Podcast Episode #159: 10 Tips to Getting and Staying Focused

Every ADHDer wants to focus…but HOW!? Today’s episode is exactly what you need when you’re feeling scattered, lost, or overwhelmed. Kristen covers 10 practical steps to getting focused that you can implement NOW and use over and over again. Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #158: ADHD and Imposter Syndrome

Raise your hand if imposter syndrome holds you back from living your life to the fullest. I see you! This week’s episode is all about what Imposter Syndrome is, why we experience it, and how to manage it. Here’s a great article written by Dr. Russell Ramsay on the topic. Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #157: Unwrapping the Gift of ADHD with Dr. Ned Hallowell

ADHD legend Dr. Ned Hallowell (Driven to Distraction, Delivered from Distraction, ADHD 2.0) is here today to share his infinite wisdom on all things ADHD. You KNOW I don’t think ADHD is a gift, but Dr. Hallowell so beautifully articulated his perspective on this topic that I really wanted to share it with you. Find more from Dr. Hallowell here Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #156: How to Stop Looking at Porn

Some ADHDers struggle with Problematic Pornography Use, and that’s what we’re talking about today…GET READY! My guest, Danny Poelman, is a certified life coach who helps people stop looking at porn in a sustainable (and enjoyable!) way. If you are feeling powerless in the area of porn or ANY unwanted habit, this episode will be so encouraging and helpful to you. Learn more about Danny here! Hang out with me

Podcast Episode #155: What Is ADHD And How Do I Explain It?

Are you stumped when someone asks you to define ADHD? Do you either give them a super basic answer OR totally over-share? On today’s episode, I intend to solve that problem! We discuss what is ADHD exactly, and how to explain it to someone without getting too lost in the weeds. Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #153: Sex Therapy and ADHD with Ari Tuckman

Let’s talk about S E X, shall we? Ari Tuckman, PsyD, CST is a psychologist and certified sex therapist specializing in diagnosing and treating people with ADHD, as well as couples and sex therapy. Join us as we discuss his most recent book, ADHD After Dark, the ways that ADHD impacts sex, and how to improve your “after dark” relationships. Find more from Ari Tuckman on his website here Hang out with

Podcast Episode #152: My Top 10 Takeaways from International (ADHD) Women’s Month

The last 4 episodes were dedicated to honoring the female ADHD experience. Join me today as I synthesize what I learned this month and show you how you can apply it to your life in tangible ways. So you don’t do that thing where you hear something awesome and then forget about it entirely and never actually do anything with it. Or is that just a me thing?!  Hang out with

Podcast Episode #151: ADHD Women and Radical Acceptance

Sari Solden is a PIONEER when it comes to women with ADHD, and she’s here today to talk about the intricacies of the struggles that women with ADHD face. From masking, to internalized social norms, to hiding, and brain shame, I predict that this episode will connect with you on a very deep level.

Podcast Episode #150: Motherhood and ADHD

Yakini Pierce is here to share with us her expertise on all things being a mama who has ADHD. We talk about the highs and lows of motherhood and what amazing transformations can take place in your home when you honor your own ADHD and make space for yourself to have flaws. Yakini is a late diagnosis woman with adhd. She’s a mom of 2 amazing ADHD kids and host of the ADHD Love

Podcast Episode #148: Honoring the Female ADHD Experience

March is International Women’s Month, and we’re dedicating all 5 weeks to honoring the female ADHD experience. Tune in today to hear from Paula Engebretson and Meagan Vigil, two women with ADHD who also coach women with ADHD. It’s a casual and fun conversation that will open your eyes into some of what it’s like to be a woman with ADHD. Learn more about Paula here Learn more about Meagan

Podcast Episode #146: 5 Reasons Coaching Works for Adults with ADHD

If you’ve wondered if you should give coaching a try, or if it even works, this episode will give you all the clarity. Hear my hot take on coaching, and what type of coaching I feel is most effective for ADHDers. After coaching over 1,000 people with ADHD, I have lots of thoughts to share with you! Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #144: Problematic Positive Thinking

“This will just take me 5 minutes” or “It’ll be fine” or “It’ll be different this time” are examples of potentially problematic positive thoughts. Positive thinking isn’t always helpful, and maladaptive positive thoughts can get us into a lot of trouble. In today’s episode, I’m going to help you to identify your own problematic thinking and give you strategies on how to combat it.  Hang out with me on Instagram

Podcast Episode #142: Ask Me Anything: ADHD Q&A Part 2

More of your questions answered! As an ADHD expert, certified coach to hundreds of adults with ADHD, and an ADHDer myself, I am uniquely positioned to bring expertise, understanding, and relatability to all of your burning questions about ADHD. LET’S GO! Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #141: Ask Me Anything: ADHD Q&A Part 1

