You know you’ve got it.

You’re a go-getter.

A high-achiever.

A visionary.

A doer.

You’re a freaking powerhouse.


You’re meant for something huge


There’s untapped talent inside of you


Your potential is just beyond your reach


You know it’s in you…you just don’t know how to get it out of you

I help high-achieving ADHDers get sh*t done and create the life they know they're meant for.

I used to be filled with frustration. I was angry at myself and others that my goals weren’t happening.


I was a chronic under-earner, under-achiever, and under-performer.


My life was fine, but I felt like I was missing something that I just couldn’t put my finger on.


I was right.

  • I was missing a proper ADHD treatment plan
  • I was missing an understanding of how my ADHD brain works
  • I was missing the ability to visualize my future
  • I was missing the ability to follow through and do what I said I was going to do
  • I was missing ability to be productive no matter how I felt
  • I was missing the ability to take responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and actions
  • I was missing the ability to stay focused on a goal long enough to accomplish it
  • I was missing the ability to be happy no matter how cranky my kids were
  • I was missing the ability to love the people in my life unconditionally
  • I was missing the ability to allow people to think whatever they want about me
  • I was missing the ability to shut my brain off so that I could rest & recharge
  • Everything is different now.

    I’ve mastered my ADHD brain and built the life that I always knew I was capable of.

    Complete Self-Acceptance

    I no longer shame myself for my ADHD qualities. I see my flaws, but they don't paralyze me. I live happily in my own skin, I tell the truth, and I'm unattached to peoples' opinions of me. I'm willing to fail, and I never let it stop me from moving forward.

    A Family I Enjoy Being Around

    My husband has become my best friend and a partner in the truest sense of the word. I've stopped making my kids responsible for my happiness. Instead I enjoy getting to know them and watching them grow up, mistakes and messes and noise included.

    2 Killer Businesses

    I've gone from not being able to pay basic bills, to making amazing money. I built a six-figure brick-and-mortar business in my home town and am currently running a multiple six-figure online coaching practice. Under-earning is a thing of the past.

    The Ability to Have Fun

    I outsource or delegate everything I suck at. I've learned to rest and relax because I do what I say I'm going to do, when I say I'm going to do it. I no longer live my life trying to please others, and I don't agonize over not getting enough done.

    I never worry anymore that I’m not reaching my potential.

    I know that I am.

    You know you’ve got it.


    It’s in you.


    I know exactly how to get it out of you.


    Work with me.

    • We will clearly define your long-term vision
    • We’ll set short-term goal(s)
    • We’ll agree on small, totally doable tasks for you to accomplish each week
    • I will keep your vision at the forefront of our conversations
    • I will offer direct accountability and I won’t believe your BS excuses
    • I will help you understand exactly what’s been holding you back
    • You will climb and conquer the massive wall of self-doubt, fear of failure, self-loathing, shame, and regret
    • You will learn to overcome the tendency to procrastinate and avoid
    • You will develop self-acceptance
    • You will develop a deep understanding of how ADHD affects every area of your life
    • You will no longer be your own worst enemy

    You will become unstoppable.

    The investment for private coaching with Kristen is $10,000 paid in full.

    This fee includes six months of weekly private sessions. Private coaching with Kristen is perfect for you if you are a professional, executive, or entrepreneur grossing well above $100k. By application only. 

    Coach with Kristen several times a week in Focused for $199/month.

    Get professional ADHD coaching on a weekly basis in the Focused program. 3+ calls each week, 3 full courses available to you immediately. Plus, our ADHD community is freaking awesome. 

    Join Focused today! More Info...

    I've had a lot of success up to this point, but working with Kristen helped me to think about my goals and role in a unique and inspiring way. Kristen helped me to create focus and become unstuck, but more importantly, helped me to gain appreciation for the unique way my brain works. I have more confidence in myself, my direction, and my business.

    Meghan EgglestonBeach Body

    Kristen was able to uncover and tap into negative behaviors and thought patterns of mine that I wasn't able to see or label myself.

    She gave me the tools I need to deal with these issues on the daily and moving forward. I can now listen to myself, acknowledge negative thoughts, and navigate my way through them.

    Slowly but surely, I am starting to feel lighter and grow into the person I want to be.

    Danielle NietschCreative Freelancer

    Kristen is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    Within a few sessions she already had me talking about some intense stuff, but her approachability made our sessions feel easy, safe.

    Kristen clearly wants only the best for her clients and continues to work with you to help you reach your full potential and dive into your authentic self. I am ALWAYS mind blown after every session by the new things that Kristen has opened my mind to!

    Meghan JoshiPR and Marketing

    Kristen has helped me in family relationships, my business, becoming a new mom, and my money mindset. I have seen a significant difference in my awareness of my thoughts and triggers.

    A coach should help prepare you for life without them and I can 100% say that Kristen does this better than any other coach I have worked with. Forever grateful for her mentorship and support.

    Fallon CollingsMary Kay Sales

    Coaching with Kristen has been so wonderful for me! She’ll definitely keep you accountable, but she’s incredibly warm, non-judgmental and uplifting.

    I am feeling very optimistic for my future as a woman with ADHD and Kristen is a big part of that optimism.

    I highly recommend investing in working with Kristen in any capacity- it will really help change your life.

    Eileen DickinsonLicensed Massage Therapist

    I feel like I got all of my money's worth in just this one session. You've changed my life.

    Verity GarveyCertified Lactation Consultant

    My husband asked me if I'm the poster child for what you (Kristen) can do with an ADHD person 🙂 We are both so dang thankful for you and the ways you help me wade through so many things.

    I will be a broken record all day long: Thank you for choosing to share what you are learning and for helping me grow in so many ways

    Gabriela TaylorYouth Pastor