I'm enjoying your podcast absolutely. Commuting and lunch times have been great the past weeks with this podcast squeezed in. Hope you keep going and I'd love to hear your experience in relation to reading as I'm personally struggling to read without being medicated. Thank you and wishing you all the best!
Love from Israel!!
I am 40 now was diagnosed at 32 with ADHD. Good luck!!! That’s all I knew. Dumped like a Baby from a stork. All I knew I was failing at everything except my career. I happened to fall on this pod cast. And it has made a huge difference in my life. Most of all saved my life. Thank you very much.
I’m SO HAPPY that I came across this podcast last year! Kristen, along with her wisdom, encouragement, enthusiasm & her transparency have been life-changing for me in every positive way! I’ve learned that I’m not alone in how I feel about my ADD-related challenges & that it IS possible to live a happier, healthier more productive life WITH ADD/ADHD. On days when I’m feeling frustrated, exasperated & dysfunctional with a capital “D,” listening to her podcasts ALWAYS helps me to feel better, improves my attitude & changes my perspective... & gives me a good kick in the behind when needed, too! She provides concrete, relatable examples and recommendations to promote positive growth & change. My husband has benefited from her podcasts, too, both as a person with ADHD and as the spouse of someone with ADD/ADHD. BONUS: we’ve had amazing conversations after every single podcast! Kristen is a very real, very inspiring & truly valuable breath of fresh air—anyone impacted by ADD/ADHD will gain beneficial insight & useful ideas by listening to any of her podcasts!
Kristen, I listen to your podcasts on Spotify but I had to come here on Apple where I could review it because you and this podcast are simply amazing. After being diagnosed with ADHD almost 2 years ago, I brushed it off and couldn’t see how it affected my life because I didn’t know the symptoms and nobody in my family had ever been diagnosed. I was skeptical because I received no information on the diagnosis and was just given a stimulant, getting it upped every month because I wasn’t working on my thought processes along with taking the medication, and I was also experiencing an enormous amount of grief that I couldn’t process correctly (still working on that). I quickly took myself off because I noticed my mental health declining. I’m still struggling but it’s getting easier because I finally decided to look into how adhd affects the brain and mental health. I found this podcast on Spotify and instantly connected with it because you’re in the same state as me!! I’m outside of Scranton in Waverly, PA. I can’t afford therapy right now so I have the routine of listening to your podcasts every day in the morning to get me grounded. It’s become a vital resource for me to learn how to deal with ADHD while I’m getting back on my feet financially and I couldn’t be more grateful. You’re a best friend to me and so many other people every day when we feel alone in our heads. Thank you so much, you are sooo appreciated ♥️
Binged this whole thing in a week since discovering it! This podcast is so INCREDIBLE and has taught me so much. Thank you for sharing your story and tips! I’ve never felt so understood and accepted and am understanding myself so much more.
Let me preface this by saying at 30 one week ago someone (in my memory) said I should be tested. I asked my mom and I went diagnosed BUT untreated since elementary school. So I started researching and trying to find testing. I found the podcast and in the 20 short episodes I’ve been able to listen to I’ve cried, I’ve found understanding, I went from shame to this isn’t something I can control, I find community in how I’ve felt for years, and I’ve found acceptance in medication. I got my results from my test yesterday and I “clearly meets the criteria for ADHD, combine type.......it’s probable her self esteem has been extremely affected....I suggest medical care” and in that sentence because of this podcast I found relief vs shame. I’ve signed up for focus and I’m ready to turn my life around and thrive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also I need a T-shirt that says “Clearly.”
This podcast has given me the courage to finally see a doctor about my ADD ( I’m 42!!). I listen to you and your guests and recognize so much of myself in you all. I have fought this for so long and my hot mess of a life really shows it. You have encouraged me to finally seek help. Thank you.
I got diagnosed as a kid, and honestly had a really hard childhood. I was heavily shamed and punished for what I now know are symptoms of ADHD. Because I never knew what my diagnosis actually meant I figured it wasn’t a big deal, and I got off medication as an adult. I’ve spent the last 6 years wondering what was wrong with me, and making poor choices. I finally started to look into ADHD and I found Kristen. Not only am I a better mother, and wife, I’m more confident. Kristen teaches you about ADHD with so much understanding and kindness while also being incredibly real and honest. She’s funny and engaging, and her voice is very calming which helps keep me interested and engaged. I honestly can’t give her enough praise because she’s truly opening my eyes to who I am, and I really didn’t understand how badly my misinformation and self shaming was hurting my life. Kristen helped me see that I am exactly who I need to be, and if people don’t like me, that’s okay, because I like me. I know that’s a really basic concept, but I truly didn’t understand it. Last thing! When she said “Adults can do whatever they want” that blew my mind. 😂 I never considered that this is my life, and I should live it for myself, and not just do things to make people happy. I’ve always been a good little soldier, and wouldn’t even jaywalk or tell a white lie because I was so scared of getting in trouble. So basically, if you think you might have ADHD, but you don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Welcome home. 💕
I’m a student with ADHD — an engineering student. On its own, this discipline is difficult and grueling, but with ADHD the struggles are amplified. Combine that with studying/working/living in the same 800-square-foot apartment (thanks, COVID), my studies have been struggling. I discovered this podcast on Spotify and I am HOOKED. I listen to Kristen when I study, and I feel like she’s almost sitting next to me, encouraging me and showing me that succeeding with ADHD is completely possible. Thank you so much, Kristen!
I won’t waste people’s time with the crazy backwards way I found this podcast and Kristen’s work, but I’ll just say that in the span of a few days I went from believing the worst about all of my shortcomings and how they were my own personal failures as a human, to realizing I may have been high functioning with a smaller frontal lobe and impaired executive functions this WHOLE TIME. Anyway, I’m blessed to have found resources and a teacher made of gold for something I only was just able to name. I’ve already made shifts in my life that have helped me reduce the shame I wallow in, be more realistic about expectations, and finally get to work at times I would’ve happily continued to be distracted. I joined FOCUSED and my membership opens in a few days, positively itching to get in there. Thanks so much, Kristen! You’re a gift.
Can I just say that I don’t even have ADHD. My wife on the other does, and she has been looking for different sources to help her and I understand how to operate with this third member in our marriage. Can I say that I’m sure I’ve listened to more of these podcast then she has because it doesn’t just help me understand my wife, but it gives me guidance on things that I’m curious about for myself. Very informative!! I love it!
Just found this podcast- if you have ADHD and are struggling this podcast is SO very helpful!!! It reminds me of being a new mom and really appreciating talking to other moms about the struggles of motherhood! It also opened my eyes about how to approach and offer help to my child who struggles with ADHD too! Love this!!!
I actually found a podcast that I can LISTEN TO. Which is ironic, for all of us really, because of my ADHD! Kristen, thank you. I’m only on episode 12 but I couldn’t wait to write a review. You’ve given me so much insight to a part of myself that I’ve ignored and neglected for pretty much all of my life (I’m 27). I’ve discovered that I am capable of so many things, regardless of the struggles that come along with having ADHD. Thanks for helping a girl out, and for being totally real with all of us! Can’t wait to keep listening.
I saw someone post a clip of this on tik tok and I immediately related to the audio, so I had to check it out. Not only are there few resources for adults with adhd, but there are even less for Women with Adhd!! Even though the host includes men in her discussions, hearing another womens perspective on the inner-workings of the adhd mind is not only great coaching for me, but also makes me feel as though I am part of a community! Thank you so much for this -I also love the “medicated & caffeine-ed up” intro hahaha!
I found this podcast by scrolling social media. I was diagnosed as an adult and just thought that it was an issue with focus and staying on task. So many “issues” I’ve had since a little kid I just thought were personality flaws. Always being late, underestimating how much time a task would take, emotional outbursts, disorganization and clutter everywhere. Listening to this podcast and realizing that it is all part of my diagnosis makes me feel relieved. I cry almost every episode because I finally feel like I’m not alone and I’m not a crappy inconsiderate human. Accepting this has already prepared me to start taking action and asking for help to develop tools to be the person I want to be. Thank you for this podcast and thank you for helping so many people feel like they are not alone.
I have been through only one month of her Focused coaching. I have already noticed a substantial change in my attitude and basic outlook on life and A.D.D. The program is great because there is no pressure to do any part of it. It doesnt even matter if your busy one day. You could see the recording of it later or not. This is a perfect tool for adult A.D.D. Try it out! This podcast is just fantasticl. Its what led me to invest in my mental health.
Every topic has hit home for me. I am just on episode 5 and I am so grateful this podcast exist I am able to feel ok for having adhd and just continue learning more about my symptoms and finding the best coping mechanism besides my medication Thank you for all the content and I admire how well you communicate every point and approach every topic with kindness but laying down all the facts and research
When listening to Kristen I feel like she is speaking to me, as if she knows everything about me personally and what I’m doing wrong and need to work on. The podcast is the best, my favorite and most helpful resource and I’m really wanting to join Focused, maybe for August I’ll get to. I need her in my life everyday giving me adult supervision and direction.
