Podcast Episode #11: 5 Beliefs That Will Change Your Life


Today we’re going to discuss psychology 101 – which, we are not really taught in mainstream education. But I think if we were, it would really change a lot of things for us. Ok, you ready? Now stick with me on this.

  • Your thoughts create your feelings
  • Your feelings create your actions
  • And your actions create your results

So if you are not getting results in your life that you are happy with or proud of, you need to change your thoughts.

This is totally mind blowing

And all of us with adult ADHD are going to really struggle to look intentionally at our thoughts because that takes slowing down, being still, journaling, meditating, observing ourselves from the outside. This is like impossible for us, which I believe is why so many of us are not getting results that we want in our lives. Because we’re not paying attention to our thoughts.

So what I would love to chat about today are 5 beliefs that you may not even realize are damaging your results.

The Science of ADHD – CHADD

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