As an ADHD expert, certified coach to hundreds of adults with ADHD, and an ADHDer myself, I am uniquely positioned to bring expertise, understanding, and relatability to all of your burning questions about ADHD. Today I’m answering all kinds of questions from my Instagram friends about ADHD and it’s going to be FUN! Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #139: Real-Life ADHD Coaching

What 2 things do an attorney, a solopreneur, and an architect have in common? 1. They all have human brains 2. They all have ADHD. If you have a human brain and you have ADHD, you’re going to get SO MUCH out of this coaching session that I have with 3 of my clients. Tune in for life-changing ADHD coaching and support to start your year off right. Hang out


Podcast Episode #138: What’s Possible in 2022? An ADHD-Friendly Planning Session

Because of our deficient frontal lobes, planning, prioritizing, and following through are very difficult for ADHDers. This makes setting and achieving goals HARD! Today, I will walk you through a fun exercise to plan out what might be possible for you in 2022 and give you a simple action plan to make it happen. Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #137: An ADHD Friendly Year End Review

ADHDers aren’t great at reflection, which often leads us to staying stuck. In this episode, I walk you through a practice of evaluating your year so that you can move forward and create the life that you want! I also spill the tea about what’s happened in MY life in 2021. Tune in for an all-around great time.  Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #136: Finding Your Superpower

If ADHD isn’t your superpower (it isn’t), then what is? Today Kristen walks you through an exercise to determine what your true gift, superpower, and awesomeness is. Tune in for the most encouraging episode of the entire year! Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #135: ADHD is Not Your Superpower

Welp…this episode is either going to make you feel super validated and pumped-up orrrrrrrr super triggered. What we’re chatting about today is my OPINION, and I acknowledge that not everyone thinks the same way that I do. I encourage you to listen and see what YOU think: Is ADHD a superpower? A gift? Or, “awesome”? Hear me explain why I think this way of speaking about ADHD has the potential

Podcast Episode #134: ADHD in a Plus-Sized Body

Gather ’round the table, my friends, we’re going to have a chat about being plus sized and ADHD, and the specific challenges that plus sized people face when seeking to obtain ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

Podcast Episode #133: How (and why) to hire an assistant

Today I’m interviewing my team and giving you a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work with a crazy ADHD brain. I am a firm believer that if we have the ability to hire out our frontal lobe, we SHOULD! This episode will help you to let go of some of that control, be willing to feel vulnerable, and get the help that you deserve. Want to

Podcast Episode #132: LOL My ADHD Made Me Do It

Today’s episode is a compilation of funny ADHD stories sent in from listeners around the world – from leaving the car running to booking a flight to the wrong country, ADHD never disappoints….it always keeps interesting! Sit back, relax, and enjoy these hilarious and relatable stories!  Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #131: Should You Disclose Your ADHD Diagnosis

Today we’re going to dive deep into a question that I get asked a lot: “Should I tell people that I have ADHD?” The truth is, only you can decide…and I am here to help you make a decision that feels aligned with who you are and what you want.  Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #130: Your Wacky Sleep Schedule (Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome)

There’s a reason why you want to stay up later (and then wake up later) than all of the neuro-typicals in your life, and it’s not because you’re lazy. Turns out, about 75% of ADHDers studied report symptoms in line with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. Tune in to learn more! Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #128: The Creative ADHDer

Are you massively creative and feel like the ideas just never stop coming? How in the world do you constrain and choose one thing to focus on? This episode is a conversation I have with my client Lindsay Eagar who’s a critically-acclaimed author with no shortage of ideas! We chat about all the things and I know you’re going to love it! You can find more information about Lindsay and

Podcast Episode #127: The Warm Up Before Working (AKA “Scrolling Time”)

You know that thing we do where we have to spend at least an hour doing nothing…essentially “wasting time” before we get into our  work for the day? Yeah, I recorded a whole episode on this topic! This episode is for those of you who need a ton of warmup and prep-time before actually getting anything done. I have good news for you: YOU’RE NORMAL….and I know you’re going to

Podcast Episode #126: Time Management

How is it possible that it’s taken me 126 episodes to record one on time management? This episode is deep – we talk about the REAL reasons we can’t manage our time, and what we can do about it.

Podcast Episode #125: How to Rest

If you have trouble slowing down and shutting your brain off, this episode is for you! I’ll dive into why we resist rest and how we can begin to overcome this tendency.

Podcast Episode #124: Self Sabotage and Why You’re Stuck

Self-sabotage is a (normal) human behavior pattern that undermines our success and thwarts forward motion. In this episode, we dive DEEP into why we sabotage ourselves and how we can interrupt this self-defeating pattern.  Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #123: 10 Shifts in 3 Years

Today’s episode is a behind the scenes look at Kristen Carder’s journey. I’ve changed A LOT in the last 3 years and I’m sharing the specifics of who I used to be and who I am now.