So thrilled to have found this podcast! It’s been super helpful to me (48) and my daughter (21) - even for my husband/her father in understanding our ADHD brains! (And, sorry it’s taken me so long to get in here and leave this review but I’d come in dozens of times with every intention of leaving a review and then - guess what? Got distracted! But it’s done now
I just wanted to tell you that you verbalized at the end of today’s podcast the exact thought I had running through my mind the whole time I was listening - probably your best and most important recording to date (and I’ve loved them all!). 52 and have nearly been physically and mentally destroyed by the pressures of a high performance job without understanding my struggles with a neuro-developmental disorder (the language that allowed me to accept the diagnosis as valid for myself). Your show has helped me shift into a new era of self-compassion, relief, and hope for a better future. Thank you and keep up the good work. Thank you 🙏🏼.
I was recently diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 30. I’ve lived with Anxiety my entire life, which masked the symptoms of ADHD. When a friend recommend this podcast to me, I had a lot of “AHA” moments! Hearing all Kristen’s experiences and the information she provides, helped explain a lot of what I’ve struggled with and could never figure out why. It all started to make so much sense! Her content resonated with me so much that I signed up for her online coaching program, Focused, and it’s been great so far. It’s super helpful to have that accountability system and to hear from others who have similar struggles. I know it’s going to take a lot of work to learn how to better function with ADHD, but am so glad and comforted to have Kristen leading the way. 🙏🙏❤️❤️
I am in the military and currently deployed to the desert. After many years of searching (I’m 43), I found out a couple of months before I left that I had ADHD. I was fine in basic training when I was told what to do every moment of the day, but as soon I became a leader and no longer a follower, for years, I’ve felt like I’ve been surviving, but most of the time trying to swim through mud. After I found out that I had ADHD, every struggle, every difficulty in relationships, every emotional crash-and-burn...made total sense. Full disclosure, when I came to terms with the diagnosis, I cried because I had remorse for the “better me that could’ve been (had I known earlier)”. When I got out of shame mode and started looking for strategies and resources, I came across your podcast. Now, it is officially part of my morning routine. It’s been so helpful to know that there is a community of ppl out there who also struggle, slip up, and SUCCEED! Your podcast is like a sonic daily reminder to have hope, continue to seek help, and to give love my brain and myself. ❤️ Thank you so much for your spirit, your struggles, and your grace. And thank you for this podcast! Take care, -Rich
I’m new to ADHD diagnosis, but the host, Kristen, is so good about outlining the exact struggles I’ve faced my whole life without a diagnosis up until now. She offers actionable items as solutions to the struggles of people with ADHD and ADD, and she never takes a judging tone or blames people for their shortcomings as a result of ADHD. Very highly recommend this podcast.
When I started listening to this podcast, you read my mail. I identified with so much that you said. I am an enneagram 7 and I do not love to cry but I was nearly in tears listening to the Shame episode. I have always said the thing I felt most self-conscious about is my personality because I was made to feel obnoxious and annoying because I was loud and too much. Hearing you describe it as shame resonated so deeply with me. Hearing that someone else felt that way made me realize I am not alone! Thank you so much for taking on this adventure. This podcast has changed my life and I have sent it to several people that I know struggle with ADHD as well. If you are looking for a podcast to help you understand yourself deeper as an ADHDer, I highly recommend this one!
I came across your podcast on Stitcher in the middle of Week 7 of shelter-in-place for Coronavirus when I have been looking at the same projects over and over again, feeling unmotivated and being so frustrated with myself. Last week, I talked to my therapist about the extreme fear of failure which at my age has become failure after failure after failure. ADHD can make you feel so ashamed and stuck. Today, I took a drive to the ocean near my house to change the scenery. I made a point to listen to this podcast by the ocean. And, I started to cry in relief about being lovable no matter what your failures are. Thank you for letting me walk back through my front door feeling transformed.
I’m on episode #3 and I’m still crying, not because I’m sad, but because I’ve never felt so heard without saying anything. I hear something I can relate to, and I start to cry, then she says something funny and I’m laughing again. I’m so happy this podcast exists. Thank you for this❤️
This podcast is full of useful tips, advice and resources whether you have adhd, think you might, or you love someone who does! Kristen does an amazing job of making it feel like she’s sitting right there with you wherever you’re listening and just being a real person, not a perfectly polished presenter. Keep up the great work, this is a very valuable resource.
...Of an adult with ADD, I need this! I wish we knew this all 8 years ago when my son started to struggle. I am asking him to listen also. Keep it up!!
24 year old who has struggled for a while. I stumbled upon this podcast last week and was so blown away that I joined her group coaching for next month
I suffered from severe postpartum depression and OCD with my first child in 2010. After years of seeing a psychiatrist every several weeks and therapy on and off, I finally said something that triggered my doctor to send me for testing. My husband calls me “90% Melissa.” At 36 years old, I got tested and learned the extent of my ADHD diagnosis. Since then, I’ve been working on trying meds, but I know something is missing. “Pills don’t make skills”. Enter the I have ADHD podcast. To have a woman, around my age, describe me to a “T” has helped me tremendously. I’m only on episode 9, but I have found myself nodding, agreeing, and crying in disbelief that I have suffered so long not knowing that things could be better. I look forward to learning from Kristen and getting my life back ❤️
I really needed this podcast. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2010 (I think) and I’m 51. The meds changed my life! I am an artist, always knew that’s what I wanted to be, but I found your podcast and realized my meds needed adjusting and more than what my pcp can do. Also, because of being diagnosed years ago, I think more has come out about ADHD for adults than back then as you gave supplies information about symptoms of which I wasn’t aware. Thank you for sharing your experiences with this disorder. I do believe that ADHD works for artists in a crazy way but it’s not going to help an artist if it’s uncontrolled. Totally agree that one needs to treat their ADHD. It feels so much better!! Thank you!!
Thanks for your authenticity love.
As a working mother with ADHD I had no idea how much I DIDN’T know about myself! I often listen to this podcast in the evening when unwinding In bed next to my husband. We often laugh because Kristen will say something about her behavior and my hubby will say “yep, that’s you!” But not only is it entertaining, it’s helping me to understand not only my diagnosis but myself. Kristen also is allowing me to be kinder to myself and realize I’m not neurotypical and that’s ok! Not an excuse but an explanation. I highly recommend this podcast, and all of her resources, if you or someone you love has ADHD but doesn’t quite know what it really means. Thank you Kristen!!
If it wasn’t for this podcast, I wouldn’t realize how normal I really am (at least as normal as one can be having ADHD). I’ve built more self-esteem within myself, I’ve given myself more grace, I’ve been able to educate myself more, and realize that I’m not alone. I’m even looking into the future as becoming an ADHD coach specializing with single moms like myself. Kristen, thank you for speaking out. Thank you for being raw. Thank you for not holding back. There’s other ADHD podcasts that have been out longer that don’t even compare to yours. Your audio, your content, your encouragement far surpasses theirs & you’re just beginning. I look forward to seeing/hearing how much more you will change and shape our ADHD world. You will and already have gone so far!! Best, Miranda (Tulsa, OK)
Part of adhd means having anxiety about how to learn about it, deal with it, and stick with a plan for change. Kristen’s podcasts are succinct and constructive. Her calm, friendly but no bs advice is like having a friend who understands the condition and holding your hand through the ups and downs. Given the expense of books and counselling, her podcasts are a real gift.
I am only on episode 3, but I just have to tell you that you have given me so much hope and encouragement already! I have grown up my whole life, I am almost 42, knowing that I had ADHD. I have been on medicine the majority of my life and have/had wonderful therapists and drs along the way. However, I have NEVER heard anyone talk about all of the everyday little obstacles that I face. I feel as if you are directly describing all of the thoughts, anxieties and irrational fears that I deal with and yet, I had no idea that it was associated with ADHD. I keep thinking about all of the phone calls, texts, emails that go unreturned because of the overwhelming anxiety, that I don’t understand myself AND the completely irrational fear of not knowing what question someone *might* ask me or if I will be prepared with the *correct* response, paralyzes me. I have great intentions, always. I make lists, I organize, I research “systems”. Then when they don’t work, I start over. It becomes a “wash, rinse, repeat” senario. It is exhausting and defeating. My wheels turn and turn, but nobody can see all of the effort and energy that went into it. Instead, there is nothing to show for it and then I get the critiques of “why did you waste your time doing (whatever)?!” The feeling of incompetence takes a huge toll. I am so excited to have found you and look forward to listening to every word you have to say. Just knowing there are other ADULTS, that have internal struggles like ME, but have become SUCCESSFUL! gives me so much encouragement! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 💗
Kristen, I don’t know how to express to you how so very thankful I am to you and your podcasts. Honestly, I have self-helped and doggedly analyzed, researched and tried my way through so very many approaches, methods, podcasts, books, apps, blogs etc., etc. since having been diagnosed with ADHD only eight years ago. My therapist is great and he’s provided me with tons of direction but you and your podcasts are exactly what’s missing in my ADHD life! Every episode I’ve listened to since finding you ( only two weeks ago) results in a mind blowing and complete mind shift on my entire present-day and future ADHD-self. Every topic you cover and your a thought process is exactly what’s provided me hope and confidence that I can still do life successfully (as I have done with a successful career, home and family but with oh so many stumbles of which I’m now again stumbling hard in again). With your podcasts Im now believing in me again and that my ADHD brain may take differing approaches and pathways to most things in life but it doesn’t mean I’m less worthy less smart less motivated less anything than non ADHDers and definitely nothing to be ashamed nor apologitic about any longer. I’m capable and will do this life, ADHD and all! (And finding out that you too live in the philly area and have the same goals priorities and approach to life has been even more inspirational and comforting as well) Hope to meet you some day soon. Thank you so much! (Phew that took me an hour to write !)
