues to be a daily struggle. My psychiatrist mentioned something to me a month or so ago how ADHD brains are so different than the “regular” brain. This got me curious on how different my brain actually is than my husband and my coworkers. So I began looking for a podcast for the workplace. Some were done by males and too scientific, some just not helpful to where I am in this season of life. I pressed on Kristin’s episode on workforce and knew this was the “one”. Wow, Kristin, just wow. This is so helpful and insightful. The episode on organization was extremely Valuable! My husband and I tackled our 2 year olds room & “closet of shame” that has not been addressed since my 4 yr old Was in there!! I also have opened up to my boss and told him I’m learning about my condition and I have made it my goal to turn this into a positive for my career. I also used your approach on addressing why I struggle with cleaning out rooms in the house to my hubby and he was like, “that makes so much sense.” I told him some people with ADHD get overwhelmed with prioritizing and lack simple motivation. That is me. I’d rather just not do it than make myself start an overwhelming task like cleaning a room. It’s like this feeling that makes my skin crawl. I told him I just need his help to keep me from abandoning ship and walking away. So anyway, thank you! This is my first review ever. You absolutely are meant to help others. That’s definitely a value you should put in your top 5. A new raving fan and listener. -Cassandra
United StatesUnited States2020-02-075Lindsay ZampiniSPOT ON Relatable!!!2/7/20 - Just came across your channel! Been bouncing listening to the podcast, totally out of order, #ADDsymptoms. I have been struggling to find ADD information from someone who is actually living with it! I would consider myself extremely knowledge in the field of ADD/EF but the available information out there is often coming from the psychology field which lacks anything other than hard facts. This podcast provides me the ADD relatability that I’ve been LONGING for! Literally, just listened to episode 34 (parenting with ADD) and both cried and laughed my way through it. Being understood is a big challenge for us ADDers. This podcast helps you validate your symptoms/feelings/behaviors and encourages you to move forward into acceptance with strategies that help you work around your ADD. Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2020-01-305Caitlin_AThis podcast is a giftI am a big podcast person and have listened to LOTS, and I’ve been binging this one since I found it yesterday. I feel seen and understood in a way I never have, and like it’s someone who I can actually relate to. Thank you for this podcast.
United StatesUnited States2020-01-095Julie ElisabethFinally!Finally, I’ve found an ADHD podcast that I can truly connect with. Thank you Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2020-01-095Watch my channel Hogwarts fam100 stars!Hi I’m Claire! I’m a you’ve person (13) with adhd and listening to your podcast helps me so much! Thank you❤️
United StatesUnited States2020-01-075Mrs_G8622Love it!I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and stumbled upon your podcast. For the first time, I feel heard! Thank you for your practical advice. It is so freeing to know that there are others like me on this journey. I look forward to hearing more!
United StatesUnited States2019-12-295joeelimPractical honest helpfulExcellent helpful content.!
United StatesUnited States2019-12-175HunterTheHoneybadger1986I’m only on the 6th episode so far...and at the beginning Kristen says, “even if you’re listening to this MONTHS from now, I’d still love to hear from you.” I just discovered this podcast this evening, over 10 months after the episode aired, but I wanted to let you know that you’ve given me some poignant insight on seeing my diagnosis from different perspectives. You’ve also provided me with the kind of support I’ve been lacking, in regards to the shame/blame/guilt I’m constantly forcing myself to carry. Thank you for that. Side note: it took more willpower than I’d like to admit, making myself pause the episode & come write this review while the intention is still fresh in my mind. I’m currently driving from L.A. to Dallas, so I intend to be fully caught-up to the most recent episode long before I reach my destination!
United StatesUnited States2019-12-175CestiaSo informativeAs a 33 year old woman who was recently diagnosed with ADHD, this podcast has provided me with so much information and validation for my own experience!
United StatesUnited States2019-12-035tayneensLong time listener, first time reviewerI was diagnosed with ADHD six months ago, and Kristen was one of the first resources I found when I was looking for help. She is entertaining, witty, and smart - but most importantly, she is helpful and understanding. I’ve learned so much about myself and my ADHD through her podcast. Cannot recommend enough!
United StatesUnited States2019-11-225neichbauerLife changingI just want to say wow and thank you! I was diagnosed with ADHD around 12 years ago. Now I’ve done a little research here and there but never was it enough to showcase examples and in depth information that Kristen has provided. Everything that she expresses is a version of myself. For the first time in my life I was able to recognize, “why I am the way I am”. I’m currently on episode #7 and for the first time in my life I now have a better understanding on my behavior. I’ve lived my entire life with shame! Failed friendships and relationships not to mention my mom will never except me for me! Recently I grew into a very dark depression. I couldn’t get out of bed, then I became an alcoholic. Since listening to all the inspiring talk and gaining a better understanding in my disorder I finally have light to the end of the tunnel. Today I no longer feel guilty for the way I am. I’m certainly gaining tools and tips on how to better manage my ADHD. I have educated those that are currently close to me. I’m still trying to educate my mom however she thinks it’s an excuse. If only I could get her to listen to Kristen’s podcast she would realize that everything she yells at me daily for is due to my ADHD. Regardless of my mom I certainly have a much better outlook on my future therefore thank you so much Kristen for sharing your story and success!
United StatesUnited States2019-11-205Gail-OakdaleI Have ADHD podcast is Life!Thank you Kristen Carder. I LOVE the podcast- you’re so enjoyable, REAL, informative, relatable. I so highly recommend subscribing- immediately! ☮️
United StatesUnited States2019-11-045aprilbvBest Podcast for Adult ADHD!Kristen does such a GREAT job on the podcast in making the content relatable, interesting and encouraging! Each episode is like therapy for me, as I’ve had so many “aha!” moments about adult ADHD while listening. Keep up the good work!
United StatesUnited States2019-10-305tera1208Pretty sure you’re my BFFListening to this podcast has been a complete game changer for me and my family! I’ve learned more about my ADHD in this space than actually seeing my dr every other month. Thank you for using your voice!! You have seriously given me hope at being the best human I can be!!
United StatesUnited States2019-10-295Kays08This girl is everything.I’ve had the suspicion that I’ve had ADD for years and was just clinically diagnosed last week, at 29. To say that finding this podcast was timely is the understatement of the century. This woman is an absolute godsend to the ADHD community and I can not recommend her podcast highly enough. She’s relatable, no nonsense, humble, encouraging, spot on in her content and truly enjoyable to listen to. I want to have coffee with her and cry and laugh and talk about the beauty and turmoil of life as a non-neurotypical mother, which is honestly what you get in a nutshell when you listen to her podcasts. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
United StatesUnited States2019-10-265LightWarrior72"The Force is strong with this one" Darth VaderYup, I quoted Star Wars in your Review! I do find it funny that watching/listening/talking about Star Wars actually seems to calm and focus me... Go figure.. Anyways.., first and foremost, if you have ADHD, live with someone with ADHD, or even just need to understand US, listen to this Podcast! What I appreciate the most is the very approachable way that Kristen discusses ADHD and how it affects us in 'everyday life'. Personally, as a therpaist/counselor with ADHD, it is easy for me to quantify my achievements as indication that I don't have to 'worry about' ADHD. That would be wrong. Instead, some of my greatest moments are overshadowed by my struggle with ADHD. So, listen to her! You will be glad that you did!
United StatesUnited States2019-10-165Millennial MotherYes! Yes! Yes!So refreshing to hear from a fellow ADHD mama perspective. It can feel so isolating at times, but listens to this podcast makes me feel like I’m hanging out with a friend. I always feel inspired, motivated, and understood after I listen. I started at the beginning with episode 1 and I’m excited to work my way through all of this amazing content. Thank you so much for this!
United StatesUnited States2019-10-065beyoncestwinLove this podcastI love what you’re doing and admire you so much. I am an engineering school student with ADHD and managing my workload can be really stressful. This podcast always helps me to manage my ADHD and put things into perspective. THANK YOU!
United StatesUnited States2019-09-295Katie AdHd momBeyond thankful for your podcastI am a 38 year old working mom of 2 young kids and I have ADHD. Your podcast is SO relatable and helpful. Every episode I’ve heard so far compels me to share with my husband and it’s helping him understand me. Actually it’s helping ME understand me too! Thank you for helping me live without shame and increase my ability to cope and manage my adhd.
United StatesUnited States2019-09-275Rissa31Human connectionThis podcast is how I get my day going! I travel a lot for work and have to work really hard on time management for my jobs. This inspires me to do the best I can, if I fail then try again!
United StatesUnited States2019-09-275Nic SchlicJust diagnosed at 30 this yearMy whole life I just thought I was crazy and different. I finally got diagnosed with ADHD after trying and failing to treat anxiety and depression. Since finding this podcast it really has been life changing. I’m only through the first 20 episodes or so, but every single one is relatable and eye opening. I’m truly learning how my brain works and I’m not trying to fight it anymore, just trying to work with it the best I can and accept it and this podcast really puts things into perspective. Thank you so much for all you do!
United StatesUnited States2019-09-255molly rocketA must listen for any adult with ADHD!This podcast is a must for any adult with ADHD, especially if you diagnosed later in life, and for anyone who is close to an adult with ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 26, and five years later I am still learning about how it makes me operate. I found the I Have ADHD podcast a couple weeks ago and have been listening to it nonstop since then. I paired episodes with similarly titled episodes of Distraction, a podcast by ADHD expert (and haver) Dr. Ned Hallowell. Tightened they have been instrumental in growing my understanding of ADHD. Kristen is so helpful, relatable, and genuine that I can’t help but be drawn in by this podcast. As a person who lived a majority of my life so far with undiagnosed ADHD, this podcast has encouraged me to reflect on my life and the ways that I have been affected by ADH without knowing it. It has really helped me to understand myself more. There have been so many moments where I have laughed or yelled “yes!” because she points out some behavior or thought process that I never realized was a part of my ADHD. I truly appreciate how Kristen balances a kind, welcoming, and relatable tone with a real-talk approach that is based in both research and personal experience. Listening to I Have ASHD has inspired me to finally seek help managing and understanding my ADHD beyond the use of medication, and I recently took the first steps toward connecting with a therapist. So far I found the episodes Shame, What to Do When You’re Not Feeling OK, and all the money and relationships episodes particularly informative. Even though I am single, the relationships episodes really helped me to think about how the ways I have felt and acted in past relationships have been a result of having ADHD. I can’t wait to keep listening.
United StatesUnited States2019-09-225Ramaz_1210Habits episode is a must listen!Thank you for your perspective on habits. I can relate to this so much!!!
United StatesUnited States2019-09-185Gtimaster07Actually keeps my attention, bravo!!I’m 25 and have never benefited from dealing with ADHD until listening to this podcast. 95% of what Kristen has said, my wife and I look at each other and we both understand now. This and “How to ADHD” on YouTube both have been amazing resources, thank you Kristen!!
United StatesUnited States2019-09-155JMAntonio907Thank you so much for your kindness and advice!I stumbled upon this podcast while running on my treadmill. I normally like to listen to podcasts instead of music Because my ADHD brain gets distracted with music and focuses more on voices and podcasts. I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD in my 20’s and was Never given much educational support from my primary care physicians on any treatments ideas besides Taking medications . I truly feel your voice and words and advice and recommendations have been so helpful and can’t wait to hear more of your podcasts! Your episode on grief /guilt and letting go of the past really hit home to me and releasing past mistakes. There is no value in holding onto mistakes we made while not being treated for our ADHD , When we weren’t aware we had a learning disability and neurological problem. You’re truly an inspirational person, thank you for the education and support!
United StatesUnited States2019-08-165elisekayzeeWhere was this 5 years ago!?!I feel like I’m listening to my private journal on blast! Omg. Such an insightful podcast that made me question my reaction to my diagnosis, how I wanted to live my life and forced me to open my eyes and change the way I was living, without feeling ashamed, embarrassed or stupid. I’ve learned more from this podcast then any therapist or doctor I’ve ever had, and it’s helped me find my voice with specialists and those close to me!
United StatesUnited States2019-08-065JaneandherbrainIf you need motivation (and we all do)...This podcast has helped me SO much. I’ve only been listening for a week or less, but every time I do, I feel so validated and motivated to overcome my ADHD difficulties! Motivation and overwhelm has been such a struggle for me this year and it leads to stress, anxiety and depression quickly. Kristen is really good at helping you tell yourself to do something even when you don’t want to, and choosing to not look at everything at once so you don’t get overwhelmed. And she does it by being humorous and fun so that you stay upbeat and don’t feel sorry for yourself that things are harder. The community on Facebook has been a surprising encourager too. I listen to this while I’m doing ALLLLL the boring cleaning I have to do, and I feel great while doing it. Thanks!
United StatesUnited States2019-08-025GhostAndNy24Outside looking inI do not have ADHD but I started listening because I was seeking help and understanding on my relationship with my ADHD significant other and this podcast was SO helpful in understanding the disorder and my role as a partner or friend to someone who has ADHD. Keep up the good work, and thank you for taking the time to do these!
United StatesUnited States2019-07-274ItuyyrdgrdhgHelps me understand ADHDReading the various symptoms and signs define what it is but how does this relate to everyday life? Her podcast helps me to figure that out.
United StatesUnited States2019-07-245Kelli JeanI feel so SEEN!!I’m so excited that I found this podcast. I feel less alone in my ADHD journey. I’m also a woman in my thirties and I’ve never related to a podcast so much in my life. I’ve subscribed to the podcast and her newsletter, I cannot wait to dive into this great info and be encouraged! So happy this podcast exists that I could cry!
United StatesUnited States2019-07-145HezekiahMichaelExtremely relatableI just started listening to this podcast and I am so happy to have found it. I am a parent with ADHD in my 30s (diagnosed when I was 23) and I relate so much to Kristen's descriptions of how her ADHD manifests in her daily life. This podcast is entertaining, educational and useful!!
United StatesUnited States2019-07-105Meg OlaughLife-changing!!!After a lifetime of feeling misunderstood and not understanding myself, it was such a RELIEF to hear that I am not the only one like me! Although I have only been listening for a few days, I already feel as if my self-confidence and awareness has increased and I feel like I can actually take control of my life and THRIVE with ADHD.
United StatesUnited States2019-07-055Logo17Amazing showToday, in an attempt to convince all of you to adopt I have ADHD as a regular habit to enhance your life, I want to share a couple of reasons why I love this audio of wisdom. I firmly believe that when you stop learning, you stop growing and that’s when your inner self dies (so to speak). So, if you’re worried about that (or Adhd), Kristen is here to fill that void.
United StatesUnited States2019-07-055KateSingsEmpowering!I love this podcast! I don’t have ADHD, but ADD runs in my family, and I have a lot of the same tendencies/challenges. This podcast gives me a positive boost to help me work on getting organized, prioritizing, and taking care of myself.
United StatesUnited States2019-07-015Jae711I *think* I have ADHDI think I have ADHD, but have not sought out a diagnosis (yet). I love this podcast. I enjoy Kristen. I see myself in a lot of the stories she tells.
United StatesUnited States2019-06-265nigelhjNew favorite podcast!I just found this podcast and I love it! It feels so refreshing to hear tips from someone who gets what it’s like to live with ADHD! I can’t wait to listen more 💞🙌🏼Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2019-06-265ZandarinWonderful informationI have been Dx with ADHD. The information I have found in the “I have ADHD” podcast has given me much, much more insight in my condition.
United StatesUnited States2019-06-255flufftronixSo glad I found this resourceAs someone who got a diagnosis just months ago at 37, knowing I’ll be spending the rest of my life on this ADHD journey can be pretty daunting sometimes. But this podcast is a good reminder that this path—while full of obstacles for sure—is also well-worn, and much easier to navigate with skills and support. Topics are addressed in both abstract and practical terms, with different well-researched angles to approach some of the same old problems (sussing out genuine life goals, finding motivation, maintaining relationships) catered specifically for ADHD brains. And along with all the other stuff I’m learning, figuring out which angles work for ME personally is definitely easier thanks to this podcast!
United StatesUnited States2019-06-175Shayla801She talking about me!I am so glad I found this podcast!! I am 29 and recently got diagnosed with ADHD. During every podcast I feel like she is speaking from my brain. Things that I’ve never been able to explain to anyone she gets! I continually share episodes with my mom to help her understand what I’m talking about. Thank you so much!!
United StatesUnited States2019-06-115Brian (from Oregon)THIS IS LIFECHANGINGJust wanted to give a shoutout for all the ADHD topics you’ve presented. Especially loved the one on how ADHD + enegrams are connected. Understanding myself, my struggles, and finding the answers with your podcast has been VERY helpful. Please keep the tools, speakers, and topics coming cause each episode is like thoughtfully discussed, emotionally grounded, and motivating! 5 stars! PS - love the nerding out.
United StatesUnited States2019-06-065BrittanyLeePFeeling aloneThank you SO much for all of your vulnerability and wisdom in this podcast. I’ve been waiting for years for someone with ADHD to create a podcast like this. It’s so refreshing to hear advice from a successful entrepreneur that actually has ADHD, rather than someone that has only studied it. I wish we could be friends in real life! <3
United StatesUnited States2019-05-295Lexis KarinThank you for what you do!I have been looking for a podcast about ADHD for a while and the way that Kristen Carder has created hers makes it welcoming and relatable in a way I look forward to each new episode. Her content is the kind that I’m excited to share with ADHDrs I know. She has a kind voice and positive tone that makes me connect with the topics I struggle to address and keeps me interested and motivated to keep improving myself. Definitely in my top 3 ADHD influencers.
United StatesUnited States2019-05-285theharpsterNot just for people with ADHDIn the interest of transparency, Kristen is my friend. I’ve known her for years and I already think she’s awesome. So, this review is actually on the content of the podcasts and not so much on Kristen herself although I can assure you that she approaches life with humor and humility and I admire her on so many levels. Unlike other reviews I’ve read, I do not have ADHD. At least I never considered myself to struggle like that – probably because I associated it with paying attention. I have, however, struggled with other things like staying organized, remembering important appointments and feeling like I have a handle on my life. I started listening to the podcast to really just connect with Kristen because we live busy lives and I miss her but I continued listening (and started crying a few times) because I realized how much I actually struggle and that even though I don’t have a diagnosis, I can strongly identify with many of the topics she has covered. I get that this podcast is targeting adults diagnosed with ADHD, but I think its value lies in a much broader audience – those who would like to capture more time, be better friends, become more efficient and simply not struggle so much with the mundane. I hate being bored. It’s the worst. Kristen shares simple and effective life hacks (brain hacks, if you will) to help you be a better parent, be a better partner and be a better human. I’m about 6 podcasts in and I can’t wait to listen to the rest of them!
United StatesUnited States2019-05-165Sparerib1388More helpful than ever could’ve imagined!I’m 33 and have been battling ADHD for 2/3 of my life. I finally decide after a couple of decades to reach out and joined a FB group which lead me to this podcast. This is the first podcast I’ve ever listened too (didn’t even know how to access a podcast 😂😔 don’t judge!). Kristen is, how do I say, just plainly AMAZING!!! Just started listening and I have my own thoughts too. She covers sooo many different aspects of ADHD for adults which is fantastic. I’ve managed to manage many parts of ADHD over the years, and can relate to a ton, whether overcoming segments or feeling the torture of it. I would totally 1000% recommend this podcast AND checking out the FB group as well. Sorry for the long review but Kristen deserves it!😎can’t wait to hear more!!!
United StatesUnited States2019-05-165Schmeve2019Finally!!!Kristen is the down to earth voice of ADHD I’ve been waiting for. She keeps it real and is completely relatable. As an adult, I not only relate to so many subjects she addresses, but I finally feel like I’m not the only one out there struggling to keep it together. She shares a lot of helpful strategies and stresses the positive sides of ADHD. I feel like I finally found one of my people!
United StatesUnited States2019-05-145JoeWrightWrites100% Certified FreshI was diagnosed with ADHD at 8 years old. I'm now 32 and it wasn't until about a year ago that discovered the ADHD community on Instagram. The adhd battle is one I'd been fighting on my own my entire life, but listening to this podcast has helped me realize how not alone I really am. The debt, the impulsivity, the forgetfulness... these are all things I've fought to come to terms with and understand, and now I know I'm not the only fighting that fight. Thanks! and happy late birthday/mother's day!!!
United StatesUnited States2019-05-105AimooooooooooRelieved!I’m only onto the 6th episode, but I am relieved to hear your words so far. Your description of what your 20s were like could be describing my 20s and early 30s. I especially got a chuckle about the Closet of Shame! I have been fascinated to learn more about how my brain works and have gotten countless tips on how to implement better systems, down to tidying: “does this have a purpose?”. I am relieved to know that I am not the only one with so many of these challenges and that it’s not a matter of my laziness, but of my brain architecture actively working to inhibit some things! Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2019-04-265cclynne99Thank you...Thank you so much for your podcast. I’ve only gotten a few episodes in but have been blown away by the peace and comfort I find when I listen to how much you relate to me. I will be 40 this year have two daughters and work full time. My whole life has been a struggle so mostly I would just be the “funny” one and just let everything go. Now that I have kids and responsibilities I see just how hard it is for me to do what others believe the simplest task in the world. I struggle with money time management kids late for school I’m late for work we eat horribly and on the go and every thing in my life I tear myself apart trying to be perfect and “fix” myself just to be defeated and fail. Your podcast changes my outlook on my life and I will forever be thankful. Wish I could get more help than we have available here but I will keep fighting
United StatesUnited States2019-04-065AstralWitchThe episode about shame...... resonated with me so so much. Kristen is so relatable and her story is so similar to mine. She is genuine and honest and it makes it easier to hear of the challenges that I relate to and want to handle them better. Thank you, Kristen! Love your podcast!
United StatesUnited States2019-04-045revelsecstasyAbout Real ThingsKristen, Your no nonsense, straight speaking, generosity runs throughout each episode. Due to my newfound recognition about having an ADHD brain and finding you, seeing that ADHD has had left an enormous impact for me and for so many in my life as a young mother of 5, combined with my lifelong struggle about how to be wisely, passionately, employed in the world after kids, this podcast has offered redemption. The Relationship series is a lifesaver. This is what thrills my soul! Some of these are elemental aspects for any relationship and yet, in an ADHD relationship even more deeply necessary to practice, given the 100’s of times a day my brain convinces me I’m failing, at everything, but especially in relationships. Thanks for your huge heart and your will to make a difference. You are making a huge difference.
United StatesUnited States2019-04-035tchebraLove this!Hello Kristen, Your podcast is amazing and so helpful. I am on episode 5. Listening for a family member to better understand ADHD. Thank you for taking the time to share your journey. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!
United StatesUnited States2019-04-035EWWTCliff notes to the ADHD lifeThank you for taking time to record & produce this podcast! The nuggets of knowledge you give are like cliff notes on life hacks for those of us with brilliant brains that are wired in a different way. Strong work.
United StatesUnited States2019-03-295gcard78So good!This is the most helpful ADHD podcast out there for helping me understand the issues and the frustrations of my loved ones who live with ADHD! Kristen Carder is doing a fantastic job!!!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-295VaporDebThank you for your awesome show and content!I have really been enjoying your podcast! I’m a female, 46 year old, and was diagnosed in January 2019 with ADHD. Before that, starting at age 22, I was diagnosed with panic disorder and was only treated for panic disorder, until 3 months ago. It is clear, now that I am taking stimulant medication, that panic disorder is not really my problem. I still have a periodic panic attacks after my medication wears off but in general my life is so much improved. I have been a licensed master social worker and elementary school guidance counselor for all of these years without knowing. I have been seeking a sense of support through podcasts since my diagnosis in January. I have really been enjoying your podcast and sincerely hope that you continue making them. They are extremely helpful for me. I really appreciate all the time and energy that you put into your podcast because I know how hard it must be! I also really appreciate your willingness to put yourself and all of your experiences “out there,” because I can relate to so much of what you say! Love your show!! I’m so glad I found it!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-285genevie93Thank you for this!!!I was diagnosed with adult ADHD a year ago and this podcast has helped me tremendously. I love her voice. She is soothing, authentic, and gives practical advice and tips on problems that we ADHDers deal with on a daily basis.
United StatesUnited States2019-03-285Quince9011Thank you!Thank you for all you do Kristen!! I feel so much better listening to your podcast and you do a great job of being relatable, honest, comforting and very helpful. Thanks for making your listeners feel like they aren’t totally alone.
United StatesUnited States2019-03-265InTuneWithAnnaKGreat podcast!Kristen is great at explaining adult ADHD and how to deal with it. I love her down to earth approachability and her personal experience gives depth to the scientific side of ADHD. I have personally found it very helpful and plan on recommending her podcast to others. Keep up the great work Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-205hi my names ruYou get me!Wow. Im newly diagnosed at age 43 and still piecing together support and ways to make my loved ones understand me better, and to understand myself better. My hubs is listening too! ( I totally think he has it too wich would explain alot of what we have gone thru in 22 yrs together) What I have heard so far has been amazing, so familiar, so me. I love your straight talk and lil but bossy but caring and empathetic way. It’s exactly how I need to hear it. It’s like your my comfy ol bff, you get me. Except one better, you offer tested and true steps to take to do better.( She needs you tooooo! ) All this bolsters my hope that I can figure it all out and adult like a boss too. Kristen, thank you!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-205SamOnOrcasIslandBrilliant!!Kristen takes a disorder which cripples millions very seriously, but manages to be extremely funny at the same time! I am so glad I found this podcast and I’m now all caught up. There’s loads of inspiration with many aha moments!!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-175kristencarderIt’s My Podcast and I Like ItI love this podcast because it’s mine. I hope you take this self-written review as a sign that I could really use a few reviews that are not written by me. So go ahead and write one, ok?! And thanks for listening...I promise to continue to make this podcast better and better ❤️
United StatesUnited States2019-03-155getvoicecoachingMust listen for anyone who has or thinks they have ADHDThis is painfully, yet perfectly relatable. I love that after the first episode, which felt stale and scripted, Kristin addressed it in episode two. It wasn’t her intention and it didn’t feel authentic to her. I absolutely love that she was vulnerable about this because it’s so very relatable.
United StatesUnited States2019-03-145Traciab710I don’t feel so alone!!As I listened to this I felt that she had been talking to my friends, coworkers and family about me. I am 53 and I have struggled for a long time with depression and frustration and it feels so good to know there is a reason. I have shared this podcast with several people in my life. I’m glad that this wonderful podcast can explain to them why I am the way I am and it’s not just me making excuses. Thank you Kristin for your openness and honesty!!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-135JaklinAnnaSo validating and REALKristen is so real! You feel like she’s your best friend. She’s the perfect amount of tough love and gentle. It’s like she’s right on this journey with ya. Truly validating and special and so grateful for this podcast!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-095thinkitsnotillegalyetDown to EarthKristen is so kind and honest about what it is like to have ADHD. She gives out awesome information and you can tell she pours her heart and soul into her podcast. She doesn't pretend to have it all together which is so refreshing! She is just amazing. <3
United StatesUnited States2019-03-065Tricia4990Are you my twin ?Wow ! I wish mode adult women with adhd would speak up about this! It took me forever to get adhd actually diagnosed and struggled my whole life. Thank goodness I’m a very hard worker and had my mom pushing me ( or really acting as my 1:1 coach ) the whole way. I don’t have kids yet however I can see how that can be a huge factor to “adhd stress”. I love listening to your podcasts because they're so relatable! It’s hard to accept my “adhd flaws” sometimes, but hearing that others struggle with it too helps (atleast mentally I’m not as hard on myself). I also feel so guilty with my “random explosions”. I’ve been working really hard to handle these better ! Keep up the good work with your podcasts , it’s definitely motivating that there are others like me out there and it helps connect a lot of things for me 🙂
United StatesUnited States2019-03-065mcar57Great Podcast to help and understand a loved one with ADHD too!Personally I do not have ADHD, but I love someone that does and listening to this podcast has really helped me to understand more of what it’s like to be in their brain and figure out how I can help them to be the person they want to be when they may not be able to find the words to do it themselves. I started listening to this podcast to see how I could be of help to them and have learned so much already, but there is really something in this for everyone... whether it’s how to support an adult child, a dear friend, a spouse, a co-worker or even learn some strategies to help in our daily juggling act, this podcast is great for it all! Kristen is so personable and really breaks everything down in an easy to follow and understandable manner and she seems to have such a fun and upbeat personality! Can’t wait for more episodes!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-025Scott aka Norrin RaddA great podcastBest podcast yet, I’m surprised that you haven’t been doing podcasts longer than 9 episodes, you are very personable, professional and have lots of info too. This is the one topic that no one talks about. And I didn’t know about it until the past couple of years. But I think my anger and frustration comes from having to do life on the “hard mode” and everyone else’s life is on the “easy mode” Thx Scott in Roswell
United StatesUnited States2019-03-015drglbustilloaI feel like I’m listening to my best friend!This podcast has been incredible empowering and reassuring. It is freeing to find out that there isn’t something terribly wrong with me and that everything isn’t my fault. Sure some things (emotional regulation and consistency) are more difficult for me than some people but I am also good at so many other things! Thank you girlfriend for motivating me to take responsibility for my mental and emotional wellness. Thank you for helping me understand why I perceive and react the world around me the way I do. Lots of love!