Podcast Episode #122: ADHD and The Weight of the World

In the last 2 weeks, some very heavy and concerning world events have taken place. With so much suffering happening right now, I wanted to record an episode for you that acknowledges our collective pain and gives you some strategies on how to cope so that you can be an informed and caring human without being totally distracted and non-functional.

Podcast Episode #121: ADHD Diagnosis Over 50

Today’s episode is for senior adults who have been diagnosed or are considering seeking a diagnosis for ADHD. Is it worth it? Should you bother seeking treatment? Listen as I chat with my client Jane who was diagnosed at 52 and is experiencing all kinds of relief. Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #120: ADHD Medications

Dr. Russell Barkley joins me on today’s episode to discuss the different types of ADHD medications and what he sees as THE BEST treatment plan for adult ADHD. 

Podcast Episode #118: The ADHD Penalty (and why you should stop)

The adhd penalty is the self-inflicted punishment that we feel obligated to inflict upon ourselves because of our adhd shortcomings. This penalty ALWAYS ends up making our lives harder, and in many ways exacerbating our symptoms even further. It’s a vicious cycle that many of you are on, and I hope that my words today inspire you to hop off this self-defeating hamster wheel. Hang out with me on Instagram

Podcast Episode #117: Slow and Steady (gross, I know)

Today I talk to my client Sacha about his journey going SLOWLY on his self-development work. Of course we ADHDers prefer to go fast, but what if that impatience actually doesn’t serve us? Today we’re going to inspire you to slow down and look for little wins along the way!

Podcast Episode #116: When you question your diagnosis

Today’s episode is for those of you who question your diagnosis. My client, Emma Strong shares her journey of getting diagnosed and then questioning whether or not she “deserved” support…this is deep work! I know you are going to be so encouraged by this conversation. Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #115: Your Special Mind (Especial-Mente TDAH)

BUCKLE UP!! If you are someone whose family didn’t understand or validate your ADHD, you are going to LOVE this conversation. And especially, if you are in Latin America and/or have a lot of Latin influences in your life, this episode is going to speak directly to your heart! Please enjoy this conversation with my very lovely client, Fernanda Gamboa. Reach out to Fernanda here: @Especial-Mente2.0 on instagram Hang

Podcast Bonus: HOW to be Successful When You’re Inconsistent

We’ve discussed that it’s POSSIBLE to be inconsistent and successful, and this episode is all about howwwwww to do it.  All FOCUSED members will have automatic access to this course! Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #114: An Inconsistent Success

You do not have to be consistent in order to be successful. You do not have to be consistent in order to be successful. You do not have to be consistent in order to be successful. You do not have to be consistent in order to be successful. You do not have to be consistent in order to be successful. Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Bonus: The Inconsistent Entrepreneur

Calling all entrepreneurs! You don’t have to be consistent in order to be a success in your biz. Join me for a 5-day training July 12-16 where I will teach you how to be a successful entrepreneur with an inconsistent, un-disciplined ADHD brain. All FOCUSED members will have automatic access to this course! Not in FOCUSED? Sign up for this 5-day training at Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #113: Wasting Time

Most adults with ADHD often identify as time-wasters. I’m going to walk you through why this is super counter-intuitive and why we should NEVER believe that wasting time is even possible. This episode is short and sweet and packs a big punch. Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Podcast Episode #112: Self Kindness (gross, I know)

If the thought of being nice to yourself makes you want to barf, I get it…but I’ve learned that it’s one of the key factors in making any kind of sustainable progress. In today’s episode I discuss this topic with my dear client and self-kindness guru, Pete Sibley. Find Pete on Instagram @selfkindnesswithpete or his website   Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast  

Podcast Episode #111: Why You’re Not Productive

I’ve got the secret to being productive and I’m giving it to you today! In this episode I discuss the number one reason why you’re not productive…and to be honest, I think it might surprise you.  Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast  

Podcast Episode #109: Internal Authority Part 2: Ethics and Values

Easily swayed by others? Don’t feel steadfast in making decisions? Your ethics and values are at the core of establishing an internal authority. Tune in as I lead you through my process of establishing these for myself and help you to establish your own! Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast   Missed Part 1? Check it out here…

Podcast Episode #108: Indigenous and ADHD

ADHD is not just for White people! On today’s episode I interview my client Jennifer who is half white and half Native Canadian. Her perspective is so beautiful and SO important. We talk about ignorance, intergenerational trauma, ADHD scaffolding, and true healing. Connect with Ada Sewell: or @coachadasewell Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast  

Podcast Episode #107: Coaching Call with Kristen

Do you struggle to manage your impulsivity in order to follow your calendar? Do you feelings of fear and shame ever hold you back from doing what you need to do?  Do you struggle to believe that you’ve done enough so that you can relax? Do you have trouble accepting yourself and your ADHD? Well then today’s episode is for YOU!  Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast  

Podcast Episode #106: Internal Authority

Do you struggle to identify and meet your own needs? Do you struggle to self-validate? Do you melt when someone disapproves of you or a decision you make? On today’s episode, we’re talking about how to establish an internal knowing so that you can be empowered, grounded, and live to your fullest potential.  Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast   Check out Part 2 of this topic here…

Podcast Episode #105: “Is ADHD an Excuse?”