I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was about 10 years old. My parents chose not to medicate me because my dad had ADD and was medicated as a child and hated it. Once I got to college I decided I couldn’t focus on my studies and I wanted to be medicated... which was a whole other journey in and of itself. Now that I am a young adult in the workforce, trying to maintain an apartment with my boyfriend and doing all sorts of fun adult things, I realize how much my ADHD is truly affecting my life. This podcast has been so helpful and at times overwhelming in regards to how much clarity (and accuracy) Kristen provides. It’s helped me realize I’m not lazy or stupid, I HAVE ADHD!!! Not to mention the helpful tidbits on how to get your life in order when you do struggle with ADHD in many different ways!! Love it!!
I am an adult with ADHD who just recently discovered this and so I started searching g podcasts and found this. This is an honest sharing of experience and strategies. I love the honest direct coaching. I have found it so valuable to my life. Thanks for sharing!
Kristen couldn’t be more on point. She’s changed my life with only one to a few podcast. Can’t wait to listen to all of them. She is able to voice her thoughts and feelings in words I’ve never been able to express. Excited to learn more for her! Keep up the great work!
Goal setting/decision making episode 45, totally validated the work I have been doing and gave me real tips to use to move forward!! ❤️🥰 one of my new favorite podcasts!
I love love love listening to your podcasts- I’m a business owner/ life enthusiast- following my heart or should I say my head- most of the time. You have changed me... No more feeling so alone in my skill set. I’m learning to love these ADHD behaviors and make them work for me. Your are a blessing to my day.
EPISODE 42! My first listen to this podcast and it’s like the nail on the head of my own ADHD has been hit! 🙌🏻 Excited to listen to more! *and totally got the reality bites reference (90’s kid here❤️) 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
I’ve been diagnosed ADHD since 24. I’m now 37. It showed up once I left my routine and scheduled life after college and into the workforce. Outside sale position with absolutely ZERO structure. I went on medication, but didn’t embrace how different my brain is than my husbands. The Newlywed stage was very challenging, switching to a new job offered more structure, but hitting motherhood and balancing “all the things” continues to be a daily struggle. My psychiatrist mentioned something to me a month or so ago how ADHD brains are so different than the “regular” brain. This got me curious on how different my brain actually is than my husband and my coworkers. So I began looking for a podcast for the workplace. Some were done by males and too scientific, some just not helpful to where I am in this season of life. I pressed on Kristin’s episode on workforce and knew this was the “one”. Wow, Kristin, just wow. This is so helpful and insightful. The episode on organization was extremely Valuable! My husband and I tackled our 2 year olds room & “closet of shame” that has not been addressed since my 4 yr old Was in there!! I also have opened up to my boss and told him I’m learning about my condition and I have made it my goal to turn this into a positive for my career. I also used your approach on addressing why I struggle with cleaning out rooms in the house to my hubby and he was like, “that makes so much sense.” I told him some people with ADHD get overwhelmed with prioritizing and lack simple motivation. That is me. I’d rather just not do it than make myself start an overwhelming task like cleaning a room. It’s like this feeling that makes my skin crawl. I told him I just need his help to keep me from abandoning ship and walking away. So anyway, thank you! This is my first review ever. You absolutely are meant to help others. That’s definitely a value you should put in your top 5. A new raving fan and listener. -Cassandra
2/7/20 - Just came across your channel! Been bouncing listening to the podcast, totally out of order, #ADDsymptoms. I have been struggling to find ADD information from someone who is actually living with it! I would consider myself extremely knowledge in the field of ADD/EF but the available information out there is often coming from the psychology field which lacks anything other than hard facts. This podcast provides me the ADD relatability that I’ve been LONGING for! Literally, just listened to episode 34 (parenting with ADD) and both cried and laughed my way through it. Being understood is a big challenge for us ADDers. This podcast helps you validate your symptoms/feelings/behaviors and encourages you to move forward into acceptance with strategies that help you work around your ADD. Thank you!
I am a big podcast person and have listened to LOTS, and I’ve been binging this one since I found it yesterday. I feel seen and understood in a way I never have, and like it’s someone who I can actually relate to. Thank you for this podcast.
Finally, I’ve found an ADHD podcast that I can truly connect with. Thank you Kristen!
Hi I’m Claire! I’m a you’ve person (13) with adhd and listening to your podcast helps me so much! Thank you❤️
I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and stumbled upon your podcast. For the first time, I feel heard! Thank you for your practical advice. It is so freeing to know that there are others like me on this journey. I look forward to hearing more!
Excellent helpful content.!
...and at the beginning Kristen says, “even if you’re listening to this MONTHS from now, I’d still love to hear from you.” I just discovered this podcast this evening, over 10 months after the episode aired, but I wanted to let you know that you’ve given me some poignant insight on seeing my diagnosis from different perspectives. You’ve also provided me with the kind of support I’ve been lacking, in regards to the shame/blame/guilt I’m constantly forcing myself to carry. Thank you for that. Side note: it took more willpower than I’d like to admit, making myself pause the episode & come write this review while the intention is still fresh in my mind. I’m currently driving from L.A. to Dallas, so I intend to be fully caught-up to the most recent episode long before I reach my destination!
As a 33 year old woman who was recently diagnosed with ADHD, this podcast has provided me with so much information and validation for my own experience!
I was diagnosed with ADHD six months ago, and Kristen was one of the first resources I found when I was looking for help. She is entertaining, witty, and smart - but most importantly, she is helpful and understanding. I’ve learned so much about myself and my ADHD through her podcast. Cannot recommend enough!
I just want to say wow and thank you! I was diagnosed with ADHD around 12 years ago. Now I’ve done a little research here and there but never was it enough to showcase examples and in depth information that Kristen has provided. Everything that she expresses is a version of myself. For the first time in my life I was able to recognize, “why I am the way I am”. I’m currently on episode #7 and for the first time in my life I now have a better understanding on my behavior. I’ve lived my entire life with shame! Failed friendships and relationships not to mention my mom will never except me for me! Recently I grew into a very dark depression. I couldn’t get out of bed, then I became an alcoholic. Since listening to all the inspiring talk and gaining a better understanding in my disorder I finally have light to the end of the tunnel. Today I no longer feel guilty for the way I am. I’m certainly gaining tools and tips on how to better manage my ADHD. I have educated those that are currently close to me. I’m still trying to educate my mom however she thinks it’s an excuse. If only I could get her to listen to Kristen’s podcast she would realize that everything she yells at me daily for is due to my ADHD. Regardless of my mom I certainly have a much better outlook on my future therefore thank you so much Kristen for sharing your story and success!
Thank you Kristen Carder. I LOVE the podcast- you’re so enjoyable, REAL, informative, relatable. I so highly recommend subscribing- immediately! ☮️
Kristen does such a GREAT job on the podcast in making the content relatable, interesting and encouraging! Each episode is like therapy for me, as I’ve had so many “aha!” moments about adult ADHD while listening. Keep up the good work!
Listening to this podcast has been a complete game changer for me and my family! I’ve learned more about my ADHD in this space than actually seeing my dr every other month. Thank you for using your voice!! You have seriously given me hope at being the best human I can be!!
I’ve had the suspicion that I’ve had ADD for years and was just clinically diagnosed last week, at 29. To say that finding this podcast was timely is the understatement of the century. This woman is an absolute godsend to the ADHD community and I can not recommend her podcast highly enough. She’s relatable, no nonsense, humble, encouraging, spot on in her content and truly enjoyable to listen to. I want to have coffee with her and cry and laugh and talk about the beauty and turmoil of life as a non-neurotypical mother, which is honestly what you get in a nutshell when you listen to her podcasts. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.
Yup, I quoted Star Wars in your Review! I do find it funny that watching/listening/talking about Star Wars actually seems to calm and focus me... Go figure.. Anyways.., first and foremost, if you have ADHD, live with someone with ADHD, or even just need to understand US, listen to this Podcast! What I appreciate the most is the very approachable way that Kristen discusses ADHD and how it affects us in 'everyday life'. Personally, as a therpaist/counselor with ADHD, it is easy for me to quantify my achievements as indication that I don't have to 'worry about' ADHD. That would be wrong. Instead, some of my greatest moments are overshadowed by my struggle with ADHD. So, listen to her! You will be glad that you did!
So refreshing to hear from a fellow ADHD mama perspective. It can feel so isolating at times, but listens to this podcast makes me feel like I’m hanging out with a friend. I always feel inspired, motivated, and understood after I listen. I started at the beginning with episode 1 and I’m excited to work my way through all of this amazing content. Thank you so much for this!
I love what you’re doing and admire you so much. I am an engineering school student with ADHD and managing my workload can be really stressful. This podcast always helps me to manage my ADHD and put things into perspective. THANK YOU!
I am a 38 year old working mom of 2 young kids and I have ADHD. Your podcast is SO relatable and helpful. Every episode I’ve heard so far compels me to share with my husband and it’s helping him understand me. Actually it’s helping ME understand me too! Thank you for helping me live without shame and increase my ability to cope and manage my adhd.
This podcast is how I get my day going! I travel a lot for work and have to work really hard on time management for my jobs. This inspires me to do the best I can, if I fail then try again!
My whole life I just thought I was crazy and different. I finally got diagnosed with ADHD after trying and failing to treat anxiety and depression. Since finding this podcast it really has been life changing. I’m only through the first 20 episodes or so, but every single one is relatable and eye opening. I’m truly learning how my brain works and I’m not trying to fight it anymore, just trying to work with it the best I can and accept it and this podcast really puts things into perspective. Thank you so much for all you do!
