Accountability: The Path to Consistent Success

Those of us with ADHD are consistently inconsistent. ADHD is not a knowledge deficit, it’s is the inability to make yourself do what you know you should do. In order to be consistent and successful, you and I need daily accountability.

You probably feel like you should be able to manage life without support.

But let me ask you, how's that working out? Are you reaching your goals? Crushing it at work? In a happy relationship? Financially stable? The parent you want to be?

If not, it's time to accept that you have a disorder that requires daily treatment & support.


If we don't have the right support, we will never reach our potential.

ADHD needs daily management. We cannot go days, weeks, months without treatment + community + accountability or we are at risk for {depression, anxiety, car accidents, trouble with the law, divorce, relationship issues, impulsive spending, debt, financial ruin, underachievement at work, unemployment}.

As for help from a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, coach, friend, or family member.