At some point, every adult with ADHD has to wrestle with this question: Am I just making an excuse? So it’s high time we have a heart to heart about the difference between an excuse and an explanation. Buckle up, friends, this is a good one! for more adult ADHD resources Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast  

Podcast Episode #104: 50% Latina, 50% White, 100% ADHD

This interview is in the series of interviews I did with my BIPOC clients on the theme that ‘ADHD is not just for white people.’ Today I have a conversation with my client Gabriela, whom I’ve come to absolutely adore over the last almost year and a half that she’s been in Focused. Tune in to hear about identity, racial identity, ADHD identity, and learning to stop fighting against what makes

Podcast Episode #103: The Dangers of ADHD

Most people downplay ADHD in adults. Isn’t it a childhood disorder? I thought it was just for boys? What’s the big deal? Call your aunties and your grandpas, let’s chat about why we should all be taking this neurodevelopmental disorder seriously! Research Studies: Why the Diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Matters ADHD May Reduce Life Expectancy by As Much As 13 Years Click here to hang out with me on

Podcast Episode #102: What I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me About ADHD

When I was diagnosed, my doc said, “Yep, you have ADHD. Here’s some meds!” Maybe your experience was similar to mine. This episode is a deep dive into all the things I wish I knew about ADHD 20 years ago. Click here to hang out with me on Instagram.  

Podcast Episode #101: I Think I Have Adult ADHD

SO. You think you might have ADHD and you’re not sure what TF to do. Yeah, I get it. Here are 5 easy, actionable steps to take. If you want the printable symptoms list that I mention in the episode, here it is: Click here to hang out with me on Instagram.

Podcast Episode #100: Symptoms of Adult ADHD

If you’re wondering what Adult ADHD looks like, this is your episode. I quickly break down the main symptoms of adult ADHD and how those symptoms might manifest in your life. For a printable of the symptoms, visit my website Notable Sources: Taking Charge of Adult ADHD (Barkley), More Attention, Less Deficit (Tuckman), Rethinking Adult ADHD (Ramsay).

Podcast Episode #99: ADHD and Friendship

It can be very hard for ADHDers to make and keep friends. Why? And what can we do about it? On today’s episode I have my ADHD BFF Verity Garvey here to chat with me about ALL the friendship things: Why making friends was hard for us when we were kids, and how we are navigating friendships now as adults. Most importantly, we discuss self-acceptance and the significance of knowing what

Podcast Episode #98: The Importance of an ADHD Community

It’s hard to have ADHD. We are so often misunderstood and rejected by our peer groups. Dr. Ned Hallowell says that fellowship is the safest and most effective drug that we have. If you don’t have a group of like-minded ADHD adults, I hope by the end of this episode you will be inspired to find one. Dr. Ned Hallowell’s Book: Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most out of Life

Podcast Episode #97: Build Your ADHD Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a system, structure, or framework of SUPPORT. Dr. Russell Barkley says that humans of ADHD must have a scaffolding of support around them if they’re going to succeed, and I agree with him 100%. In this episode you’ll learn what a scaffolding is, why we resist it, and how it can help us get the results we’ve always wanted.

Podcast Episode #96: Find The Gold Where You Are

In this episode, my client Karima speaks of her experience as a black girl growing up in an all-white village in France; how she was labeled a problem child from a very early age, how she dealt with both racial bias and ADHD bias, and how an ADHD diagnosis later in life has helped her to understand herself and thrive. Karima encourages all of us to FIND THE GOLD WHERE

Podcast Episode #95: Business Coaching with Kristen

Calling all entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and anyone trying to get sh*t done! This episode is a coaching call from Focused. Every month we have a business call, and I thought it would be super helpful to YOU today, so here you go! Click here to hang out with me on Instagram.  