This podcast is a must for any adult with ADHD, especially if you diagnosed later in life, and for anyone who is close to an adult with ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 26, and five years later I am still learning about how it makes me operate. I found the I Have ADHD podcast a couple weeks ago and have been listening to it nonstop since then. I paired episodes with similarly titled episodes of Distraction, a podcast by ADHD expert (and haver) Dr. Ned Hallowell. Tightened they have been instrumental in growing my understanding of ADHD. Kristen is so helpful, relatable, and genuine that I can’t help but be drawn in by this podcast. As a person who lived a majority of my life so far with undiagnosed ADHD, this podcast has encouraged me to reflect on my life and the ways that I have been affected by ADH without knowing it. It has really helped me to understand myself more. There have been so many moments where I have laughed or yelled “yes!” because she points out some behavior or thought process that I never realized was a part of my ADHD. I truly appreciate how Kristen balances a kind, welcoming, and relatable tone with a real-talk approach that is based in both research and personal experience. Listening to I Have ASHD has inspired me to finally seek help managing and understanding my ADHD beyond the use of medication, and I recently took the first steps toward connecting with a therapist. So far I found the episodes Shame, What to Do When You’re Not Feeling OK, and all the money and relationships episodes particularly informative. Even though I am single, the relationships episodes really helped me to think about how the ways I have felt and acted in past relationships have been a result of having ADHD. I can’t wait to keep listening.
Thank you for your perspective on habits. I can relate to this so much!!!
I’m 25 and have never benefited from dealing with ADHD until listening to this podcast. 95% of what Kristen has said, my wife and I look at each other and we both understand now. This and “How to ADHD” on YouTube both have been amazing resources, thank you Kristen!!
I stumbled upon this podcast while running on my treadmill. I normally like to listen to podcasts instead of music Because my ADHD brain gets distracted with music and focuses more on voices and podcasts. I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD in my 20’s and was Never given much educational support from my primary care physicians on any treatments ideas besides Taking medications . I truly feel your voice and words and advice and recommendations have been so helpful and can’t wait to hear more of your podcasts! Your episode on grief /guilt and letting go of the past really hit home to me and releasing past mistakes. There is no value in holding onto mistakes we made while not being treated for our ADHD , When we weren’t aware we had a learning disability and neurological problem. You’re truly an inspirational person, thank you for the education and support!
I loveeeee that I found this podcast! It has totally reminded me that ADHD is still impacting my life and that I need to take action. I feel comforted in knowing I’m not alone and I enjoy so many practical tips.
I feel like I’m listening to my private journal on blast! Omg. Such an insightful podcast that made me question my reaction to my diagnosis, how I wanted to live my life and forced me to open my eyes and change the way I was living, without feeling ashamed, embarrassed or stupid. I’ve learned more from this podcast then any therapist or doctor I’ve ever had, and it’s helped me find my voice with specialists and those close to me!
This podcast has helped me SO much. I’ve only been listening for a week or less, but every time I do, I feel so validated and motivated to overcome my ADHD difficulties! Motivation and overwhelm has been such a struggle for me this year and it leads to stress, anxiety and depression quickly. Kristen is really good at helping you tell yourself to do something even when you don’t want to, and choosing to not look at everything at once so you don’t get overwhelmed. And she does it by being humorous and fun so that you stay upbeat and don’t feel sorry for yourself that things are harder. The community on Facebook has been a surprising encourager too. I listen to this while I’m doing ALLLLL the boring cleaning I have to do, and I feel great while doing it. Thanks!
I do not have ADHD but I started listening because I was seeking help and understanding on my relationship with my ADHD significant other and this podcast was SO helpful in understanding the disorder and my role as a partner or friend to someone who has ADHD. Keep up the good work, and thank you for taking the time to do these!
Reading the various symptoms and signs define what it is but how does this relate to everyday life? Her podcast helps me to figure that out.
I’m so excited that I found this podcast. I feel less alone in my ADHD journey. I’m also a woman in my thirties and I’ve never related to a podcast so much in my life. I’ve subscribed to the podcast and her newsletter, I cannot wait to dive into this great info and be encouraged! So happy this podcast exists that I could cry!
I just started listening to this podcast and I am so happy to have found it. I am a parent with ADHD in my 30s (diagnosed when I was 23) and I relate so much to Kristen's descriptions of how her ADHD manifests in her daily life. This podcast is entertaining, educational and useful!!
After a lifetime of feeling misunderstood and not understanding myself, it was such a RELIEF to hear that I am not the only one like me! Although I have only been listening for a few days, I already feel as if my self-confidence and awareness has increased and I feel like I can actually take control of my life and THRIVE with ADHD.
Today, in an attempt to convince all of you to adopt I have ADHD as a regular habit to enhance your life, I want to share a couple of reasons why I love this audio of wisdom. I firmly believe that when you stop learning, you stop growing and that’s when your inner self dies (so to speak). So, if you’re worried about that (or Adhd), Kristen is here to fill that void.
I love this podcast! I don’t have ADHD, but ADD runs in my family, and I have a lot of the same tendencies/challenges. This podcast gives me a positive boost to help me work on getting organized, prioritizing, and taking care of myself.
I think I have ADHD, but have not sought out a diagnosis (yet). I love this podcast. I enjoy Kristen. I see myself in a lot of the stories she tells.
I just found this podcast and I love it! It feels so refreshing to hear tips from someone who gets what it’s like to live with ADHD! I can’t wait to listen more 💞🙌🏼Thank you!
I have been Dx with ADHD. The information I have found in the “I have ADHD” podcast has given me much, much more insight in my condition.
As someone who got a diagnosis just months ago at 37, knowing I’ll be spending the rest of my life on this ADHD journey can be pretty daunting sometimes. But this podcast is a good reminder that this path—while full of obstacles for sure—is also well-worn, and much easier to navigate with skills and support. Topics are addressed in both abstract and practical terms, with different well-researched angles to approach some of the same old problems (sussing out genuine life goals, finding motivation, maintaining relationships) catered specifically for ADHD brains. And along with all the other stuff I’m learning, figuring out which angles work for ME personally is definitely easier thanks to this podcast!
I am so glad I found this podcast!! I am 29 and recently got diagnosed with ADHD. During every podcast I feel like she is speaking from my brain. Things that I’ve never been able to explain to anyone she gets! I continually share episodes with my mom to help her understand what I’m talking about. Thank you so much!!
Just wanted to give a shoutout for all the ADHD topics you’ve presented. Especially loved the one on how ADHD + enegrams are connected. Understanding myself, my struggles, and finding the answers with your podcast has been VERY helpful. Please keep the tools, speakers, and topics coming cause each episode is like thoughtfully discussed, emotionally grounded, and motivating! 5 stars! PS - love the nerding out.
Thank you SO much for all of your vulnerability and wisdom in this podcast. I’ve been waiting for years for someone with ADHD to create a podcast like this. It’s so refreshing to hear advice from a successful entrepreneur that actually has ADHD, rather than someone that has only studied it. I wish we could be friends in real life! <3
I have been looking for a podcast about ADHD for a while and the way that Kristen Carder has created hers makes it welcoming and relatable in a way I look forward to each new episode. Her content is the kind that I’m excited to share with ADHDrs I know. She has a kind voice and positive tone that makes me connect with the topics I struggle to address and keeps me interested and motivated to keep improving myself. Definitely in my top 3 ADHD influencers.
In the interest of transparency, Kristen is my friend. I’ve known her for years and I already think she’s awesome. So, this review is actually on the content of the podcasts and not so much on Kristen herself although I can assure you that she approaches life with humor and humility and I admire her on so many levels. Unlike other reviews I’ve read, I do not have ADHD. At least I never considered myself to struggle like that – probably because I associated it with paying attention. I have, however, struggled with other things like staying organized, remembering important appointments and feeling like I have a handle on my life. I started listening to the podcast to really just connect with Kristen because we live busy lives and I miss her but I continued listening (and started crying a few times) because I realized how much I actually struggle and that even though I don’t have a diagnosis, I can strongly identify with many of the topics she has covered. I get that this podcast is targeting adults diagnosed with ADHD, but I think its value lies in a much broader audience – those who would like to capture more time, be better friends, become more efficient and simply not struggle so much with the mundane. I hate being bored. It’s the worst. Kristen shares simple and effective life hacks (brain hacks, if you will) to help you be a better parent, be a better partner and be a better human. I’m about 6 podcasts in and I can’t wait to listen to the rest of them!
I’m 33 and have been battling ADHD for 2/3 of my life. I finally decide after a couple of decades to reach out and joined a FB group which lead me to this podcast. This is the first podcast I’ve ever listened too (didn’t even know how to access a podcast 😂😔 don’t judge!). Kristen is, how do I say, just plainly AMAZING!!! Just started listening and I have my own thoughts too. She covers sooo many different aspects of ADHD for adults which is fantastic. I’ve managed to manage many parts of ADHD over the years, and can relate to a ton, whether overcoming segments or feeling the torture of it. I would totally 1000% recommend this podcast AND checking out the FB group as well. Sorry for the long review but Kristen deserves it!😎can’t wait to hear more!!!