United StatesUnited States2019-02-255RBC5159Gift, Different or Disability?Thank you for acknowledging that ADHD is a disability. For the entire world it’s 7x8=56. For me it’s always been 7x7+7=56. Your approach to our condition is refreshing. I’m finding realistic understandings and strategies in your podcasts.
United StatesUnited States2019-02-233Laura_HeviaAmazing, you won’t regret listening to thisI’m not an adult quite yet, i’m a teen agar but I still find this podcast entertaining, interesting and informative. This is actually the first podcast i’ve ever listened and shes so funny and relatable. Everything is so easy to understand thanks to the way she explain and for the first time in my life I finally understand so many so many parts of me, and that they are a result form ADHD. The tips she gives are very useful and what I enjoy the most is that they are not the typical ones that we all already know about. 100% recommended
United StatesUnited States2019-02-095lunadelmar27Thank you for helping me explain my ADHDThank you so much for helping me find the words to explain my ADHD to husband and myself. You are super informative and knowledge. I was just diagnosed a couple of years ago at 30, still feel super new. Thank you so much.
United StatesUnited States2019-02-085Jai1994Finally understandI finally understand why I have all of the “negative qualities” that I do! Its all making sense now. She is literally so helpful and smart and informative and relatable
United StatesUnited States2019-02-073EQL816She's one one of us!I listen to all the podcasts about ADHD - I like Kristen because she gives you real information in a clear and understandable way. Also, she keeps it short and sweet which is soooo important for me to stay engaged. Love it!
United StatesUnited States2019-02-055Little B MachineWorth Your TimeKristen is intelligent, funny, relatable, and helpful. I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts because I lose interest easily (Hello, ADHD). Kristen’s podcasts won’t waste your time and will keep your attention. Take the time to listen, they’re worth it!
United StatesUnited States2019-02-025StephDageryou should totally listen!!Kristen is so so knowledgeable on the topic of ADHD and so many other things! I love love this podcast for so many reasons. It’s honest and real! You should totally give it a listen. You will not regret it. So so so good!!
United StatesUnited States2019-01-315Marc AlmodovarSo good!As an adult with ADHD, it’s so helpful to have a podcast like this in which I can relate to. Kristen does a wonderful job in aiding making me feel supported as I listen on my commute to work, and even as a coach myself, I benefit from hearing other individuals share their journeys. This podcast is a must for adults with ADHD!
United StatesUnited States2019-01-305thirtyfiveandoaksYou’ll really wanna listen.This lady right here is a BABE of a host and a KILLER BOSS WOMAN. She is just amazing and wise and compassionate and gets crap done. And the fact that she is all of those things while having ADHD gives weight and validity to everything she is saying and teaching. I have listened to three episodes so far and I am just yearning for more and more content from her. I have already shared this with the ADHD-ers in my life. Yup, you’ll really wanna listen.
United StatesUnited States2019-01-305collectivemollsTHE BEST ADHD podcast I have listened to!I literally have tuned out of every single podcast I’ve tried to listen to within the first 5 minutes. This woman knows her audience and is nailing it!
United StatesUnited States2019-01-255KrisandtoniAmazingLove listening to your podcast Kristen! I will definitely share this with people I come across who have ADHD! I love how personal, real, and informative your podcast is! Can’t wait to hear more!
CanadaCanada2021-04-185ErnlindsaySeeing things for how they are and it’s so good!Sitting in a Starbucks drive thru lineup bawling my eyes out because for the first time ever I feel like I understand who I am and why I struggle with the things I do 🙌🏻😭🎉
CanadaCanada2021-04-125SharphelmSo much more than thankfulThank you so much for all you do, Kristen. It really helps me to have someone make sense of things in a way I understand!! I do not have a diagnosis, but have all the symptoms of adhd. I do not feel alone when I am listening. I tell my wife about what I learned and she says “I’ve been saying that for years!” Keep doing you, Kristen!
CanadaCanada2021-04-125amélie levThe best!Thanks Kristen for everything. You just changed my life! Finally realised that i am not crazy, that i can live the life i want, and manage my adhd brain!
CanadaCanada2021-04-074MakaismomEpisode 100 - so valuable!So happy with this “do-over” episode, which teases out the difference between ADHD symptoms from ADHD impairments. Had a huge lightbulb moment while listening to this explanation! This would be a great episode to share with loved ones or co-workers/employers who may not understand your ADHD diagnosis. I’ll definitely be referencing this episode again and again!
CanadaCanada2021-02-105LeeD87Fantastic podcastThis podcast has helped me so much. I was diagnosed years ago but have seen really significant change in the past few months that I've listened to this podcast. Thank you Kristen!
CanadaCanada2021-02-095Pat SamsonGreat ADHD podcastWhy is it great? Because it relates to my life and I am sure other ADHD listener too. Great subjects! Highly recommended. Thank you!
CanadaCanada2021-01-235StepnjumpIt's ok?I was deceived to see that we can only rate 5 stars ('it's great').... GOSH.... THIS IS *** NOT *** GREAT ...... NO.... IT'S F A N T A S T I C !!!! I just discvered your podcast 2 days ago and I love listening to you. Kristen keep up your great work! You are truly amazing!
CanadaCanada2021-01-085mikkimkimJust begun my journeyI’m 21 and just started your podcasts and told myself I would listen from start to finish, Thank you for helping things make sense to me ! I have now taken the first step with this disorder, thank you for helping me understand not just medication will help me !
CanadaCanada2020-12-255Jules99_Stands out!The most helpful ADHD information and tips I’ve found. This podcast is such a guide and I’m really grateful for it!
CanadaCanada2020-12-065KaylaDalyHighly Recommend!This podcast has helped me successfully navigate my new ADHD diagnosis and gives me successful tips and educations to help my daily life. Currently binge-listening all of her episodes!
CanadaCanada2020-10-245Kristy FionaCannot even beginI just finished listening to episode 36 today. I thought I was going to have pull my car over to bawl my eyes out, because this is EXACTLY what I go through every. single. day, and I’ve never known anyone my age who struggles like I do in so many areas. I’m recently diagnosed with ADD and have been feeling like a freak at 39 years old, like, why do these things always go that way, why can’t I just adult up and get it done? This episode just nailed it for me! I’ve now hit subscribe and will for sure be listening to more episodes whenever I get a chance. I could go on and on, but basically, I’m so thankful to have found your podcast and I think God will use it to bring the change I have been longing for basically my whole life. (And here come the tears again!)
CanadaCanada2020-10-065Hurtin' AlbertanSoooooooo goodJust started working my way through the back episodes after a diagnosis that made sense to everyone around me, but left me flabbergasted. Now I am listening to this kind and candid podcast and seeing myself in every episode. This is so calming and reassuring; thank you so much.
CanadaCanada2020-08-275Kgb_kgbYou need to listen!This podcast has been an absolute game changer in understanding and managing my ADHD. Even if you don’t have it but someone in your life does, it’s worth a listen. Amazingly relatable, down to earth, and more importantly insanely helpful! Literally saving my life one episode at a time.
CanadaCanada2020-08-175alicethecatOver sharing - party of oneI just discovered your podcast over the weekend, and am rapidly making my way through the episodes. I laughed so hard at the “warts and all” oversharing. I don’t know if you address that in a future episode, but I’m constantly over sharing, fortunately most people whom I’ve allowed in my inner circle also have ADHD, so it’s more hilarious than embarrassing. Thank you so much for this podcast, it’s quickly become a favourite, and will be over sharing about it with my inner circle.
CanadaCanada2020-08-045AlexandraRae2020Great podcastI just wanted to thank you for this podcast! I have been affected by my ADHD my entire life, with no support around me. It has been affecting my relationship with my family and friends, and my marriage. Thank you for being that support for me, And helping me want to help myself!
CanadaCanada2020-07-162kate_m62592MehThis podcast isn’t for me. I find it a bit pretentious and am not a fan.
CanadaCanada2020-07-055KillerQueen085ThankfulThankful to find this podcast. Very helpful and easy to listen to. I love that the episodes are shorter in length and therefore easier for my brain to absorb the information without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you!
CanadaCanada2020-03-125KristaUpNorthSeriously life changingI am so happy that I stumbled upon this podcast. I relate so much to every single episode. Kristen is easy to listen to and offers simple, straight forward advice that really just hits home. I am slowly taking the steps to get treatment for my AdHD and get my life in order and this podcast is giving me the motivation to keep going. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
CanadaCanada2020-02-205supportivehusbandHusband of ADHD’rFor many years, I have struggled to understand my wife’s experience and behaviours, which have put enormous strain on our marriage and family (3 young kids, just like her!). Every one of Kristen’s podcasts feels like she’s talking directly to my wife’s experience, and although my wife isn’t quite ready to openly discussing that she likely has ADHD, these podcasts have been a lifesaver for me. Keep these great podcasts coming Kristen!
CanadaCanada2020-02-015MissWhodiniThank you so much!Dear Kristen, I want to thank you for saving my life. I was going through a very rough storm of overwhelm the past two weeks and I felt like I was drowning. When I found your podcast, it was like a lifeboat that took me back safely to shore. It’s so comforting to listen to someone who knows EXACTLY what it’s like to have an ADHD brain, who feels the struggle is REAL, and who knows that there is a way to get our lives back. I’m looking forward to learning about Focused, meanwhile do keep up the amazing work. I’m avidly tuned in and have been listening everyday since I discovered it a few days ago. I appreciate you so much. Many thanks.
CanadaCanada2020-01-305ShanduggsWow, I am starting to feel “normal”If I hadn’t found this podcast I would be buried under my covers right now. Wow wow and wow, I really thought what I have been experiencing was my fault. This podcast so empowering! Thank you for being so honest and vulnerable! As I have been listening, I cry and laugh and then I feel better as I accept these wise, comforting words.
CanadaCanada2019-11-015mama.in.a.madhouseLife changerI have been in limbo waiting for my Psychiatrist referral to get my official diagnosis. Listening to this podcast has helped me feel a little less lost and alone as I try to navigate this on my own. The information is supportive and clear and really accessible when I need to hear it immediately. If you have ADHD or you love someone who does you need to check this out!
CanadaCanada2019-10-225CevjenWell planned and thought out!I’ve been powering through many of your episodes this past week. I’m a 29yr old male and I think I may have ADHD. Just listening to your stories has helped me. I saw a post on Reddit about ADHD and it was like I wrote it. I got curious and immediately found your podcast and started listening. It’s calming to know that there may actually be a diagnosis and I’m not just lazy, crazy, or dumb. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to help us and tell your stories! I look forward to listening to future episodes! Take care!
CanadaCanada2019-07-295jables247Thank you, Kristen!This podcast has really resonated with me and I am truly grateful to Kristen for her courage and sincerity when explaining her experiences. Almost everything she has discussed so far—I’m only 4 episodes in—has been my experience as well, at least in a general manner of speaking. So, if you want to hear a real world explanation—when the medical jargon stops making sense—to learn what you or someone you love may be going through then you have found the right podcast.
CanadaCanada2019-07-125IMHDJOops on the starsWhen I first found this podcast I tried to rate I as a 5 but got it wrong by hitting the 1 star thinking I needed to hit first one, then the second etc until I got to 5. But oops it said Submitted after just the first star. So I got it right this time. I have an ADHD adult child and this podcast really helps me understand what she’s dealing with. I get so much out of it too: the Brain Dump should be taught in elementary school. Teachers should start their students” day with “Everybody get out your Brain Dump journal”.
CanadaCanada2019-05-195Bub ShniernanGood StuffJust discovered this podcast and it's offering me a lot of insight. As a late-diagnosed Innatentive type, I'm struggling constantly and this is helping. So thanks!
CanadaCanada2019-05-145FreecommunicaterWowEvery podcast makes me smile broadly as it it almost having coffee with her as a best friend!! Q
CanadaCanada2019-04-105Beacon CoachingHallelujah!!! Thank you KristenYour voice, insights, and helpful (easy to follow) real life instructions based on your own lived experience and reputable resources from the medical and psychology fields are invaluable for me & my family. My husband & kids all diagnosed with differing presentations of ADHD used to cause me frustration and stress until I learned, through their diagnosis, the way in which I need to change my own behavioural response to support them better & free me from unnecessary irritation. Knowledge is key in this area. Your podcasts & website are fresh, entertaining & practical. THANK YOU THANK YOU 🙌
CanadaCanada2019-03-285299foreverYou’re SO RelatableYour podcasts are incredible! I’ve struggled and have been diagnosed with ADHD since I was 9 years old, I never really learnt to talk about it or learnt how it affects me growing up, just that I was different and not to let labels define me. Now that I’m 20, have a son and started college, integrating into adult support and resources have been tough and with more responsibility and having to manage my life I really notice the adhd having an affect on me and my mental health - finding this podcast has given me a better perspective, understanding and information that I’ve been looking for since actually being able to have full control over my life and this has helped me to want to look after my adhd better and actually follow my treatment plan and take ADHD more seriously in order to do better 🙂 thank you for this knowledge and help!
CanadaCanada2019-03-255instalaserI can totally relate to this !This podcast is AMAZING, to say the least. Being a woman that has been diagnosed with ADHD since adolescence ( presently in late 20s), I can definitely relate to a lot of Kristen’s experiences. My favourite line “ pill don’t teach skills” !!! Kristen is just blessing us with all of ADHD knowledge... I’m beyond grateful for this podcast ! Thank you so much... you’re such an inspiration ♡
IsraelIsrael2019-10-265DoriF654DoriLove from Israel!!
SwitzerlandSwitzerland2019-09-305chndgjngcvbMy ADHD manual!It’s fun. It’s useful. It’s educational. It’s ADHD friendly. That’s all I want from a podcast. Fantastic job!
BelgiumBelgium2020-06-095Zenzenzen2013You change me 🎈Kristen, you are amazing! I hear you almost every day. You accompany me in a lot of moments. We don’t know each other, but you are able to change me. Tran
ItalyItaly2021-01-175Daniele TossiI love this podcast!This podcast changed my life. I'm learning a lot of things about ADHD, and I finally understand me and my past. I'm happy to be a part of this community. In Italy, not many people know about ADHD, I will do my best to share these informations! Thank you!
South AfricaSouth Africa2021-03-26521 MargsStarted Your PodcastHey, I have just started your podcast, I’m on episode 5 now, I am completely hooked. Everything you talk about, resonates with me. I really am looking forward to all your podcasts!! So happy to have found you!! Margie
IrelandIreland2020-09-135Meg_*xoI could not reccomend this podcast anymoreAs a 26 year old with newly diagnosed ADHD this podcast has been exactly what I needed to help me navigate my diagnoses and things I’ve been dealing with my whole life! I can’t get enough of it! I got recommended this podcast, and it has been an amazing to helping me get more informed, to learn more about myself and my ADHD and make me laugh and love myself more! I’m only 18 episodes in and it’s already helped so much! Thank you so much Kristen xxx
IrelandIreland2019-07-085TravisqiiwAmazing!I'm enjoying your podcast absolutely. Commuting and lunch times have been great the past weeks with this podcast squeezed in. Hope you keep going and I'd love to hear your experience in relation to reading as I'm personally struggling to read without being medicated. Thank you and wishing you all the best!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2021-04-145LollylilzlolFirst time listenerThank you sooooooo much for this podcast.. I’ve listened to a few and this is just so relatable. You’re an amazing woman who has helped me understand and not give myself such a hard time. Keep doing what you’re doing ♥️
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-12-305ChartityCEOLife-changing podcast!I found this podcast in Oct 2020 during Covid-19 lockdown at a real low-point and I’m so grateful that Kristen has made it accessible to all. I’m 47 and in the UK, but relate so much to her stories and struggles and those of her guests. I used the podcast as a body double as I cleared out my Cupboard of Doom (not unlike the Closet of Shame!) and as I slapped paint on the walls of the Spare Room of Doom (yeah, I’m not too imaginative with the monikers for my messy home), which although still unfinished months later, I’m no longer feeling so doomy about (I have ADHD. It’s going to take a while!) as I learn to constrain and channel my energies with this podcast and the other resources Kristen makes available. I was hooked as soon as I heard the advice on grocery shopping- if you don’t currently live somewhere where groceries can be delivered- move to somewhere where they can. Amen.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-11-065OwlandoakFirst ever podcast and am on 14 in one day!Kristen’s podcasts were recommended in a Facebook ADHD site a few weeks ago. I finally switched on today and I’m so glad I did. I’m 47 and was only diagnosed 11 months ago. I had a very naive view of adhd. Kristen has helped me so much already. She has opened my eyes to help me understand the daily struggles I face, being a mum to 4 children and running my own business. I kept thinking I was just useless. I had no idea our brains were different. So much makes more sense now’ I can’t wait to catch up and be upto date! Thank you Kristen!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-10-135KarastechKrissten really gets me!I am so grateful for this podcast! Hearing about Kristen’s trials and tribulations helps so much. Realising that we are not alone in this - is such a relief. I am intelligent and I am educated, yet sometimes it feels like I am a hopeless case. I loose everything, forget everything, I struggle so much with ‘simple’ day to day tasks! My life can be so stressful and full of guilt, shame and despair. Kristen gives brilliant tools and techniques to use to get ours brains to do what we need them to do; methods to explain and express our quirks to our colleagues, friends and family. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you 🤗
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-09-305AO LondonLife changingThis podcast has changed my life! From feeling hopeless and alone, and like I was failing at life, to feeling like there is hope, that I’m ‘not that special’ (in a reassuring way) and that I can still have the life I dream of (I just need to tweak my approach and be kinder to myself). Kristen is real, funny and honest, and I’m so grateful to have come across this podcast when I did! Thank you!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-09-145charcharukA relief to listenI’ve been listening to this podcast while in the gym. I’ve felt really emotional sometimes, because of a big relief!!! Or feeling that I can understand myelef, have empathy and understanding for myself, and also to become more successful at happy adulting without so much struggle. I love each subject covered and how much I can resonate with what is said. And I mean, I can actually resonate with EVERYTHING said. Thank you so so so much. Also, even though I find you majorly interesting, it’s easier to process while doing something else. Exercise, plus scrolling insta, plus listening... it’s all being digested! X
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-07-315Wendy Griffith - Live HealthyLife changer! ⭐️Having recently discovered my ADHD, I have found this podcast immensely helpful for processing and learning more about myself and the way my unique brain works. This podcast has taught me is that I am enough just as I am and that self acceptance is the key to a happy and fully thriving life with ADHD. Thank you Kristen, this truly is your life’s calling to help others and o feel very blessed by you.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-06-245Rubyparis234Thank YOU from LondonThank you so much for this podcast and helping us love ourselves for ourselves. ADHD IS a superpower
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-06-215Rebecca_637292Thank you KristenI’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning and it has had a HUGELY positive impact on my life. Kristen explains all the different aspects of ADHD and how it affects your life so clearly and gives really empowering, practical suggestions on how you can work with your ADHD, not against it. I’m so grateful that this podcast exists and I always leave an episode feeling good about myself and like I understand myself better. Seriously, thank you Kristen - you are amazing!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-06-095KrowboiAmazing and personalI have been listening to the I Have ADHD podcast for just over a year; since receiving an adult ADHD diagnosis. Through the podcast, Kristen has really helped to make sense of the world around me and has given some meaning to my experiences and struggles, helping me to build up some new, stronger foundations so that I can take positive steps in dealing with the everyday struggles that ADHD can bring. Kristen and her podcast speaks to you directly; it really feels like she gets your exact situation and the empathy that flows is really helpful... also, the podcast makes me laugh; a lot, which is a great way to process the difficulties of being an ADHD’er. Thanks for all your help Kristen!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-06-025vorticistI have never felt more understoodI love this podcast. It’s insightful, encouraging and packed with practical tips and ideas. Kristen Carder is warm and engaging and wonderfully honest and realistic. She manages to be inspirational without being intimidating - like the best kind of friend who knows just when to tell you you can achieve anything and when to laugh at just how ridiculous you both know you can be. Thank you Kristen - please keep them coming!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-04-164Skyepie79Episode 2Wow I really related to this. Currently not diagnosed but ticked all these boxes.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-01-285amyrose987My partner has ADHDHi, My partner has ADHD and 2 years into the relationship I feel like we really need to do more to understand ADHD, myself in particular. Can you advise on how ADHD works, how it can affect mood/actions/feelings? It would be great if you have any advise on how it affects the relationship and how I can react to make the relationship happy and successful. Many thanks,
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-01-185OlliesangWow.I’m only a few episodes in but I’m already convinced that this podcast could be a turning point in my life, at 30 I’m ashamed that it’s taken me this long to realise what’s wrong with me! Thank you Kristen for making this podcast! I’ve just booked in to gain a formal diagnosis. Anyone else almost tear up in the shame episode? It’s not just me! 😮
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2020-01-155AmbsDoug123ADHD SuperstarI stumbled upon Kristen’s Podcast because I had an awful morning. I KNEW that my was reacting emotionally because of inability to regulate my emotions well. I listened to her episode on Emotional Dysregulation so help me process my thoughts and I WAS BEYOND HELPFUL. I appreciate her & her knowledge immensely and I would recommend it to anyone who has ADHD.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-09-215olfunkAdult? Got ADHD? You need this podcastMy title says it all. If you're an adult with ADHD, you need to listen to this podcast. Kristen obviously cares incredibly deeply about helping us, and doing it in a truly authentic way. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with adult ADHD after 26 years of struggling to be "normal." This podcast is helping me to accept myself for who I am, rather than who I assumed I needed to be. Thank you Kristen!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-05-275Trish780Excellent Podcast for ADHDersHighly recommend
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-05-165LoopyAng3211st Podcast, 1st Five Star ReviewIf you, or some you love either suspects or has ADHD/ADD then this podcast is for you. I’ve listened to many audiobooks on the subject, but listening to Kristen is like a breath of fresh air... she’s medicated, she’s caffeinated and boy is she real! To know how tough it is for her to achieve her goals gives you the strength to attempt yours. I’ve binge-listened like it’s a show on Netflix. This podcast has changed my life this month; my only wish is that it doesn’t become another “project” I don’t finish! Keep making these Kristen... please!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019-03-085Dirty DabFantastic help!Kristen’s show is fantastic for anyone with ADHD. First of all, it’s nice to know that you’re not alone with things you struggle with daily. But secondly, she shares some great practical tips to help you manage your ADHD better.
United StatesUnited States2021-05-035Kirchgirl12Just WOW!!I just learned about this podcast last week. There are already 104 episodes and I have to listen in order because I don’t want to miss anything. I’m already on Episode 8 and I feel like giant scales have been lifted off my eyes!! I was diagnosed at age 27 and I’m now 45. So much I didn’t know until now. It is refreshing to hear someone talk about all the things I deal with every single day. So grateful someone shared this with me!! Thank you so much for putting this content out in to the world!!
AustraliaAustralia2021-05-055MynameistakensoihavetousethisI Have ADHD PodcastI did not know I had ADHD until a friend recommended this to me...I thought I was simply a failure at life...a high functioning failure but, a failure non the less. Thank you for this pod cast.
United StatesUnited States2021-05-055JeluckystarSo glad I found this podcast!I was diagnosed with adhd at 22 while I was in college and I’m now 37. I literally just associated it with inattention until these last few months when I’ve been reading and researching about it to help my 6 yo son who was diagnosed. In my journey of reading and listening to podcasts to learn how to Help him, I’m learning so much about myself and understanding myself and my Childhood so much more also. I have searched for podcasts about adhd so many times and hadn’t found any I love. Yours was recommended based on what I’ve been listening to and has been the best one I’ve found for myself. I definitely plan on using your idea of no social media until I move for 15 minutes because I’ve wanted to get in shape for so long, but have struggled because there are a million other things I would rather do with my Free time. I’m so thankful that I found this podcast and can’t wait to listen more.
United StatesUnited States2021-05-055KatLynnJust what I neededI am a mom of three boys who also has ADHD, and coincidentally I also run my own business. I was ecstatic to find this podcast because Kristen is so relatable and honest. Thank you for all of the inspiration and validation that you have provided to me and others ❤️
United StatesUnited States2021-05-065Hustle Like a MotherLife Changing!Love love love! So eye opening! I literally love listening to her. I've learned so much about myself and continue to! I share with a group of friends and my fiancé everytime I listen to her podcast! I can't thank you enough for sharing all the work you've invested in yourself! When listening to you, I feel like your my twin! I could go on, on, and on, but for not I'll Thank you ❤️
United StatesUnited States2021-05-085Lilz69Thank youGreat information for adults recently diagnosed with ADHD. I just started and I’m at episode 7, I’m excited to catch up, eventually!
United StatesUnited States2021-05-095keepongoing21So helpfulA friend shared this with me and I LOVE them so much. Thank you for such informative talks! I am enjoying the earlier episodes and am gaining so much. My favorite episode is How to be productive. I also am a type 8 !!
CanadaCanada2021-05-133LilyLovesLampRecommend older episodes, still listening thoughI started listening to I Have ADHD last year and really like Kristen’s style and strategies. I found that the recent episodes haven’t been as useful for me, but I’ll continue to listen and see how it goes. I noticed she mentions her coaching program throughout the episode more than before, which can get a little grating. The monthly price of the program is similar to 1-2 one-on-one coaching sessions (depending on coach fee), which I think is fair but unfortunately out of reach for many folks. I tried it for 2 months and while I think she created a great program, the benefits didn’t outweigh the costs for me. I did feel a little uncomfortable when she mentioned her money goals (which is important, most people aren’t transparent with that) given that many folks are priced out of the program. If you’re new to the podcast, I recommend checking out some earlier episodes in addition to the new ones.
United StatesUnited States2021-05-145GoobrielAwesome podcastI love this podcast. Kristen is a great host and knows how to drive a show. It’s relevant, empowering and fun. Keep up the good work!
United StatesUnited States2021-05-145hjddlvrExcellent! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟If you want to understand your ADD/ADHD self, or if you want to understand more about someone you care about with ADD/ADHD, listen to this podcast! 🙌🏻
United StatesUnited States2021-05-145Sandee1977Too much advertisingI’m giving you 5 stars because I have learned a lot from many of your episodes. I now find them to be rather frustrating. I don’t want to hear 25 minutes of advertisements prior to the episode. I get it, you are a life coach. We all know. If I share your recent podcasts I give a little disclaimer now because I feel like people will stop listening before you even get to your topic of the day. Please shorten your advertising and less talk about your clients. I liked the earlier days better. Maybe move all the to the end of your episodes.
United StatesUnited States2021-05-145KayKay-squirrelGame Changer!I’m only on #9 but it has given me so much already. I’m sure everyone around me is sick of me discussing it. Thank you for committing to this for all of us. I’m feeling empowered 💪🏼
CanadaCanada2021-05-185HeylorGreat ADHD informationThis is a great podcast that covers a lot about ADHD. I’ve been recently diagnosed at 30 and I’ve been making a lot of changes in my life. It’s been a struggle for a long time but her advice helps.
AustraliaAustralia2021-05-205HevetusheisgbekeI see the light!I was diagnosed with ADHA when I was a child and again as an adult two years ago and this podcast has been a huge eye opener and source of information and education for me. No doctor or therapist has ever explained to me ADHD or validated my struggles the way Kristen has in this podcast. If you are looking for a positive outlook on your ADHD and how to get the most out of yourself then listen up! Kristen’s podcasts leave me feeling elated, hopeful and completely normal! Gabrielle
SwitzerlandSwitzerland2021-05-255chndgjngcvbMy ADHD GuruKristen, your podcast helps me more than you’ll ever know! I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for you words of wisdom and encouragement💗 thank you!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2021-05-272adddhdeSelf-indulgent...?Look. I get it, we have ADHD. But I turned to this podcast, as a first time listener, looking for answers or advice. The first (and only) episode I listened to was supposedly on the topic of whether we’re making excuses. In the first 8 minutes out of 23 I learned: a) how her dream is to be the most popular adhd podcast and she’s pretty sure she’d getting there b) that she had 70000 listeners last month c) that she had a coaching programme d) that yeah we might not relate to everything she says because it’s her experience And yeah, that’s what it felt like. Just her talking about herself? Like, even if there’s useful content, am I supposed to grit my teeth through 8+ minutes of self indulgence and self promotion? I don’t get it
United StatesUnited States2021-05-314Greyhound mommaUseful info, too much advertisingI came across this podcast and love it. Kristen is so enthusiastic and has great topics. What I’ve found with almost all ADHD podcasts is no different here: too much advertising. I’m unable to join life coaching groups, so I want to get the most out of each podcast. I like her energy, honesty, and how real she is. That’s what keeps me listening, even if I have to skip through some of the advertising portions.