Podcast Bonus Episode: An Apology

“…it is out of this space (failure) that the real genuine communication with other people starts to happen, because it’s a very unguarded, wide-open space where you look out your eyes – unless you are getting into the blaming yourself or blaming others – you can go beyond the blame and just feel the bleedingness of it, the raw-meat quality of it” -Pema Chodron Fail Fail Again Fail Better  


Podcast Episode #94: Pardoning Your Past Self: Part 2

If you’re a perfectionist, this episode is for YOU! I can’t wait for you to hear from my client, Melia, who was the first to come up with the concept of the Pardon. Melia fleshes this concept out for us in such a beautiful way; I know you’ll be inspired! Find Melia at


Podcast Episode #93: Pardoning Your Past Self

It’s time that you issue a pardon to your past self. Failed a class in college? Pardoned! Forgot to pack your kid’s lunch? Pardoned! Got fired from your dream job? Pardoned! Haven’t been to the dentist in 6 years? Pardoned! In this episode, I talk about the importance of forgiving the misdeeds of your past so that you can create a different kind of future for yourself.

Podcast Episode #92: ADHD is Not Just for White People

Tune in today for an eye-opening and vulnerable conversation that I have with my client, Shannon Taylor. Shannon is a perfect example of what’s possible for a black woman with ADHD. This episode is the first in a series of episodes that I look forward to recording with my BIPOC clients.

Podcast Episode #91: The Power Move

I’ve got a major ADHD life hack for you today! It’s probably not exactly what you’re expecting, but it’s changed my life and I think it will change yours, too. The power move is when we intentionally get out of our HEADS and drop down into our BODIES. We feel. On purpose. Sounds excruciating, right!? I know…but I swear it’ll be worth it.

Podcast Episode #90: Surviving Saturdays

I don’t know about you, but I turn into a complete monster when I have a day off. And since we just got through the Christmas break, I have a LOT of thoughts about how we can treat ourselves (and others) better when we’re not in our normal routine. Today you’ll learn the 5 strategies to surviving Saturdays

Podcast Episode #88: ADHD Coaching

Need a boost? Perfect, this call is for you. I coach on anxiety, overwhelm, obligations, procrastination, and business. I want you to see how helpful it is to get coaching and how you can apply this coaching to your own life.Aside from medication, coaching has been the most helpful thing to me, and to many others. Many of my own huge transformations have come when watching or listening to someone else being coached.

Podcast Episode #86: The 2021 Impossible Goal

What are you capable of in 2021? The only way to find out is to set a big scary goal for yourself! In this episode you’ll learn WHY you should go for it and HOW to go about doing it!

Podcast Episode #85: Stop Striving for Perfection

When adults with ADHD set goals, we usually strive for the IDEAL rather than something attainable. This creates MORE failure for us. In this episode we’ll dive into the concept of a minimum baseline and how it will help you to achieve your goals with a much higher success rate!

Podcast Episode #84: When You Get Nothing Done

Ever have one of those days where you “lose” 6 hours to spacing out on the couch? When you do, how do you treat yourself? This episode is a deep-dive into self-acceptance.

Podcast Episode #83: Stop Shoulding on Yourself

ADHDers don’t like to be told what to do. So why do we spend so much of our own mental energy telling ourselves that we “should” and “have to” do things? It’s not fun and it’s not working! Today’s episode is a bit of a smackdown. Are you ready?

Podcast Episode #82: Overcoming Overwhelm

For ADHDers, overwhelm is a whole thing. A WHOLE THING. In this episode you’ll learn specific strategies for tackling overwhelm and kicking it to the curb.

Podcast Episode #81: Capitalize on Your Strengths

I don’t have it all together. There, I said it. In this episode I dive into why it’s important to focus on our strengths and allow ourselves to have areas of weakness. Want to know the 10 things I’ve messed up on recently? Here ya go!

Podcast Episode #80: Change Your Mind About Yourself

You can’t hate yourself into improvement. You have to change your mind about yourself first. On today’s episode, I chat with my client and friend Verity Garvey, who went from self-loathing to self-acceptance and is now coaching others to do the same. Be inspired, my friend. If it’s possible for Verity, it’s possible for you.

Podcast BONUS: Adult ADHD Coaching

This episode is the audio of one of my recent coaching calls. We tackle phone addiction, insecurity at work, and self judgement. Some of my most transformative breakthroughs have been when I’ve listened to OTHER people get coached, and I know this is possible for you, too. 

Podcast Episode #79: Bad Days

I had a REALLY bad day recently and it just so happened to be podcast recording day. I almost didn’t record an episode for you, but thought maybe it would be helpful to share my own bad day with you so that you can learn to process and accept your bad days. You are 100% not alone, ADHDer. I got you.

Podcast Episode #78: How to Follow Through

Every adult with ADHD wants to learn how to follow through. This episode includes a 4-step process that you can use to become someone who does what they say they’re going to do. Do you identify as reliable? I do. It’s possible for you, too!