Kristen is the down to earth voice of ADHD I’ve been waiting for. She keeps it real and is completely relatable. As an adult, I not only relate to so many subjects she addresses, but I finally feel like I’m not the only one out there struggling to keep it together. She shares a lot of helpful strategies and stresses the positive sides of ADHD. I feel like I finally found one of my people!
I was diagnosed with ADHD at 8 years old. I'm now 32 and it wasn't until about a year ago that discovered the ADHD community on Instagram. The adhd battle is one I'd been fighting on my own my entire life, but listening to this podcast has helped me realize how not alone I really am. The debt, the impulsivity, the forgetfulness... these are all things I've fought to come to terms with and understand, and now I know I'm not the only fighting that fight. Thanks! and happy late birthday/mother's day!!!
I’m only onto the 6th episode, but I am relieved to hear your words so far. Your description of what your 20s were like could be describing my 20s and early 30s. I especially got a chuckle about the Closet of Shame! I have been fascinated to learn more about how my brain works and have gotten countless tips on how to implement better systems, down to tidying: “does this have a purpose?”. I am relieved to know that I am not the only one with so many of these challenges and that it’s not a matter of my laziness, but of my brain architecture actively working to inhibit some things! Thank you!
Thank you so much for your podcast. I’ve only gotten a few episodes in but have been blown away by the peace and comfort I find when I listen to how much you relate to me. I will be 40 this year have two daughters and work full time. My whole life has been a struggle so mostly I would just be the “funny” one and just let everything go. Now that I have kids and responsibilities I see just how hard it is for me to do what others believe the simplest task in the world. I struggle with money time management kids late for school I’m late for work we eat horribly and on the go and every thing in my life I tear myself apart trying to be perfect and “fix” myself just to be defeated and fail. Your podcast changes my outlook on my life and I will forever be thankful. Wish I could get more help than we have available here but I will keep fighting
... resonated with me so so much. Kristen is so relatable and her story is so similar to mine. She is genuine and honest and it makes it easier to hear of the challenges that I relate to and want to handle them better. Thank you, Kristen! Love your podcast!
Kristen, Your no nonsense, straight speaking, generosity runs throughout each episode. Due to my newfound recognition about having an ADHD brain and finding you, seeing that ADHD has had left an enormous impact for me and for so many in my life as a young mother of 5, combined with my lifelong struggle about how to be wisely, passionately, employed in the world after kids, this podcast has offered redemption. The Relationship series is a lifesaver. This is what thrills my soul! Some of these are elemental aspects for any relationship and yet, in an ADHD relationship even more deeply necessary to practice, given the 100’s of times a day my brain convinces me I’m failing, at everything, but especially in relationships. Thanks for your huge heart and your will to make a difference. You are making a huge difference.
Hello Kristen, Your podcast is amazing and so helpful. I am on episode 5. Listening for a family member to better understand ADHD. Thank you for taking the time to share your journey. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!
Thank you for taking time to record & produce this podcast! The nuggets of knowledge you give are like cliff notes on life hacks for those of us with brilliant brains that are wired in a different way. Strong work.
This is the most helpful ADHD podcast out there for helping me understand the issues and the frustrations of my loved ones who live with ADHD! Kristen Carder is doing a fantastic job!!!
I have really been enjoying your podcast! I’m a female, 46 year old, and was diagnosed in January 2019 with ADHD. Before that, starting at age 22, I was diagnosed with panic disorder and was only treated for panic disorder, until 3 months ago. It is clear, now that I am taking stimulant medication, that panic disorder is not really my problem. I still have a periodic panic attacks after my medication wears off but in general my life is so much improved. I have been a licensed master social worker and elementary school guidance counselor for all of these years without knowing. I have been seeking a sense of support through podcasts since my diagnosis in January. I have really been enjoying your podcast and sincerely hope that you continue making them. They are extremely helpful for me. I really appreciate all the time and energy that you put into your podcast because I know how hard it must be! I also really appreciate your willingness to put yourself and all of your experiences “out there,” because I can relate to so much of what you say! Love your show!! I’m so glad I found it!
I was diagnosed with adult ADHD a year ago and this podcast has helped me tremendously. I love her voice. She is soothing, authentic, and gives practical advice and tips on problems that we ADHDers deal with on a daily basis.
Thank you for all you do Kristen!! I feel so much better listening to your podcast and you do a great job of being relatable, honest, comforting and very helpful. Thanks for making your listeners feel like they aren’t totally alone.
Kristen is great at explaining adult ADHD and how to deal with it. I love her down to earth approachability and her personal experience gives depth to the scientific side of ADHD. I have personally found it very helpful and plan on recommending her podcast to others. Keep up the great work Kristen!
Wow. Im newly diagnosed at age 43 and still piecing together support and ways to make my loved ones understand me better, and to understand myself better. My hubs is listening too! ( I totally think he has it too wich would explain alot of what we have gone thru in 22 yrs together) What I have heard so far has been amazing, so familiar, so me. I love your straight talk and lil but bossy but caring and empathetic way. It’s exactly how I need to hear it. It’s like your my comfy ol bff, you get me. Except one better, you offer tested and true steps to take to do better.( She needs you tooooo! ) All this bolsters my hope that I can figure it all out and adult like a boss too. Kristen, thank you!
Kristen takes a disorder which cripples millions very seriously, but manages to be extremely funny at the same time! I am so glad I found this podcast and I’m now all caught up. There’s loads of inspiration with many aha moments!!
I love this podcast because it’s mine. I hope you take this self-written review as a sign that I could really use a few reviews that are not written by me. So go ahead and write one, ok?! And thanks for listening...I promise to continue to make this podcast better and better ❤️
This is painfully, yet perfectly relatable. I love that after the first episode, which felt stale and scripted, Kristin addressed it in episode two. It wasn’t her intention and it didn’t feel authentic to her. I absolutely love that she was vulnerable about this because it’s so very relatable.
As I listened to this I felt that she had been talking to my friends, coworkers and family about me. I am 53 and I have struggled for a long time with depression and frustration and it feels so good to know there is a reason. I have shared this podcast with several people in my life. I’m glad that this wonderful podcast can explain to them why I am the way I am and it’s not just me making excuses. Thank you Kristin for your openness and honesty!!
Kristen is so real! You feel like she’s your best friend. She’s the perfect amount of tough love and gentle. It’s like she’s right on this journey with ya. Truly validating and special and so grateful for this podcast!
Kristen is so kind and honest about what it is like to have ADHD. She gives out awesome information and you can tell she pours her heart and soul into her podcast. She doesn't pretend to have it all together which is so refreshing! She is just amazing. <3
Wow ! I wish mode adult women with adhd would speak up about this! It took me forever to get adhd actually diagnosed and struggled my whole life. Thank goodness I’m a very hard worker and had my mom pushing me ( or really acting as my 1:1 coach ) the whole way. I don’t have kids yet however I can see how that can be a huge factor to “adhd stress”. I love listening to your podcasts because they're so relatable! It’s hard to accept my “adhd flaws” sometimes, but hearing that others struggle with it too helps (atleast mentally I’m not as hard on myself). I also feel so guilty with my “random explosions”. I’ve been working really hard to handle these better ! Keep up the good work with your podcasts , it’s definitely motivating that there are others like me out there and it helps connect a lot of things for me 🙂
Personally I do not have ADHD, but I love someone that does and listening to this podcast has really helped me to understand more of what it’s like to be in their brain and figure out how I can help them to be the person they want to be when they may not be able to find the words to do it themselves. I started listening to this podcast to see how I could be of help to them and have learned so much already, but there is really something in this for everyone... whether it’s how to support an adult child, a dear friend, a spouse, a co-worker or even learn some strategies to help in our daily juggling act, this podcast is great for it all! Kristen is so personable and really breaks everything down in an easy to follow and understandable manner and she seems to have such a fun and upbeat personality! Can’t wait for more episodes!
Best podcast yet, I’m surprised that you haven’t been doing podcasts longer than 9 episodes, you are very personable, professional and have lots of info too. This is the one topic that no one talks about. And I didn’t know about it until the past couple of years. But I think my anger and frustration comes from having to do life on the “hard mode” and everyone else’s life is on the “easy mode” Thx Scott in Roswell
This podcast has been incredible empowering and reassuring. It is freeing to find out that there isn’t something terribly wrong with me and that everything isn’t my fault. Sure some things (emotional regulation and consistency) are more difficult for me than some people but I am also good at so many other things! Thank you girlfriend for motivating me to take responsibility for my mental and emotional wellness. Thank you for helping me understand why I perceive and react the world around me the way I do. Lots of love!
Thank you for acknowledging that ADHD is a disability. For the entire world it’s 7x8=56. For me it’s always been 7x7+7=56. Your approach to our condition is refreshing. I’m finding realistic understandings and strategies in your podcasts.
I’m not an adult quite yet, i’m a teen agar but I still find this podcast entertaining, interesting and informative. This is actually the first podcast i’ve ever listened and shes so funny and relatable. Everything is so easy to understand thanks to the way she explain and for the first time in my life I finally understand so many so many parts of me, and that they are a result form ADHD. The tips she gives are very useful and what I enjoy the most is that they are not the typical ones that we all already know about. 100% recommended
Thank you so much for helping me find the words to explain my ADHD to husband and myself. You are super informative and knowledge. I was just diagnosed a couple of years ago at 30, still feel super new. Thank you so much.