AustraliaAustralia2021-06-015SkullyCrossbonesAmazing and no BSMy story is a weird one, I have always suspected there was something up with me. At 45, I finally sought help and bingo - ADHD with PTSD too (why do things by half hey). It was so overwhelming to find the right resources. I didn’t want to read more books…because I have very little time as it is. My beautician who has ADHD too suggested this podcast..and oh my goodness…this is the only worthy podcast on ADHD. She actually said ‘this is the only podcast you will need!’ - so true! Kristen is knowledgeable and her experiences are relatable. Kristen doesn’t pretend to be anything but herself. The podcast isn’t her soapbox. It’s like chatting with a very knowledgeable best friend. There are no BS no “it’s a gift” nonsense. Everything is raw, applicable, relatable & most of all sincere. Bonus, her voice is soothing! Keep doing what you do Kristen, and thank you ❤️
United StatesUnited States2021-06-055HeatherYarzLove it— Starting at the beginningI love the honest realness, super helpful tips, and what I needed!
United StatesUnited States2021-06-075nachobellbrandeI feel so validated finally!Thank you so much for all the work you do with this podcast, Kristen. I was recently diagnosed within the past 6 months and your episodes help me feel so validated and seen more than I ever have in my life. I love your kind, calming and bubbly voice and I love how you validate and really listen to your guests. You can feel through the screen what a genuine person you are. Thank you again. -Brandi
United StatesUnited States2021-06-125mali2964Internal Authority #2 Ep #109Excellent advice! Gives much freedom! Thanks for this podcast!
United StatesUnited States2021-06-135ADHD Mom 2Knowledge is PowereThank you for your insights. I have a son with severe ADHD and you have helped both my husband and I understand him and the world he live in.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2021-06-155optsimI resonate so much with the episodesReally helpful content.. but I have to say it does not have the best intro..
United StatesUnited States2021-06-185MommyVineEye OpeningI went undiagnosed until I was 30 years old. I love the community, support and advice this podcast provides. I have learned so much about “the why” behind behaviors that were driving me crazy. Until recently, I thought these were just unwanted personality traits but I’m learning to give myself grace!
United StatesUnited States2021-06-195coreylynnn!!!i live this podcast so much shes so cute
United StatesUnited States2021-06-215BriannafulsShe makes it all make senseI’ve dealt with struggles my whole life particularly in my adulthood and particularly now that I am a mom of three with a million to-dos... this podcast has helped me so much! She makes it all make sense and I am finally going to a dr to seek help. Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2021-06-215LauraayLoving this PodcastExtremely helpful to me! I love how personal you get and I am so glad I am not alone! I literally recommend to anyone I know, ADHD or not!! Thank you for taking this journey with me!
United StatesUnited States2021-06-225Latina BlancaThank YouI was quiet, polite, and nice as a kid. I remember paying full attention at the start of class and then all of a sudden everyone is getting up because class ended. I remember going into class several times not knowing there was an exam that day. My highest grade was usually a C. I was constantly disappointed with myself and felt like I would never amount to anything after high school. At the end of my second year of college I had planned on quitting, I felt so dumb all the time and I just kept on falling behind. My last day of class before spring break my professor requested I stay after class. She asked me if I knew what ADHD was and I didn’t. She explained to me the different types of ADHD and how she believes that since I am not the hyper active type, it must have gone unnoticed. I immediately scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist and was tested, assessed, and prescribed medication and it was as if I had woken up from a strange, foggy dream. I felt alive. Needless to say, for the remainder of my college years I made A’s and B’s! But then I stopped researching, I’ve lost several jobs, ruined relationships and am now recently divorced from a 15 year marriage. Your podcast is changing my life, there’s still so much of myself I have yet to learn about. Thank you for inadvertently riding along with me in this new journey of mine at 42 years young.
BelgiumBelgium2021-06-255vlasselaraReview from a curious listenerHi Kristen! Thank you so much for doing what you’re doing, it is truly amazing. By listening to your podcast, I have been able to find answers to the many questions I had about my functioning. You have been an important help in my journey towards understanding ADHD better and eventually seeking a diagnosis. And for that I am truly grateful! Your advice helps me to sort things out in my head and find the tools that could help me move forward. And while I do love the topics in your episodes as they have helped me out quite a lot, I have some days where all I need to feel a little bit better in my misery is someone telling me that it’s okay and that I’m not alone in dealing with that. Sometimes tips and tricks are not the kind of help/comfort I’m looking for, and I just need some good ADHD anecdotes or listening to someone who experiences the same as me. I don’t know if this falls in the scope of your podcast at all, but I would love it if you would sometimes address some ADHD topics that don’t necessarily need advice or “to be addressed” (if that makes sense?!). I think it would be nice to have some ADHD stories from the listeners or other people with ADHD? I don’t know, this was just something I thought about the other day and I don’t know if it makes sense at all. Anyway, I really love your podcast so much and I love the fact that I can just listen to an episode whenever I feel like it. You have helped me a lot so far, and I look forward to listening to you in the future! Xx Lara
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2021-06-305optsimI resonate so much with the episodesReally helpful content.. and I almost resonate with each episode. Intro has been improved. Keep going and thank you!
United StatesUnited States2021-06-305jaybyrd7ACTUALLY helpful, inspirational, and relatableI love this podcast. I love it. Kristen is so real. She makes her own struggles and mistakes known. She speaks like she is talking directly to me. She breaks things down so nicely. Her podcast is honestly inspirational to me and has ACTUALLY helped me. I especially love the lemonade in the fuel tank analogy. Brilliant!!!
CanadaCanada2021-07-045GohanisEverything makes sense nowI know I have ADHD, however other than getting on the meds and it helping me focus, I didn't really know just how much of my behavior was due to the disorder. My wife and I are both listening to this, and I feel that it will be such a positive for us. Now i'm going to go and finish the floors, laundry, put away my computers, then see what else is left half finished lol. Great podcast
United StatesUnited States2021-07-075Sls918This woman speaks my languageI started listening to the podcast about two months now after I was diagnosed with ADHD as a 39 year old. Kristen explains things so well! She has helped me to organize my thoughts and make some very positive changes in my life! She is humble and honest and comes through her podcast as a real human, dealing with and overcoming the obstacles of ADHD. She is very inspirational and gave me courage, hope and understanding of my brain and how it functions. Im very thankful that I came across this podcast!
United StatesUnited States2021-07-095Suep1965I have ADHDI finally feel validated! Thank you! She makes so much sense! Hoping it will help me get my life together! Thank you, Kristen Carder!
United StatesUnited States2021-07-095Mrs. ArmestoLove this podcast!!I started listening to this podcast about 3 days ago and it’s been SO helpful! I finally have hope in that my ADHD traits can improve and be managed! I highly recommend this to anyone who has or think they might have adult ADHD!
AustraliaAustralia2021-07-095elijahmohelpful and a must listenI started listening before I received an official diagnosis but this is a really great tool to understand what you may be dealing with and ways to cope or progress, see different perspectives or methods of living with adhd and also feel less alone or guilty about the realities of living with adhd, it helps me to feel more okay with actually saying “i have adhd”. i don’t always listen to every episode or immediately but i find that even one “just right” episode can help immensely so if you have adhd or know people who do this is a must listen
United StatesUnited States2021-07-115HolyCowWhatNowThis podcast is so helpful.I love her honesty.
United StatesUnited States2021-07-115loveumegThank you!I can’t say enough good about this. I just got my diagnosis and this podcast is helping me understand and have more compassion for myself than ever before
United StatesUnited States2021-07-125Abby10607Accidental Treasure Found ‼️This Podcast was something that Spotify suggested to me. I’d seen some videos about ADHD and how it manifests in a person’s life and I kept saying “That’s me!!” Finding Kristen’s podcast has really encouraged me to seek a true diagnosis and is teaching me how to be the best me! I’m catching up from the beginning and it’s great and somewhat bizarre hearing her talk about “me” and “my struggles” but yet comforting to know that I may really have a “reason” behind why I am the way I am and that I’m not alone! **SPOILER**….It’s not cause I’m “lazy”!!
CanadaCanada2021-07-215thanks from JoSo incredibly relatable 🙌One of the most authentic podcasts I have had the pleasure to discover. So much of each episode resonates for me. Thank you. Grateful to have found you 🙏💙
United StatesUnited States2021-07-212TatdufgfertovogpfWent to Your headThis podcast used to be pretty great. Ever since the focus has been centered around money and being your own boss it has started to stop resonating. I really appreciated the episodes about every day tasks and struggles/ coping with the general adult life while struggling with ADHD. Now it just feels like a perpetual advertisement for Focused and making you more money.
United StatesUnited States2021-07-265jdporter21Amazing Podcast that has given me so much inspiration and has illuminated so many things.I listen to Kristen’s podcast almost every day (at least until I catch up). It has explained so many things about why I am the way I am and why I do the things I do and seriously changed my mindset. I finally worked up the nerve to make an appointment to be assessed for adult ADHD. For many years I have felt like a failure, an underachiever, and even lazy. I asked myself why I could never just follow through and stick to my goals. I’m excited to learn about potential treatment plans and look forward to finally achieving my goals of reaching financial freedom, becoming a successful business owner, and live the life I’ve always felt I could have if I just “stuck with it”. Thank you so much Kristen for your invaluable contribution to the ADHD community! - Joe
United StatesUnited States2019-03-205IsThisTakenAsANickname?You get me!Wow. Im newly diagnosed at age 43 and still piecing together support and ways to make my loved ones understand me better, and to understand myself better. My hubs is listening too! ( I totally think he has it too wich would explain alot of what we have gone thru in 22 yrs together) What I have heard so far has been amazing, so familiar, so me. I love your straight talk and lil but bossy but caring and empathetic way. It’s exactly how I need to hear it. It’s like your my comfy ol bff, you get me. Except one better, you offer tested and true steps to take to do better.( She needs you tooooo! ) All this bolsters my hope that I can figure it all out and adult like a boss too. Kristen, thank you!
CanadaCanada2021-08-035Xander-raineXThis podcast grounds meI have been listening to Kristen’s podcast for over a year now. Joined Focused a few months back and it has literally changed my life. However it is an investment so for those who can’t afford it now or yet, I highly recommend this podcast. It helps me stay grounded when I’m struggling, and reminds me I’m not alone and I can still do great things as an adult with ADHD. Much love to Kristen and the other coaches she has had on the podcast that are all making a difference!!
United StatesUnited States2021-08-035xtinacaSo so so goodThe bloody penalty! I have been asking myself why, why, why do I make my life so hard on myself? Why, even when I know I do it, I cannot NOT do it? How many New Years Resolutions does it take? You are so clear, emphatic, compassionate, constructive and wicked smart. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. You are helping, I am so grateful. Christina
United StatesUnited States2021-08-105buffwife1252If you have ADHD, think you might have it, or love someone with it, you MUST listen to this podcast!On my walk this morning, I saw that Kristen had just posted an interview with Dr. Barkley and so I, of course, had to listen!! I love his work!! Anyway, the two of them had me in tears (and thankful that I had worn sunglasses to hide said tears!) as they discussed the misconceptions and hardships that come along with being diagnosed with ADHD. It can be especially hard having ADHD (and raising a child with it as well—which is often the case) when those around you that love you (or not) trivialize how much ADHD affects you and don’t seem to care enough to try to understand. As discussed in the interview, it is so easy to internalize all these feelings of shame, self-doubt, thoughts of “I should have been able to do that better,” etc. It wasn’t until I heard them verbalizing so many of my feelings and things I know to be true from experience that I realized to the degree my diagnosis has affected my life and my mental health and the relationships around me. Thank you, Kristen, for this podcast and for letting us feel heard and seen and then also providing podcasts to help us navigate and build the scaffolding we need to reach the heights that we want to get to!!
United StatesUnited States2021-08-115shopperwithgrouponSo helpful!As a more mature woman and student, I’ve been concerned about how I learn and process information in general. While working on getting a diagnosis, I discovered this podcast which is SO informative! This led me to other podcasts and books which have been helpful. I love Kristen’s passion and knowledge about this subject, but also they way she delivers the information - with thought and care. I was not diagnosed with ADHD, but am challenged with a lot of the symptoms (that’s a whole other story, smh!!). Thank you for your podcast, Kristen, and keep doing the good work!!
United StatesUnited States2021-08-125Jules C.W.Life changingI have only listened to one episode and I already know this series is going to change my life. Thank you 🙏
United StatesUnited States2021-08-175Kenzie MoranLife ChangingThis podcast changed my life. I am a 21 year old trying to find out who I am and who I want to be in life. I got diagnosed with ADHD a year ago, although I have known for a while longer than that. I have listened to every single episode, some multiple times and they have helped me immensely. Because of this podcast I have established better relationships with my friends, cut out people that drag me down, outlined my goals and am actually being productive in achieving them. I still have a long way to go, but I owe a whole lot of my progress to Kristen and her words of wisdom. Endless thank yous and please keep up the good work! I will continue to listen and recommend it to all of my friends!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2021-08-195MarvynJohnThe words land on my soulThe insights given in this podcast have helped me unearth things that have become so ingrained in my behaviour that they were almost subconscious. I’ve been living in a way that I wasn’t even aware of. Listening to this podcast has been an awakening for me. Thank you.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2021-08-185Holzbolz84I feel seen!Love this podcast so much! Educational, fun and knows it’s audience well. Sure I have it on 2x speed, because I want it quicker and yes I want more instantly but that’s because I too HAVE ADHD. I have told so many about this podcast and genuinely it has helped me feel seen and heard. X
United StatesUnited States2021-08-185FocusPocusWitchFinding myselfThis podcast, and everything Kristen does is absolutely amazing. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and looked for help online when I stumbled upon Kristen’s podcast. It is a total game changer. She teaches simple ways to manage adhd symptoms and challenges, and provides rich resources. Highly recommended!
United StatesUnited States2021-08-185Mountainchick1Life changingI’m halfway done binging this podcast and it’s already changed my life. This woman is so full of valuable information about ADHD, and the way she delivers it in a kind, humorous and honest way makes it that much more valuable. She is an ADHD coach in her career and listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m getting free coaching. I recommend it to anyone and everyone who might be effected by ADHD.
United StatesUnited States2021-08-185Embjklok💜Kristen this podcast is so great. I love your energy and all of the great content you provide. Thank you for helping so many of us.
United StatesUnited States2021-08-185ESPECIALmente FerLife changing for meI can’t remember how I found this podcast but as soon as I heard the first episode I felt understood- maybe for the first time… I immediately connected to Kristen and her experiences living with ADHD. I obviously joined the Focused group as soon as I could and I can honestly say SHE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOR GOOD. Thank you Kristen. It is an honor to be part of your tribe 😉❤️
United StatesUnited States2021-08-185Meagan AVA completely life changing podcastKristen has an incredible way of sharing her expertise with kindness and empathy. She is the real deal and offers so much tangible support in these episodes. Love ❤️
United StatesUnited States2021-08-185K DubayObsessedThis podcast is my go to. I replay so many episodes depending where I’m at with my ADHD and look forward to the weekly podcasts! Also Kristen’s a dream. I love how she delivers her message and makes me feel less alone.
United StatesUnited States2021-08-185emily just graduated uniAmazing jobSo helpful and love it!!!
United StatesUnited States2021-08-185imbusybeingawesomeThis podcast is gold.Do yourself a favor and hit subscribe now. Kristen drops so many pearls of wisdom in each and every episode. What’s more, she is honest, authentic, and brings such a powerful perspective to the ADHD experience. You cannot go wrong with this podcast. So good! 😍
United StatesUnited States2021-08-185obsessdChanged my lifeThis podcast has been life changing for me. It finally made me take my adhd seriously and for that I am endlessly thankful to Kristen. My whole life has changed for the better because of this podcast. If you think you might have adhd or you know you do but don’t know all the ins and outs of what that means — listen to this podcast! Kristen is compassionate, relatable, and so knowledgeable. She’s truly amazing!
United StatesUnited States2021-08-195fishygillinBest ADHD PodcastThis podcast feels like therapy. It is so validating and has taught me awesome new ways to manage my ADHD. Kristin is the absolute best!
United StatesUnited States2021-08-195Josiah KrolThe most relatable podcast (to me)EVER!!!My mother in law was recently diagnosed with ADD and because me and her share a very similar personality I decided to do a bunch of research on ADD/ADHD to see if I may have it. I stumbled across this podcast and when I say every episode is RELATABLE 😯😳 I really mean it. For me every time Kristen brings up a problem and describes how it feels in our brains it hits the mark like to the most ridculously accurate degree in my head. Like how do you know me scary 😂 Amazing podcast if you think you MAY HAVE ADHD!! Give it a listen!!
United StatesUnited States2021-08-195elerman314Anyone with ADHD NEEDS to listen to this podcast!!!!I found this podcast a couple of weeks ago right after an argument with my boyfriend. The first episode I listened to was “Emotional Explosions”. I remember laughing because everything you described- how your arguments with your husband regardless of who started them result in arguing about your behavior, how that phenomenon greatly affected the beginning of your marriage, and how, although you’ve gotten wayyyy better, you can’t help but slip up every once in a while- I 100% could relate to. Since then, I started listening from episode 1, and I’m so glad that I did. Your podcast isn’t just relatable, it also is a guide on how to work with one’s ADHD brain, which is something I didn’t know I needed until now. Anyone with ADHD needs to listen to this podcast!!!!
United StatesUnited States2021-08-195Big man 234Amazing coaching and insightI was diagnosed with adhd at 47 after an entire lifetime of thinking I had a mix of unrelated but unique to me struggles. It’s all coming together now and Kristens podcast has been a huge part of that. She has a wonderful speaking style, has fabulous insights that she explains in a way that is really relatable, and she is a train Life Coach School coach which for anyone who knows (if you don’t you should go find out!) means she has a way of cutting through drama that is super effective and a process of teaching us to do the same. Keep it up Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2021-08-214Aunt KoKoGood contentContent is very good and the upbeat and hopeful tone is encouraging to people. My only feedback is to caution against mirroring the speech pattern of Brooke Castillo how phrases often go up in tone like a question mark. I think developing your own speaking style would give it more credibility. Nice work.
United StatesUnited States2021-08-245KathyListensThank You!I am so, so grateful to have found this podcast in the exact right space of life when I needed it most. I have spent my entire adult life “managing” my adhd on my own. This worked well, and I’ve been successful through college, graduate school, my profession, later as a stay at home mom and eventually as a small business owner…and then covid. When my in person social interactions came to a grinding halt, so did the tenuous grasp I had on my adhd. Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve fallen further and further apart. My relationship is suffering, my work is suffering, my child is suffering. At the exact moment that it all came to a painful head, I started googling, and found I Have ADHD. I feel seen, I feel heard, I feel supported, and I feel validated. Thank you for being here. Thank you for putting your story out here to those of us who need you.
United StatesUnited States2021-08-251RenQMNo need to gatekeeper mental healthIn the latest episode with a 50 year old recent diagnosed there is a part where you make fun of people who relate to adhd and then say you retort with are you clinically diagnosed? Mental health and medical care are a privilege in the USA where this podcast is created. ADHD testing is often difficult to obtain with insurance and costs thousands of dollars and many can't afford it. Completely tone deaf.
United StatesUnited States2021-08-265remizticalI “may” have ADHDSo I found this podcast after searching many podcasts on ADHD and this one has been my favorite. I don’t have a diagnosis but I did schedule an appointment. I want to learn all about this and this podcast has given me great information that I will utilize to live a successful happy life.
United StatesUnited States2021-08-271Catldee45202Seniors are not 50.Love you, but please do NOT call those 50 OLD. Seriously?
United StatesUnited States2021-08-315Feliciaa<3THIS. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼I'm in love with Kristen and the work she does. Focused is even better if you could imagine that!
United StatesUnited States2021-09-015Mark2470So helpfulThank you for your podcast! It's so inspiring and so refreshing to know you're not alone. I can relate to everything you share! ❤️
United StatesUnited States2021-09-055A. VakiliEnlightenedThank you for your program. I stumbled across your podcast looking for ideas, thoughts and suggestions for ways to understand, accept and manage ADHD as an adult. Your podcast has been educational, enlightening, comforting, and very supportive. Thank you for taking the time and effort and having the courage to put it all out there; your insight has been invaluable.
CanadaCanada2021-09-073LilyLovesLampMany great hits, but some cringey missesUpdate review September 7: Ouff, the concept of shifting your mindset to see an abundance of money and time… that felt really out of touch. I was open minded and listened to the rest of the episode. I think overall the message about growth is good, but the whole “change your mindset” perspective is surprising and disappointing to hear from someone with a neurodevelopmental disorder who’s probably heard the frustrating “just do/don’t do X” a lot throughout their life. Previous review: I started listening to I Have ADHD last year and really like Kristen’s style and strategies. I found that the recent episodes haven’t been as useful for me, but I’ll continue to listen and see how it goes. I noticed she mentions her coaching program throughout the episode more than before, which can get a little grating. The monthly price of the program is similar to 1-2 one-on-one coaching sessions (depending on coach fee), which I think is fair but unfortunately out of reach for many folks. I tried it for 2 months and while I think she created a great program, the benefits didn’t outweigh the costs for me. I did feel a little uncomfortable when she mentioned her money goals (which is important, most people aren’t transparent with that) given that many folks are priced out of the program. If you’re new to the podcast, I recommend checking out some earlier episodes in addition to the new ones.
United StatesUnited States2021-09-085jaypreneur9799Incredible contentI have been binging this podcast for the last two weeks and it has been a Godsend for me. As someone with ADHD I have learned so much about why I struggle with executive functions, affecting every area of my life. Since listening I’ve come to peace with the fact that I have ADHD, to not avoid it, to not rely totally on my meds but to address it head-on with action. Kristin does an excellent job presenting clear, concise, point-by-point content that I can really relate to. Thank you, Kristin!
United StatesUnited States2021-09-085Jessica PinsonThank you!I’m only on my 2nd episode and you are reading my brain! Depression and anxiety become so overwhelming that I can barely function due to my guilt. My guilt for never finishing tasks, forgetting everything and everyone not in my visual field or my immediate family. Thank you for this podcast. You are helping me self heal and feel not so alone in this world.
CanadaCanada2021-09-083LilyLovesLampMany great hits, but some cringey missesUpdate review September 7: Ouff, the concept of shifting your mindset to see an abundance of money and time… that felt really out of touch. I was open minded and listened to the rest of the episode. I think overall the message about growth is good, but the whole “change your mindset” perspective is surprising and disappointing to hear from someone with a neurodevelopmental disorder who’s probably heard the frustrating “just do/don’t do X” a lot throughout their life. Previous review: I started listening to I Have ADHD last year and really like Kristen’s style and strategies. I found that the recent episodes haven’t been as useful for me, but I’ll continue to listen and see how it goes. I noticed she mentions her coaching program throughout the episode more than before, which can get a little grating. The monthly price of the program is similar to 1-2 one-on-one coaching sessions (depending on coach fee), which I think is fair but unfortunately out of reach for many folks. I tried it for 2 months and while I think she created a great program, the benefits didn’t outweigh the costs for me. I did feel a little uncomfortable when she mentioned her money goals (which is important, most people aren’t transparent with that) given that many folks are priced out of the program. If you’re new to the podcast, I recommend checking out some earlier episodes in addition to the new ones.
United StatesUnited States2021-09-115Musicchick3468MusicPlease please pleaseeee do more talks with music in the background. When your talking and there’s that chill good lyric free music in the background, I am actually retaining AND understanding what you are saying without having to rewind and listen again which is absolutely incredible. ^ could you maybe talk about that too. Always have to read or simply hear (hear?!!!) things twice or three times to understand them. Understanding each word your reading or hearing but not understanding them as a whole put together in a sentence.
United StatesUnited States2021-09-175s1723dgGreat for the newly diagnosed!As a 29 y/o female, I was recently diagnosed with the inattentive branch of ADHD. Before the diagnosis, I didn’t know very much about ADHD. I always felt like my brain worked differently than most people and I tended to zone out a lot, but I just chalked it up to being weird and bad at life. I didn’t think I had ADHD because I am not “hyper”. I don’t have boundless amounts of physical energy. I’m really liking this podcast a lot as I am learning so much about the disorder and methods to handle it. So many of the things Kristen talks about I feel in my bones. The shame. The emotions flying off the handle. The perfectionism. Getting distracted and forgetting things…all.the.time. I feel seen and understood!! I’d love to hear an episode talking about pregnancy + ADHD (as someone who plans to start trying in the next year) and an episode talking about the different branches of ADHD. (Maybe you’ve already done that?!) I look forward to listening to the rest of the episode and thank you! 💕
United StatesUnited States2021-09-205idk wut 2 name thisThankful doesn’t begin!As a woman in my 40s, you have no idea how it feels to stumble upon this podcast and Kristen Carder! She is so relatable, breaks things down into ways that are so easy to get, that it feels at times like I am just listening to a good friend that “gets” me. Thanks to Kristen, I am finally getting that neuropsych evaluation - FINALLY! Excited to have the continued support of listening to her, as I learn more about what my own brand of neurodiversity and tools that will help me thrive!
United StatesUnited States2021-09-225Queen MetamorphosisBrene brown advertises tortillas.I LOVE LOVE Kristins podcast. I actually googled “ ADHD coaches” and stumbled upon her group coaching program and signed up! Kristin has helped me change my life!!! I later found her podcast! For the people complaining about ads. Almost every podcast has Ads. There is even one podcaster who puts out 10 minute podcasts and advertises! . Brene brown advertises gluten free tortillas so get real! It takes time to prepare a podcast, they have to buy recording equipment and it needs to be edited etc and people have to get paid. Hey if you don’t like ads then don’t listen 🙂 Kristin is so so genuine. She is truly gifted at what she does and kind and ethical and Knows her stuff. She is vulnerable and honest and I think all this really sets her apart from other coaches in the industry . I want to be like her when I grow up 🙂
United StatesUnited States2021-09-245tspradley7Maybe figuring myself out at age 50A friend just mentioned adult adhd recently. It was like a light bulb turned on as maybe this is me. Searched for a podcast about and found this one. I love her way of explaining things and it feels like my light bulb is getting brighter as I get more info. I am 50 and have always struggled in these areas. Found out I was an Enneagram 7 which might explain some things but adult adhd might be it. It might be the thing that helps me understand myself. Thankful for this podcast.
United StatesUnited States2021-09-265rustyspokenA perfect podcast for people with ADHDKristen brings practical information for ADHDers. Her lived experience with ADHD and great subject matter experts make this a must. Do you know all those things about your life that you are sure no one understands? Kristen responds with useful knowledge and empathy. Thanks for doing this. It’s really helping so many who struggle.
IrelandIreland2021-09-285Nicki nick!Mind boggling!Brilliant! Inspiring and entertaining!! Literally every episode I have an “ah ha” moment and forget to keep pushing the buggy with my 1 year old in it!:-) keeping me focused and driven to get a diagnosis and get my s### together!
CanadaCanada2021-09-293AbHagarGood energy and ideasGood energy to motivate and help you understand that you are not alone. However, too much advertising for her focus program (10 mins advertising and 20 minutes podcast)
United StatesUnited States2021-09-285JeremyymereJSo relatable!I never write reviews but I am compelled here. This podcast is legit for anyone who is affected by non neurotypical brains!
United StatesUnited States2021-09-305Carol in Texas 120This podcast has changed my life.I have listened to podcasts on ADHD for months now, and there are some good ones. But this one is making so much sense to me and her recommendations seem so doable. She breaks everything down to manageable steps AND gives you the tools and strategies to keep up with them. I feel so relieved! Carol in Texas
AustraliaAustralia2021-09-304LozzaSweetieVery helpful but very privlidgedI find this podcast so incredibly helpful and speaking very much to the ADHD experience, and how it affects every facet of our life. I do notice that the advice is very rooted in Acceptance and Committment Therapy style of therapy and would love to see an episode on this as it’s so helpful I didn’t give 5 stars based on the constant pushing of her Focussed program. I’m sure it’s very helpful, but it’s incredibly expensive (especially for those outside of the USA) and out of the reach of most people, let alone those with ADHD who statistically are lower earners. Hearing how the privlidged can get more assistance can be very frustrating. For a podcaster who talks quite a bit about privlidge to constantly advertise such an expensive program feels a tad hypocritical
IrelandIreland2021-10-055HelswaveFun & comprehensive chats for women with ADHDThis is a really good, positive and enjoyable overview of everything about Women with ADHD. She also makes me laugh. While it’s quite American and I’m European… I really like it!
United StatesUnited States2021-10-055smoothenglishthank you for this podcastMan. I am in my mid-30’s and until this year had no idea I had adhd. I’m so thankful for this podcast. This podcast has helped to illustrate to me that my brain works differently, how that has led to confusion and frustration in my past experiences, and how I might approach my future endeavors in a way that works *with* instead of against my ADHD brain. Thank you so much, Kristen. I feel hopeful.