Podcast Episode #77: ADHDer: Your Memory Sucks

This episode is kind of a good news/bad news situation 🙂 If you have ADHD, then your memory is terrible. Specifically, your nonverbal working memory. That’s the bad news. The good news is, it’s not your fault and there are ways you can hack your memory. Tune in to find out how to be successful even with a sucky memory!  

Podcast Episode #76: You 2.0

In last week’s episode, I taught you the concept of your future self. This week you’re going to hear from Jen 2.0, one of my clients who has used this idea to change her whole dang life. You’ll see how you can practically apply this concept and access your future self in order to totally crush your goals. Change starts now.

Podcast Episode #75: Your Future (Badass) Self

Most of us spend a lot of time thinking about the past and beating ourselves up about it. The result we get from this is MORE of the past. Ever notice that you keep making the same mistakes? You need to learn how to access your future self…the version of you who has it figured out. Sound weird? Hear me out! Check out this podcast episode to hear one of

Podcast Episode #74: Taking Massive Action

Massive action is the type of action that produces an actual RESULT. It’s the opposite of passive action (researching, learning, asking for help) which doesn’t actually PRODUCE anything. Tune in to learn more!

Podcast Episode #72: Keeping Your Sanity in 2020

In the midst of Covid-19, an election year, and all of the difficult cultural issues in our world, here’s my pep talk for you to STAY FOCUSED on what’s most important and consume less of other people’s thoughts. Hang out with me while I process my own anxiety while we chat 🙂  

Podcast Episode #71: Success Intolerance and Self-Sabotage

No one tells you that success actually feels TERRIBLE, but it does. I want you to be on the lookout for the discomfort that goes along with reaching goals and experiencing the good stuff so that you don’t self-sabotage and derail yourself from forward motion. ADHDers are so used to failing…how do we even handle life when we actually start succeeding??  

Podcast Episode #70: How To Be Productive

All adults with ADHD want to learn how to be more productive. Today on the podcast I’m sharing my 5-step FAIL PROOF system for upping your productivity. Get ready for one of my most value-packed episodes ever.  

Podcast Episode #69: 2 Results-Stealing Mindsets to Avoid

Today I’m and telling you about the 2 mindsets that will always 100% steal positive results from you. I speak from experience, and I hope you find this to be extremely insightful. If you can rid yourself of these 2 insidious ways of thinking, you will 10x your positive results!  

Podcast Episode #68: My New Beliefs About Money

ADHDers are notoriously bad with money – I want to lead CHANGE for our community in this area. Everything about my finances has transformed in the last year, and I want to give insight into my new thoughts and beliefs about money so that everything can change for you, too. This episode is all about bringing up your money BS, analyzing it, and creating new results for yourself on purpose.

Podcast Episode #67: Change IS Possible for ADHD Adults

Do you wonder if it’s too late for you? Do you make the same mistakes over and over and wonder if improving is even possible? On today’s episode, I’m interviewing 4 of my clients who are doing the work of real change in their own lives. Be inspired. Change is possible for you, too!  

Podcast Episode #65: ADHD + Buffering

Buffering is anything we do to avoid feeling badly. Identifying buffering in your life is a MAJOR ADHD HACK because once you see it for what it is, you can gently help yourself to get back to the task at hand.  

Podcast Episode #64: Adult ADHD + Outsourcing

Today’s episode is all about intentionally spending on your time on what you’re good at and outsourcing the stuff that you suck at. I’ve got lots of ideas of how to do this for FREE as well as how to spend your money strategically so that you don’t have to waste hours of your life on the mundane stuff that you hate.  

Podcast Episode #62: Adult ADHD + All the Ideas

Today we talk about sticking with ONE idea at a time and seeing it through to completion. Our brains love novelty and hate boredom, but if we want to live up to our potential, we need to stick with something long enough to ACCOMPLISH it  

Podcast Episode #60: Accepting Your Adult ADHD

Self-acceptance is the FOUNDATION for behavior change. You will never produce consistent positive results in your life if you don’t first decide to accept your own humanity and your ADHD brain. This is probably the most important episode I’ve ever recorded.  

Podcast Episode #59: Adult ADHD + Self Confidence

Raise your hand if you struggle with self-confidence. Today’s episode is a class that I taught in Focused on Self-Concept & Identity, which are the building blocks for self-confidence. I wanted to share this with all of you because whether you’re a client of mine or not, you deserve the tools to feel better about yourself and create results that you WANT in your life.  

Podcast Episode #57: 10 Tips for Going to Bed On Time

Raise your hand if you struggle to go to bed on time. “On time” = when you want to go to bed, or when you promise yourself (and others) that you’re going to go to bed. This is a constant struggle for many of my clients, and in this episode I give you 10 tips to getting to bed ON TIME.  