I finally understand why I have all of the “negative qualities” that I do! Its all making sense now. She is literally so helpful and smart and informative and relatable
I listen to all the podcasts about ADHD - I like Kristen because she gives you real information in a clear and understandable way. Also, she keeps it short and sweet which is soooo important for me to stay engaged. Love it!
Kristen is intelligent, funny, relatable, and helpful. I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts because I lose interest easily (Hello, ADHD). Kristen’s podcasts won’t waste your time and will keep your attention. Take the time to listen, they’re worth it!
Kristen is so so knowledgeable on the topic of ADHD and so many other things! I love love this podcast for so many reasons. It’s honest and real! You should totally give it a listen. You will not regret it. So so so good!!
As an adult with ADHD, it’s so helpful to have a podcast like this in which I can relate to. Kristen does a wonderful job in aiding making me feel supported as I listen on my commute to work, and even as a coach myself, I benefit from hearing other individuals share their journeys. This podcast is a must for adults with ADHD!
This lady right here is a BABE of a host and a KILLER BOSS WOMAN. She is just amazing and wise and compassionate and gets crap done. And the fact that she is all of those things while having ADHD gives weight and validity to everything she is saying and teaching. I have listened to three episodes so far and I am just yearning for more and more content from her. I have already shared this with the ADHD-ers in my life. Yup, you’ll really wanna listen.
I literally have tuned out of every single podcast I’ve tried to listen to within the first 5 minutes. This woman knows her audience and is nailing it!
Love listening to your podcast Kristen! I will definitely share this with people I come across who have ADHD! I love how personal, real, and informative your podcast is! Can’t wait to hear more!
This has been the best, most helpful podcast on adult ADHD I have come across. If there is only one podcast you can listen to, this is the one. Kristen is easy to listen to, she is genuine, and the things she discusses are helpful for us with ADHD, especially like myself who was diagnosed at 30 years old. Thank you Kristen for a super informative podcast. It’s even been helpful for my husband too!
It’s fun. It’s useful. It’s educational. It’s ADHD friendly. That’s all I want from a podcast. Fantastic job!
Thank you for putting this podcast into the world! I’m a 38 year old female, hyper except when depressed/anxious, diagnosed 36, still kind of stuck and given up on ADHD podcasts because none really connected. Now I finally feel like I’ve found my ADHD tribe! You’ve helped me understand ADHD so much better and that accepting it (as opposed to pushing it aside as no big deal) is the only way to manage the bad parts that get in the way of enjoying the good parts. Sending hugs from Australia 🙂
I have started listening to your pod cast and was crying because I thought only I thought this way!! I’m amazed. Thank you so much. I’ll be enjoying your podcast for ever!!
This podcast speaks to my soul. I’ve been going through an especially difficult time with my ADHD lately as I haven’t had access to my medication. There seems to be an episode dedicated to each of the most challenging struggles I am facing and it is really keeping my head above water through this difficult time. Thank you Kristen for your kind and encouraging approach on ADHD.
Kristen, THANK YOU - 1 million times thank you! This morning I was late for my job - again, convinced it was at a different time yada yada. Instead of just calling in late I called in sick, it’s a new job! I think I’ve left every job due to been late all the time and been fired or about to be fired. This time it’s MY business. Anyway I wallowed in SHAME (EP 5) and I was so frustrated with myself that once again my brains letting me down. I’m recently diagnosed (Age 32) and taking Meds but having no further steps. I searched ADHD podcasts and thank GOD I found YOU! I’ve cried about 5 times already and nodding my head in agreement and I’m only on to EP 6 a VISION but already I am feeling so much more support and understanding of MYSELF! I’m feeling hope I haven’t had in a long time. Thank you so so much, going off to join your FB Group and website. Please know how much you’ve helped me and will continue to, don’t ever stop this work it’s so important! Much love all the way from a New Zealander who lives in Australia. Lou x
Wow....... I am a 43year old woman, a mother of 3 beautiful girls and on just figured out that I have ADHD. A friend suggested I look it up, listen to some podcasts and burst into tears, I’m text book adult ADHD and also had it as a child. Thanks Kristen for making so much sense to me, especially when you talk about parenting, I struggle so much with it as a single mum. Knowing we are alone is so important to knowing everything is going to be ok! Keep up good work 🤗😉
Thank you for sharing. Diagnosed recently as mature aged person, has personally development me immensely. I feel I could be great to get out there and connect people while giving support on how I survived. After listening to you today, the questioning of a confirmation of having an adhd is going to be let go of. I had a rule book all my life and I’ve thrown it out the window. There is no rule book!!! I need people to connect with. It’s like I am ba k on path after 5 years of hardship in many areas of life. Thank you again. I hope I can be as brave as you. X Naomi 🙏🏻💜
Thank you! Whilst I don’t have an ‘official’ diagnosis as yet, I have suspected ADHD for almost a year. Your podcast has given me so many Aha moments, and is helping me make sense of who am I am, what I do, and why. I can’t wait to learn more!
I am not usually the type to write reviews, in fact this is my first. I am currently listening to your podcast about emotions (Episode #9) I almost cried because for the first time in my LIFE I felt understood. I have three young children myself and I am always struggling with my emotions, I’ve always felt like a bad mother and that I am failing them. But listening to this podcast gives me hope! Thank you Kristen. Your friend from Australia ❤️
After going in circles for so long and just getting frustrated with always feeling unstable, listening to Kristen’s insights and advice has seriously made me feel like I can (and will) learn to manage and live a normal, stable life. I realised that despite my diagnosis and being medicated for years, I had no idea what ADHD really was or how I could do anything to help myself. I was constantly thinking “why am I like this” and then discovered I knew the answer all along, but didn’t recognise that it was my ADHD. I have sent episodes of this podcast to the people I love to explain things I never could. It has helped them to understand and support me. AND I have even been able to share this podcast with people I love that also have ADHD and their loved ones, who have also benefited so much from this podcast! Thank you so much Kristen. So grateful for your wisdom and encouragement and that all you say is grounded in knowing Jesus. X
I really love this podcast, and I summed up why in the title of my review. Kristen herself is inspirational, her story proving just what those of us with ADHD can achieve despite the extra challenges we face every day. The podcast is informative, with each episode offering information and advice on a different aspect of the condition, and how it affects different areas of our lives. It’s easy to feel alone when you grow up thinking that you’re different to everyone else, so hearing Kristen relate her personal experiences with ADHD is a real comfort- I’m a member of a tribe, a community, a family. If you have ADHD or know someone who does, then it’s worth having a listen.
Amazing real work tips and life hacks. Instead of platitudes like just ‘try harder’ this podcast has really helped me. Amazing friendly likeable host. Please keep releasing these- they really help.
I was only diagnosed a couple of years ago (I'm 24) and no one seemed to have recognised any of the signs as a child. As an adult, I find this podcast speaking to my soul! Thanks ever so much! Can't wait for the next ones!
This podcast is a great support for adults with adhd. First of all because Kristen has adhd herself and is really vulnerable about it. But also because the explanations that she gives about this disorder are fact based. She is super clear about the ways it effects our lives. But has also great tips that gives clear goals to work towards. Thank you for the effort en the energy that you put in to help!
I just discovered your podcast over the weekend, and am rapidly making my way through the episodes. I laughed so hard at the “warts and all” oversharing. I don’t know if you address that in a future episode, but I’m constantly over sharing, fortunately most people whom I’ve allowed in my inner circle also have ADHD, so it’s more hilarious than embarrassing. Thank you so much for this podcast, it’s quickly become a favourite, and will be over sharing about it with my inner circle.
I just wanted to thank you for this podcast! I have been affected by my ADHD my entire life, with no support around me. It has been affecting my relationship with my family and friends, and my marriage. Thank you for being that support for me, And helping me want to help myself!
This podcast isn’t for me. I find it a bit pretentious and am not a fan.
Thankful to find this podcast. Very helpful and easy to listen to. I love that the episodes are shorter in length and therefore easier for my brain to absorb the information without feeling overwhelmed. Thank you!
I am so happy that I stumbled upon this podcast. I relate so much to every single episode. Kristen is easy to listen to and offers simple, straight forward advice that really just hits home. I am slowly taking the steps to get treatment for my AdHD and get my life in order and this podcast is giving me the motivation to keep going. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
For many years, I have struggled to understand my wife’s experience and behaviours, which have put enormous strain on our marriage and family (3 young kids, just like her!). Every one of Kristen’s podcasts feels like she’s talking directly to my wife’s experience, and although my wife isn’t quite ready to openly discussing that she likely has ADHD, these podcasts have been a lifesaver for me. Keep these great podcasts coming Kristen!
I think I finally found a way to understand the other side of me from someone I want to learn from. To me doctors sometimes are like a dictionary of my disorder if that makes sense but to hear stories and topics from someone ( you) who only understands but experiences this specific lifestyle is breath taking to learn from. So 35 years later , THANK YOU . Your great.
Dear Kristen, I want to thank you for saving my life. I was going through a very rough storm of overwhelm the past two weeks and I felt like I was drowning. When I found your podcast, it was like a lifeboat that took me back safely to shore. It’s so comforting to listen to someone who knows EXACTLY what it’s like to have an ADHD brain, who feels the struggle is REAL, and who knows that there is a way to get our lives back. I’m looking forward to learning about Focused, meanwhile do keep up the amazing work. I’m avidly tuned in and have been listening everyday since I discovered it a few days ago. I appreciate you so much. Many thanks.