United StatesUnited States2021-10-055Colin J. M.**REQUIRED LISTENING**This podcast is IT! It’s the missing link - between your ADHD self “diagnosis” and formal diagnosis, your medication, and the changes you want to see in your life. I find myself constantly smirking and laughing to myself because Kristen can read my mind. After each and every podcast, regardless of the topics, I find affirmation, validation, and significant changes in my self-talk. Kristen, you have truly changed my life and I spread the good word of this podcast at *every chance* I can get! Thank you, thank you, ¡mil gracias! ❤️‍🔥
United StatesUnited States2021-10-055justapiercerTelepathic topics*Trying to do a simple task or struggling* My brain: “ughh why are you so dumb??” Kristen: *Airs podcast* Kristen: “You are NOT dumb! Here is how we manage it friend” Honestly though.. 99% of these podcasts resinate so close to struggles that pop up all the time. They’re spot on, they hit home, they’re easy to listen to and easy to process and always have topics that come just when needed. I share it with all my ADHD friends and once they start to listen too it’s shocking how it makes you feel like you really aren’t alone. Also.. do you even have ADHD if you’re able to process that you’re even listening to an ad before it’s already almost done? 😅
DenmarkDenmark2021-10-055Stine - DenmarkLife-changingThis podcast has been life-changing for me. I started figuring out my neurodivergence about half a year ago and listening to Kristen talk about her experience as an ADHD woman has helped me like nothing else in my journey of understanding myself and my ADHD. It has helped me feel seen, understood, held and completely normal, for the first time in my life. But more than this, this podcast does not spend time pitying, excusing or victimising. Kristen challenges, creates expectations, shows possibilities and by doing so helps me as an ADHD woman regain my confidence (which was buried deep) in this new platform of my life. THANK YOU (from my husband as well). Oh, and funny side-note. I opened Apple Podcast just now, because I was doing my “I have to work, but I don’t wanna work, but I have to work, but I don’t wanna work” routine of scrolling and diddling and whatevering, only to find your latest episode entitled “The Warm Up Before Working”. It made me laugh out loud and finally, after binge-listening for three months, leave this review <3
CanadaCanada2021-10-054LilyLovesLampMany great episodes, some ok to skipKristen has a very welcoming one-on-one conversation style to her podcasts, which I find much easier to absorb than an interview style which other ADHD podcasts I’ve found do. I also like that she picks one topic to talk about and you can select what interests you. I appreciate that she now clearly separates her ads for her Focused program from the rest of the podcast. Overall I like her tips and anecdotes, though there have been some episodes where I found the content off putting (eg there was a recent episode about how it’s important to “change your mindset” about having an “abundance” of time and money, which came across as very out of touch).
United StatesUnited States2021-10-075C dot KingMy Daily Dose of DopamineI’m so glad I found this podcast. I was just diagnosed…last week…at 40. This podcast has been the source of calm, strength, determination and hope. You do a wonderful job in making me feel like the world can still be the one of my dreams. I listen to your old episodes daily. Thank you for being here, please keep going.
CanadaCanada2021-10-095MaryLeigh74Eye openingI am newly diagnosed with ADHD and I’ve just started listening to this podcast from the beginning. Its amazing to hear someone explain why my brain works the way it does and that I’m not the only one, and I’m not lazy as I’ve always believed myself to be. The only way I can describe this podcast, is that it’s like finally getting the operating manual to “me”, and what’s better is that someone is reading it to me, breaking it down into bits that I can digest.
United StatesUnited States2021-10-115Zeusmom2021Thanks!Really appreciating your insights and humor. Thanks for creating these resources.
CanadaCanada2021-10-135Kristy VailNew, obsessed listener 🙏I haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD but as a person who struggles with concentrating on one task at a time and planning ahead in biz, I resonate SO deeply with everything Kristen shares and am finding the tools incredibly helpful! Excited to keep diving into her amazing content 💯
United StatesUnited States2021-10-155SchlingRaeRight in the feelsI have just started looking more deeply into ADHD. I grew up with the poster child for ADHD (my brother - white male with lots of energy and who got in trouble all the time) and mom who may also have ADHD so everything I relate with for this diagnosis felt normal and very mellow, although distressing. I thought I knew what ADHD was from experience with my brother, a Bachelor’s degree in psych and a 10 year career in mental health. Turns out, my biases overshadowed the true symptoms. I found this podcast through my (short so far) journey and listened to episode 101 to begin. I cried feeling validated (crying for this reason is rare for me). I look forward to listening more.
United StatesUnited States2021-10-165RestaurantJunkieAn Amazing IntroductionI mean this with all kindness and respect, but on paper I have nothing in common with host Kristen Carder. Except, as of last week, I have one thing in common and it’s more than enough. I’m a month away from my 43rd birthday, and after years of not being able to put things together I have finally received a diagnosis of ADHD. At first I was angry, then sad, and then I just felt lost. I’m about to start on medication, and in researching ways to deal with this, I came across her podcast. It’s been more than a little spooky because with each episode it’s like she’s running through my brain and turning on light switches in all the dark corners. This podcast not only makes me feel less alone, but also more hopeful for my own path forward. It’s quickly become one of my favorite guides in this new journey, and I appreciate every minute of it. P.S. - I think this is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a podcast, so that says something right there.
United StatesUnited States2021-10-185Love it 0_0WOW!!I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 23. I am now 33. I have learned more about my brain in the past week listening to this podcast… than I have in the last decade!! I think I like myself more? After my diagnosis I started medication and saw a life coach for a few months, but beyond that have received very little support. It never even occurred to me to learn more, I was offered no resources, and I’ve been living with this diagnosis with a very superficial understanding of what’s going on in there. Now I’m on a research binge and can’t get enough!! Thank you for doing this podcast for us 💕
CanadaCanada2020-02-185Ang-sayEye openingI think I finally found a way to understand the other side of me from someone I want to learn from. To me doctors sometimes are like a dictionary of my disorder if that makes sense but to hear stories and topics from someone ( you) who only understands but experiences this specific lifestyle is breath taking to learn from. So 35 years later , THANK YOU . Your great.
United StatesUnited States2021-10-195JonjdubwingertHow did people with ADHD survive without people like KristenKristen is amazing. Her candid vulnerability is a beacon of self-love and acceptance. A model of who we all can be ADHD or no.
United StatesUnited States2021-10-195grand marais 77GOLLY I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU WOMAN!Just when I feel like I’m alone and all I want to do is crawl back in bed…but then low and behold your weekly podcast pops up! I swear every time I listen I can resonate in so many ways and I walk away feeling inspired and so much better about myself! The Holy Spirit is using you Kristen in so many ways…lifting your beautiful head up in prayer…give yourself grace…you got this because God’s got this✌️ And seriously Thank you so much for not giving up on your hard days… remember it will pay off…I know God‘s going to bless you immensely💓 Carrie Schrock
United StatesUnited States2021-10-065Abbbbi 🙂It’s soooo goodFinally a podcast that I can listen to, all the way through!
United StatesUnited States2021-02-165dlk617NewcomerI’ve just recently started listening to Kristen, but can’t get enough! She is SO real and down to earth, quirky and funny- I’ve lived with ADHD my whole life and at times was much more functional than as of late.... Kristen’s podcast and coaching gives me hope for my own kids that I will be able to successfully guide my children to recognizing and dealing with this Neuro developmental disorder. Thank you! I start her Focused coaching in December and she is legit amazing!! ❤️
United StatesUnited States2020-10-175SsoohikkDon’t think, just listenI don’t know why, but I’ve known about this podcast for a while and I’m just now getting around to finally listening to it. I wish I listened to it along time ago! I am the child of two psychologists, and I am also fortunate enough to have been diagnosed at a very young age. However, after listening to this I feel like I knew nothing before! I’m so grateful to finally be learning the skills and tools I need to be successful. Thank you so much for producing this awesome podcast! P.S Have you ever recorded an episode about people with ADHD dating each other? I’d love to hear more about this!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-185animatedgiel246Wonderful podcastI think this podcast is amazing. I look forward to it every week. It helps me to understand what is going on in my brain and how it works this way. It also helps me with my son who is like me has ADHD.
United StatesUnited States2019-03-045CY.12Relatable and HelpfulVery good, relatable content geared toward adults (most ADHD content is about kids or parenting). Her examples are so common with ADHDers and it’s just nice to be reminded we aren’t alone. Just started listening so I’m still working on the strategies but one of the biggest things she does that’s immediately helped is acknowledging that our feelings are valid and making me feel normal (for ADHDers!). I listen to this podcast before work, starting a project, or doing something on my to do list that I’m dreading bc it gives a little boost of supported confidence. It’s one of the most difficult disorders to explain to ppl, but if you have it, you just get it so having this little community is nice. Great work, keep going!!
United StatesUnited States2021-10-225LadyissadSo much YES! LOVE this podcastKristen Carder and her podcast came into my life at the perfect time: 2 months after getting diagnosed with ADHD at the fully-adult age of 32 years old. When I realized that I wasn’t a bad business owner (or a bad entrepreneur) and that I in fact had this neurodevelopmental disorder known as ADHD, it was totally amazing and also totally terrifying. I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Then I found Kristen’s podcast via Instagram and after one episode knew I had found someone who could really help me and teach me and comfort me. What’s even cooler is that as soon as I joined her coaching membership group, Focused, I suddenly had access to so many classes that were just what I was craving while at the same time I had an amazing COMMUNITY to bond with. If you have ADHD or think you might have it, you wed Kristen Carder in your life. Also an amazing way to learn about ADHD if you don’t have it but have a loved one who does. You deserve the best kind of support and that’s what Kristen is 100% committed to giving. Subscribe, follow, do all the things.
United StatesUnited States2021-10-255Lm.SchaeferHappy tearsDiagnosed at age 30 and my whole life finally made sense. This podcast has given me so much insight to what my brain is doing. It has given me a sense of community. It has validated me. It has brought me to my knees in tears finally understanding me at my very core. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and giving me a reason to keep learning and being the best version of ADHD me!
United StatesUnited States2021-10-275Gabs333Diagnosed at 26I was recently diagnosed less than two weeks ago at age 26. Since the diagnosis I’ve been hyper focused learning more about ADHD and the role it’s played in my life up until now. This podcast has been amazing. I’m only in 9 episodes and that’s because each one resonates so much with me I usually listen to them twice. Normally I listen to podcasts on a 1.2x speed but this one I listen to normal speed, clinging on to each word and theme that applies to me. I even teared up at the podcast about shame because finally I found something that I related to so much. I love being able to take what I’ve learned and relay it to my significant other and close people in my life so they too can better understand me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kristen for creating something so valuable and meaningful. I’m delighted that there’s so many more episodes to look forward to!!
CanadaCanada2021-10-285AseeaaI love this podcast and Focused!I love this podcast and Focused! Kristen breaks down things ADHDers struggle with, completely normalizes them and gives tangible tips on thriving with ADHD. Focused is the podcast on steroids. It's such an amazing community.
United StatesUnited States2021-11-015KL1974I’m learning so much!I’m a 47yo female who just got diagnosed with ADHD. Listening to her gentle voice educate me and guide me on how to work with what I’ve considered character flaws my whole life is super helpful! Keep the episodes coming - you’re making a difference in my life (& many others).
United StatesUnited States2021-11-115lanthony821SO GOOD. A hero of a podcast for me!Okay. I’m here giving a review which just doesn’t happen ever because, you know.. I just started listening to this podcast 2 days ago, and started at episode 1. I am currently on episode 10 or so now. I am putting this in my ears at every given opportunity because I can’t get enough. Full disclosure: I did not just learn about my ADHD diagnosis. I was diagnosed 23 years ago! Learning of my diagnosis did not feel like a “eureka!” moment for me. I was put on medication which did help me as far as my grades went, but I did not like how it made me feel back then, and I was embarrassed about my testing accommodations being put on full display in MIDDLE SCHOOL (the worst). I would randomly decide that I’m smarter than the doctors (🙄) and just not take my medication… then my grades would start suffering and we’d try a new medication and the cycle would just keep on repeating itself. Now here I am in my 30’s dealing with the same cycle. I have managed to be somewhat of a “functional adult”, and I have been on medication for a couple of years now without any thoughts of quitting, but I struggle SO much every single day juggling marriage (to another ADHD-er… HELP!), caring for our 3 boys and 2 dogs, maintaining our house, having full-time job, maintaining relationships with friends, the list goes on… and I have been winging it for forever. I never understood why I couldn’t reach the goals I was setting for myself or why I still had major symptoms of ADHD controlling my every move in life when I am on my medication. I truly didn’t know that taking medicine for ADHD was only half of treating it. I never learned that I have to seek counsel, create processes and new methods, change my lifestyle, etc.. to fight against my symptoms. Honestly, my diagnosis had always overwhelmed me as soon as I started reading about it! The symptom list is SO long and reminded me that yes, I have every single one of those and no, I don’t know how to fix it except on those rare super productive days where I feel like I can conquer the world. The stigma around mental health caused me to bury a HUGE part of me that I couldn’t bear to face because it just felt like too much. I felt ashamed that internally I’m a complete mess (and my house/life is a complete mess). I have been letting my ADHD win and control me my entire life. My hiding it rather than accepting it is the sole reason I couldn’t get results. I know this sounds extreme, and it’s only been 2 days of learning, BUT this podcast alone has changed my view completely. Seeing that Kristen has found a way to control her “monster”, (most of the time), take control of her life, and go after her dreams is so inspiring! She had me at “I have 3 boys” (who happen to be the same ages as mine!) she knows my life! The more I listen, the more comfortable I am becoming in my own skin. Gosh, she is so relatable! I am beyond excited that I happened upon this podcast during a Google search a couple of days ago when I was finally fed up with my life cycle enough to Google my monster. I have put my crime podcasts to the side (horrible habit) and I am fully committed to listening to every single one of these episodes while I clean out my MANY closets of shame for the next month... or couple days depending how inspired I get 🤣, and start making real changes in my life. I’m so thankful for Kristen’s dream of creating a podcast to help us ADHD-ers realize that they too, can create routines and habits to make their dreams come to life. I finally understand why my husband and I can’t seem to make real permanent changes to our life no matter how often we talk about our dreams and goals. With both of us being diagnosed, I can’t rely on him to hold me accountable and help me with my symptoms and vice versa, so I know we need extra extra help in order to make changes. The odds are not in our favor but at least we can try. I am currently in the process of finding an ADHD-specialized marriage counselor for my husband and I, and I only have this podcast to thank for that. I have gotten so much good information out of the content so far and I hope she never stops creating it! Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!
United StatesUnited States2021-11-125skdlovescatsSo. 132If you are a parent of a child with ADHD or you have a friend/coworker that has it this episode is for you. Ever wondered why all of those crazy things happen? Get some insight and laugh hysterically as you listen to this episode. This is a great podcast!
CanadaCanada2021-11-145alicia.michelle.xoNew to the crewThis podcast is changing my life! I’m only about 20 episodes in and you have already completely reshaped my mindset on ADHD. Thank you! 💛
ItalyItaly2021-11-185Maria Giulia P.This is a reliefI’ve never listened so easily to a podcast. And I can’t tell its magical recipe, maybe it’s just the perfect timing between objective and abstract concepts and personal tales to help you “visualize” them, but it’s just absolutely, lovely, perfect. Oh, I’m just at 7th episode and I already can FEEL the amount of work you have put in here. I am still undiag but this has been my main reliable source of informations in the endless sea of adhd articles. Thank, thank, thank you Kristen! 💖
CanadaCanada2021-11-195marckeelanbishopKeeps me on trackI use this podcast the way someone might “need a meeting” in a twelve step program. When I find myself slipping into ADHD behaviour I’m trying to change, I play a few episodes to get back on track.
CanadaCanada2021-11-195PinkTaraMSuch a helpful podcastI love love love thus podcast. I feel seen and helped by the content and find I want to share thoughts from the episodes with people often. Thank you for your work, Kristen!! Also your opening line about being medicated has, more than once, reminded me to take my mornings meds 🙌
United StatesUnited States2021-11-215smorganrogersYeassss!Finally, real help. This podcast is so honest about what it feels like to be me and gives real hope and guidance to empower the super sauce we all clearly have! Thank you! ❤️
United StatesUnited States2021-11-235Starsky&Hutch19Great Podcast!I was diagnosed as a kid and never really knew what ADHD entailed. This podcast has made so much sense out of my life. <3
United StatesUnited States2021-11-265Rowan JessThank you!!I don’t feel so lost anymore. This podcast is like relearning how to human, and it’s nice not to be alone on this journey. Thank you!!
United StatesUnited States2021-11-295MalzipanWhat a relief!Newcomer here! What a relief to know that there is a legit reason for the way my brain works. Thank you! Question/request- I would love an episode on Inattentive ADHD🙏
United StatesUnited States2021-11-305Rynes2007Thank YOUI love your honest, real thoughts on ADHD. Picking apart “ADHD” as a super power was so eye opening. Life changing. ❤️❤️
United StatesUnited States2021-12-085Sara8216Make your life easier. Start here.I toy with the idea that I have ADHD with my counselor. This podcast cements it for me. I just finished episode three and writing this review is my first way of owning the diagnosis. Everything mentioned so far in the podcast resonates. Every. Thing. I feel grateful and have a sense of direction. It says listen to this podcast, and it’ll show you the way. Life doesn’t have to be so hard.
United StatesUnited States2021-12-105Eliza_H7514ADHD is not a super powerFeeling so validated about my struggle! Thank you for sharing honest and emotionally healthy perspectives necessary to empower people to get help and find tools to make life a little bit easier.
United StatesUnited States2021-12-195Thekathy1182Thank you for this podcast!!!I was diagnosed with ADHD two months ago… at 38 years old. After crash-banging through 20 years of adulthood, I found myself feeling like an utter failure. Things got way better after starting stimulant meds, but I wasn’t as “better” as I’d hoped I would be, and I had no idea what to do to help myself moving forward. Aside from major imposter syndrome (“How could this have been missed for so long?!”) I didn’t have a clue what it meant to be an adult woman with ADHD. Cue this podcast. Kristen clearly explains so many facets of ADHD that I’d never considered before. It literally moved me to tears of relief knowing that lazy, unmotivated, sloppy, undisciplined, disorganized, forgetful, and all the other labels I’d slapped on myself over the years weren’t personality traits — they were symptoms. This podcast is finally helping me to heal, understand myself, and move forward. I’m so very grateful for Kristen and her insights. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 💜
CanadaCanada2021-12-225Bruce BerreclothJust diagnosed age 53, recently divorced from a wonderful person.Thank you for this podcast. I have just finished episode 13. Every episode has been enlightening and an amazing guide. This episode has helped me formulate a way for my family to understand what is going on and how we got here. I look forward to catching up with the current episodes and learning to live a better life. Thank you.
United StatesUnited States2021-12-255Otto from Orlando, FLA blessingThe prophet Hosea said once: “My people perish because of their lack of knowledge”. This could not be more true about ADHD. I am 43 and just recently accepted and started to actively work with my diagnosis. I started listening to the podcast not even a week ago and it’s been such a blessing. It has in some sense healed me by uncovering the root causes of why I have felt so inadequate throughout my life. I will continue listening and recommend others who are just starting this journey to do so as well. Thank you Kristen and may the Lord keep using you. O from Orlando
United StatesUnited States2021-12-285Anja AshValidated! Finally!I just found out I have ADHD at 45! Your podcast is one of the first resources I’ve found for understanding what this means. There are so many things in each episode that I do to the point it feels like you’ve been looking over my shoulder for my whole life, insert Twilight Zone music 😂 This has been one of the most validating experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for what you’re doing, for helping me understand that I’m not a crap person. I’m not lazy, I’m not a slob, I’m not a slacker, “I’m just a person with ADHD.” I have finally found my people.
United StatesUnited States2021-12-295engineer4GodEncouragement to get diagnosedThank you Kristen for encouraging me to get diagnosed! I am 30 years old and a struggling mechanical engineer. I never in a million years thought I could have ADHD because I lack the hyperactivity part but most of the inattentive symptoms are very prominent and I did very well in school. But my struggles as an adult at work and relationships made me suspect ADHD. After watching the episode about getting diagnosed I found an inexpensive online assessment that came out with a positive diagnosis. Now the next step- learning how to deal with it.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2021-12-305Rosettah!Worth your weight in gold!The laughs and aha moments I’ve had since discovering your podcast is innumerable. Every listen has had something I can take away and use. Your sincerity radiates and your honesty has been so valuable to me. I’ll be a forever faithful listener. Thank you so much!
United StatesUnited States2021-12-305SlideToUnlockThe best adhd podcastI’ve listened to so many adhd podcasts/books/etc and this podcast has made more comprehensive changes than anything written by a doctor. The actual strategies have helped my life so much. I found this podcast from some of the newer episodes but going back to the first episode has been with it.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-01-065thatyoginurseAmazingAt the beginning of my journey understanding ADHD and you have explained so well, helping me know what to do to move forward! Thank you, I feel so understood
United StatesUnited States2022-01-115Clarity060A Life-changing PodcastI have learned so much and I love how it’s all delivered in a kind, gentle, funny way. This podcast has helped keep me afloat since my ADHD diagnosis a year ago. So grateful!
United StatesUnited States2022-01-145CmcmrossSupport for the undiagnosed.This podcast has really helped me understand ADHD, self patience/kindness (barf), practical tools, and myself better. I appreciate the coaching calls and the explanations for common behaviors of folks managing ADHD. I don’t have a diagnosis yet, but I’m moving forward with counseling and treatment. Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2022-01-135Whokares16Validation!!I am 36 and was just recently diagnosed with ADHD. This podcast has helped me understand my diagnosis better. I have been able to laugh (and cry) at myself, as I discover all of the things that I didn’t know were caused by ADHD. I have felt so much validation in my experiences. Love this podcast!
United StatesUnited States2022-01-195kmr0033Great tool in my arsenalI was diagnosed in 2021 at age 22, and it was an amazing validating feeling. But I continued to struggle with symptoms and finding the right treatment, I had kinda convinced myself (incorrectly) that getting answers would fix everything. I found a medication that works for me, but I was still struggling with shame and blaming myself when I experienced side effects. I knew I needed to start putting in the work to bettering myself, but I didn’t know where to start. I have a long commute and am allowed to use headphones at my tax job so podcasts are my best friends. I wanted one created by someone with ADHD because I just really needed that type of support and community, and this was on a list of good adhd podcasts and the only one on the list made by someone with ADHD. It’s been life changing, I’ve been listening from the beginning and the episode on shame could not have come at a better time. I’m not lying when I said it’s exactly what I needed at the moment. I am a serial binger, but I have forced myself not to binge this podcast because I don’t want to just be listening, I want to process and understand what she’s saying. I honestly only listen to an episode or two a week, which is insane for me, but that way I’m not overloading myself with information. I’ve showed some episodes/sources to my friends and mom, particularly the one on regulating emotions because that is a big issue for me. This podcast is not my only treatment, but it’s become really important for me. Kristen’s vulnerability and honesty has made me more comfortable with myself and my symptoms. I also feel like I’m listening to a cool older sister who knows what I’m going through because she’s lived it. I am a business woman and I want to be a mom one day and watching her say “hey I have adhd and I struggle, but I’m human and I’m working on bettering myself and you can do it too” is really important. This podcast might not be for everyone because people with adhd aren’t all the same and not all treatment helps all people with adhd, but this has been life changing for me. I’ve started trying to relisten to episodes I feel really speak to me, like the 5 beliefs, and taking notes. I hope Kristen knows that if she feels like she hasn’t done anything important today, she made my day a little better. As someone with adhd, I could honestly write 10,000 more words on my experience with this podcast (spaces added cause I often struggle reading long walls of text)
United StatesUnited States2022-01-205ama05Simply love.Extremely happy I found this! Thank you.
United StatesUnited States2022-01-245MovingForwardMamaTrue, Funny yet RealI searched for years to find an ADHD podcast for adults that was interesting, informative, practical and fun. So If that is what you are also looking for, you have found it. Kristen is raw and authentic. She own the diagnosis and doesn’t apologize or make excuses for it. I have never found a podcast that synced with me the way this one does. Keep pushing Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2022-01-245im_a_bizzie_beeThis has impacted my lifeBeing recently diagnosed at the age of 40 with ADHD I was having trouble finding a home for my thoughts about my diagnosis, about my reflections on my past, about how to move forward without shame about my diagnosis. Kristen has done such a wonderful job of making those with and without ADHD feel welcome, feel that they are not alone and that ADHD is hard but it doesn’t have to be. Her realness in every episode comforts me in knowing that I am doing the right thing. Definitely recommend this to all that have , think they have or know someone who’s has ADHD!!!
United StatesUnited States2022-01-255FvkbouI dig itA few episodes deep and i can say Kristen keeps it real. I’ve watched nearly every adhd video on YouTube, and listened to many podcasts and not alot resonate with me to a very high degree but this one does. Looking forward to many more great insights and wisdom as i delve deeper.
United StatesUnited States2022-01-255ADHDER 4 LIFELife Changing ValueThis podcast has added so much value to my ADHD journey. It has changed the way I view myself in such a positive way. I final know why my brain functions the way it does. I have learned how to except and love my brain from this podcast.
CanadaCanada2022-01-275Marcus SchmalingGreat podcastSuper helpful podcast. Appreciate her vulnerability and speaking from her ADHD experience.
AustraliaAustralia2022-01-281YesgayOne sidedI really wanted to like this podcast and even did very briefly. However I find the way she delivers it to be very one sided and almost condescending. We all know having adhd isn’t the best thing in the world but it’s certainly not the worst. This podcast would benefit from more promotion and focus on what we are can do rather than a constant reminder that we are ‘different’. There’s enough kf this happening in society from Neurotypical people. I also agree with previous reviews that this podcast is very privileged and although I am fortunate to consider myself privileged, I feel uneasy because it’s only focused towards that.
United StatesUnited States2022-01-315Jillian LindelofHDHD!!! We are not ALONELove love love
United StatesUnited States2022-02-025jenmtreuCompassion and skills all in one!This is such a great podcast for ADHD adults! Lots of insights, tips and inner work. Thank you for making it happen.
United StatesUnited States2022-02-025L. Fish in TexasLife changingThis podcast is completely and utterly amazing. Kristen knows so much and has experienced so much relating to adhd. I feel like a trusted friend has taken me under her wing, explained how my brain works, helped me see ways I can improve and why and encourages me to manage my life in a healthy, no nonsense way. She’s knowledgeable, understanding and supportive. I have learned so much and can’t wait to learn more. Kristen is literally changing my life. Listen to her so she can help you change yours, you’ll be glad you did. Kristen, I know I have heard you say that these reviews mean so much to you and I want you to know just how much your podcast means to me. Thank you for doing all the work you did to get here. You are helping so many people and families and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. From a Recently diagnosed ADHDer in her 40’s, mother of 5, wife and friend in Texas.
United StatesUnited States2022-02-045pattycske san duegoFantastic showLove the show!
United StatesUnited States2022-02-055Morehead teacherVery helpful!I’m 60 and have known I have ADHD since my 30’s but only in the past two years have begun doing “the work.” This is one of my podcasts I turn to each week for tips, shared experiences, and validation.
United StatesUnited States2022-02-055intuition holy spiritThank youThis makes me feel less alone in this crazy world💕
CanadaCanada2022-02-065Kate.B.M.Life changingI was diagnosed just three weeks shy of turning 29. Just two weeks ago. I’m only 11 episodes in and this podcast has already been life changing. I can’t wait to see what else I learn. Thank you for sharing 💕
AustraliaAustralia2022-02-065JedhtoSo Glad I Found This PodcastThis is a great podcast for practical outcomes for adult women with ADHD. I am really enjoying it, and using the planning for 2022 right now in my calendar. Love the domino approach! Thanks
United StatesUnited States2022-02-105grand marais 77GOLLY I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU WOMAN!Just when I feel like I’m alone and all I want to do is crawl back in bed…but then low and behold your weekly podcast pops up! I swear every time I listen I can resonate in so many ways and I walk away feeling inspired and so much better about myself! The Holy Spirit is using you Kristen in so many ways…lifting your beautiful head up in prayer…give yourself grace…you got this because God’s got this✌️ And seriously Thank you so much for not giving up on your hard days… remember it will pay off…I know God‘s going to bless you immensely💓 Carrie Schrock
United StatesUnited States2022-02-115David Dad ADHDBe encouraged, inspired and changedIf you have ADHD, think you might have it, or know someone who does, this podcast is for you. Kristen paints a clear picture of ADHD, and will help you to understand the reality, facts, challenges, while offering the pathway towards getting the needed tools to reach your full potential. This podcast has been a place of comfort, solace, acceptance and helped me to have a sense of “normalcy”. Thank you Kristen for your courage, boldness, transparency and wisdom. I thank the Lord for the way He is using you, as you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I am married, and the father of four adult children, two of which were recently diagnosed with ADHD. Through their diagnosis this sparked what I already knew to be true, that I also have ADHD. Today this was confirmed through my Dr. I have known since a child, that I was “special” and that I had ADHD, and in all seriousness, I see ADHD as a gift, and have seen the way that God has used this gift through me, as I am extremely high functioning. However I always believed that I could just buck up, put my head down and persevere. I am so happy, to have found “my people” and am jumping in feet first to get all the help I need. Thanks again Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2022-02-135SDRiggs80A lifelineI’m a late-diagnosed “ADHDer,” at the age of 35 it took a fellow ADHDer to recognize my symptoms and make me promise to talk to my doctor. It was, perhaps, foolish to think that a prescription from my primary care doctor would just solve the problem. When the medication’s effectiveness tapered off, the pandemic entered its second year, and I changed jobs for the fourth time in 3 years I didn’t know what I was going to do. This podcast let me know I wasn’t going crazy, that I wasn’t alone, and prompted me to take the next steps. I finally have an appointment with a psychiatrist, the vocabulary to talk to my husband about this condition, and - most importantly - I have hope.