Podcast Episode #56: Adult ADHD + Perfectionism

Today we’re talking about perfectionism: Holding yourself to unrealistically high standards and then beating yourself up when you inevitably do not meet those standards. Perfectionism is a productivity killer, a contentment killer, and it prevents us from celebrating our wins. For adult ADHD resources and information on working with me, check out Focused for information on how to work with me.  

Podcast Episode #55: Adult ADHD + Procrastivity

Procrastivity is a term that Russell Ramsay coined, and I love it. Ramsay is the author of the new book, Rethinking Adult ADHD, and I’m telling you: HE GET US. 100%. On today’s episode, I dive into a portion of Ramsay’s book in which he talks about procrastinating with activity that SEEMS productive, but isn’t. Procrastination + non-essential activity = procrastivity. This is a game changer! For adult ADHD resources

Podcast Episode #54: Married to ADHD with Greg Carder [Part 2]

Today’s episode is part 2 of my conversation with my husband, Greg. We laugh about time blindness, the fact that I hate getting out of the car whenever we arrive somewhere (why can’t I just sit on my phone for hours and ease into the transition?), and the art of believing the best about your partner. Now is the perfect time to hire a coach to help you feel better

Podcast Episode #53: Married to ADHD with Greg Carder [Part 1]

Meet my husband Greg! He’s my polar opposite and he’s here to chat about what it’s like to be in relationship with an ADHDer. On today’s episode, we laugh a lot and explore the ways that he was introduced to my ADHD brain. If you’re in a bi-neurological relationship (I just made that up), I hope listening to us makes you feel VERY NORMAL. Now is the perfect time to

Podcast Episode #52: Adult ADHD + Waking Up on Time

One of the topics that I coach on the most is getting out of bed “on time.” This is HUGE for adults with ADHD. If you struggle with waking up and getting yourself moving in the morning, this episode is for you! Now is the perfect time to hire a coach to help you feel better and get things done. Click here for information on how to work with me.

Podcast Episode #51: Adult ADHD + Quarantine

Well, here we are! If you’re struggling to find your way during quarantine, you’re not alone. I am too. I’m here today with 5 reason why quarantine is especially hard for those of us with ADHD, and 5 simple ways we can make it better. The next few episodes will be dedicated to helping adults with ADHD thrive during this quarantine time in our lives. Now is the perfect time

Podcast Episode #50: Get Out of the Funk: Generating Positive Emotion

No one ever told me that I get to choose how I feel about something. I always thought my emotions happened to me. Today we chat about interrupting our go-to spirals and generating more useful emotions. Why do emotions matter? Because each emotion leads to action (or inaction). If you’re procrastinating, it’s because of an emotion. If you’re avoiding, it’s because of an emotion. If you’re over-eating, it’s because of

Podcast Episode #49: Emotions ALWAYS Lead to Our Actions [or Our Inaction]

Emotions always lead to our actions. So…want to stop avoiding? Wish you could stop procrastinating? Sick of getting stuck on social media? The secret is to learn how to feel and process your negative emotion. Also – we chat about the 3 types of emotions. Which ones are useful and which are indulgent.  

Podcast Episode #48: ADHD & Shame (again)

Shame is something that all of us with ADHD experience. It’s the feeling of contempt that we have for ourselves when we fail to meet our own expectations. And. It’s. Paralyzing. Here’s how you can experience shame and still get into action. Download the coaching freebie at  

Podcast Episode #46: Thoughts and Emotions are the KEYS to Action

In this episode, ADHD coach Jessica Heimsoth chats with Kristen about the importance of managing our thoughts and FEELING our emotions. I wanted you to hear it from someone else…I’m not the only ADHD coach saying it! Go to for info on coaching!  

Podcast Episode #45: ADHD + Setting [Realistic] Goals

If you’re being treated for your ADHD and still don’t feel like you’re reaching your potential, I want you to join Focused. It’s my monthly coaching membership where I teach you how to tame your wild thoughts and create the life that you’ve always wanted. Workbooks + Coaching Calls + Community. It’s awesome. Go to  

Podcast Episode #43: ADHD + When Something Always Comes UP

People often say “I want to get this done, but something always comes up” Let’s discuss this concept. In my world, nothing EVER comes up. Here are 10 practical tips to getting the shiz done. For ADHD coaching go to  

Podcast Episode #38: How to Prioritize with ADHD

Setting priorities is so difficult for us! How in the world do we choose what is important? Visit if you want to be coached by ME! Adults with ADHD struggle to prioritize. How in the world do we choose what’s important AND focus on it?! Visit if you want to be coached!  

Podcast Episode #33: Saying No

It’s so hard to say no – especially for us ADHDers. Let’s chat about why saying no is ESSENTIAL if we’re going to stay focused and reach our potential!