If I hadn’t found this podcast I would be buried under my covers right now. Wow wow and wow, I really thought what I have been experiencing was my fault. This podcast so empowering! Thank you for being so honest and vulnerable! As I have been listening, I cry and laugh and then I feel better as I accept these wise, comforting words.
I have been in limbo waiting for my Psychiatrist referral to get my official diagnosis. Listening to this podcast has helped me feel a little less lost and alone as I try to navigate this on my own. The information is supportive and clear and really accessible when I need to hear it immediately. If you have ADHD or you love someone who does you need to check this out!
I’ve been powering through many of your episodes this past week. I’m a 29yr old male and I think I may have ADHD. Just listening to your stories has helped me. I saw a post on Reddit about ADHD and it was like I wrote it. I got curious and immediately found your podcast and started listening. It’s calming to know that there may actually be a diagnosis and I’m not just lazy, crazy, or dumb. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to help us and tell your stories! I look forward to listening to future episodes! Take care!
This podcast has really resonated with me and I am truly grateful to Kristen for her courage and sincerity when explaining her experiences. Almost everything she has discussed so far—I’m only 4 episodes in—has been my experience as well, at least in a general manner of speaking. So, if you want to hear a real world explanation—when the medical jargon stops making sense—to learn what you or someone you love may be going through then you have found the right podcast.
When I first found this podcast I tried to rate I as a 5 but got it wrong by hitting the 1 star thinking I needed to hit first one, then the second etc until I got to 5. But oops it said Submitted after just the first star. So I got it right this time. I have an ADHD adult child and this podcast really helps me understand what she’s dealing with. I get so much out of it too: the Brain Dump should be taught in elementary school. Teachers should start their students” day with “Everybody get out your Brain Dump journal”.
Just discovered this podcast and it's offering me a lot of insight. As a late-diagnosed Innatentive type, I'm struggling constantly and this is helping. So thanks!
Every podcast makes me smile broadly as it it almost having coffee with her as a best friend!! Q
Your voice, insights, and helpful (easy to follow) real life instructions based on your own lived experience and reputable resources from the medical and psychology fields are invaluable for me & my family. My husband & kids all diagnosed with differing presentations of ADHD used to cause me frustration and stress until I learned, through their diagnosis, the way in which I need to change my own behavioural response to support them better & free me from unnecessary irritation. Knowledge is key in this area. Your podcasts & website are fresh, entertaining & practical. THANK YOU THANK YOU 🙌
Your podcasts are incredible! I’ve struggled and have been diagnosed with ADHD since I was 9 years old, I never really learnt to talk about it or learnt how it affects me growing up, just that I was different and not to let labels define me. Now that I’m 20, have a son and started college, integrating into adult support and resources have been tough and with more responsibility and having to manage my life I really notice the adhd having an affect on me and my mental health - finding this podcast has given me a better perspective, understanding and information that I’ve been looking for since actually being able to have full control over my life and this has helped me to want to look after my adhd better and actually follow my treatment plan and take ADHD more seriously in order to do better 🙂 thank you for this knowledge and help!
This podcast is AMAZING, to say the least. Being a woman that has been diagnosed with ADHD since adolescence ( presently in late 20s), I can definitely relate to a lot of Kristen’s experiences. My favourite line “ pill don’t teach skills” !!! Kristen is just blessing us with all of ADHD knowledge... I’m beyond grateful for this podcast ! Thank you so much... you’re such an inspiration ♡
I’m beyond grateful Kristen does what she does with such authenticity. The things you’re capable of when you start to understand your brain and how your adhd affects you allows you to unlock your unique super power. Kristen helps me feel motivated and empowered to believe in myself, help others, and DREAM BIG!
I absolutely love this podcast. Thank you and please never stop.
Having recently discovered my ADHD, I have found this podcast immensely helpful for processing and learning more about myself and the way my unique brain works. This podcast has taught me is that I am enough just as I am and that self acceptance is the key to a happy and fully thriving life with ADHD. Thank you Kristen, this truly is your life’s calling to help others and o feel very blessed by you.
Thank you so much for this podcast and helping us love ourselves for ourselves. ADHD IS a superpower
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning and it has had a HUGELY positive impact on my life. Kristen explains all the different aspects of ADHD and how it affects your life so clearly and gives really empowering, practical suggestions on how you can work with your ADHD, not against it. I’m so grateful that this podcast exists and I always leave an episode feeling good about myself and like I understand myself better. Seriously, thank you Kristen - you are amazing!
I have been listening to the I Have ADHD podcast for just over a year; since receiving an adult ADHD diagnosis. Through the podcast, Kristen has really helped to make sense of the world around me and has given some meaning to my experiences and struggles, helping me to build up some new, stronger foundations so that I can take positive steps in dealing with the everyday struggles that ADHD can bring. Kristen and her podcast speaks to you directly; it really feels like she gets your exact situation and the empathy that flows is really helpful... also, the podcast makes me laugh; a lot, which is a great way to process the difficulties of being an ADHD’er. Thanks for all your help Kristen!
I love this podcast. It’s insightful, encouraging and packed with practical tips and ideas. Kristen Carder is warm and engaging and wonderfully honest and realistic. She manages to be inspirational without being intimidating - like the best kind of friend who knows just when to tell you you can achieve anything and when to laugh at just how ridiculous you both know you can be. Thank you Kristen - please keep them coming!
Wow I really related to this. Currently not diagnosed but ticked all these boxes.
Hi, My partner has ADHD and 2 years into the relationship I feel like we really need to do more to understand ADHD, myself in particular. Can you advise on how ADHD works, how it can affect mood/actions/feelings? It would be great if you have any advise on how it affects the relationship and how I can react to make the relationship happy and successful. Many thanks,
I’m only a few episodes in but I’m already convinced that this podcast could be a turning point in my life, at 30 I’m ashamed that it’s taken me this long to realise what’s wrong with me! Thank you Kristen for making this podcast! I’ve just booked in to gain a formal diagnosis. Anyone else almost tear up in the shame episode? It’s not just me! 😮
I stumbled upon Kristen’s Podcast because I had an awful morning. I KNEW that my was reacting emotionally because of inability to regulate my emotions well. I listened to her episode on Emotional Dysregulation so help me process my thoughts and I WAS BEYOND HELPFUL. I appreciate her & her knowledge immensely and I would recommend it to anyone who has ADHD.
My title says it all. If you're an adult with ADHD, you need to listen to this podcast. Kristen obviously cares incredibly deeply about helping us, and doing it in a truly authentic way. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with adult ADHD after 26 years of struggling to be "normal." This podcast is helping me to accept myself for who I am, rather than who I assumed I needed to be. Thank you Kristen!
Highly recommend
If you, or some you love either suspects or has ADHD/ADD then this podcast is for you. I’ve listened to many audiobooks on the subject, but listening to Kristen is like a breath of fresh air... she’s medicated, she’s caffeinated and boy is she real! To know how tough it is for her to achieve her goals gives you the strength to attempt yours. I’ve binge-listened like it’s a show on Netflix. This podcast has changed my life this month; my only wish is that it doesn’t become another “project” I don’t finish! Keep making these Kristen... please!
Kristen’s show is fantastic for anyone with ADHD. First of all, it’s nice to know that you’re not alone with things you struggle with daily. But secondly, she shares some great practical tips to help you manage your ADHD better.
Kristen, you are amazing! I hear you almost every day. You accompany me in a lot of moments. We don’t know each other, but you are able to change me. Tran
This podcast has been an absolute game changer in understanding and managing my ADHD. Even if you don’t have it but someone in your life does, it’s worth a listen. Amazingly relatable, down to earth, and more importantly insanely helpful! Literally saving my life one episode at a time.
Even in the first episode I felt seen in the warmest and most helpful way. So excited to take the journey to success
If you’ve got $1800 a year to spend on mental health see the absolute best psychiatric professional and therapist you can find because this podcast is just an ad for her subscription service. Oddly tone deaf about being extremely wealthy is genuinely hilarious and sad during a pandemic. There are ways to speak to people in a way that isn’t condescending but she has not found a way how to do that yet. Money probably makes a lot of symptoms of our shared condition easier. Lots of anecdotes from ‘real members’ about going out and doing all these activities - in 2020. April, May and June 2020. Sure. It’s fine I guess and really surface level material you could get for free from your library. Maybe your tolerance for a white lady telling you how to fix your life and get rich is still high in 2020 but my adhd friends and I can’t relate. I can’t speak to someone else’s mental conditions but I know for me the way she talks about adhd makes it seem like a minor inconvenience. See a professional and avoid this mess.
This podcast hits the absolute wrong tone. Don't watch the news and/or block out any politics or natural disasters that don't directly concern you or your children? Yikes.
As a 26 year old with newly diagnosed ADHD this podcast has been exactly what I needed to help me navigate my diagnoses and things I’ve been dealing with my whole life! I can’t get enough of it! I got recommended this podcast, and it has been an amazing to helping me get more informed, to learn more about myself and my ADHD and make me laugh and love myself more! I’m only 18 episodes in and it’s already helped so much! Thank you so much Kristen xxx
I’ve been listening to this podcast while in the gym. I’ve felt really emotional sometimes, because of a big relief!!! Or feeling that I can understand myelef, have empathy and understanding for myself, and also to become more successful at happy adulting without so much struggle. I love each subject covered and how much I can resonate with what is said. And I mean, I can actually resonate with EVERYTHING said. Thank you so so so much. Also, even though I find you majorly interesting, it’s easier to process while doing something else. Exercise, plus scrolling insta, plus listening... it’s all being digested! X
First few episodes are actually helpful and give good tips. Lately the episodes have turned more into advertising for her subscription and talking around the subject until her 30 mins is up. While I understand the host also has ADHD, I was looking more for tips/advice/learning experiences rather than the “join my focused group for more info” and explaining ADHD in a broad manner that doesn’t apply to everyone.