United StatesUnited States2022-02-155Marual517Awesome resource!!So glad I found this resource
AustraliaAustralia2022-02-155Andi CeeExcellent positive podcast!Since diagnosis several months ago, I’ve been absorbing everything I can to understand myself better, and I am so so happy to have discovered this podcast! Her episode on “5 things you need instead of motivation” is exactly what I needed today. I highly recommend this to anyone who has ADHD, and needs positive direction and clear, relevant help. Thank you so much Kristen and the team!
CanadaCanada2022-02-275Nick the PianistLove it so muchi’m not exactly an adult yet but this podcast is still so helpful and i love it. THANKS SO MUCH!
United StatesUnited States2022-02-275N8r8rValidating and helpfulNo fluff…a lot of great content…presented for ADHD brains and those who love them. I listen on 2x speed and it’s fantastic. Great resource for any adult diagnosed with ADHD
United StatesUnited States2022-03-022FocusPocusWitchAll about the moneyI started listening to this podcast from the first episode and I really liked it so I even signed up for the membership, which is not cheap. I was so excited, I thought if the free episodes were so good then the paid membership must be the bee’s knees. However, it was the opposite of everything I hoped for or I was led to expect. The earlier free episodes are wonderful but the membership was a huge disappointment. I kept it up for several months to see if it was just an unfortunate first impression but in my opinion there is just WAY too much money talk — mostly about how Kristen built her amazing business and how many digits there are in her income. It all started to seem more and more like an expensive and exclusive Kristen Carder fan club — talking about how successful she is, how pretty her outfit is, etc. which is totally okay to some degree but I felt like it was a bit much. This is supposed to be a coaching program for adults with ADHD. I do understand money is important but there is almost no class/episode/zoom call where this topic doesn’t come up and it’s fairly annoying. The actual coaching part is good, not amazing but OK — super repetitive and shallow, and also includes a lot of fluff and off topic chatter, which I prefer to do with my friends and definitely not for $200/month. Kristen is lovely and fairly knowledgeable, however the program is not worth the membership. She mostly repeats the same stuff she covers in the free podcasts. I had high hopes based on the earlier podcasts and no I feel silly paying for this for so long. That being said, it seems like the program does work for many people.
United StatesUnited States2022-03-045annie whittakerThe best!!Incredibly helpful
United StatesUnited States2022-03-065dan dan TVTotally relatableI am 35 and was diagnosed with ADHD about 6 months ago. For the majority of my adult life I tried many ways to get my life together, and each time I failed. I feel like for the first time I am learning about myself. I feel like I can relate to every episode. So many issues and behaviors addressed describe me directly. By listening to this podcast, I am learning that I am not the only one struggling, it’s not my fault that I am this way, and I can improve. Thank you, Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2022-03-055Diva C2011Life changing!This podcast is truly a God send for me. All my life I have just wondered why i forget things, why I’m so unorganized, why did I use to get into a lot of car accidents, and so on. Never knew that I just simply have ADHD. When you don’t know, you just walk around thinking something is wrong with you and you beat yourself up. (And the people around you get so irritated with you.) But thanks to Kristen I am learning so much about myself and teaching the ones I love about how different (but awesome) I am with my adhd brain! Kristen thank you so much. This podcast is life changing and a sigh of relief for my adhd brain. Keep doing what you do. You are changing lives!
United StatesUnited States2022-03-055CgazaveThank you!Thank you so much! I really needed to hear what you had to say 🙂
United StatesUnited States2022-03-045radsue2I really needed this!I just found out I have ADHD. I have been struggling in a lot of areas I never truly understood and this podcast has completely opened my eyes. It’s been about two years since I’ve speculated I may have ADHD and I finally met with a psychiatrist and I haven’t felt more “normalized” thank you for this podcast, thank you for speaking quickly… thank you so much for what you do.
United StatesUnited States2019-02-072EQL816She's one one of us!I listen to all the podcasts about ADHD - I like Kristen because she gives you real information in a clear and understandable way. Also, she keeps it short and sweet which is soooo important for me to stay engaged. Love it!
United StatesUnited States2022-03-095TrmunitedI am loving this podcast!I am 47 and self-diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and believe to be on the autism spectrum. I am a new listener and so far, this podcast has helped me to see what I need to do. However, I am procrastinating seeking a medical diagnosis just simply because it sounds extremely difficult. I do believe that medication would help me tremendously though so I am pushing myself to start the process. This podcast has helped give me some direction and emboldened me to accept what is and to plod forward on the path to coping. Thank you 😊 Curcha Marks
United StatesUnited States2022-03-115gemellenThank you x foreverWhere has Kristen Carder been all my life?
CanadaCanada2022-03-135Amy EBA lightbulb momentI’m a healthcare professional and listening to this podcast really brought to light a lot of the biases that can frustrate ADHD patients (ie. the hyperactive little boy in elementary school). I’m realizing that I have a lot of ADHD symptoms myself and that my own depression and anxiety may have been misdiagnosed all those years ago because I’m a high functioning female. This realization has pushed me to investigate further and although I don’t have an official diagnosis its helped me to identify why my brain behaves the way it does and how to hack it to make my life easier. Thanks for educating us all - you’re doing amazing work! 🙂
United StatesUnited States2022-03-155Dr. GregoriovichSo glad I found thisKristen is relatable and knowledge. I’ve been learning a lot about my condition after being undiagnosed for 40 years. I’m so glad I found her podcast.
United StatesUnited States2022-03-225asdfgghjkkllopGrateful for the community & knowledgeIt’s been validating finding this podcast, the community and the knowledge that’s all offered.
United StatesUnited States2022-03-235Gadfada79The Carder of ADHDFrom since day one that I have listen to your podcast and I’m now up to episode six I feel like you have walked my life in phases before I could even recognize that I have ADHD and so I wanna thank you. I have shared you with my sister who shared you to me I have shared it with my kids and my niece and also my girl because you really help understand the meaning of dealing with ADHD as an adult. So continue doing what you’re doing and thank you so much for the transparency of having ADHD
CanadaCanada2022-03-255lg604Great podcast, thank youHi Kristen, Just wanted to say I’m loving your podcast. I just started from the very beginning. I’m only on episode 8! I have come to the realization lately, at 35 years old, that I think have ADD and I’m talking to my doctor about it. It has been exciting to realize a lot of my traits throughout my life might be because of this disorder. Even just in the 8 episodes I have listened to I’m amazed at how much I resonate with what you have said and I often think “omg that’s me”. One of your first podcasts helped me talk to my husband about my possible diagnosis and I how ADD affects me, specifically with keeping the house clean, staying organized, inability to prioritize, time management and how hard those things are for me. I’m so happy I have found your podcast and can’t wait to listen to all of the episodes and apply some of the lessons to my life. Thank you! Have a great day!
CanadaCanada2022-03-265sumscottThank YOU for episode 151Thank you so much for episode 151. Women and Radical Acceptance…. I’m rescently diagnosed at 43 and oooh boy this is a journey! This episode gave so much insight in to how I experienced LIFE 💕
United StatesUnited States2022-04-025Mrs2003So grateful as a mental health professional for this show!I just listened to your summary from International Women’s Month and I loved it!I did not get diagnosed with ADHD until I was in my 40s did not give myself permission to treat it medically for years after that.As a high cheaper in the business, treats clients, writes books, travels nationally in speaks and coaches counselors, I didn’t fully embrace the diagnosis until I had a SPECT at Amen clinics. I was working with a teenage girl who I realized was struggling with anxiety because she did not understand her ADHD diagnosis and I was looking for some quality education for her and found it in this podcast but also discovered that listening to this podcast is incredibly encouraging for me because it validates my reality and the way I run my life. I focus on connection with my kids over household organization. I also don’t sweat meals. I not only have a housekeeper but I have someone who helps me take care of my own household chores because I am better spending my time doing what I do best and I make more money at it than it costs me to have that help. Thank you for the work you’re doing! I’m in the middle of a book launch and it’s been a hard season and this show has been a voice of positivity in the midst of it.
United StatesUnited States2022-04-015pp-pp_pppThank youI honestly can’t think this podcast enough. It feels like every moment going through is met with the perfect episode not long after. I am still in the first year of my diagnosis and I am so incredibly thankful that I have Kristen here alongside me.I have genuinely felt like the tactics I have learned from these episodes have improved my life. Seriously, thank you!
United StatesUnited States2022-04-045💜Linds💜She just hits home and gives specific advice💗I love that Kristen explores all the things adhd in great detail, BUT it’s detail I can follow and actually enjoy. She has been a God send so far! I love her approach of finding the root cause of things and how she leans on psychology and explains why we do what we do. ❓❓Kristen, I hear you say you want us to request a podcast topic or pick your brain on topics. I would like you to address when you are newly diagnosed and although you have accepted the diagnosis, it is often questioned by those closest to you. For me, my husband (when the first medicine didn’t work, he said well maybe that’s because it’s not adhd, when I go through my cycle and my meds work less he brings it up again. It’s also down played by my mother (although she does see the history and agrees I was probabaly high functioning, but thinks hormones have set this off and that if the hormone is fixed I will get better- basically refuses to believe that having a child was ALOT for me and set this off) I am newly diagnosed at 30- brain went haywire postpartum (29) at first I thought it was hormones, mom brain etc. but after a year and half of it I began searching for more answers. I was a nurse and it had never occurred to me that I could have adhd before, until I started googling my symptoms and talked to a friend who is a teacher that just so happens to work with children with adhd on a regular basis and she recommend that I get evaluated. I know there is an episode on who to share your diagnosis with, but I felt my husband and my mother are my main support systems and this has all sort of blind sided me and also made me second guess my diagnosis. I know though that I have and have always had adhd, but this denial from those closest to me has really upset me, it caught my by surprise, angered me, confused me, made me reluctant to talk about it with anyone else, has made me continue to research other psych problems and hormone problems to see if this has been the cause. I would just like your advice on this when you have time 🙂it hurts to not feel validated. Thanks for all your help 💜
SwitzerlandSwitzerland2022-04-185Claudita169Best ADHD Podcast for adultsLove this podcast so much and recently joined Focused, which is the best investment in myself I have done in a long time!
New ZealandNew Zealand2022-04-185Aleesha OmanThis podcast is life changing!This podcast has literally changed my life. It has inspired me to seek help and get a diagnosis, and continues to help me on my ADHD journey. It has made me feel like I am visible and my feelings and actions are valid. I have been listening for over a year now and I now look forward to the new episodes every week! Kristen almost feels like a second mum to me, she is so calming and full of love as she speaks to us. She really makes me feel warm, loved and validated. Thank you Kristen and team, sending you virtual hugs! Sending love all the way from New Zealand! ❤️
CanadaCanada2022-04-195rogue.megThank you!I recently was diagnosed as a 33 year old new mama. And let me tell you, this podcast has helped me make sense of so many things in my life! I’ve never felt so seen. Going from the feeling of “what is wrong with me” the majority of my life, to a place of understanding has been life changing. The tools that your podcast is giving me and the acceptance and kindness that you bring to the table is priceless. Thank you so so much!
United StatesUnited States2022-04-225Meri deGrootPhenomenal showI am so glad I found Kristen’s podcast on my ADHD journey. After suffering from worsening symptoms due to the pandemic, I started looking for support in recent months. I am grateful I stumbled across the episodes about women in March - they were so enlightening and helped me feel less alone.
United StatesUnited States2022-04-214DavidYorkGreat podcastUnderstood her, but 30 minutes is too long for me to listen in one sitting. Executive decision and time management is my issue, I just exist to the dismay to so many others.
United StatesUnited States2022-04-235KristyHBCan’t say enough about how helpful this podcast is for meI’m a psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, I have ADHD, have many clients with same diagnosis, a TON of tools and strategies and self-awareness, and I find Kristin Carder’s coaching on this podcast so dang helpful. I’ve only listened to a few episodes but this has now become one of my favorite coaching and educational and self awareness tools to help me manage my life - both personal and professional. So grateful to have this available to me! 🙏💜❗️thank you thank you thank you please keep doing this forever.
United StatesUnited States2022-04-245ginger3308The BEST adhd podcast!! LOVE LOVE LOVEI can’t say enough good things about this podcast! I have been binge listening from the first episode and it has literally changed my life. She explains things in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. I was diagnosed as an adult and this podcast is what I’ve been missing my entire life! I relate with almost every single episode. She has helped to change my mindset about my adhd and that has been the missing puzzle piece I didn’t know I needed. I basically talk about this podcast every single day, sharing what I’ve learned to friends and family, because it is so incredibly helpful and insightful. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I get caught up with all the episodes because I listen for hours every day. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
CanadaCanada2022-04-275MJ Saskie#154 I am not aloneI related to every caller. “ I am the solution “ is hopefully going to help me push through a couple of roadblocks. “Do it yourself” is an empowering comeback I learned just this year. And ya I need to grieve, and let go of who I thought I would be👍👍👍👍👍
United StatesUnited States2022-05-025socialworkmomWhat is ADHD and How do I explain itThank you! This episode was extremely helpful. I just found your podcast yesterday and wow! I am totally impressed! Thank you for your time and compassion! I followed your show and going through episodes to binge listen to!💕
United StatesUnited States2022-05-035caitica86Realistic about ADHDLove the podcast- it’s one of the few that’s not just oozing toxic positivity. Actionable steps from someone who isn’t claiming ADHD is only for the most talented, successful people. Most of the interviewees are awesome & I learn a lot/get a lot of encouragement. After hearing Dr. Hallowell speak so candidly, it’s not surprising he was charged with assault. Get the same vibes from him as the old men at work who only look at my T&A when speaking to me- the feeling that I want to avoid being alone with them at all costs.
United StatesUnited States2022-05-035jentryj247i have found my peoplethis podcast has changed my life. a must listen for anyone who wants to better understand themselves or a loved one w/adhd. i appreciate all the work Kristen is doing & sharing w/us! She is amazing!!
United StatesUnited States2022-05-035DaniliMKThank you Kristen!I found the podcast to help deal with my own Adhd struggles. I began choosing episodes relevant to my most concerning issues, but now I’m just going through in order so I can make sure I don’t miss anything. Kristen is so good about breaking topics down into manageable - truly useable information - and is so personable and relatable! Thank you!!!!!
CanadaCanada2022-05-045ARaicheYes! 100% the best ADHD podcast!This podcast has made me feel like a part of a community for the first time! I’ve always felt so alone and living in my head, but now my self acceptance is growing leaps and bounds. So informative, inclusive, and genuine.
CanadaCanada2022-05-055wanna be everythingThis Podcast is a MiracleOh my goodness. This podcast is a real-life freaking miracle. All those days spent curled up in a ball, wondering why I couldn’t get anything done? This is my answer and medicine (well besides getting some *actual* brain medicine, which I never would have pursued had it not been for this podcast.) thank you new best friend, Kristen Carder.
United StatesUnited States2022-05-065moeswannThank you SO muchI’m only five episodes in from the beginning of this podcast, but I have never felt so validated in my life. Hearing you be so vulnerable about your own experiences has made me feel so NORMAL!! I was absolutely filled with shame whenever my ADHD symptoms would cause a disturbance in my day. Even just these few episodes has helped me to let go of that, just a bit. Thank you.
United StatesUnited States2022-05-105Draq WolfIt’s like she is in my brainThis podcast is so amazing and a must listenIf you or someone you love has ADHD.
United StatesUnited States2022-05-115cblavLove!The most helpful podcast I’ve found for adult ADHD. Thank you!
AustraliaAustralia2022-05-122Anna, AustraliaUpset with recent wordingDespite it being a plug for her own life coaching (it’s her podcast, of course she can do this and I always appreciate free content), I didn’t love how she recently pushed the interviewee to talk about how group coaching can help people with adhd - it really didn’t seem organic and more like a marketing tactic. If this is the way the pod is heading maybe Kristen needs to be more upfront about that? So that people who can’t afford $199 USD a month for Focussed don’t think it’s the be all end all solution they need. I was recently also upset by her wording of it being a place for ‘educated professionals’ and was a bit taken aback by that. I mean, I fit that category and I still can’t afford it (adhd life, right?!) but imagine how alienating it would feel for listeners who aren’t ‘educated professionals’ who have adhd. Not good 🙁
United StatesUnited States2022-05-165DvGutsMind BLOWN from every single episode!!!Thank you, thank you, thank you Kristen Carder! I’m 50 years young and *finally* understand what’s been going on with me my ENTIRE LIFE. I appreciate you more than words can express.
CanadaCanada2022-05-195KaryneBThank you!I am soooo glad that I found this podcast! I am turning 35 years old this summer. Mom of beautiful 2 years old toddler. I’ve always asked myself why I have so much trouble to stay focus on a long period and procrastinate? Why I am not able to work a 9-5 schedule like everybody else? I suspect recently that I have ADD. This podcast give me so much clarity and a lot of informations and strategies. I recognize myself and feel in a way seen and understood. I am right now waiting to go forward merting a specialist. It is the next step for me. Thank you so much for this podcast. French canadian supporter and fan right here! 🙂
United StatesUnited States2022-05-255Mo-220-BSpot on with my experienceIt’s like she has walked in my shoes. She doesn’t know me but knows my biggest struggles and attempts to help me with them. I’m super grateful!
United StatesUnited States2022-05-265C.HooHoly smokes! It’s ME!I just found this podcast and listened to the “binge eating and adhd” episode and my mind is blown. I learned so much about myself and I feel like I’m starting to understand where many of my behaviors come from and tips for dealing with the problematic ones. And I am SURE that the more episodes I listen to, the more this will be true. Thank you for this podcast, I’m in love!
United StatesUnited States2022-05-265ilovepresidenttrumpMimiAwesome listen Kristen delivers the perfect shows speakers and love !! Thank you !!!!
United StatesUnited States2022-05-275adamslakeThis podcast is life-changing!Kristen Carder & your amazing team — thank you for pouring your time, energy, and love into this podcast for adults with ADHD! I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2019. I still felt like something was “wrong with me.” The value and information you provide in the podcast episodes inspired me to talk with my family about mental health. Unbeknownst to me, my dad and sister have ADHD! As I was listening to Kristen’s podcast, I felt like she was talking directly to me and gave me the encouragement to see my primary care doctor and get screened for ADHD. I was diagnosed in April 2022 with ADHD. This podcast is providing me with tools and scaffolding. One day, once I have the funds, I’d love to join the Focused program.
United StatesUnited States2022-05-311Sportdue55Trying to Sell her ProgramTwo minutes into my first episode, she tries selling her class. Yikes. Unfollowing.
United StatesUnited States2022-06-085ChrissyMomof4*Changed my life in such a short time!Kristen, you have changed my life literally in such a short amount of time. I am an almost 30 year old mom with two biological kids (one officially diagnosed) and two bonus kids from my husband (one we suspect but not diagnosed yet). I only just got my diagnosis a few months ago. After all of the negativity I had heard about it my whole life and also with all of the mental abuse I had received for 6 years from my ex husband telling me I was a psychotic B word, telling me I was stupid and useless. I feel so free! I still struggle with feeling those things still about myself but I feel much more free now. And that is all because of 1 my diagnosis, 2 my medication 3 my therapy 4 having the support from my loving husband now and 5 listening to you and your podcasts! I have been tackling all of them every morning when I get ready for work. And you would love to know, I listen to an episode that I relate so heavily to (hahaha that’s almost all of them, okay, that’s all of them) but I get so excited and I make my husband listen. So anyways, thank you so much for being you, thank you for getting on and sharing your life experiences and giving your advise. You have helped me so much!
CanadaCanada2022-06-085maacc99A blessingThis podcast has been an absolute blessing to my soul and brain. Thank you!!! As a 23 year old self diagnosed female, I am finally accepting it and all the different quirks about myself. You are making this so much easier for me. I am learning so much and almost every episode I listen to it’s like a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I tell myself “holy crap, you’re not alone!”. Thank you again ❤️
United StatesUnited States2022-06-155SchlingRaeThe more I listen the more I love itThis podcast really has helped tremendously in solidifying skills and finding new ones. I’m a late diagnosed ADHD entrepreneur and Kristen just hits every aspect of my life and more In these podcast episodes. I was pleasantly surprised she had an intuitive eating professional on for the episode about binge eating and ADHD. This podcast is refreshing and just everything I didn’t know I needed. Thank you.
CanadaCanada2022-06-185Jen.E.Bailey1776This Podcast Gives Me HopeI’ve only been listening to this podcast for about a week, but I’ve already been implementing many of the strategies Kristen recommends and noticing a major positive difference in my productivity and internal dialogue. Kristen is incredibly funny, smart, and kind. But most importantly, she gives me hope that I can learn to better manage my ADHD symptoms and become the successful, focused women I’ve always dreamed of being. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
United StatesUnited States2022-06-205ilk lo by tilLife changing and Bingeworthy:)I found this at the right time, it is so positive and reaches me where I am at (as a late in life to understand that I have ADHDer--I am 49!!) and am unravelling all that baggage, thanks for the inspiration, knowledge, and tools!! I am on the journey:)
United StatesUnited States2022-06-205Sarah C CatherineLife changingThis podcast has truly been life changing and eye opening. I listen to your podcast often and I feel like I have learned so much about myself and I find that I have given myself more grace and it has really helped me improve my mindset! I constantly replay the episodes and I’m starting to take notes! I hope to start the focus group soon! Thank you for you hard work and dedication to help us and teach us!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-06-215Rubber RitchiePlease change the thumbnailHad to unsubscribe because of the awful thumbnail
United StatesUnited States2022-06-215Mom.AngeBut Oh!!Really I love the show, I do. I was diagnosed just a few months ago at age 57 and I love love my ADHD brain. I hate what I hate, and I love what I love and there is no in-between. Please don’t judge me if I love Marie Kondo and other things you said I would likely hate 😘
United StatesUnited States2022-06-214Joni541Great, but possible religious slantI was really digging this podcast until I came across the porn episode. She and the guest host approached the episode with a fundamental belief that porn is wrong, and that *any* porn consumption is problematic. If you’re uncomfortable with (what I read as) religious undertones in your self-development content, just keep this mind.
United StatesUnited States2022-06-275MarissaWorxOwtVery informative!!!I’m awaiting my dr apt to talk to her about possibly suffering from ADHD. I’ve only made it the “Shame” episode, and I already can tell this has been affecting my life for more than 20 years! I’m 34, and things just seem to keep getting harder and harder to be a normal functioning adult and trying to hold my marriage together. Thank you for this podcast! 💛
United StatesUnited States2022-06-295RiffleGrahamGaslighting No MoreI am so thankful to have found you by way of Jen Kirkman’s show, Anxiety Bites. Episode 9 and the resources you provided were especially enlightening and helpful. This is totally me and I’m currently seeking treatment, which isn’t easy or a quick process.
United StatesUnited States2022-06-295ghosts that we knewThis podcast is very helpfulI was recently diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 42. And I also seem to be in the express lane for a ASD diagnosis in the next two months (when I have my appointment). It’s been a lot mixed emotions and I am working through it. This podcast has helped me with that. So thank you, Kristen. You answer a lot of my questions, make some of the regret and confusion disappear for a while and have good recommendations for books. So thank you again for all the hard work you do to help myself and others.
United StatesUnited States2022-06-295RoReiboldtSo thankfulSuch a weight has been lifted, to learn I don’t have to succumb to the symptoms I have been experiencing. Thank you for your transparency and for keeping each episode easy to follow and absorb. I have started at the beginning and am super hopeful about my future, specifically where vision and goals are concerned and how to navigate my inability to know, see, and achieve them.
United StatesUnited States2022-07-015flatlander7008Gamechanger!!I am a 52 yo woman who denied that I had ADHD until about 6 months ago. I’ve tried most of the meds with limited success. I’m only on episode 10 but it’s already been a game changer for me. I’m a person who needs to know WHY and she really helps with that! Just listened to episode 9 about Emotional Explosivity and I’m headed to apologize to my husband of 28 years and then explain to him why I blow up like I do. If you have ADHD, you know that no matter how good the material, some podcasts are just impossible to listen to - usually because they talk too slow or have other distracting things that prevent you from being able to focus on the content. NOT Kristen - she’s so easy to listen to!! She also emphasizes every episode that she is not a medical professional and to seek treatment for your ADHD which I am. 🙂
CanadaCanada2022-07-025Elana2.0Thank you. Can so relate.Hi. I have been listening now for a few months and try as I may just can’t implement or won’t implement your wonderful suggestions. I just finished Self Sabotage podcast and oh boy, that’s me. There is much work to do here and you nailed it! Identify the why and is it for my overall benefit to continue on the negative path. Feel the emotions and interrupt them. I deserve better and to be my best self. I just need to believe it and work on getting there. Thank you. Keep up this good work as many are getting better in their daily lives because of you!
CanadaCanada2022-07-095dmartin08FinallyI finally feel like I found a community that is understands that every day struggle. Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2022-07-125Jules in NDJaw dropping.I learned, discovered, that how my brain operates is through the ADHD spectrum. Laughing it off, I just thought it was “normal” to have 28 projects going at one time and nothing near completion. I have always struggled with time blindness. Procrastination is fueled by my time blindness. I thirst for knowledge, diving deep into topics that are new and shiny, leaving other in my to do list later. The moment I listened to this podcast, my jaw dropped. EVERYTHING NOW MAKES SENSE TO ME! I am truly leaning into who I am, embracing ADHD rather than shaming it. In just two days, I have taken in so many juicy bits from this podcast. Finally, someone who speaks on my level. Thank you for pouring your energy into this podcast, Kristin!
CanadaCanada2022-07-125ColormycrazySo helpful!!!!I’m 38 and just diagnosed with ADHD. I’ve read so many articles and listened to audio books but just in the first several episodes (i started at the first one) I understand why I have this and why everything I’ve struggled with and felt isn’t my fault, and how I can actually have adhd and thrive instead of the way I have been just trying to survive everyday. The grocery shopping episode was a huge help for me, I have never been able to explain to anyone or myself why grocery shopping has been such an issue, it doesn’t seem that difficult but it is the hardest to do, my husband loves food and to eat and grocery shops no problem, we probably fight about my not thinking about food the most! I’m going to allow myself to grocery shop the way my adhd brain needs me to, thank you for helping me see its ok, can’t wait to listen to more.
United StatesUnited States2022-07-175Lins923This is incredibly helpful in understanding my brain!They say a piece of ADHD is focusing on things you’re interested in… well I’ve binged this podcast all weekend and just feel so much more understood and equipped to handle ADHD! Thank you so much!
United StatesUnited States2022-07-175aaw421Grocery shopping…ugh!Just listened to the episode on grocery shopping…life changing. I’ve ordered online and done pickup in the past but liked it, but didn’t realize until you spelled it out WHY i liked it better and WHY it can help me with so many things I struggle with. I’m an impulse buyer for sure, and I make sooo many trips to the store each week, I always come home with more things than I intended to get. Implanting this in my life starting today!
AustraliaAustralia2022-07-205Abs070288ADHD mum with adhd kids is hard!Really enjoying this podcast, it has answered so many of my questions and validated how I feel as a mum recently diagnosed and children diagnosed with ADHD. Some days you feel so overwhelmed and this podcast helps me to un- wind. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou
United StatesUnited States2022-07-223DunkinDavidGoop for ADHDThis podcast has great info, but seems to be a little out of touch with non-wealthy people who deal with ADHD. Hire an assistant? Does this host realize that only a select few from the 1% are even able to participate in something like that? Or - $200/ month for the community/coaching thing? I can see the value there, but only a select few are able to afford that. There is great info here and I’ve benefited from many of these podcasts, but am constantly being reminded during these podcasts that the host seems less interested in helping a large amount of people than she is in monetizing her listeners who have large amounts of disposable income. It’s Goop for ADHD minus Gwenyth Paltrow.