Podcast Episode #32: ADHD and Failure

The ability to fail (and not let it break us) is one of the most necessary skills that we need to develop. What I am noticing as I am coaching my ADHD clients, and also hearing from many of you, is that the ADHD community has an extreme intolerance to failure.  

Podcast Episode #28: Celebrities with ADHD

Ready for some inspiration?! Well, here it is. I’m super pumped to share this episode with you! From Simone Biles to Bill Gates – there’s nothing we can’t do.

Podcast Episode #27: Habits

If you have ADHD, then you struggle with habits! Let’s figure out a way to do the things we want to do….

Podcast Episode #23: ADHD + The Enneagram

  IT’S HERE, PEEPS! I finally recorded an episode on the enneagram personality types and I could not be more excited to share it with you! Here are the resources that I recommend if you want a deeper dive into understanding the enneagram: Enneagram Test (the big expensive one!) The Enneagram Institute Website BOOK: The Road Back To You  BOOK: The Sacred Enneagram PODCAST: Typology  PODCAST: Sleeping At Last (one

Podcast Episode #22: Money Mindset

Many of us ADHDers are broke. We make impulsive decisions, are in debt, feel that we never have enough, and don’t know how to CHANGE. In this episode, I share what I’ve been learning about having a great money mindset, curb impulsive spending, get out of debt, and create money for myself. Coach with Kristen

Podcast Episode #19: Your Brain is Your Most Valuable Asset

We spend a lot of time hating on our ADHD brains – but what if your brain is your most valuable asset? The truth of the matter is, your entire life is created by your brain, so investing in your brain is an investment in your entire life. In this episode, I share how I’m choosing to think about my brain differently, and how it’s changing everything for me.

Podcast Episode #13: Relationships Part 2 (the 10 keys to success)

Here are some truth bombs about relationships and how to make them successful. I hope it’s helpful to you! If you’re struggling to educate your partner or your close family and friends about the validity of the symptoms and impairments of adult ADHD, CLICK HERE for some amazing resources! Coach with Kristen

Podcast Episode #11: 5 Beliefs That Will Change Your Life

LIFE CHANGING!! Today we’re going to discuss psychology 101 – which, we are not really taught in mainstream education. But I think if we were, it would really change a lot of things for us. Ok, you ready? Now stick with me on this. Your thoughts create your feelings Your feelings create your actions And your actions create your results So if you are not getting results in your life

Podcast Episode #10: MONEY MONEY MONEY!

Do you suck at managing your money? Can’t seem to save for the future? Don’t understand why you buy so many things without thinking? These are all characteristics of adults with ADHD! Join me on this episode as we chat about the challenges of taking care of our finances as adults with ADHD.

Podcast Episode #9: Explosive Emotions

Here are the sources that I used for this important episode: Emotion Worksheet Scholarly article on emotional dysregulation and ADHD Watch this video of Dr. Barkley talking about deficient emotional self-regulation (DESR) Interesting ADDititude Magazine article on “Why Am I So Emotional?” WebMD: Study Shows Many With ADHD Cannot Control Emotions  Watch this video by How To ADHD on Emotional Dysregulation Here’s the article I referenced in the episode: Coping

Podcast Episode #6: Living with Vision

Vision is the picture you have in your mind of what you want your life to be. It’s the destination. The end goal. Unfortunately those of us with ADHD pretty much suck at living with a vision. But don’t worry, I’ve got some tips for ya! Transcript [00:00:00] Welcome to the I Have ADHD Podcast where it’s all about education, encouragement, and coaching for adults with ADHD. I’m your host, Kristen

Podcast Episode #5: Shame

So many of us adults with ADHD are walking around feeling ashamed of our symptoms and behaviors. Shame can be limiting and debilitating. I invite you to let go of shame and change your thinking so that you can begin to make positive changes in your life! Warning: I get super vulnerable in this episode. Transcript [00:00:00] Welcome to the I Have ADHD Podcast where it’s all about education, encouragement, and

Podcast Episode #4: Tidying Up

I thought I hated Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, Tidying Up, but I’ve changed my mind. Find out which of Marie’s tricks we ADHDers can use as we attempt to declutter our homes. If you’ve got piles everywhere, this episode is for you. The clutter is a constant struggle, isn’t it? It is for me! Transcript [00:00:00] Welcome to the I Have ADHD Podcast where it’s all about education, encouragement, and coaching

Podcast Episode #1: What Does Adult ADHD Look Like?

Join me, as I chat about the frustrations, challenges, and humor of living life as an adult with ADHD. Every podcast episode will be filled with education, encouragement, and support for adults with ADHD. I’ll help you understand your unique brain and implement systems to help you reach your potential. You know I have ADHD, right? So the thought of writing detailed show notes for every single podcast episode is

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