Kristen is honestly an expert in all things ADHD!! I have been a part of her group coaching program FOCUSED for 7 months and it has changed my life in so many ways. It all started with this amazing podcast, it always feels like she is talking directly to me and knows exactly what to say. She has helped me understand who I am, how my ADHD effects my day to day life and how to overcome the challenges it throws my way. I have spent 29 years of my life wondering why I struggle so much, but Kristen has put it all into perspective!! I’m so thankful for everything Kristen does for the ADHD community, she is incredible!!! Thank you for bringing light and happiness back into my life!! x
Kristen is the real deal. I’ve had so many aha moments listening to the show. Her warm and engaging personality comes through while she shares actionable tips and strategies to help you manage your ADHD. So grateful for this resource!!!
This Pod is so good, Kristen really connects with you through the microphone and relates her experience back to real life. I loved episode 2 where she breaks down ADHD in such a easy to understand way. I have only just started my journey with her and am looking for to hearing move. Keep up the great work Kristen and I will be back on here again when I have caught up on all the Pods.
I reviewed this podcast last year but I wanted to give an update that it keeps getting better! 1. The amount of value I have received from this podcast is amazing. I feel genuinely lucky to have access to so many helpful mindset shifts for FREE- 2. It keeps getting better- I feel like we are on a journey with her and get to learn from her insight- I believe we are watching her elevate into someone who’s managing their mind at a higher level as time goes on and we get to watch that transformation and learn from it! 3. Thank goodness I found this podcast because before ever speaking to Kristen my life was changed by this podcast. I started taking treating my ADHD brain seriously and that alone was transformational AND without this podcast I wouldn’t have become a 1 on 1 client and Focused client of Kristens and the amount of transformation I see in myself and others in the group every week is really outstanding. Kristen is dedicated to serving her clients at the highest level. She is a caring and honest person and She understands what it’s like to deal with ADHD and she refuses to believe we are stuck where we are. She believes in the ADHD community. The experience of someone believing in what you’re capable of and not believing the story that “I can’t” is truly life changing and I could never thank her enough for the work she’s doing in this world.
Having recently discovered my ADHD, I have found this podcast immensely helpful for processing and learning more about myself and the way my unique brain works. This podcast has taught me is that I am enough just as I am and that self acceptance is the key to a happy and fully thriving life with ADHD. Thank you Kristen, this truly is your life’s calling to help others and o feel very blessed by you.
This podcast has literally been life changing for me. I was diagnosed last year at 32 with little guidance on what that meant. This podcast made me feel validated for all my struggles through the years and I’ve found so many tips and tricks to how to manage my day to day. I get excited every Tuesday to see what’s next on the podcast agenda! Keep it up Kristen Carder!
This is a total game changer. If you have ADHD as an adult, you would be doing yourself a disservice to not listen to this.
I think this podcast is excellent! Her voice is soothing and she really knows how to break down life! Im gonna binge listen!
Thank you sooo much for sharing your wisdom and positive energy for creating this podcast, that is helping me a lot. I love how supportive you are and the alongside therapy your podcast ist hrlüing me to rewire my brain🤙🏽✨greetings from Germany
I am not even through the 2nd episode and I’m already finding it helpful. It’s so comforting to learn and hear someone else’s story while living with adhd. Thanks for opening up and having a passion to help others! You’re the bomb! 💗🙏
This podcast has changed my life! From feeling hopeless and alone, and like I was failing at life, to feeling like there is hope, that I’m ‘not that special’ (in a reassuring way) and that I can still have the life I dream of (I just need to tweak my approach and be kinder to myself). Kristen is real, funny and honest, and I’m so grateful to have come across this podcast when I did! Thank you!
I downloaded tik tok for work and the magic that is social media showed me a lot of adhd accounts and led me to this podcast! It’s been 48 hours of me listening to it and feeling so overwhelmed to know these traits are all because of my ADHD. I’m medicated but haven’t had this type of coaching or experience shared with me and this podcast fills that huge gap and is incredibly empowering.
Just started working my way through the back episodes after a diagnosis that made sense to everyone around me, but left me flabbergasted. Now I am listening to this kind and candid podcast and seeing myself in every episode. This is so calming and reassuring; thank you so much.
Thank you Kristen for this! I was diagnosed a year ago at 42. Being able to understand my ADHD has made such a huge difference in my life already. Since I’m on the older side, I want to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. I don’t want to lose any more time. This podcast has provided me with so much. Highly recommend!
Kristen, thank you. I discovered I have not so mild ADHD. In college I would turn down the heat, sit in the bath tub(no water), make the lights as bright as possible and study. It was so uncomfortable, but every time I thought about that it reminded me to study. I love your podcast, great advice, suggestions and strategies. But I think the most important thing is how nice it is to hear that other people have the same struggles. Thank you again! Ps I’d love to hear a podcast about or maybe clients or your experience with being pregnant and having ADHD. Did you still take meds? If not how did you handle it. It’s a fear of mine to have to go off meds, and I’m sure I’m not alone.
I am so grateful for this podcast! Hearing about Kristen’s trials and tribulations helps so much. Realising that we are not alone in this - is such a relief. I am intelligent and I am educated, yet sometimes it feels like I am a hopeless case. I loose everything, forget everything, I struggle so much with ‘simple’ day to day tasks! My life can be so stressful and full of guilt, shame and despair. Kristen gives brilliant tools and techniques to use to get ours brains to do what we need them to do; methods to explain and express our quirks to our colleagues, friends and family. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you 🤗
Wow! Kristen and her candidness on her own journey is a breath of fresh air. For me, my adhd medication is not a panacea (duh!) Kristen and this Podcast has helped me tremendously to learn best practices for daily executive functioning skills that I still need to refine while taking my meds. Kristen makes me feel like “I’ve got this! I am in control of my adhd and my adhd is not in control of me.” THANK YOU KRISTEN!!!
I was diagnosed three years ago and was put on medication. While it has helped, I was still feeling like a failure in life because I can’t finish tasks or projects, remember things, start things I don’t want to do...I thought I was just lazy. This makes it so clear that I need help, not just medication. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I have just been diagnosed with ADHD at 40. This podcast has helped me understand how my brain works. I would totally refer anyone who is struggling with ADHD. I am so glad I found this little gem ❤️
Have just recently started the process of getting an ADHD diagnosis while in the middle of a lot of unmanageable overwhelm in my life. This podcast has been an absolute saving grace, helping me learn some tools and strategies I can use to look after my brain while I wait for the treatment process. Thank you Kristen!
I have just been diagnosed with ADHD at 40. Kristen is amazing and explains everything so well. I feel so encouraged to finally get my life on track. Thank you for all your help Kristen ❤️
Since The moment I found ur podcast I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the procrastination focus this month and I will be her for November as well. Keep doing what you do! There are so many more of us out there that need to find us, you can do that!
In the process of getting diagnosed and this si mind blowing, I am inky on episode 17 and I have made so many small changes that have drastically changed my life.
Like anyone else with ADHD, I am the pro at procrastinating...I just wish I hadn’t procrastinated listening to this podcast! Her advice is backed up with personal stories that are so relatable.
I have to admit, I am a newbie. I’m new to my ADHD diagnosis (at 35, just diagnosed last month) and I’m new to podcasts. I found your podcast thanks to a fellow ADHDer that I found on tiktok. Her posts helped me learn so much about myself and she recommended your podcast, so here I am! I started at number 1 and am up to 7 now and I love it! You’re helping me learn so much about myself and how to navigate my struggles for the first time in my life! So thank you! Please keep it up! You’re really helping people (at least me). Thanks
I appreciate Kristen’s passion to share what she has learned, her authenticity, and humor. She shares her successes & challenges, as well as tips to overcome those challenges. I knew this was the podcast for me when she mentioned some of us will research the $&@! out of something (my words) and not know when to stop and just take action. Again my words, but i didn’t realize this was something I shared with many others! Honestly, I didn’t consider it could be a form of procrastination (as is editing this review, haha!), I just thought I was thorough. In fact, I have had several of those O.M.G. moments now listening to this podcast. Kristen- love you & your podcast! I haven’t listened to all episodes yet (I’ve skipped around, sigh), but hoping to find one on going to sleep, and one for those over 50 whose challenges have been inversely proportional to their hormone levels 😜. I realize that you are too young to have personal experience, but I’m confident you would do the topic justice 😊
I just finished listening to episode 36 today. I thought I was going to have pull my car over to bawl my eyes out, because this is EXACTLY what I go through every. single. day, and I’ve never known anyone my age who struggles like I do in so many areas. I’m recently diagnosed with ADD and have been feeling like a freak at 39 years old, like, why do these things always go that way, why can’t I just adult up and get it done? This episode just nailed it for me! I’ve now hit subscribe and will for sure be listening to more episodes whenever I get a chance. I could go on and on, but basically, I’m so thankful to have found your podcast and I think God will use it to bring the change I have been longing for basically my whole life. (And here come the tears again!)