United StatesUnited States2022-07-215oh_kimmy_I’m not broken. I have ADHD.I found this podcast earlier this week and it has been absolutely world-changing. I thought I was broken for the longest time. It’s been so frustrating not being able to do what I want to do no matter how hard I tried, not knowing why a day of errands and chores - what a normal productive day would be for someone else - would wipe me out for daaays, not being able to control when i would snap at my family, or why i couldn’t reach ANY goals i would write for myself. I’m not broken. I have ADHD. Well, not officially, but after realizing I most likely have it, I’m going to look into getting formally diagnosed. Thank you for your podcast.
United StatesUnited States2022-07-255kcinbloomExploring & learningThe podcast is an eye opener. Many many check marks next to symptoms, not all, but enough to investigate further. Ms. Kondo’s tidy up method was published years ago by J. Morgenstern “organizing from the inside out”. Excellent book. I’m going to keep listening.
IsraelIsrael2022-07-265Blooms S.The best ADHD podcast out there!!!!The best ADHD podcast out there!!!!
United StatesUnited States2022-07-265TracygardnerLoyal listenerKristen’s podcast has been amazing to listen to. I’m so thankful I found it. I listen over and over because there is so much truth and she is entertaining which I need to hold my attention! Thank you, Kristen, for all you do to help so many.
United StatesUnited States2022-07-265AngOmomHelpful for my ADHD brainShe is funny and has great info and advice to share.
United StatesUnited States2022-07-265NNSPHDSo life changingI
CanadaCanada2022-07-275julesmary98Everything you talk about resonates so muchThank you for offering this free resource to ADHDers. I finally feel understood, more self-aware, and equipped to tackle adulting with the techniques you discuss.
United StatesUnited States2022-07-285WstLkeGreat informationLived withADHD for 27 years and I and have learned far more about it in the last two months worth listening to this podcast thanFrom any doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist i’ve worked with in that time.
United StatesUnited States2022-07-295ilovepresidenttrumpMimiAwesome listen Kristen delivers the perfect shows speakers and love !! Thank you !!!!
United StatesUnited States2022-07-295Pokey's mommyThank you for not suggesting “routines”🤮 but Tips and acceptanceSo often when I read or listen to people speaking on ADHD, I wonder, do they actually understand ADHD?? They keep suggesting that I just start doing things regularly!! Not always an option, folks!! Thank you for getting that right!!
United StatesUnited States2022-07-295grand marais 77One of my favorite podcasts !Wouldn’t be where I’m at in life without you…so love and appreciate your beautiful self…thanks for being vulnerable and real…I can relate above and beyond to all podcasts in some way! So seriously thank you for taking time to do what you do! Keep being the light….💞 Peace’Love’Godbless, Your sister in Christ Carrie
United StatesUnited States2022-07-313NannersYeahImmediately Turned OffI just found this podcast and listened to the Tidying Up episode. Within 2 minutes, I decided this wasn’t for me. The host’s cultural insensitivity and disdain for anything non-American told me enough about how well her techniques were going to work for me. Hard pass.
United StatesUnited States2022-07-311DTS07What a self-centered ditz.I am only 20 minutes into listening for the first time. I wanted to quit after only two minutes. I can’t handle her voice, cadence of speech, vocabulary, whispering and giggling. She sounds so self-centered and like the quintessential Valley Girl. Oh my Gawd! She may have valuable information about ADHD but I would rather have rocks thrown at my head than listen to another one of her podcasts.
SingaporeSingapore2022-07-315fabrefactionLife-changingListening to this podcast for just the first week has changed my life for the better in so many ways!!! The first episode I listened to was “ADHD Entrepreneurship Part 4: Pay Yourself and Prioritize Profitablility with Mike Michalowicz” (June 28, 2022) which talked about the Profit First system. For the first time, I felt like I could see, understand and start to manage my finances in a way that I hadn’t been able to before (as an artist). Many thanks to Kristen for your amazing work <333
United StatesUnited States2022-08-035VSG213Eye Opening!!This Podcast has opened my eyes and helped me see myself in a different light. Totally blew my mind how little I know about ADHD. 🤯 I am very grateful and appreciate you and your Podcast! It’s even helped with my anxiety. Thank you.
United StatesUnited States2022-08-045lewis keeferExtremely helpfulI just now found this podcast. This is amazing information. Ppl in my life kept telling me that I had ADHD but I was in complete denial, it took me 30 some odd years, but I finally have a name to everything that I do my wife would get frustrated with me and wonder why I do the things I do. It would end up in a huge fight because I could never describe or say what I was feeling or why I was feeling that way. I’m on episode 15 now and it’s absolutely amazing thank you for all the helpful tips and life hacks that you have given me so far I can’t wait to learn more about my diagnosis and how to help it.
United StatesUnited States2022-08-045OddbodyblackWhy did I wait so long?I found the name of this highly-rated podcast months ago, but I didn’t have the courage to listen to it. I was afraid that it wouldn’t help, that it wouldn’t resonate, that I would end up feeling MORE lost, MORE isolated, MORE alone. And I just couldn’t face losing any tiny bit of hope or motivation. BUT HOLY CRAP, I wasn’t halfway through the second episode before I had tears of relief and an incredibly warm sense of being seen. And that feeling has persisted through SO many episodes that I had to write a review to keep this podcast floating at the top of the ocean of stuff that’s out there so that other little lonely life rafts out there in the chaos will see it and find out that they aren’t alone. Thank you.
New ZealandNew Zealand2022-08-045SanvirLAbsolutely amazingThis podcast has made me feel so much better and stop beating my self up. kristen is an amazing beautiful person who is so understanding. When I listen to you it feels you are speaking directly to me thank you so much for all that you do have a blessed day.
United StatesUnited States2022-08-055cj_listenerVery helpful tips for taking control of adhdThank you!
United StatesUnited States2022-08-075VanillaFudgeAlmondAwesome!I was just diagnosed at age 55, and have learned so much from this podcast! Kristen makes a complex mental health syndrome very understandable. Her information is well researched, so I know I can count on it being correct.
CanadaCanada2022-08-095Linzp73Must listen!I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2019 at 47 and have had a lifetime of struggles that I didn’t understand until I discovered this podcast. Everything makes so much sense now. This is a must listen for anyone with ADHD or anyone with any mental health issues. Thank you for the quick episodes and great content. They are so helpful.
United StatesUnited States2022-08-135Bella2718Amazing!This podcast is just amazing! I feel like she knows me and knows exactly what I need to hear. So helpful! Love it so much!
United StatesUnited States2022-08-135stacybereiSo helpful!!I was recently diagnosed with ADHD at age 42. I’ve struggled with it my whole life and listening to these episodes are so eye opening!! I’ve struggled with self esteem mainly in my job due to my focus and organization. Learning so much!!!! Definitely give it a listen!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!
United StatesUnited States2022-08-135sbrinesGame ChangerI’m only on episode two, but I’ve already learned so much about my ADHD, that I was recently diagnosed with at age 35. I suffer from everything talked about from perfectionism, to piles of clothes, to goals and completing tasks. I cannot wait to get through more episodes and learn how to manage my life better. Thank you for this life changing podcast!!!
United StatesUnited States2022-08-125catnamedchickenGreatThis podcast helps me understand myself and makes me feel very seen and understood!
United StatesUnited States2022-08-145zip6I FINALLY understand my brainSooooo, I’ve written a recommendation for Kristen hundreds of times in my head and have procrastinated since I’m a perfectionist and I’m always in a hurry. But, I want to take the time to say what a difference this podcast has made in my life. I listen while walking my dog and/or doing yard work and have learned so much about myself and things FINALLY make sense at age 55, (sure would’ve been nice to know sooner). It’s been super helpful for my relationships with my family (especially my mom who has always resorted to verbal and physical abuse to deal with me), friends and my girlfriend, (although she doesn’t want to follow any of the suggestions from Kristen’s husband). I often feel like Kristen is speaking directly to me and the episodes seem to address EXACTLY what I’m struggling with at the time. I’ve taken breaks and then find myself getting off track in life and have discovered that I need a constant dose to keep me going. This podcast would’ve been a game changer for me when I was a struggling kindergarten teacher 20 years ago and never understood why I couldn’t just “try harder” to be on time and keep up with my burgeoning emails and paperwork - would’ve saved me from incredible amounts of stress as well as my sanity and career. Unfortunately, joining focused is way out of my budget right now, but if I ever change careers and implement the budgeting (my least favorite word in the world) strategies that Kristen shares, I may be able to someday. For now, this has helped me a lot! Thanks Kristen and keep up the good work!
United StatesUnited States2022-08-185Uncle RuthFinally!So, I was diagnosed with ADHD 8 months ago after decades of struggling, went through a formal evaluation process, the rollercoaster trial of thee different medications at three levels each (still adjusting). Oddly, no one explained what the heck ADHD was or how to help myself beyond meditation and the right medication. Too many books and websites. I played one episode and it changed EVERYTHING. I cannot wait to listen to the other episodes - but I will control that impulse. Lol.
United StatesUnited States2022-08-195TtyyppSo thankful I found this podcast!This has been a Godsend! After 56 years I realized I have ADHD, Mainly because of Kristen’s podcast. So many valuable insights, tools and resources are packed into every episode! Thank you Kristen!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-08-205EmmyT18Love this podcastI’m just coming to the realisation that I likely have ADHD. Although I don’t have an official diagnosis yet (there’s a long wait for diagnosis in the uk), this podcast is helping me so much. I’m currently binge listening every episode! Thank you so so much xx
United StatesUnited States2022-08-225Jenn M OTSo thankful for this podcast!!!I came across this podcast after searching and listening to several other ADHD podcasts. While there are many podcasts with great information to share, some of them are just boring to listen to and Kristen is just so relatable and captivating. I feel like she’s “in my brain”!! she shares pertinent information in a concise and uncomplicated way which is just what my ADHD brain needs! I also love that she is always sharing great resources.
United StatesUnited States2022-08-245Mike J DavisMike DavisI was recently diagnosed with ADHD. And I realized I did not know that much about this. And I only learned so much from when I was diagnosed. But this diagnosis has explained a lot of things that have occurred and have hindered me over the course of my life. More specifically with my wife whom I have been married to for eight years and share two amazing wonderful children. When I found this podcast, it was what I needed. It has begun to change my life and open my eyes. I share the things that I learn to my family. I am grateful that Kristen Carder has put so much time in to help others like myself. I look forward to each and every new podcast that she posts and I enjoy going back and listening to the ones that I already have listen to because I learned something new each time.
United StatesUnited States2022-08-245atlprincess4everThank you Kristen!I don’t write reviews but I’m big on reading reviews before investing time & money. I found your podcast after self diagnosing and searching for answers. It was a relatable yet hard pill to swallow moment . Then 2 days after binge listening, I was clinically diagnosed. It’s been a week of listening to your podcast and I absolutely love everything about you and the work you do. And as a mom I especially relate to the episodes where you talked about being frustrated and yelling at the kids or being unable to set visions as a mom . I’m a mom of an almost 2 year old and at 27 this ish is HARD! I never saw myself as a mother nor did I ever see myself as having adhd. Since having her I felt I was spiraling but not in a postpartum way. Just not good enough, can’t get ish done! Never getting answers til now so I thank you for your countless hours of work put into this podcast. And I pray that God blesses my finances to be able to join Focused.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-08-255Amycake90Why did I not find this sooner?!Discovered today and already on episode eight! (Of course I have to start at the beginning and listen in chronological order 🙃 ha!) SO fun, helpful and relatable it’s like listening to a friend… with an American accent 🤣❤️
United StatesUnited States2022-08-275GCruiser200Enlightening and indispensable as a resourceI learned about Kristen from her interview Jen Kirkman. It was the first time I’ve heard anyone with ADHD talk about it. I was diagnosed a few years ago, in my late 30s. I’m only a handful of episodes in and this podcast has become essential to me. Informationally it’s fantastic, and her delivery is very human and relatable. There’s even a charm to how she speaks and describes experiences. I identify with pretty much everything she talks about, and I feel like you get tools from each episode. Listening to her brings me relief and comfort, but most importantly, I feel empowered and actionable. I’m able to apply and enact the things she talks about. I’m improving things little by little, day by day and I’m seeing positive changes for the first time ever. I also think it’s useful for spouses who have trouble understanding what ADHD is actually like and how it manifests in relationships/life.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-08-295lxlviOne of the BEST podcasts and resources for adult ADHD out there!I absolutely love this podcast. I am an autistic woman with ADHD, I was late diagnosed and this podcast has been an absolute goldmine for feeling understood, less alone, supported and encouraged. I would 100% recommend it to anyone with ADHD — whether formally diagnosed or not. Because if the advice given helps you, whether you have the paperwork to “back up” or not literally doesn’t matter. Big hugs to the podcast host AND everyone out there who are struggling ❤️
United StatesUnited States2022-08-305TheAmazingLarryThank you Kristen Carder!I’m 53 years old. I was diagnosed with ADHD decades ago. I dismissed, denied and ignored my diagnosis until a few weeks ago when I finally decided to own it. Kristen’s podcast first drew me in with simple recognition, “hey… that’s me!”, and kept me coming back for the practical wisdom and advice. If you have ADHD, lose the shame. Embrace your neurodivergence. Listen to this podcast from the beginning. Thank me later.
New ZealandNew Zealand2022-09-015beautybyhelenEpisode 169How is it that a decade+ worth of therapy on self sabotage hasn’t taught me what listening to 50 minutes of this brilliant, insightful, relatable and most importantly *easily applicable* podcast has? Would rate 10/5 stars if I could. A must for women with ADHD. F, 31, self diagnosed, not yet prescribed, trying to learn self management tips.
United StatesUnited States2022-09-025MHB22131AmazingThis pod cast is amazing, completely changed my life I have felt and been told I am crazy and “I have full control over my mind,” and need to act like an adult. It’s been hard and sad and feel very alone but after the first episode I just broke down in tears because this was someone who actually understood me and was like me and there are reason and now I am learning how to fix some of the things I do or don’t that I didn’t understand why I was or wasn’t doing. This is a must pod cast for anyone started to think they might have ADHD or just discovered they do have ADHD! I also think it’s great for those who have relationships with someone who has ADHD.
CanadaCanada2022-09-055I hate junk appsNot sleeping - it finally makes sense!I was recently diagnosed with adult ADHD which manifested into its extreme after a traumatic event. After treatment for depression and anxiety, I still couldn’t get to bed on time or even fall asleep. I’ve been under the care of a psychologist, psychiatrist and occupational therapist. Although they did provide helpful strategies to help me overcome my sleep challenges, it wasn’t until I listened to Kristen’s podcast on getting to bed (episode 169). It was like she was describing me as if she knew me! I really appreciated her down-to-earth tone. She clearly highlighted facts and tips that were realistic and very doable. I look forward to listening to all of her episodes, and become the best version of myself. Thank you Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2022-09-075humdaisyA Very Happy Belated Birthday to YouI am listening to episode 19 where you ask us to rate your podcast as your present so here I am! 5 stars and a personal “thank you” to you for your episode on Emotional Dysregulation that set off my entire own journey of ADHD diagnosis and self-awareness at age 36. My therapist subtly recommended that I listen to it and my life will never be the same. This podcast is so worthwhile and valuable! P.S. I jrealized I wrote this as a message to you, not a review. Forgive me, I have ADHD 😅. Non-alcoholic cheers, @humdaisy 🤍
United StatesUnited States2022-08-134Bella2718Amazing!This podcast is just amazing! I feel like she knows me and knows exactly what I need to hear. So helpful! Love it so much!
United StatesUnited States2022-09-125R3dR0llaEp3Thank you! I’m hooked
United StatesUnited States2022-09-135Lauralina78In love with this podcast!!!Such valuable tools and relatable experiences for fellow ADHDers. Thank You Thank You!
United StatesUnited States2022-09-135jazziebear17Like a crash course into CBTI found this podcast at the heels of completing my first ADHD centered podcast- I was so scared I’d never find something I enjoyed as much as that one but I was wrong! I’ve LOVED listening from the beginning and hearing the transformation of Kristen going from “someone that didn’t do emotions” and had guest speakers on to discuss them instead, to morphing into an AMAZING coach promoting thought work and talking about how all our feelings are created by a thought. I was dabbling into CBT work at home when I had started this podcast and it served as a catalyst to really push me into discovering why I do the things I do and helped me get to the core of a lot of PTSD symptoms with my therapist. This podcast is changing my life and I recommend it to anyone READY to change their life for the better!
United StatesUnited States2022-09-145KelseyystarAwesome!I’ve had adhd my whole life but never really fully knew I “had” it until I went to the doctor for it in college. I just recently started to look for tools and tips on it, so that I can understand how my brain works compared to other people. I always put it on the back burner because it kind of embarrassed me that it was something that I struggled with. I recently found this podcast yesterday and already look forward to listening again and again! You think you are all alone sometimes when it comes to certain struggles in life. And then you find something like this and you realize that you’re not the only one who struggles with these things.
United StatesUnited States2022-09-215CrazyRN77The Best!I love this podcast!! I came across it in my search to learn more about ADHD. I was diagnosed as an adult in grad school. I went back to episode one and started listening. WOW! After listening to several episodes, I have probably had ADHD for many years, way before I was diagnosed. This podcast has give me insight and hope for my ADHD brain and how to cope. Thank you for your thoughts, knowledge, and wisdom!
CanadaCanada2022-09-215Sadsam123Love this podcast.I have not been officially diagnosed with ADHD but I am 99% sure that is what I have. I will be talking to my doctor and a counsellor next week but in the meantime I am loving this podcast. I relate to almost every episode and it is really starting to make sense as to why I am the way I am thank you so much for doing this
ItalyItaly2022-09-225IcaCacciavillanThanksAl your advice are so helpful. Thanks for sharing your amazing energy.
United StatesUnited States2022-09-255JessicaJaneyikes goal setting!just listened to episode on goal setting! great advice, i took notes, but now feeling So overwhelmed and setting any goal! LOL! So i’ll come back to this later when i don’t feel nauseous with setting goals. love the pod 💜
United StatesUnited States2022-09-275Katiemomto6Newly diagnosis & so grateful for KristenI just got diagnosed with ADHD at 46, and it was mostly masked by how driven & high functioning I am, much like Kristen. Her podcast has been like having a big sister sit you down and talk to you about all the highs and lows and tough love reality checks you need to thrive with ADHD. I once heard another newly diagnosed mom say that people with ADHD can’t help but be authentic, and this podcast is that - authentic, caring, smart, and supportive. A must-listen for anyone with ADHD who wants to grow.
CanadaCanada2022-09-275Ray MillerThis episode made me cryI’m really enjoying this podcast, even though what time is it is making me feel very raw.… Perhaps because it is making me feel very raw. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 40, and it’s been nearly 4 years that I’ve been learning about this condition. I recommend this podcast, especially if you’re trying to learn more about this way of existing.
United StatesUnited States2022-10-015HdchirrdgjbSo grateful for you Kristen!This is seriously the best podcast out there for people with ADHD!! I’ve learned SO much, and it’s truly changed my life in so many ways. Thank you Kristen!!
United StatesUnited States2022-10-033dancer209Really loved it at firstI really loved this podcast at first, and still do like the episodes, but it gets tiring over time hearing the constant advertisements for her own ADHD coaching program “Focus.” It would be okay if it was a brief mention every episode, no problem. But it’s usually like a solid 3-5 minutes about how great her program is and why you should subscribe. Makes me want to listen less and less every times
CanadaCanada2022-10-075New to ADHDNewbieHi Kristen, I am new to listening to your podcast and am starting from the very beginning! I am only a few episodes in and when I say I am beyond grateful I found you and your podcasts… it is a complete understatement. Everything you talk about completely and totally resinates with me and it makes me laugh a little every time while I say to myself “oh yup that’s me 100%”. You are such a natural, relatable speaker and I’m so thankful to be on my ADHD diagnoses journey with you by my side! Thank you for being you and doing what you do!
United StatesUnited States2022-10-085AKB1101Uplifting podcast for Adhd brainsThank you, Kristen, for your amazing podcast! I have listened to several episodes more than once to remind me of your tips and tricks. It’s had a calming, positive impact in my life!
United StatesUnited States2022-10-125Ivy GreenEnlighteningWell, I’m on episode 2 and I’m hooked. Being that I can barely attention to ANYTHING, I listened to this podcast intensely and even took detailed, understandable notes (this is rare). I have a feeling I’ll catch up to the most recent episodes in a month. It’s hard to believe that every single thing Kristen said has happened to me/happens daily. For the first time, I’m hopeful. I’m in my mid-forties and insanely childlike, and I welcome change.
United StatesUnited States2022-10-125JAM5854Thank youI just came across your podcast and I am barely on episode 11 but I just wanted to let you know it has been eye-opening and very helpful and I have been addicted to listening and look forward to catching up to the current episodes. Keep it up
United StatesUnited States2022-10-125KJoWoa resource for people who are ready to do the work!I have a LONG commute (1hr+15min one-way!) and I actually look forward to it because of this podcast! I used to think I needed a special planner or organization tip to finally get a handle on my ADHD (…I also used to let myself feel entitled after working so hard), but now I realize that the reason I kept falling short was because I saw myself as someone who falls short. Listen, a lot of people might struggle to accept the responsibility and accountability that Kristen can open their eyes to, but for those of us who are ready to hear it, it is surprisingly empowering. Thank you, Kristen, for telling it like it is and helping me learn to use the tools I already have in my own brain to lift me up and not be afraid of how wonderful life can be. It has made all the difference.
United StatesUnited States2022-10-155nicihoffFinally feel understoodI’ve struggled with feeling different and just feeling it wasn’t disciplined “enough” for years. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t stay at a job like my friends did. Why I started new hobbies and projects ALL. THE. TIME. In a weird way it’s validating to get this diagnosis at nearly 43 years old. It makes me feel sad for all the years I beat myself up for my “shortcomings”. I’m so happy to have found this podcast and Kristen! The information, anecdotes, and overall nature of the podcast are nothing short of amazing. Thank you for what you do and enlightening the world with this much needed information.
CanadaCanada2022-10-155IlukieFrom a Canadian clinician with ADHDMy sister, who also has ADHD, introduced me to Kristin Carder’s “I have ADHD podcast.” I honestly had a terrible attitude thinking “I am a school psychologist, what can I learn from someone who has zero training in the clinical world. Like I said, Terrible attitude (classic ADHD black and white thinking lol). Anyways, I was proven SO wrong. This podcast has been literally life changing. I’ve read SO many books and research studies , watched so many webinars, and although these resources were helpful…. What I needed the whole time was a “real talk” podcast from a person who has managed to work through some of their ADHD management strategies (which of course, are always changing for all of us), but especially someone who lives and breathes self-compassion and teaches the rest of us how to accept ourselves and be kind to ourselves. And finally, Kristin isn’t just “one person”, because she’s created a whole community of people supporting and understanding each other. I feel so much less alone and less shame. I will join Focused as soon as our household monthly budget allows for it! I believe it would be a worthy investment. After about a year of listening I’ve almost finished all the episodes and saved and re-listened to many of them. Thank you for your incredible work and sharing your gifts with the world!
United StatesUnited States2022-10-195katless3Just foundJust discovered and listened to first episode and wow. Easy to listen to, can’t wait to listen to more
United StatesUnited States2022-10-205Raa2006Simple yet effectiveOut of all of the ADHD experts I follow this podcast is absolutely the most helpful. Again and again I get help, hope and wisdom from Kristen. I am thankful for the consistent wisdom to help me get through my day. Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2022-10-235PncguyYou Need This PodcastI recently found Kristen Carder’s podcast and it is changing my life. I’ve been struggling with negative self-talk, losing track of time, letting people down, being unproductive, and lots of anxiety. All this from someone who has a Ph.D. In a technical field and has done very well in his career. Kristen gets me. And she gets you. I have laughed, wept, sobbed, had AHA! moments, and learned so much about myself. And Kristen does it with humor, encouragement, insight, and understanding. I have even started her Focused coaching program. Take a risk. Listen to an episode. Even start with her first one and binge. You won’t regret it.
United StatesUnited States2022-10-255BowserMamaSo informative & down to earth. Love this podcast!Listening to Kristen is like listening to a friend that sometimes we don’t have within ourselves (due to our own imposter syndrome, RSD etc). She breaks down each episode so that it is easy to understand and I always walk away learning something new. I was diagnosed with ADHD this year (in my early forties) and it’s brought forth many different emotions. Kristen ensures that her listeners never feel alone and reminds us to be gentle with ourselves. Highly recommend.
CanadaCanada2022-10-265Garlough11Teacher who is learning so much!I have had children with ADHD in my elementary classes for 25 years and it is so interesting to hear from someone who has actually experienced it and can put into words what it is like. Thank you for helping me to understand better!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-10-275Emily Dawson H/HThis woman RocksEverything ADHD covered & all in a fun supportive relatable brilliant informative way. Love this woman 🔥🫶🏼
CanadaCanada2022-10-275Flu boundI’m Learning About MyselfI really enjoy Kristen’s honesty and vulnerability she shares with listeners through these podcasts. Especially this relationship series. My own impulsive responses to say YES way too often in my life. I’ve never been a good decision maker and I am learning that is such a part of who I am as an adult with ADHD. Thanks for this podcast that is so valuable
SwedenSweden2022-10-275LGuledA best friend in the earsIt’s really like having a best friend in your ears, you laugh out loud and you really feel like you’re in the conversation. Also, so humbling and loving, and at least understanding the struggles. I just love it!
United StatesUnited States2022-10-274JabbaTheWATInsightfulI mostly enjoy this podcast and have listened to several episodes which have been extremely insightful and helpful. I also love how the host is so honest with her experiences, it makes her content more relatable. She is inclusive by not pushing her personal spiritual beliefs. This was particularly important to me because it shows she cares about others who may not have the same beliefs.
United StatesUnited States2022-10-295IviYellowHappy to have found this podcastI’m new to ADHD….this podcast has helped me understand and deal with realizing I have ADHD at 39yo….🤯🤯
United StatesUnited States2022-10-315Kelz1974I love this new found podcastKriisten you are awesome! I just found your podcast yesterday and I have already listened to 6 of them. Thank you for putting this information out there for people with Adult ADHD. I have learned so much already. I plan to share episodes for people to understand me more. I can not thank you enough. I feel a true change coming on. I just listened to "How to say No" it was so powerful, just like all the other relationship podcast. God bless you!
United StatesUnited States2022-10-315MctorneSo informative and relatableI stumbled across this podcast when I first suspected that I had undiagnosed ADHD (at the age of 41). I was hooked from episode one. I’m currently on 105. Kristen does an fantastic job of breaking down the what’s and why’s of ADHD in to easily digestible conversations. Her coaching tips have been instrumental in my journey of acceptance and adaptation. She sprinkles some free truth bombs and nuggets of wisdom throughout each episode. They are like little dopamine hits that get my brain moving for the day. I usually listen to a couple episodes while walking or doing chores. And they are like a free coaching session that kick starts some Productivity. I am not one of her Focused clients, yet I still reap the benefits of her wisdom.
CanadaCanada2022-10-315FindingMaggieSavedI think this podcast saved me. Not from dying physically, but from dying emotionally. This has made me feel so validated and given me tools to personal empowerment. I’m so grateful.
United StatesUnited States2022-11-025katymara311Informative, relatable and engagingKristen is funny and easy to listen to, which is important for our ADHD brains! As someone seeking a formal diagnosis at age 33, the information is very helpful and is giving me the resources and strategies that I'm needing at this time. I've already implemented some ideas she's shared and seen a difference in my everyday life!
United StatesUnited States2022-11-025msjamiemilamNeed more of thisI love that Kristen shared her experiences and therapeutic journey to help other ADHDers not feel alone in how their brain works!
AustraliaAustralia2022-11-075Voldermort 👽Australian Speech therapist (with adhd)Thank you SO much for creating, and continuing to maintain, this amazing podcast! I have worked professionally in the field of adhd for years (and also have adhd myself) and can honestly say this podcast is one of the most valuable resources I’ve come across. I absolutely love how functional, accessible and diverse the content is- a perfect balance of theory and practical advice! I’ve already learnt, and applied(!!) so many of the teachings / concepts. Forever grateful and can’t recommend it enough to others! I’m currently saving up to join focused, but until then I will gratefully continue to binge and enjoy every episode of the podcast!! THANK YOU!
United StatesUnited States2022-11-145Tara3399Adhd womanKristin reads my mind every episode. She hits the nail right on the head.
United StatesUnited States2022-11-145Bean122479As requested…Here’s your HUGE hit of dopamine! 😁Thank you for this podcast! I was diagnosed with ADHD later in life and I am finally coming to terms with it and trying to live well with it. I enjoy yours so much and it keeps me learning more and more. Thank you for helping me feel like I’m not alone.
United StatesUnited States2021-05-065Hustle Like a MFLife Changing!Love love love! So eye opening! I literally love listening to her. I've learned so much about myself and continue to! I share with a group of friends and my fiancé everytime I listen to her podcast! I can't thank you enough for sharing all the work you've invested in yourself! When listening to you, I feel like your my twin! I could go on, on, and on, but for not I'll Thank you ❤️
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-11-225KylawylaADHD or not you need to listen to this podcastWow. My eyes have been truly opened! If only all neurodivergent and neurotypical people could listen to this so they could be more compassionate to themselves and those around them. I never really understood how irrationally hard I am on myself! I hope I can retain enough of these podcasts to be kinder to myself. Help and support does not seem to be as readily available in the UK as perhaps in the US, adulting with ADHD in the UK seems to be you’ve got this far get on with it! The advise and positivity that you radiate and your wholesome honesty is invaluable so thank you for creating this podcast and well done you!
United StatesUnited States2022-11-235SanghoimnnlThis is my must listen everyday podcast.I failed nursing school two times, thinking I was not smart enough for it. I Discovered this podcast when I felt so hopeless. Everything just clicked. I started to work on myself. As Kristen said, our brains work differently. I passed my Board exam today. I don't know how to thank you enough for making such a life-changing podcast.
United StatesUnited States2022-11-255Not2late@63Wow!I just finished listening to the recent 6 part series on relationships. All I can say is, wow! I think everyone, not just ADHDers, should listen to these episodes. Life changing, I tell you! I wish I could turn back time to 40 years ago and apply the knowledge I gained from them. I was diagnosed 2 months ago at the tender age of 63!!
United StatesUnited States2022-11-305SokhoperArchive all!I love this podcast. I was diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year (in my 40s) and am still in the learning process. I find the information here to be very valuable in tandem with my therapy sessions. I just finished listening to the episode about archiving and organizing, and was inspired to archive my work emails except for those that I absolutely need to follow up on. It was very liberating and I was able to leave work that day without feeling guilt about the number of emails in my inbox. What a wonderful and simple way to improve my life. Thank you!
United StatesUnited States2022-11-291Scollins2006Her voice! YIKES! The pauses…the airiness…Sorry, but I seriously only got a few minutes into the episode on organization. Her speech is very airy and very hesitant and filled with pauses - it makes me feel that she doesn’t believe what she’s saying, or it’s been prepped for her. I tried increasing the speed of the podcast but it only made the pauses more annoying. I’m a high energy person and I realize not all adhd folks have high energy - I need high energy and “straight to the point content”. So I guess this is not for me!
United StatesUnited States2022-12-015Tattoogirl7Adulting with adhdI just started listening to this podcast because I’ve been trying to learn more about my condition. I didn’t realize there was so many things I do that is connected to having adhd. The shame,guilt, memory fog, clutter closets. Why I’m so depressed and anxious all the time. I always thought there was something wrong with me and that I needed to be admitted to the Coocoo house. Your podcast have helped me very much with understanding myself.
United StatesUnited States2022-12-045yazalex1121Life changingI started this podcast just last week and my only regret is not finding this sooner. I’m only ten episodes in and already feel so much relief and clarity. I feel like I'm finally starting to understand who I am after 21 years!! This podcast does a wonderful job of not only informing you about adhd, but also embracing it and not treating it as something to be ashamed of. It has the perfect mix of compassion with some much needed reality checks sprinkled in. The lighthearted humor is always a plus. Cannot recommend enough!
United StatesUnited States2022-12-065AMAZING for ADHDersAMAZING PODCAST FOR ADHDersKristen is not only funny, relatable AND experienced, she is smart, she explains things so that we can understand and work with our own brains. I have already joined FOCUSED because this podcast is SO valuable and being in FOCUSED has changed my life. YOU ARE CHANGING THE WORLD kristen, 1 ADHDer at a time!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2022-12-085SammiG203116The only thing which makes sense ….Hi Kristen … you have literally helped me to understand myself and know that it’s ok, I’m currently sat in my kitchen, most cabinet doors wide open as I have just listened to your organizing podcast aka lifesaving!! I’ve been listening to your podcasts since 2020 when I was living in America (I’ve now moved back home to the UK) I listen to your podcasts most days because I need your voice to guide me through my days. Thank you so much for doing what you do!! BEST PODCAST EVER …. Literally the only one I can listen to and be consistent with …. Thank you again from Sam Gregory in the UK!!
United StatesUnited States2022-12-095Rider_142 MINS IN - And she is already hitting the right buttons!On Feb 2022 I was diagnosed with ADHD & a low spectrum of bipolar disorder - however, I have no idea when I developed them. I have a very male driven (women don’t get second chances) type of job, and I have always had the feeling that I need to walk the extra-mile, take the extra project, and work the extra shift. Never ever related it to my ADHD, always thought that it was because I had a very conservative upbringing and the idea of being of service was something that was installed in my being since the beginning. I am not saying that all of it is not connected, but bringing a physiological explanation to this dilemma makes A WHOLE LOTTA DIFFERENCE! THANK YOU FOR THAT!!
United StatesUnited States2022-12-145aldoughertyMy favorite ADHD podcast!I love this podcast. Kristen breaks down topics into easy bite sized pieces that are informative and helpful. She is so relatable and it makes me feel less alone. I feel great about going into my 30s with this podcast as a resource.
United StatesUnited States2022-12-145Like MartinI Listen Every WeekI love this podcast. It has been soooo helpful since receiving a recent ADHD diagnosis. I particularly appreciate that Kristen does not advertise anything besides her own coaching program. My poor adhd brain can’t handle constant adds, but her promotion is for her business and could potentially add value to a listener. Thank you for this podcast Kristen!
AustraliaAustralia2022-12-165rosamund*GreigHelpful and very encouraging. Thankyou so much!
AustraliaAustralia2022-12-165Reggie's Girl.OMG. Are you in my head?No but really. What an amazing Pod cast. As someone who has known they have had ADHD for 39 years. Mum got me seen at 8 months, 7yrs, 13 and 32. So happy to find my people. Keep going your amazing I’m sure other girls probably understand my tears of joy at hearing this and feeling I’m Not alone and not so “special” after all these years I just hadn’t found my people. Sorry if my gramma is rushed writing from emotion not Perfection. Gonna go put my to do list where I can’t see it. ☺️🥹
United StatesUnited States2022-12-185GDBolesThank youI know I have struggled with ADHD for years. You have helped me tell others that I have ADHD. It is so freeing. Thank you
United StatesUnited States2022-12-185Aid1235426Informative and Relatable!As an adult, who at 52, is on a journey to manage my inattentiveness, this podcast is a great resource and always right on the money. I often feel as though she is speaking directly to me, but in the way a good friend would, with helpful advice.
United StatesUnited States2022-12-195Gnorn123Where has this podcast been my entire life?Discovering this podcast over the last few days has been one of the most cathartic experiences I can remember. I've never met Ms. Carder. But she somehow knows more about me, a middle-aged man with ADHD, than I know about myself. Several episodes have brought me to tears, as I've realized how much ADHD has held me back for several decades. Ms. Carder's content is invariably kind and generous, though she doesn't hold back from being frank when necessary. There are a huge variety of topics, most of which I've found to be relevant to my own life in some way. For example, her recent episode about the upcoming holiday season perfectly crystallized the ways I often feel frustrated around this time of year. The episodes generally consist of monologues from Ms. Carder, though there are occasional guests. (I generally prefer the monologues). Some of them include sections where she replies to questions submitted online, but this is not disruptive of the overall flow. The production is professional, and I find Ms. Carder's voice expressive and pleasant to listen to. There is a small amount of time dedicated to advertising, requests for reviews, and the like, but less so than in most podcasts. Above all, there is nothing to detract from the spectacular content. Since Ms. Carder occasionally mentions that she gets a "dopamine rush" from five-star reviews, I hope that this one can give her a very well-deserved boost. If so, I may have given her back one-thousandth of what I have already received from her podcast.
United StatesUnited States2022-12-265Erin Mc 14My favorite podcastNot gonna lie. This one is my fave! I have had so many epiphanies and AHA moments listening to this podcast. There is something seriously valuable in each and every episode and I feel so seen and understood while listening to it…where most of my life I have not. It has given me a new understanding of myself, my brain, and has been a source of comf in my life. I highly recommend a listen-you will not regret it.
United StatesUnited States2023-01-045COMama08So HELPFUL! So RELATABLE!I didn’t realize that I had ADHD until I was about 35. This podcast has helped me understand so much about myself. Kristen is real, raw, and incredibly relatable. I’m beginning to understand why I struggle with certain things, and how to set myself up to succeed. A++
United StatesUnited States2023-01-115leximom3This podcast has changed my life!I have never felt so seen. It is a big part of why I was confident enough to seek a diagnosis at 30 years old! Kristen is so easy to listen to and my favorite part of the day is getting to listen and learn about adhd from her. Most importantly I’m learning how to be a functioning adult with adhd. I hope she never stops podcasting!!!
United StatesUnited States2023-01-165JessTCUFrogLife ChangingAn ADHD friend recommended your podcast and I am forever grateful to her! I started listening from the beginning and I could not get through a whole episode without trying to share your podcast with someone (squirrel). Then as I would hear another fabulous podcast I would share that one with them… I think you get my point, so I finally just started telling people to go listen from the beginning because it is ALL so on point. Thank you for all the work your are doing to remind us that it is OK for us to let go of the neurotypical expectations that we may be trying to set for our self and the Shame we have let control our thoughts. Thank You!
United StatesUnited States2023-01-185Pokey's mommyUpdated: Thank you for not suggesting “routines”🤮 but Tips and acceptanceUpdated after episode 194: these are my favorite episodes! This is because we are 1) able to relate to you the most when you share an experience like this, and 2) we are able to walk through the steps and learn with you. Thank you! Original: So often when I read or listen to people speaking on ADHD, I wonder, do they actually understand ADHD?? They keep suggesting that I just start doing things regularly!! Not always an option, folks!! Thank you for getting that right!!
United StatesUnited States2023-01-195Bee K BaharehSuper helpfulI learned I have had undiagnosed ADHD my whole life only last year and the news was devastating to me. Kirsten has shown me that it’s OK to have adhd, and that there are so many ways to either improve your executive functions or accept your differences with kindness. She feels like a bigger sister that I wish I had. I also appreciate the guests on this podcast, I have learned so much from listening to this program. I just wish the podcast was made louder, it’s so hard to hear anything when I’m on the subway and that’s not the case with other podcasts I listen to. Please please sound person, turn the master levels up! thanx
United StatesUnited States2023-01-205Lori M FradExcellent adviceThis is a very good podcast. Tk you so much. You are helping me too.
United StatesUnited States2023-01-235KimDHolcWarm, fuzzy blanket on a cold rainy day.Wow! I just found ‘I have ADHD’ podcast and cannot stop listening - well obviously I cannot stop listening … so excuse me while I play catch up … As a newly diagnosed ADHD adult I am barely floating above water as I navigate through these challenges. It feels good to listen to Kristen as she brings bright light to daily challenges that I thought was just my own struggles. If you are also struggling I can assure you that Kristen will bring you comfort like a great big fuzzy blanket on a cold rainy day.
United StatesUnited States2023-01-235Momohair13You are a Godsend!WOW Kristen! I have so many wonderful things that I want to say about you and your podcast. I’m a 42 year old woman and just got diagnosed 4 years ago. I just googled best ADD podcasts and I kept seeing yours on these lists. I’ve tried listening to others and I cannot even get through one episode without zoning out. So when I tried yours I was like OMG this is it. You are so good at explaining things and then giving us tips and tools that actually work. There’s so many things that I didn’t even realize that was actually my ADD. The one about women and our hormones around our late 30’s and early 40’s was mind blowing to me. I have struggled more in the last few years than ever and now it makes sense. My other favorites are the one about perfection and the one about saying no. I don’t feel alone anymore and it’s helping me so much with my guilt and shame. You’ve changed everything for me! You have such a gift! Im forever grateful for you!
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2023-01-295Emerson BarthTreasury of informationI have learned an unbelievably helpful amount of info from Kristen - honestly life-changing in my understanding of ADHD. Kristen really is laugh-out-loud witty, charming, and insightful
United StatesUnited States2023-01-305holycolSelf diagnosisThanks v helpful and humor is appreciated
United StatesUnited States2023-01-305BreeniesweeneyRelatable and approachableI’m a 42 y/o mom of 2 daughters (one with diagnosed ADHD combined type). When she was diagnosed 3 years ago I started reading to help me understand, and now I understand that I have ADHD too. It’s podcasts like yours that have brought me to the place of seeking official eval and diagnosis. I started back at episode 1 and it has helped so much in my path to better mental health. Everything you say is SO relatable and you say it in a way that feels like talking to a trusted friend. I feel like someone else FINALLY understands me. Thank you for your work. I’ll be working through the rest of the episodes to give an added shot to dopamine while I’m doing mundane tasks. I’m on #7, so I have a ways to go.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2023-02-035Ria0611Thanks KristenI’m so glad I found this podcast, finally it’s like here is someone who gets me and the advice I wish I had, had when I was younger. I don’t have a diagnosis yet but can relate to so many of these things that I can implement regardless.
United StatesUnited States2023-02-035nicolewhiddonLove the honesty!Thank you for the raw and vulnerable insight, I’m so comforted by all of your stories. Hugs to you girl!!
United StatesUnited States2023-02-065bets444ADHD SherpaI’ve been listening to yr podcast since very end of last year. Diagnosed since 2016, but no intervention other than med, waters muddied by compounded trauma event(s) and auto-immune thing I have. Only since hearing someone I deeply respect talk about his ADHD did I seek out help specifically for it. First try: your show. Amazing!! Within 2 months I’ve navigated 2 difficult physical injuries/ailments, sold my old car, wrestled w/ administrative details that wld have left me in tears before, completely redone my home office and compfyfied my tiny living room to make it all look and work better so I can live & work better, both struggles for which I kept running out of resources. It felt like it just ‘happened.’ (While bingeing yr podcast.) What maybe happened was I threw off a heavy heavy coat of shame for years of all the “things” - as you say. Freedom. Your approach of humor, effort, wisdom from your own experience, and genuine human warmth and honesty is so helpful. The most recent episode not sure the # - ‘the unwanted lawn chairs’ in the car for six months… I couldn’t breathe. (One last note: due to multiple med conditions I cannot ingest caffeine safely. Can you imagine? Just looking for pity unless there's an actual solution.) Looking forward to next episode on executive function now that mine has been let out of the back room where it’s been tied up for some time. Huge huge thank you.
United StatesUnited States2023-02-055Anonymous thanksSo practical and encouraging!I have newly realized how much ADHD has and is impacting my life. I have only listened to a handful of episodes and I love it! I feel seen! Thanks for being practical and encouraging! This is so helpful!
United StatesUnited States2023-02-075Freaky FritzThank youI am just starting to explore what I believe may be ADHD at 52. After a very short conversation with my doctor. I filled out one page of questions, was given a prescription and shoo’d out the door. No other information was given. Thank you for helping me break down all of the things I have been dealing with forever.
United StatesUnited States2023-02-095NerdJourneyNKPerfect Blend of Empathy, Vulnerability, and PracticalityI really enjoy the way Kristen is empathetic and vulnerable with her audience. She is not talking at them but in the trenches with them working toward self-improvement. As someone who does not have ADHD, listening has given me a wonderful new perspective on what it is and is not (and some tips on what to look for in those I know who may be yet undiagnosed).
United StatesUnited States2023-02-125DisastergrrrlHighlight of my weekSomehow this podcast always has just what I need, when I need it! Kristen is warm, funny, honest, and smart — the kind of friend we all wish we had — with a ton of evidence-based practical insight that WORKS. Love this show so much — I look forward to it every Tuesday!
United StatesUnited States2023-02-115Aid1235426Informative and Relatable!As an adult, who at 52, is on a journey to manage my inattentiveness, this podcast is a great resource and always right on the money. I often feel as though Kristen is speaking directly to me, but in the way a good friend would, with helpful advice. I found the most recent episode about the executive functions to be particularly helpful, especially the strategy about taking a “stop and think.” In my role as an educator, I support students who often act impulsively. The other day I asked a student “Would it be helpful for me to ask you if you need to take a stop and think?” And explained the strategy. He agreed, and I really like the idea of supporting him in a way that will help him to internalize this strategy versus a barrage of negative feedback. Looking forward to future episodes!
CanadaCanada2023-02-145Jill GibbsNeeded insight and supportAfter late diagnosis, Kristen’s podcast has given me knowledge and tools to understand my adhd, and begin to create better results in my life. Kristen’s podcast is well researched, while being incredibly human and accessible. Kristen understands and respects the adhd experience, and her depiction of the impact adhd has on day to day life is both validating and hilarious. I’ve found it common for podcasts and literature on adhd to either focus on a juvenile audience, present unreliable information, or minimize the diagnosis, and this podcast is a welcome relief for me, an adult with ADHD who doesn’t have time for inaccurate or disrespectful information. Thank you Kristen, you are a godsend. Highly recommend!!!
United StatesUnited States2023-02-152Photo1257This one was so hyper and overgeneralizedI feel this info was off base when it comes to ADHD inattentive type. I was diagnosed with ADHD 20 years ago and became a student of my own ADHD. Inattentive ADHD people often DO NOT have this emotional regulation issue. I did not resonate with this even one bit. I certainly have other (maybe most) of the executive function challenges but not at all what you are talking about. I feel I have a very good understanding of nuance the ability to regulate my emotions most of the time. I feel like there should have been a disclaimer on this episode. The way this was discussed was too giddy and weird. When you talk about "we" exhibiting all these behaviors, felt demeaning and presumptuous. I usually like your podcast but not this one. The presentation and information was off base.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2023-02-165Luca7160Game changer!This podcast is absolutely AMAZING!!! Kristen provides everything there is to know about our disorder and information that we so vitally need in order to understand ADHD. It is so refreshing to hear someone speak so honestly from personal experience including all the daily struggles and doesn’t sugar coat it. This podcast has helped me more than I can explain. Finally I’m learning to understand my brain!! THANK YOU!!!
United StatesUnited States2023-02-185cate elizabeth buttonAvoided writing a review bc I don’t have the right words to sayKristen, you, Focused, the guest you bring on your podcast - it’s all changed me. And yeah I tend to be super dramatic, but it truly has. That’s it that’s all I got (I mean I have more but it would for sure get long & VERY WEIRD🧡🧡). if you’re a women, a man, if you have a spouse or a child, a parent or a boss who has a neurodivergent brain: LISTEN. binge them all. Kristen Carder you are a world changer 🤟🏼🤟🏼
SwedenSweden2023-02-195LGuledThe knowledge is mind blowingI’m amazed over all the knowledge I receive through this podcast and the series of executives functions is giving me so much! I know you feel resistant to go through all the functions but thank goddess that you do, it’s life changing for me. I didn’t get any information when I got my diagnosis last year and since then I have tried to learn and your podcast give me so much understanding, comfort and help in this journey. You’re doing a awesome job, high-five from thirty two year old woman in Sweden!
United StatesUnited States2023-02-215Molanlabe2Problem Solving episode had me fighting tearsFirstly I just want to say this podcast overall is amazing and has been life changing for me. I’m 32 and have always known something was wrong but never could figure out what it was (my peers and family always kindly let me know that I'm different). I’ve struggled with motivation, really bad forgetfulness, emotional outbursts etc and have always felt like an outsider and felt as though everyone else was passing me by and seemed to “have it all together” whereas I did not. Long story short, through a friend with adult ADHD I began exploring the possibility that I, too, had ADHD and started taking medication - life changing to say that least. With this episode in particular, I found myself choking back tears, and I’m not one to get emotional about stuff like this. This episode made me feel validated and really for the first time helped me to see that I’m not a failure, loser or any of the other labels I gave myself over the years. My marriage has been difficult because of my ADHD and my lack of problem solving ability has caused a great deal of contention in my marriage and in my professional life. Anyway, I just want to say thank you for the work it takes to make this podcast. It truly is helping people to understand themselves and feel seen.
United StatesUnited States2023-02-215SupamishSuper helpful!I just stumbled upon this podcast and feel very inspired… after listening to the first episode, I immediately downloaded about 50 more episodes that have a title that speaks to me. The host has a great and understanding personality- it’s easy to see that she is super informed on ADHD but presents the information in a very easily digestible way to non-sciencey people like me. The episodes have just the right amount info to leave you feeling inspired to try some small changes and look at things a bit differently without dumping too much on you that feels overwhelming. Highly recommended!!
United StatesUnited States2023-02-235EmmmmmmmmmalyLOVEI’m not even ten minutes in to an episode I stumbled upon from 2020. I love the positivity conveyed by the speaker and everything that is being embodied. Never subscribed to a podcast so fast
AustraliaAustralia2023-03-015Daisydaydream 1So many ah ha moments in this brilliant episodeWow wow wow Episode 200 had me saying YES out loud so many times. It has pivoted so much of how I feel about myself I feel like crying. Growing up with a narcissistic father, abusive teachers and then a narcissistic marriage I always felt it’s me not them. Thank you for this incredible episode it has really helped me feel better about who I am ❤️🙏🏻 Sarah
United StatesUnited States2023-03-035KAT AZSHE GETS ME!!!I was diagnosed at 49 years old, 2 years ago. So…I am from the generation where women did not have ADHD and could not get a diagnosis. Kristen understands ADHD and she is very relateable. Today, I almost had a meltdown because someone was reading my magazine without asking. It reminded me of Kristen and her podcast, self control and ADHD. I am binge listening 1 to 3 of her podcasts a day. I have real the books, if I can finish them. I am getting so much out of her podcasts.
United StatesUnited States2023-03-065Larissa_w25I can finally accept that I am not always to blameEach podcast lets me acknowledge that I am different than others, so when a mistake happens its important to have supports who can confront me, but also be aware that I have a disorder that makes it a tad harder to self-reflect. Thank you for this freedom to accept myself.
FranceFrance2023-03-145Zaza SaraPerfectHow perfect is this podcast, I am a podcast addict and yours is definitely soooo good, keep it up. Sara
United StatesUnited States2023-03-155Wateva!!51 and undiagnosedNot diagnosed but have an evaluation scheduled. Insanely everything you are saying speaks to every bit of me and my family. Thank you for doing what you are doing for this real medical condition that gets so dismissed by society and has become more of a catch phrase rather than acceptance that ADD / ADHD is very real. I could write a book myself on the way it has plagued my undiagnosed birth family and into my own family. Wow! What a blessing and God sent. 😇
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2023-03-185LauramayspanielsThank you for helping me understand myselfHave just found your amazing Podcast and am Working my way through them from the beginning. Learnt so much already so thank you! Xx
United StatesUnited States2023-03-215MelanieHillCoachingNo more Shame!Kristen and her podcast has helped me so much with understanding my diagnosis, why it felt so hard (and good) to get at age 36, and what the heck to do about it. She is so sweet, and funny and knowledgeable. Her coaching and take on ADHD is nuanced, informed and empowering to the individual, which I appreciate most of all. Thank you Kristen for your dedication to your podcast and continuing to bring us amazing information! Melanie xoxo
United StatesUnited States2023-03-225Huj53>^*High Five!I’m high-fiving you, Kristen Carder! ..for persistently persevering to create such a high quality podcast. Your humility and information bring SO much needed validation and empathy into my life for myself and others. I can’t thank you enough for your diligent pursuit of healing hearts, minds, and lives worldwide.
AustraliaAustralia2023-03-215Tammy the ExtraordinaryFive stars for vulnerabilityI don’t always give reviews, but I just had to pop in and give you five stars for your vulnerability around the negative feedback you received for plugging your own program. As someone newly diagnosed with ADHD, I to struggle with rejection and always seems to be a people pleaser, often at the detriment of my own needs. P.S.I love this podcast and I have really enjoyed the executive functioning series!
United StatesUnited States2019-03-171kristencarderIt’s My Podcast and I Like ItI love this podcast because it’s mine. I hope you take this self-written review as a sign that I could really use a few reviews that are not written by me. So go ahead and write one, ok?! And thanks for listening...I promise to continue to make this podcast better and better ❤️
United StatesUnited States2023-03-285JenTris4WaterSo validatingI am an almost 50 year old female. I have never been diagnosed with ADHD but I have suspected that I’v had it my entire life. This podcast has helped me feel validated and that I am not crazy. It’s so helpful in my daily life. I am thankful for this podcast
United StatesUnited States2023-03-305AtgibEasy to listen to and relatableHost is so easy to listen to and gives lots of great tips. I find myself coming back to her podcast again and again despite all the other adhd podcasts out there.
United StatesUnited States2023-03-305MB late to workLove it!I absolutely love love love your podcast! Your voice is also super amazing and you are easy to listen to. Please can you do a podcast on how to come on time to work (or appointments)? I am sure that many ADHDrs struggle with this and your research and relatability is always fantastic!
FinlandFinland2023-04-035Not a superpowerPreciousI knew quite a lot about ADHD before finding Kristen but she has made everything click. Having been diagnosed at 52, I was not really buying the ”superpower” mindset and had not thoroughly understood how my brain actually affects different aspects of my life, needed practical knowledge, help and support - all of which I have found in her podcast. Warmly recommend!
United StatesUnited States2023-04-045jmaxwell89If you have ADHD, you need this podcastRelatable and reliable! This is one of the best podcasts for adults with ADHD out there! No joke! You gotta binge like all the episodes! It’s that good!
United StatesUnited States2023-04-085Mile High ADHDerAdd this podcast to your library!Since receiving an ADHD diagnosis in my 30s, I’ve followed a small number of podcasts for adult ADHDers and this is one of them. I really appreciate the care with which Kristen vets the information she shares and the accessible way she presents it. The topical series are particularly illuminating and I always enjoy listening to her conversations with guests, many of which have led me to other eye-opening resources. It’s been a relief and a pleasure to start finding my community after decades of feeling like an ugly duckling. Each week, this podcast reminds me that I’m not the only swan out there and provides me with helpful ways to think about and navigate a world designed for ducks.
United StatesUnited States2023-04-175Rockfrdpeach16My life is on track!I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and this has been a great resource. I was completely overwhelmed and not knowing how to move forward with how to manage it (shocker) but episode by episode I’m starting to own my diagnosis more and have more tools in my arsenal.
United StatesUnited States2023-04-155Marcus_G75VERY PRACTICAL: Life Change Ahead……This podcast is Very helpful and practical. As a 46 y.o. Who was recently diagnosed with ADHD this has been a GREAT resource and I have only listened to the first 5 episodes. Learning a ton of practical information and changing for the good in the process. Highly recommend! Only wish I could get my wife to listen and work through it with me, but Divorce killed our relationship before I had a chance. Hope it saves someone else!!
CanadaCanada2023-04-195Cupcakes to kaleThank you , thank you , thank you !!I cannot say how much I love your podcast. I listened to your executive function series. It helped so much to an over 50 woman who recently discovered that I have ADHD. It’s frustrating when you have a therapist and they aren’t ready to diagnose me. So when I listened to that series , it made so much sense and gave me such inspiration to know that my frustrations are normal for an Adhd’er. But now when you are starting your series of RSD. Man it’s like your in my head. When you talked about your contractor , and how you felt like they don’t like you. That has been happening to me recently big time. But I was remembering what you said , and it helped me realize that they’re probably just busy. So instead of having a mental cry and think the worse , I was able to over come that fear of rejection. Im sorry this is a long review , but I appreciate your podcast and it has helped me in ways my Therapist has not . Sincerely Over 50 new adhder 😊
United StatesUnited States2023-04-195bridgetbaldiLove love loveI feel like she is speaking directly to me. I have recommended this podcast to every person I know with ADHD.
CanadaCanada2023-04-215C Mc and TchoupieThank youThank you for sharing your valuable findings and for being vulnerable enough to share personal experiences. Y’a a lot of times ADHD sucks, you help me build confidence and awareness, thank you. Your series on relationship was a bucket of cold water type of wake-up that I needed! Change my way for the better.
United StatesUnited States2023-04-265newIGmanagerKristen gives us what we needHer insight is truly astounding! She knows the “adhd-er” so well and offers good, solid advice on how to manage symptoms, feel less like a failure, and actually enjoy life when you have adhd. She is humble enough to talk about her own struggles and inspiring enough to talk about her successes as well, showing that while adhd is hard, it is also manageable. Something else that I love about Kristen’s advice, as a Christian, is that nothing she says contradicts what the Bible says, but rather supports it. She rarely, if ever, mentions any religious affiliations so please don’t let my comment put you off to this podcast!! But if, like me, you are wary of self-help support because it feels selfish and contradictory to what the Bible calls us to do - love others more than ourselves- if you give it a shot you will quickly see how her advice enables you to more readily accept God’s grace and mercy, and how managing your symptoms helps takes the focus off of your shortcomings and failures, giving you more freedom and more time to live God’s purpose for your life!
United StatesUnited States2023-04-255JSinCaboLife Changing Podcast!Until recently (at 43), I had no idea I might have ADHD. Thanks to trying Neurofeedback and Therapy I was led to possible Adult ADHD and I’m going in for an evaluation in the next few months. In the meantime, I was pointed to Dr. Russell Barkley and this iHaveADHD podcast. Kristen podcast, especially with Dr. Barkley, Executive Function series, and emotional awareness episodes have already changed my life for the better in just a little over 2 weeks! Kristen promotes her coaching program FOCUSED a lot, AND for good reason!!! I’ve joined FOCUSED and it’s an amazing program with so much! I don’t even WANT to “binge it” because I realize I will benefit so much from staying with this program long term!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kristen, Dr. Barkely, and all the staff and coaches at FOCUSED!!! Please keep doing what you are awesome at!
United StatesUnited States2020-06-175kellyellie24So glad I found this Podcast!So thrilled to have found this podcast! It’s been super helpful to me (48) and my daughter (21) - even for my husband/her father in understanding our ADHD brains! (And, sorry it’s taken me so long to get in here and leave this review but I’d come in dozens of times with every intention of leaving a review and then - guess what? Got distracted! But it’s done now
CanadaCanada2023-04-295RennebohmGreat!This podcast is super informative and entertaining! I was diagnosed late in life and find this podcast very helpful!
CanadaCanada2023-05-025Liz - TorontoVery usefulGreat topics - clear and concise information relevant to dealing with Adult ADHD. Love Kristen’s humour.
United KingdomUnited Kingdom2023-05-025kl.mortonAmazingThank you Kristen… you lead me to pursue an official diagnosis for myself after years of questioning it and i’m finally starting to put my life together.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-025EmiliaJaneCabyLOVE this podcast.I truly love this podcast. She does such a wonderful job of taking important, complex, sometimes hard to sift through research and putting it out there in an accessible and palatable way. The information is always great, the host is amazing and the guests are always interesting. If you have ADHD, if you suspect you have ADHD, if you love someone with ADHD give this a listen, you won’t regret it.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-025Regami64I feel SEEN!Diagnosed at age 40 after my son was officially diagnosed - I’m relearning all these tools I wish I had access to earlier in life. Listening to this podcast has helped explain literally everything. If you’re looking to understand more about how your brain operates - or if you’re a neurotypical ally of an adhd’er - I recommend listening for more clarity!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-025HawkeylaurieI listen and I don’t have ADHDKristen helps me understand my family members with ADHD and executive function challenges. I have learned so much and had so many aha moments! I hope to find more patience, understanding and compassion for those around me with ADHD and help find tools to help them. We have even listened to some parts of episodes together and I have explained what I have leaned and apologized for my not understanding in the past. Thank you!!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-025FitMaCA5000 stars!I have listened to-and enjoyed-many podcasts. This is the only one I have ever written a review for. Amazing insight, guests, information. Thank you for putting this out here for us!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-044BabratliffGreat use of your time.I love this podcast. My therapist’s have said I don’t have ADHD, but so much of this information is helpful.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-035RubyJuneIrisThank you for this Podcast⭐️🙏🎊Kristen is changing my life. This is a weekly staple in my quest for a better life. The shame that has shed alone from listening to her podcast feels like a miracle. As someone with addiction and PMDD issues as well ,those episodes and the the connection between then all was so huge. Thank you. Happy Birthday Kelli Barksdale
United StatesUnited States2023-05-035spaceystraceWow - life changingThrough this podcast, I’ve gained so much knowledge and have become to motivated to do my own work, research, & self exploration to truly understand what it means to have ADHD. I have felt so seen, understood, & accepted by the community this podcast creates. I can’t remember the first episode that brought me here, but I do know I listened to about 5 in a row that day & since then, I’ve come back here almost daily. I’ve shared the show & many episodes with a very important person in my life who has been essentially suffering in silence with her ADHD, after being diagnosed in adolescence nearly 15 years ago. She’s just begun her journey on managing her symptoms, and the more I learn (through Kristen) about the spectrum of this disorder, the severity of hers especially unmanaged…the more my heart breaks for her. on the flip side, that same education, has helped me to confidently realize I’ve done (and continue) to do a really good job of treating, managing, recognizing how to best create a HAPPY & successful adult life, post-diagnosis. And part of that is sharing this with as many people as I can. While I’m not sure who’s started listening based on my recommendations, I’ve been able to share many of Kristen’s insights with them indirectly until they finally make the move! Thank you thank you so much for the work that you do - this podcast, YOU have changed my life for the better in so many ways & it will continue to shape and inform anyone who will listen - to you or to me about you! 😂
United StatesUnited States2023-05-035Kyliemh89Cannot recommend this podcast enough!!This is by far my favorite podcast. It is informative, incredibly helpful, and fun. It is truly life-changing.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-065yayabcdefgGDBThank you for all of the work you do. I look forward to your podcast every week, and it has been life changing. I recommend it to anyone who has adhd or has a family member with it. Also, can’t wait to join focus as soon as I start working again. Peace and love to you.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-065Vikki LouhooThank you!This has been so kindly informative. My life makes sense now! But, it is good to know that it is not a life sentence of Chaos and poor choices, my mind has neuro plasticity and I can learn how to function in a effective way.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-095GatoleahThank you for the best info on ADHD!This is hands-down the best ADHD podcast! The series on executive function are absolutely outstanding. I have sent various episodes to at least five different people. Please keep up the great work!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-095BabratliffGreat use of your time.I love this podcast. My therapist’s have said I don’t have ADHD, but so much of this information is helpful. Todays show was based on focus call coaching, OMG the coaching given was great and impactful!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-095ADDwriterAmazing, insightful, and not to be missed!I Have ADHD with Kristen Carder is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. I would go so far as to say it’s one of my essential weekly listens. I was diagnosed about a decade ago (in my forties). I struggled for a long time to get information about what ADHD actually is, let alone how to function as an adult, mother, and business woman. At the time, many resources were too detailed, not written for the ADHD brain, and frankly depressing. Since finding this podcast, I feel like I have the information I need, delivered in a way that works with love and kindness. The series about executive function has been particularly useful. If you have ADHD or have someone in your life who does, this is the resource you absolutely need!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-095kwalk1217TransformationalThis podcast is genuinely changing my life. Kristen is a true expert in the ADHD community, and yet she’s so relatable — it feels like chatting with your BFF, and yet you learn a TON. Between listening to this podcast and joining Kristen’s Focused group, I feel so much more capable of handling my ADHD in a healthy way. I’m more productive, less overwhelmed, and generally nicer to myself. I can’t recommend Kristen’s work enough!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-125thunder jbExcellent!Each time I tune in for a new episode I feel like I am reuniting with a dear friend that gets me, helps me grow and feel good about myself!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-115AuroraBlacklockSo grateful I found this podcast!I love that much of the information presented in these podcasts is helpful, relatable, and ACTIONABLE! Kristen gives realistic and practical advice for getting out of your own way, and developing a mindset that helps you work with your adhd—without the DRAMA of shame and beating yourself up. I’ve found resources here that I’ve yet to find anywhere else on my own journey so far. I truly can’t get enough, and can’t wait to join the companion community!
CanadaCanada2023-05-165Sanaaliqureshi1234So helpfulHer podcast is like listening to your best friend. It has been incredibly helpful and eye opening. So glad I found it.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-16568newportThis is a must if you suffer from ADHDI absolutely love this podcast! I always look forward to listening to it in the car or while I’m doing chores, it really helps enforce the therapy that I’m already getting and helps me put into perspective my reality. Kristen’s voice is so nice to listen to, and she speaks to her audience, so candidly and with a lot of compassion.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-175jjvibeshealingLove itJust been late diagnosed w adhd as a 36 year old woman and this pod hits deep. Very very helpful and makes me feel less alone. So relatable and useful in life. Thank you Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2022-04-244ginger3308The BEST adhd podcast!! LOVE LOVE LOVEI can’t say enough good things about this podcast! I have been binge listening from the first episode and it has literally changed my life. She explains things in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. I was diagnosed as an adult and this podcast is what I’ve been missing my entire life! I relate with almost every single episode. She has helped to change my mindset about my adhd and that has been the missing puzzle piece I didn’t know I needed. I basically talk about this podcast every single day, sharing what I’ve learned to friends and family, because it is so incredibly helpful and insightful. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I get caught up with all the episodes because I listen for hours every day. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-235H shouldiceSo helpful!I was recently diagnosed at the age of 43, and this podcast has been immensely helpful! Not only is it informative, but it’s also so encouraging. Near the end of the most recent episode (on being diagnosed later in life), I felt like Kristen was giving me a big hug with her warm words! Thank you for your work, Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-235MissladyofbrooklynFeel supportedI’m not diagnosed but have so much frustration about what my brain is capable of. This helps me understand & feel less shame& know i’m not alone along with action to take.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-235DoesitreallymattermynameLove the energyI love her energy so much, and her unabashed straight talk. I love all the resources she shares and getting to hear peoples’ stories and struggles. This has been an amazing “value-add” podcast that I’m so glad to have added into my podcast rotation. Shout-out to my therapist for recommending it!!!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-245KateG*A wonderful resource for those with adhdAs someone diagnosed with adhd 3 years ago at 35 years old this podcast has been helpful from diagnosis right through until present day. Kristen has an approach that is both practical and compassionate, with needed humor mixed in. I feel like the way she articulates the adhd experience makes me feel seen. Then she approaches problem solving with both data and experience. I think most impactful for me is her causal coaching approach, which means her narrative involves looking at our thoughts and feelings in relationship to our experience with adhd. I highly recommend this podcast.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-245MnicangelFinally it makes sense!As a teen I was always busy, sucked at time management, money and procrastinated when it came to school. Fast forward to my 20s and I thought my husband just wasn’t understanding me. Jumping into my 30s I knew I had to work on things but didn’t realize until I became a mom of special needs kids that I couldn’t juggle all balls because my brain was so busy. I was forgetting things and late to things. I finally was able to get the diagnosis and find this podcast and it has helped me so much. It’s helped me get rid of a lot of guilt knowing there is a reason for the way I am. It helped remind me that I’m not alone, it helped me understand my brothers more. RUN, don’t walk to this amazing podcast if you or someone you love has ADHD.
CanadaCanada2023-05-245stellatroutGrateful for this podcastSo glad I found this podcast. I find myself shouting “that’s me!” — and it’s such a relief. I’m another who was diagnosed late in life and struggling, regretting my life that might have been. Kristen has helped me process and tackle the past and present. Thank you.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-265Identified3Thank youSpot on!
AustraliaAustralia2023-05-285SophoeaRightNowFavourite ADHD podcast!This is my fave ADHD podcast!! Interesting, helpful, supportive and so easy to listen to. Thanks Kristen!
IrelandIreland2023-05-265postivelouLearning so muchThank you I’m learning about myself and feeling not alone after listening to your podcast
CanadaCanada2023-05-295KasaLKAwesome!Listening to Problem Solving episode, helpful to know how problems get solved…. finally. I’m writing this thoug, because, you said something about halfway in episode that made me LAUGH. Out loud. Laugh for real. for the first time in a couple days. Sooo…. Thank-you.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-304earlywintersdesigncoCould be more sensitive about jobsI like this podcast but you could be more conscientious about calling jobs like working at Starbucks, McDonald’s, or hotel front desks easy. These jobs aren’t easy and aren’t for everyone and to just recommend that as a baseline sort of menial anyone can do it job is a bit insulting to those in the service and hospitality industry. Why is it more valuable to be a CPA or an adhd coach? Shouldn’t everyone do what works for them ?
United StatesUnited States2023-05-295Sy1991QPodcast on Rejection was life changingKristen’s episodes on rejection were extremely influential on me. I wasn’t aware of my fear of rejection until I heard her talk about it. I struggle with the fear so much that it has crippled me and has caused me to avoid situations. I’ve become more aware of this fear, and I try to not let it get the best of me. It was a huge barrier that led me to have days that were not so productive. I’ve been able to deal with my problems head on. I’m in a much more peaceful state of mind. Thanks Kristen.
United StatesUnited States2023-05-285Blaine ARLHow to Navigate Later in Life ADHD DiagnosisKristen is spot-on throughout this podcast. Last Fall, at the age of 54, I was diagnosed with ADHD, and as the weeks went by, more and more things that have happened in my life made sense as I viewed things through the ADHD lens. I looked around and listened to various ADHD podcasts (in addition to reading books, articles and speaking with a counselor) to help navigate things and I stumbled upon Kristen Carder’s ADHD podcasts a few months ago, have listened to a bunch of them, and she is amazing! She really knows her stuff and what she says resonates with me in a way no other ADHD podcast, article, or book has done. Kristen’s guidance in her podcasts is helping me in so many ways - big thank you to Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-285DisastergrrrlHighlight of my weekSomehow this podcast always has just what I need, when I need it! Kristen is warm, funny, honest, and smart — the kind of friend we all wish we had — with a ton of evidence-based practical insight that WORKS. Love this show so much — I look forward to it every Tuesday!
AustraliaAustralia2023-06-025AnnaKas12I am just blown awayKristen, I came across your podcast some time ago and kept coming back to it because your insights and advice are so sound. Best of all, I am always left feeling better about my own challenges at the end of it. You offer suggestions that are unique and helpful, instead of the tired ones that everyone already heard. Most importantly, you explain “the why” behind your thought processes, which I find incredibly calming. Finally, you are incredibly engaging and authentic, and I cannot thank you enough for your amazing work. Keep it up!
United StatesUnited States2023-06-045KaytotheLa0729I feel SO validated!I thought that so many of my quirks were just that - quirks. I had NO IDEA how much my ADHD symptoms were affecting my life! Thank you so much, Kristen, for creating this wonderful podcast for all us ADHDers out there, trying to survive in a neurotypical world!
United StatesUnited States2023-06-045Lmd1987Not sure if I have ADHD, but I’m sure this is life-changing!This podcast is helping me learn to accept myself and trust myself. I am married to an extremely consistent man, but I’ve been comparing myself to him for over a decade…always so ashamed I fall short. Plus, I’ve been idolizing self-help rhetoric about consistency and routine…but as I predictably fail at my enthusiastic efforts after only a few days, all that once-dazzling rhetoric quickly converts to defeat & shame. Kristen is helping me understand patterns in my thinking and behaving that I didn’t even realize were patterns. She is naming things that resonate so profoundly with my experience…things I’ve never been able to verbalize, much less brave enough to “sanity-check” with friends. Why don’t I trust myself? What’s wrong with a warm up sequence (even phone scrolling) before focused time? When I procrastinate, what negative emotion am I avoiding? …do you see? We aren’t terrible, unreliable people, hopelessly scattered…we just needed a different scaffold to understand our own thinking patterns and explore what changes might serve us better. Thank you, Kristen, for your hard work on this podcast! I’m only a couple weeks in, but I’m listening every day as you faithfully map out surface problems, real roots, and understandable, achievable solutions. (I went through the whole list of episodes, saved all the titles I was interested in - they’re so clear!! Bless you! - so that I could listen and build with Kristen’s presentation of concepts. I genuinely look forward to each one!) I always thought ADHD looked a certain external way, and since I didn’t experience those external factors, I never bothered to learn much about it. But when a dear friend surprised me by announcing his diagnosis, he also didn’t fit my understanding, so I wanted to learn more. Executive dysfunction has blown my mind. It explains so much of my low-confidence in myself. I am so blessed that I had great support and was able to get good grades all the way through a master’s program…and yet, to this day, I perpetually feel imposter syndrome when facing whatever challenge is in front of me. But Kristen’s easy-to-follow series on executive dysfunctions has started shifting those old default assumptions about myself. She has helped me wade into these waters of neurodivergence, and find so much relief. So much immediate freedom to hear, “Wait, I don’t have to judge myself and hate myself that I struggle with that? WAIT, a WHOLE group of other brilliant, creative, ambitious people are struggling with that, too???”Regardless of whether I resonate with all ADHD symptoms or ever pursue formal diagnosis, the simple practice of this podcast has helped me more tangible in the first 2 weeks than any self-help book I’ve ever picked up. I don’t think I’m exaggerating. I feel like the weight of judgment for disordered thinking is finally shifting into leverage for freer thinking toward more creative solutions. It seems like people are sometimes grumbling about her promoting her Focused course (which sounds amazing! I LOVE that some podcast episodes are calls from the course and even occasionally include course participant interviews & coaching moments! I’ve had TEARS hearing these amazingly successful people working through the same hang up I am facing…and seeing Kristen gently lead them to the root feeling driving that, and ask them what it would be like to be willing to feel that feeling and move forward anyway? It’s so, so good!!) OK, so if you feel miffed that she’s regularly advertising her course (instead of a shampoo like Affirmation Pod or shoes like Lazy Genius or gluten free tortillas like Brene Brown lololol)…then maybe think of it this way: for any of us out there drowning in the sea of our own shame-soaked inconsistencies…then maybe the Focused course promo is just Kristen shouting out where a good life raft is. If you don’t need it now - no problem, just keep on swimming or even enjoying the shore…but please don’t begrudge the brand new listeners like me for regularly getting clear info on what it is and how to access it. Similarly, flight attendants tell us on every single flight about emergency procedures, and if we ever need them, we’ll be so glad we have them. Maybe you’re coping well with your own diagnosis and not looking for enhanced support - yay!!! But if the bottom ever falls out (as life sometimes does), you might be glad you already had a seed in your brain of a safe community to run to. That is honestly how I think of it, and that’s just based on the fact that if I’ve gotten so much help from the podcast alone…who knows how much more support would be in the course?! Thanks again, Kristen! Keep getting the word out, and let’s all keep persisting with purpose toward our grounded goals! Disclaimer: I don’t know Kristen personally, and I wasn’t asked or compensated in anyway for this review. I am genuinely just this helped and passionate about what I’ve already learned in the podcast, so I wanted to do my part to help her business!
United StatesUnited States2023-05-315Shalty ballzLove, love you!This podcast has been a source of comfort and knowledge for me. 44 years old and recently diagnosed. Now that I know, all my shame and past failures make sense. Being stubborn and not getting a diagnosis cost me my wife and family. If you have ADHD or unsure, this podcast will really help.. ps my birthday is May 1st
PhilippinesPhilippines2023-06-065Sabrina Runbeck, MPH, MHS, PA-Give it a listen, & you'll see why this podcast has become an invaluable resource for ADHD communityI recently discovered the I Have ADHD Podcast, and I have to say it's been a game-changer for me. Kristen Carder, the host and ADHD expert, brings a clear, concise, and FUN approach to understanding ADHD and its impact on our lives. The episode on "Understanding Executive Functions - Self-Motivation" was particularly insightful. I found her mix of solo episodes and interviews with renowned authors, like Dr. Barkley, Dr. Hallowell, and more, to be a refreshing and enriching experience! Give it a listen, and you'll see why this podcast has become an invaluable resource for the ADHD community. - Sabrina
United StatesUnited States2023-06-081Daryle of Learning To TravelNot helpfulGave 3 episodes a try and did not find this podcast helpful.
United StatesUnited States2023-06-075spikebradfordA wonderful resource to return to againI’m not a podcast person, but I love this one. I got diagnosed with ADHD at 51, a few years ago. Kristen’s podcast was one of the first places I was able to find clear and supportive information that helped me on my journey to learning about the issue. Now, whenever I have a question about my condition or need some guidance to tackle a specific area, I just search past episodes and chances are I’ll find something. If you or someone you care about has ADHD, bookmark this podcast!
United StatesUnited States2023-06-115swizzsandyI love this ADHD podcast!It’s real, it’s imperfect, it’s cute, it’s genuine, it’s relatable, it’s informative, it’s helpful! You’re missing out if you don’t listen!
United StatesUnited States2023-06-175DvGutsLoving the coaching calls!I’m a longtime listener and I’ve already written one 5 star review, but I just wanted to say that with this new addition of coaching calls, I’m really enjoying hearing what people are grappling with and how you, and others in the group, are recommending that they deal with it. Thank you Kristen!
United StatesUnited States2023-06-185bearlover/ fitzphie fan!Learning so much!As a late-in-diagnosis person, I have a lot to learn. Sooo many things makes sense to me now, as I learn from Kristen’s honest and open ADHD wisdom. She is encouraging and realistic, with practical suggestions for how to manage our “executives that aren’t functioning” and importantly, embracing the positives of ADHD, rather than wallowing in the bad parts of the disorder.
South AfricaSouth Africa2023-06-205bdhgktEffective is the word to describe this podcast.This podcast feels like a hug and as someone who has limited cognitive capacity I love a podcast that is practical. This is the one, I learn something and get reminded of some tools and techniques that might have slipped my mind. I love it, thank you.
United StatesUnited States2023-06-215C3Am33Loving this!This podcast has helped me a TON! I simply love it! I like to listen while I’m doing house chores and it helps me focus.
AustraliaAustralia2023-06-215joshmelNew to ADHDSuch an easy listen, quick to the point and full of info, thanks again Kristen absolutely love your work!!!
United StatesUnited States2023-06-245PizzateaAmazing!I got a diagnosis about 2 months ago, and have binged this podcast like crazy. I’m trying to navigate the whole world of information out there and could easily feel alone (which I sometimes do) and overwhelmed (which, I mean hello, I often do) but this podcast has helped me feel so much less alone and less overwhelmed. Could you do an episode about interoception? This is a big symptom for me, but I’m just learning about it. Is it common for adhd-ers?
United StatesUnited States2023-06-265missa425Very helpful!When I was 17, I was diagnosed with ADD. I had no idea what that actually meant, forgot to take the medicine… And life went on. I am now 42 years old, and something (that I can’t remember at the moment) sparked my interest in learning more about ADHD. I listen to a few podcasts, but didn’t seem to offer much info and then I found this one! It’s been so helpful to learn what ADHD actually means, how to implement it into our lives, and work with it rather than against it, and I’m just grateful to be learning more. 🥰 I’m going to try to remember to set up appointments to be officially diagnosed, and we’ll see what the future holds!
CanadaCanada2023-07-055Merbear2919Great podcast!!❤️❤️This podcast is really great and has helped me with my condition ADHD and teaches me how to embrace it in my everyday life. Thank you so much for making me feel like I’m not the only person who has ADHD and who has struggles in everyday life.
United StatesUnited States2023-07-125It is a 5Momma BearMy daughter was diagnosed about 3 years ago. Classic story. Diagnosis, meds, and that’s all. She just turned 20, and is really starting to struggle in many areas, although she continues to do well in college and is working 2 jobs for the summer. I cannot begin to tell you how helpful this podcast has been for me, in terms of understanding her. I have gotten her to listen to a couple of episodes, she liked them, and everything you said 100% resonated with her. I’m not yet sure how to slow her down long enough begin to learn, process and apply, but in the meantime, I will keep listening to this amazing podcast so I can support her when she is ready.
United StatesUnited States2023-07-125Country_Girl_2⃣0⃣1⃣4⃣🐴The best thing for my ADHD brain since medicationWOW — Validation, motivation, community, and support… Thank you, Kristen Carter for creating this podcast. I’ve been a listener since the beginning of this year and your podcast has changed my life. I was diagnosed at 20 years old and being medicated made me feel like a veil had been lifted from my mind. Two years later as an ADHDer finishing my senior year at University, I was facing graduation, while working on independent research and struggling to write my honors thesis — I felt back at square one. Finding your podcast was a game changer and listening made me feel not so alone. You validate the very real struggles that us ADHDers face, give hope for fulfillment, and teach the tools necessary to allow us to thrive. I cannot voice the impact your work has had on my perspective and life. Whether I am having a hard brain day, need a friendly voice, or some gentle encouragement; I know your podcast will leave me feeling better than when I first picked up my phone. I show literally everyone your podcast and I want to thank you for the valuable resource you’ve given our ADHD community! P.S. Since finishing Uni and having written a killer thesis, I am looking forward to joining Focused as soon as I have funds to do so — so freaking excited!!!
United StatesUnited States2023-07-145ajjjjjjaaaajjjjaaaA valuable resource!I'm learning A LOT about myself through this
United StatesUnited States2023-07-185frappichinno girlI feel seen and heard.Thank you for putting out so much REAL content. In a time where there is so much stuff to have to wade through I feel grateful to have found this podcast. You’re making a difference.
United StatesUnited States2023-07-193nat2656Good but..I really enjoy this podcast. A couple things though, as someone who is AUDHD I’d like to hear more about how being autistic and adhd impacts each other, there is a lot of overlap. I was disappointed at the episode talking with Helen Villiers and the vilification of people with NPD, narcissistic personality disorder. This disorder is complex and there are real people behind it, and it’s so unfortunate that in the mental health community people with NPD are deemed as “narcissists” and their condition villified. This furthers stigmatizes NPD and paints people with NPD as bad. As someone with ADHD, I’m sure you recognize how harmful demonizing certain traits of disorders is. We hate it when it happens to us. It’s like people demonizing rejection sensitivity and making it all we are. That’s very frustrating. I implore you to reflect on your language surrounding NPD. This is NOT invalidating abuse from people with NPD, rather it’s moving the language from blaming the individual with the condition and making their condition all they are, to realizing they have an illness, and they are more than their illness. It’s why it’s important not to call people narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths. I hope you hear this criticism from a place of compassion and not invalidation. I hope you read this comment.
CanadaCanada2023-08-093StepNjump7My Spicy Thoughts on the Coaching IndustryNormally I really enjoy and learn a lot from this podcast BUT this one, OMG ranting and raving especially back-stabing her previous mentors... totally out of line ! I was very disapointed. Kristen lost a LOT of points today as far as I'm concerned. Very sad!
United StatesUnited States2023-08-095CMP404Informative, relatable and actionableInformative, relatable and actionable podcast-loving it!
United StatesUnited States2023-08-105Little PsycheGreat Interviews, Empathetic approach to discussing ADHDI’m really enjoying this podcast. Kristen is a very engaging host and really shines when she has guests on. My favorites so far are the Dr. Russell Barkley interviews (he’s always the best, and she clearly admires him as well!) and her discussion on when to know if you’re in a toxic workplace. I found it extremely helpful, since ADHD presents issues where we automatically think we’re the problem, vs not having any guidance to improve. Her guest has a lot of insight on knowing when to leave. ADHD is often a nightmare but shows like this help take the edge off with humor and understanding.
United StatesUnited States2023-08-135bhbmaySuch a good, relatable podcast!Every episode is relatable and useful for digging a little deeper into areas that felt a little scary before ♥️ My favorite so far is with Mina’s B. Everyone should listen.
United StatesUnited States2023-08-173briallynPast= adhd gold info. Current= totally different podcast😫Her early stuff is gold. The adhd info was incredibly helpful. I have been bummed lately that her content is focused on the maybe I’m not the problem podcast, which I thought she said would be a totally separate podcast. When it’s not been focused on that, it has been about coaching. Not everyone wants to be a coach for adhd. I skipped those episodes for awhile, thinking this was just a temporary thing. No sign of the old format in months now.
United StatesUnited States2023-08-292mysterymobileAnnoying voice and way of speakingAnnoying vocal patterns, unintelligent, and seems suspiciously inauthentic. Some good guests.
AustraliaAustralia2023-08-305WendykanyAlways seem to have the right topic at the right timeNearly every time I hope in the car your topic always seems to match the topic that I have been thinking about or trying to work out. Thanks for being so practical and intereting to my brain and you really seem to know howe it works. Podcasts are very helpful.
United StatesUnited States2023-08-305CaitiMavIt’s like having a safe confident that breaks down ADHDI haven’t been officially diagnosed yet this podcast resonates in so many ways. More than anything, it’s given me perspective about how my mind works and how many of the issues that I’ve struggled with MY WHOLE LIFE are common with ADHD. The topics can feel overwhelming but Kristen is a friendly guide that shares tips that actually work. It’s gentle yet real. I love her honesty and how I even laugh during many of the shows. I can’t really convey how much this podcast means to me except that it makes me feel hopeful that it’ll be OK and that there are others who struggle with the same issues.
United StatesUnited States2023-09-065ShyOfLifeLove this woman.She’s relatable. Do I agree with everything she says? No. But she has a lot good information on here. If you are female with ADHD I highly recommend this woman. The best part? She does her best to be all inclusive so guys with ADHD? Give her a shot. ☺️
United StatesUnited States2023-09-225Meg 😄Life changing 🤯I’ve had ADHD my whole life but wasn’t diagnosed until I was 35 years old (this year). My specialist prescribed me meds and said “you can do therapy if you want.” That was the extent of my treatment for my new diagnosis of ADHD 😂 I was like uhhhh okay so I search on podcasts for ADHD support. It must have been angels that led me to this podcast because it has literally changed my life. Never have I had anyone who understands me so well, and she’s never even met me! But she knows me better than I know myself! And she teaches me about myself and reassures me that I am not crazy. She shares actual useful concrete solutions to everyday problems in the life of an ADHD-er, and I have implanted many of her tips in my life and I’ll say again, it has been life changing! I have learned how to regulate my emotions, prioritize, plan, problem solve, and most importantly how to be nice to myself. Releasing all the guilt and shame in your life feels like a million pounds taken off your shoulders!

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